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"When Christopher Columbus encountered a severe storm while returning from America, he is said to have written on parchment what he had found in the New World..."

"... and requested it be forwarded to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, enclosed the parchment in a waxed cloth and placed it into a large wooden barrel to be cast into the sea. The communication was never found."From "Message in a Bottle," a Wikipedia article. Lots more message-in-a-bottle stories at that link. Examples:In December 1928, a trapper working at the mouth of the Agawa River, Ontario, found a bottled note from Alice Bettridge, an assistant stewardess in her early twenties who initi...
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Richard Morris: Diplomat's family "devastated" by loss

Richard Morris, the British High Commissioner to Fiji, was last seen running in Hampshire in May.
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World's 10 most scenic airport landings for 2020

Nadi International Airport in Fiji has the 10th most scenic airport landing in the world. Which nine airports does PrivateFly rank even higher in its annual poll for beautiful arrivals?
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Climate change: Rising sea levels in Fiji create 'ghost towns'

Coastal erosion, rising sea levels and intense cyclones have forced people to abandon their homes in Fiji.
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'Superbugs' a far greater risk than Covid in Pacific, scientist warns

Antimicrobial resistance ‘biggest human health threat, bar none’, says Australian research director ahead of three-year study in FijiThe emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), including drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs”, pose far greater risks to human health than Covid-19, threatening to put modern medicine “back into the dark ages”, an Australian scientist has warned, ahead of a three-year study into drug-resistant bacteria in Fiji.“If you thought Covid was bad, you don’t want anti...
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Georgia to face England, Wales and Ireland, Fiji in Scotland's group in autumn tournament

England, Wales and Ireland are set to face Georgia instead of Scotland's new opponents Fiji in the autumn's new eight nations tournament.
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Georgia to face England, Wales and Ireland, Fiji in Scotland's group in autumn

England, Wales and Ireland are set to face Georgia instead of Scotland's new opponents Fiji in the autumn's new eight-team tournament.
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Hundreds of sailors fear being stranded for Pacific storm season amid Covid border closures

Australia and New Zealand, the usual safe havens for yachts during the Pacific cyclone season, are closed because of Covid-19 restrictionsThe crews of hundreds of ocean-going yachts fear being stranded in the Pacific islands during cyclone season with usual safe havens in New Zealand and Australia closed because of Covid-19 travel restrictions.Traditionally yachts sail south to escape the storm season but because of strict coronavirus protocols, the borders of both countries remain closed to all...
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Portrait of a mentor: 'granddaddy' of National Art School campus finds himself the subject

Papua New Guinean student Lesley Wengembo has painted campus assistant Mal Nagobi for Australia’s famous Archibald prizeAlongside Malachi Nagobi, progress across the august grounds of the National Art School in Sydney is constantly – happily – impeded.“Mal!” comes a voice, “hello Mal,” another. Every handful of steps, another person wants to stop to chat. Continue reading...
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Richard Morris: Body found in search for missing diplomat

Richard Morris, the British High Commissioner to Fiji, was last seen running in Hampshire in May.
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Investigations into police and prison violence blocked by Fiji authorities, whistleblowers say

Exclusive: Allegations of brutality in Fiji’s prisons have been effectively ignored by the government’s human rights commission, insiders claimComplaints against police and prison officers – including of a violent assault against a young inmate – have been blocked from being investigated by authorities, whistleblowers inside Fiji’s human rights watchdog have claimed, expressing concern the body is not independent of government influence.Current and former employees of the Fiji Human Rights and A...
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Arielle Vandenberg On ‘Love Island’ Season 2: ‘So Exciting, It’s Bringing So Much Energy’

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CBS ‘Love Island’ Crosses the Pond for ITV2 Debut

The second season of “Love Island USA” is hitting the U.K. this fall. The CBS series, which has this year relocated from Fiji to Las Vegas due to COVID-19, will debut on ITV2 from Sept. 7. Singles will occupy a “bubble” in a villa atop Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel The Cromwell. Season 1 of the […]
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The Quarantine Stream: ‘The World’s Toughest Race’ is the Next Evolution of Competition Reality Shows

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Series: The World’s Toughest Race Where You Can Stream It: Amazon Prime Video The Pitch: What if Survivor…but without the game show structure? What if The Amazing Race…but actually physically grueling and mentally punishing? What if Man vs. Wild…but with 66 teams, many of them fascinating and relatable men and women who put themselves ...
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How An Army of 700 Brought Back the ‘Eco-Challenge’ for Amazon

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji,” streaming now on Amazon. The 11 day, 416-mile “world’s toughest race” is back. After an 18-year hiatus realty tv mastermind Mark Burnett resurrected the “Eco-Challenge” for new audiences on Amazon Prime Video. Set in Fiji, this epic quest invited 66 […]
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Fiji-born veteran's immigration battle after leaving British army

Taitusi Ratucaucau has been barred from working and could face £50,000 bill for brain op Commonwealth veterans launch legal action In 2011, after more than 10 years of service, Taitusi Ratucaucau was given 28 days’ notice that he was no longer required by the British army. The Fiji-born veteran, who served in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2008-09, says he tried to tell his commanding officers that he wasn’t ready for life outside the armed forces.He pleaded to the point of tears, he recalls. “...
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Producer Nathalie Marciano Asks $20 Million for Modern Beverly Hills Villa

While a $20 million pricetag attached to a Beverly Hills property is a fairly common sighting, it’s rare to find one affixed to a tastefully renovated midcentury modern located in the most prime neighborhood pocket of town, where some of the nearest neighbors include heavyweights like Ellen DeGeneres, Sam Gores, and Fiji Water/Pom Wonderful billionaires […]
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The plastic we use unthinkingly every day is killing our planet – and slowly but surely killing us | Andrew Paris

As researchers, we have been shocked to find the most remote depths of the Pacific Ocean polluted by our plastic. And it will outlive us all.Another bottle. Yet another one. We are 200km from land, in the middle of the South Pacific, and this is the third bottle we’ve found already this morning.Everywhere is plastic. Continue reading...
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Trans-Tasman travel bubble 'on pause' amid new Covid outbreaks across Pacific

Australia and New Zealand committed to plan, Australian minister says, but it may be delayed until after NZ election Australian stats interactive; Vic cases mapState by state Covid restrictions; Melbourne stage 4 restrictions; Vic stage 3 rulesSign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus emailA Trans-Tasman bubble allowing travel between Australia and New Zealand is “on pause” after new Covid-19 outbreaks, and may be delayed until after NZ’s general election, possibly until next year.Australia’s...
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Pacific states face instability, hunger and slow road to Covid recovery: Dame Meg Taylor

While the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic has so far spared the Pacific, its economies are in free-fall, the region’s chief diplomat warnsBeyond the health and economic crises of Covid-19, the global pandemic has the potential to cause political instability and undermine state security across the Pacific, the region’s chief diplomat has warned.Dame Meg Taylor, secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum, said the region’s economies were struggling with the virus-induced shocks, and a prolonged...
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How Amazon’s ‘World’s Toughest Race’ challenged these Southern California competitors

Outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls stepped out of a helicopter on a Fiji beach and warned 300 elite athletes about what they just got themselves into. “The world’s toughest race is about to begin, 671 kilometers of mountains, jungles, rivers, ocean and swamps. And it is brutal,” Grylls told the group as they cheered during the opening scene of “The World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji,” which starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video Aug. 14. The demanding 11-day trek across 417 miles of rugged Fi...
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We can't allow Pacific leaders to use coronavirus as a cover for authoritarianism | Dan McGarry and Tess Newton Cain

Lives and livelihoods must be the priorities for the region, not manufacturing an endless emergencyWorld map: which countries have the most cases?“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Across the Pacific, leaders are holding fast to the old political maxim. Some, even, seem happy to have the Covid-19 crisis around.Even in countries where there is no actual public health emergency, governments are using the threat of the virus as cover for overriding or diluting basic democratic principles. Conti...
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Remote islands: Stepping stones to understanding evolution

In a new study published in Evolution, researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and collaborators from the University of the Ryukyus investigated evolutionary and ecological changes in ants in the South Pacific archipelago of Fiji to examine a controversial theory for how evolution occurs on islands.
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‘We were the luckiest people in the world’: our month on the last lockdown cruise

On 1 March, photographer Jon Tonks left New Zealand on a Pacific cruise. Twenty eight days later, the boat docked in San Diego, amid a pandemic. What happened in between?The cruise ship MS Maasdam left New Zealand on the evening of 1 March, steaming out of Auckland’s Waitemata harbour into the Hauraki Gulf, where it headed north. The route was to San Diego via Fiji, the Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Hawaii. On board the Holland America Line ship were around 1,200 passengers, including Ameri...
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Amazon Prime Video August 2020 TV & Film Titles Announced!

Amazon Prime Video August 2020 TV & film titles announced! The full calendar of film and TV titles coming to Amazon Prime Video in August has been unveiled, which will include fan-favorite hits such as Top Gun, Steel Magnolias and the premiere of the Aisha Tyler-hosted aftershow Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys! The full calendar can be viewed below! RELATED:   BritBox Unveils What’s Coming to the Streamer in August 2020 PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.g...
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Six Nations: Fiji claim they are 'on the verge' of participation

Fiji claim they are on "the verge of joining the Six Nations" in November, though organisers say they will not join the main competition.
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The Twilight Zone Episode 2.03 & 2.04 Recap: The Who of You, Ovation

The Twilight Zone Episode 2.03 & 2.04 Recap: The Who of You, Ovation In Episode 2.03 of The Twilight Zone, titled “The Who of You,”  struggling actor Harry (Ethan Embry) risks everything to catch his big break, but an impulsive scheme takes a few turns no one saw coming. Daniel Sunjata and Billy Porter also guest star. Then, in Episode 2.04, titled “Ovation,” the music career of struggling singer Jasmine (Jurnee Smollett) takes off overnight after she witnesses a tragic incident. Jasmine be...
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Inside the whirlwind romance of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel and model Miranda Kerr, who are raising 3 kids together while running their own companies (SNAP)

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel are one of the most influential power couples, each having dominant presences in their respective industries. Kerr is a model and the founder and CEO of Kora Organics, a natural-skincare line. Spiegel is the founder and CEO of social-media company Snap. The couple began dating in 2015 after meeting at a dinner for Louis Vuitton. The night they met, Harper's Bazaar then editor in chief Glenda Bailey predicted they would get married. They tied the knot in 2017 and ...
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CBS Announces Changes To 2020 Fall Schedule Featuring ‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘SEAL Team’ And ‘S.W.A.T.’

CBS has announced a revised Wednesday lineup for its fall 2020-2021 schedule. Multiple Emmy Award-winning reality competition The Amazing Race, hosted by Phil Keoghan, will slide from 9:00 PM to open the night at 8:00 PM, followed by the fourth-season return of military drama SEAL Team, starring David Boreanaz moving up an hour to 9:00 PM. At 10:00 PM, the fourth season of S.W.A.T., starring Shemar Moore, joins the fall schedule after originally being planned for later in the season. Producers f...
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Bright lights, big problems: hardship hits career dreams of Pacific youth

Papua New Guinea is particularly hard hit, with a huge young demographic that faces few prospects without sufficient skills and educationJim Pia is awake at five each morning to catch the first bus into the city.Daily, the 20-year-old fights for a space on the bus from the Bushwara settlement, on the outskirts of Port Moresby, to ensure he is on time to secure a place within the capital’s Gordons Market. Continue reading...
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