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6th Circuit applies False Claim Act’s anti-retaliation protections to ex-employees

In the history of this blog's 3,603 posts, I've never written about the False Claim Act. If you've been waiting with bated breath for me to fix this omission, today's your lucky day, thanks to United States ex rel. David Felten, M.D., Ph.D. v. William Beaumont Hosp. (6th Cir. 3/31/21). Before diving into the Felten case, let's first take a 61-word peak at the False Claims Act and to what it applies.The False Claims Act is a federal statute that imposes liability on people and companies that def...
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How to Dispose of Live Ammo Left by Police

On Tuesday, Washington, DC, resident Ed Felten tweeted an image of a black bulb resembling a Christmas ornament, lying in a patch of spring grass. “Very relieved that the unexploded flash-bang grenade that my daughter found and innocently picked up this morning didn’t explode in her face,” Felten, former White House…Read more...
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Enterprise blockchain startup Offchain Labs scores $3.7M seed round

Two of the issues limiting blockchain adoption in the enterprise has been lack of scalability and privacy. Offchain Labs, a startup that spun out of research at Princeton, wants to help create more scalable smart contracts while shifting part of the process off of the public blockchain to increase privacy. Today, the company announced a $3.7M seed round led by Pantera Capital. Compound VC, Raphael Ouzan of Blocknation, Jake Seid, managing director at Stone Bridge Ventures and other unnamed inves...
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A Princeton professor is urging computer scientists to put down the keyboard and actually learn what technology is doing to society

As scientists in major fields have done for decades, AI experts are being prodded to step out of the lab, get political and help formulate how society confronts what they are creating. It's important that the makers of AI are involved in the debate over the ultimate boundaries and uses of technologies that will transform how people live and work in the coming decades and beyond. Earlier this month, Ed Felten — a Princeton professor and former adviser to President Obama — chided an internat...
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Why I Changed My Mind On Net Neutrality (techdirt)

Long time readers of Techdirt may know (as I've noted several times), that in the mid-2000s when the net neutrality debate was first heating up, I was against the FCC putting in place rules to protect net neutrality. As I explained at the time, the concept of net neutrality was important, but I had so little faith in the FCC that I expected any rules it put together would cause more harm than good. I similarly argued that the fight over net neutrality was really a symptom of a larger problem (th...
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Commentary on US Election Security

Good commentaries from Ed Felten and Matt Blaze. Both make a point that I have also been saying: hacks can undermine the legitimacy of an election, even if there is no actual voter or vote manipulation. Felten: The second lesson is that we should be paying more attention to attacks that aim to undermine the legitimacy of an election rather than changing the election's result. Election-stealing attacks have gotten most of the attention up to now -- ­and we are still vulnerable to them in some...
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The Ideal Bar

In a 2006 Wall Street Journal column, writer and jazz musician Eric Felten described his ideal bar, Blair's Blue Room. It has a long mahogany bar, white table cloths, a pianist (joined by bass and guitar on weekends), no TVs or sound system, and old-school bartenders who "realize a Martini is a drink of gin and vermouth," nothing else. Blair's Blue Room, of course, doesn't exist and never did. Felten concluded: Sadly, I've never found a bar that has even half the virtues of my imagined Blair'...
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Vintage Culture, Constantinne & Felten - Eyes (KVSH Remix - Buy link)

(in post Vintage Culture, Constantinne & Felten – Eyes (KVSH Remix) from Oh Fancy!. More by this artist at )
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