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But a Dream within a Dream: Luigi Bazzoni's 'The Possessed'

None The Possessed is two movies. Or, to extend the title's Dostoyevsky reference, it's a movie and its double. On Arrow Video's Blu-ray of this 1965 Italian film, now having its home video debut in Region 1, we're gifted with both the Italian and the English dubs, and their differences go beyond the linguistic. All Italian films of the time were shot without sound and dubbed into their own language plus the languages of other territories, as per co-production and distribution deals. In the do...
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'Diamonds for Breakfast' Aims for the Family Jewels

None It's one thing for Kino Lorber to unearth and refurbish forgotten cinematic obscurities, often previously unreleased on disc, and it's another level entirely to debut movies that have never even been released in US theatres. (So how can the package claim a PG rating? That's another mystery.) And thus, out of the blue, we have Diamonds for Breakfast , a caper completely unheard of even to most die-hard American caper buffs. On the lighter side of escapism, this particular heist caper hail...
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'Isn’t It Romantic' Is Escapist Fare with a Cheeky Twist

None The romantic comedy, far from its heyday in the '90s, has become an oversaturated and cliché-ridden genre. But to satirize rom-coms, or to bemoan their lack of originality or insight into the human condition, is just as unappealing. The reality of the genre is that much of it, in all its iterations, is tired. But can't the same be said for genre fare at large? Rom-coms, like all genres, have good and bad exemplars in equal measure. Science fiction, fantasy and superhero films, it can be sa...
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The Joy of Silents: Méliès, Reininger, Gance and Murnau

None Silent film fans are largely an indiscriminate lot. I often hear Americans say "I love foreign movies," but of course, they never mean they love all of them. Lovers of animation or documentaries look for the cream, not every cut-rate cash-in. Even fans of certain genres, like horror or westerns or action films or musicals, rarely believe every last example is worth tracking down. Some they'll watch only to roll their eyes at what a waste of time it is as they waste their time. And yet, w...
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