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Singapore’s trade finance startup Incomlend raises $20M led by Sequoia Capital India

Incomlend, a Singapore-headquartered startup that operates a trading platform to connect exporters and importers with investors, has raised $20 million in a new financing round, it said on Tuesday. Sequoia India, the India and SEA investment arm of the storied U.S. headquartered venture firm, led the Series A round in four-year-old Incomlend. The CMA CGM Group, one of the world’s largest shipping and logistics firms, also participated in the round. Incomlend’s invoice trading platform is solving...
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Tencent Music Profits Hold up in Second Quarter

China’s leading online music firm Tencent Music Entertainment pointed to increased investment as the reason for a no better than flat performance in the first half of the year. Revenues for the April to June quarter were RMB6.93 billion ($981 million), an increase of 18% year-over-year, and up 14% to RMB13.2 billion for the first six […]
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Hertz sold $29 million in stock before SEC stepped in

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. raised $29 million selling its likely worthless stock before regulators dissuaded the bankrupt rental-car company from selling more.
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Alternative Equity Tapping Company Takes Aim at Reverse Mortgage Demographic

Newport Beach, Calif.-based alternative equity tapping company QuantmRE has launched a $1.07 million financing campaign through a crowd-funding platform, and has taken aim at a demographic of potential customers that normally interact with the reverse mortgage product category. This is based on an interview with QuantmRE CEO Matthew Sullivan conducted by RMD. Part of the focus on the reverse mortgage demographic stems from reasons related to a generally low percentage of market penetration fo...
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Washington Post: Reverse Mortgage a Possible Option for ‘Underwater’ Homeowner

For a senior struggling with their home due to their mortgage being “underwater” — defined as the mortgage balance on a home exceeding its fair market value — a reverse mortgage could present a potentially viable option to unlock a home’s equity compared with other available options. This is according to reporters Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin in a newly-published piece at The Washington Post. “I am a widow in my 70s and my mortgage is underwater. In addition, the house is in need of much ...
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Banging The Close Sure Sounds Like Fun

Was it just too much fun for a former hedge fund manager, or merely an honest mistake?
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Stocks extend winning streak to 7 days as Trump signs executive orders for coronavirus relief

U.S. equity markets finished mixed on Monday after President Trump signed executive orders to provide COVID-19 relief while Congress ironed out its differences.
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Robinhood to stop sharing app's popular stocks

Robinhood will stop providing access to data that shows how many users are buying and selling a stock.
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Wall Street investors consult tarot card reader for investment advice

Predicting stock market movement can be pretty unclear, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, so investors on Wall Street are channeling the future with help from the professionals.
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Kodak crashes as $765M loan for drug industry pivot put on hold

Kodak shares plunged by as much as 43% after the $765 million loan for its pivot into the drug industry was put on hold following a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.
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TikTok's parent company ByteDance moves back into Hong Kong market

The value of TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is reportedly under pressure nearing the either forced sale or ban of its most valuable asset.
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Trump's executive orders give Congress new deadline: Goldman Sachs

President Trump's executive orders could provide a $350 billion boost to the U.S. economy and set up some key deadlines in September, according to Goldman Sachs.
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Varney: Trump playing hardball with China like no other president

For the first time in a generation, America is pushing back on China. On all fronts, President Trump has called a halt to China's aggressive expansion.
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Goldman Spent $2 Billion Of Its $2.4 Billion Quarterly Earnings Pretty Quickly

Quickly enough to need to restate those earnings.
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BTS Agency Big Hit Entertainment Moves Closer to IPO

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind Korean pop sensation BTS, has moved a significant step closer to achieving a share listing. Regulator and stock market operator, Korea Exchange said Friday that it had given preliminary approval to BHE for an initial public offering or IPO. Having received BHE’s first application on May 28, Korea Exchange […]
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Pandemic Reveals Digital Banking Transformation Paradoxes

The potential of digital banking transformation will fall short if investments do not align with known strategies for success. The post Pandemic Reveals Digital Banking Transformation Paradoxes appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Debit Cards Dominating Retail Payments, Fueled by P2P and eCommerce

New data from annual PULSE survey shows a big jump in digital transactions even before COVID, a clear sign of changing consumer habits. The post Debit Cards Dominating Retail Payments, Fueled by P2P and eCommerce appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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US gas prices remain steady at $2.25/gallon

The average price of regular gasoline held fast at $2.25 per gallon over the past two weeks
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Amazon and mall operator look at turning Sears, JC Penney stores into fulfillment centers

Simon Property Group Inc., the biggest mall owner in the U.S., has been in talks with Inc. to turn some of its anchor department-store spaces into Amazon fulfillment centers, according to people familiar with the matter.
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Tech Brings Forward and Reverse Mortgages Closer Together, Expanding Opportunity

As the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the reverse mortgage industry to more quickly embrace new kinds of technologies in order to continue efficiently keeping the business moving, the additional benefit that comes with that transition is that operational processes are being brought more closely in-line with the way the traditional, forward mortgage space operates. This is according to a panel of reverse mortgage professionals during the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA...
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BBB: Reverse Mortgages Must Be a ‘Family Decision’

Consumers need to fully understand all of the associated costs, terms and conditions prior to applying for a reverse mortgage transaction, and that the ultimate decision made by a senior homeowner at or over the age of 62 should be in consultation with a prospective borrower’s family or other trusted advisors. This is the perspective shared by Chris Thetford, VP of communications and marketing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of St. Louis, Missouri in a story broadcast by a local FOX TV ...
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Industrial real estate demand surges amid pandemic e-commerce boom

E-commerce shifted into high gear in April when nonessential stores shut down in order to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, prompting a greater need for warehouses to store products and plants to make goods.
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Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Business Printing

Businesses of all sizes need professional design and printing services. Whether a small business or a large corporation, the quality that comes with commercial printing can give your company’s image… Read more » The post Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Business Printing appeared first on
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Robinhood app luring and robbing amateurs — like in the dot-com era

In the 1990s, newbie investors took the brunt of the dot-com crash, with some losing their lifesavings, well after professional traders had sold their positions. Now history may be repeating itself in the form of Robinhood, a stock-trading app that has become something of a cultural phenomenon during the pandemic.
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U.S. sanctions branded 'clowning actions' as Hong Kong vows not to be intimidated

The Hong Kong government called the sanctions "shameless and despicable" and said the city would not be intimidated by them.
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China wields coronavirus to nationalize American-owned carmaker

Government officials in Rugao, China, used the coronavirus pandemic to conduct a takeover of an American-owned car company
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This Week on TRB

Big shoutout to CNBC for allowing me to bring my Summer School special back to the air last night for the third straight week. I had so much fun bringing financial planning topics into the mix and taking live questions from young investors. Frank Holland is the man, btw.  Drove up into the country yesterday to spend the day with my pal Phil Pearlman aka the Doctor, who has been one of the most inspirational, supportive...The post This Week on TRB appeared first on The Reformed Broker.
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AMC Theaters gets starring role in Hollywood, Wall Street drama

The CEO of AMC Entertainment, Adam Aron, called the last three months, “the most challenging quarter in the 100-year history of AMC” Thursday after the company saw its revenue plunge to $18.9 billion for the second quarter from $1.5 billion a year ago.
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