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After Retail Banking Now Banks Must Transform Their Corporate Banking!

Digital transformation is coming to Corporate Banking. Corporate banking today is antiquated due to its highly customized and complex product offerings; lack of challengers to drive innovation; and strong barriers to switching for clients. Enterprise clients have lived with a sub-par experience for far too long. Now these clients are starting to demand change. They […]
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Stitch emerges from stealth with $4M for its API fintech play in Africa

Over the years, there has been a growing trend of fintech infrastructure players around the world . In Africa, a handful of startups have launched in the past three years to provide such services. Stitch, a South African fintech startup, is one of them and today, it is coming out of stealth and announcing its seed round of $4 million. This makes it the largest round raised by any API fintech startup in Africa at the moment. Founded by Kiaan Pillay, Natalie Cuthbert, and Priyen Pillay, Stitch...
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Environmental Initiatives Dominate Sustainability Efforts Of Financial Services Firms

Sustainability — with its focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles — is beginning to dominate political and business agendas worldwide. Even before COVID-19, initiatives such as the Paris Agreement or the European Green Deal aimed to mitigate climate change. The pandemic has exposed additional vulnerabilities in our economies, health systems, and societies. But […]
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Australia: Inside track: Superannuation, Funds Management & Financial Services – In the media, in practice & courts, cases & legislation - Holding Redlich

Links to media releases & articles about in practice & courts, cases & legislation relating to the SFMFS industry.
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Why Do Personal Checks Still Exist?

Personal checks are steadily falling into disuse. They’re kind of like fax machines—outmoded, slow, with only a hardened group of people still using them even as they become less practical. Is there any good reason to still use paper checks? In some cases, yes—although you still have to be careful about identity…Read more...
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Splice gets $55 million for its software bringing beats from bedrooms to bandstands

Splice, the New York-based, AI-infused, beat-making software service for music producers created by the founder of GroupMe, has managed to sample another $55 million in financing from investors for its wildly popular service. The github for music producers ranging from Hook N Sling, Mr Hudson, SLY, and Steve Solomon to TechCrunch’s own Megan Rose Dickey, Splice gained a following for its ability to help electronic dance music creators save, share, collaborate and remix music. The company’s popul...
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Fintech companies must balance the pursuit of profit against ethical data usage

Richard Steggall Contributor Share on Twitter Australia native Richard Steggall is the CEO of Urban FT, a New York-based fintech company. He has more than two decades of experience in fintech, capital growth, mergers & acquisitions and strategic IPO advisory. Financial institutions are falling behind the tech curve in delivering on the convenience consumers demand, leaving the door wide open for Big Tech companies like Apple,...
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How to Avoid Fees When Paying Your Taxes

If you’re one of the 20% of Americans expecting to owe the IRS money after you file taxes this year, you might be wondering about the best way to pay them. Turns out there are a few different ways to settle your balance with the IRS, and some options are better—and cheaper—than othersRead more...
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Q&A Sessions: ‘Post Office was a journey of faith’

Mark Barnes, the former South African Post Office chief executive, talks to Nicolene de Wee about the highlights of his 30-year career in finance and markets. The 64-year-old father of six discusses the country’s financial services sector, his art collection and his love for trout fishing The post Q&A Sessions: ‘Post Office was a journey of faith’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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UpEquity raises $25 million in equity and debt for its cash-pay mortgage lending service

With a stated goal of aligning the mortgage industry with consumer interests, Austin-based UpEquity has raised $25 million in equity and debt funding to expand its business. Chief executive Tim Herman started the mortgage lending company to take advantage of what he saw as inefficiencies in the $2 trillion U.S. housing market. Existing financial services and property technology companies treat the symptom and not the cause of market inefficiencies, said Herman. The company makes free cash offe...
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How to Protect Yourself From Gas Pump Skimmers

Gas-pump card skimming continues to be a concern during the pandemic, as fraudulent payment transactions jumped 23% year over year in 2020, according to Forbes. Here’s what you need to know about how the scam works, and why you should avoid paying with a debit card when fueling up.Read more...
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Barclays adds itemised digital receipts to its banking app in partnership with fintech Flux

Flux, the London fintech that has built a technology platform for banks and merchants to power itemised digital receipts and more, has seen its lengthy pilot with Barclays bear fruit. Announced formally today — but actually quietly rolled out a few months ago — Flux-powered digital receipts are now available as an opt-in for all U.K. Barclays debit card holders within the bank’s main mobile banking app. Previously, the functionality was only available within the Barclays Launchpad app, which is ...
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Venmo to gain crypto, budgeting, savings and Honey integrations this year

The Venmo mobile payments app is going to look very different in 2021 as it inches closer to neobank territory with expansions into budgeting, saving and cryptocurrency, said Venmo parent company PayPal, during its fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday. The company also plans to put its $4 billion Honey acquisition to work by integrating its suite of shopping tools into the Venmo app, including merchant offers, deals, price tracking and wish lists. PayPal already signaled its intentions to bring ...
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Techstars Los Angeles names Matt Kozlov as its new managing director

Techstars Los Angeles, the local Los Angeles-focused branch of the global accelerator network, has named Matt Kozlov as its new managing director. Kozlov, a longtime Techstars network fixture, has previously served as the head of the organization’s healthcare accelerator through a partnership with Cedars-Sinai and as the head of the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator, which was focused on space and aerospace startups. Now, Kozlov turns his attention to the Los Angeles ecosystem broadly. “I’...
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Embedded finance startup Banxware raises €4M seed

Embedded finance — the idea of offering financial products where customers are already congregating via white label solutions and APIs – isn’t an entirely new concept. In fact, in one form or another, such as point of sale credit, the concept has existed for years and long before Silicon Valley venture capital firm and media company (ha!) Andreessen Horowitz made it a thing. However, fuelled by cloud technology and a plethora of new fintech and Banking-as-a-Service startups, there is no doubt th...
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Social Media Meets Tulip Mania

It’s a story straight out of the Sherwood Forest, with a stopover in Holland. A determined group of small investors have used the power of social media to punish “the smart money” by pushing the price of GameStop, a widely shorted stock, from $19 to $325 (as of this writing). As the saga continues to […]
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It's Now Easier to Get an FHA Loan

Government agencies have announced changes that allow for “Dreamers”—U.S. residents with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status—to qualify for FHA mortgage loans, as well as a deadline extension on mortgage forbearance for people who already have these loans and are struggling to make payments.Read more...
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The Top Tech That Will Win Over Banks In 2021

Banks are transforming their organizations with digital technologies. Forces such as emerging technology, fintechs, changing customer behavior, and the decomposition of the banking industry are influencing banking technology investment trends. The pandemic has further accelerated this change and introduced a greater focus on cost reduction. To learn how banks are planning to prioritize their technology […]
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Stilt, a financial services provider for immigrants, raises $100 million debt facility from Silicon Valley Bank

Stilt founders Priyank Singh and Rohit Mittal Stilt, a provider of financial services for immigrants in the United States, announced today it has raised a $100 million warehouse facility from Silicon Valley Bank for lending to its customers. This brings Stilt’s total debt facilities so far to $225 million, and will enable it to reach more than $350 million in annualized loan volume. The company also announced the public launch of its no-fee checking accounts, which have been in private beta s...
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Berlin’s Remagine secures $24M to finance high-growth and impact-led startups

Remagine, a financing platform offering banking services to high-growth companies with an ‘impact’ twist, has raised €20 million ($24M) in a Seed funding round. The Berlin-based startup has been operating in stealth mode, but already has 20 clients under its former brand name ‘Get Conscious Growth’. Its backers include former Global Head of Google Payment Jonathan Weiner and former COO of Venmo Michael Vaughn. Remagine’s lead investor is unmade but Techcrunch understands it comprises largely of ...
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Whatever happened to the company that decided to pay all of its employees a $70K minimum wage?

Back in 2015, Dan Price of the credit card processing company Gravity Payments decided to pay everyone at his company a minimum salary of $70,000 a year, including himself. In the immediate aftermath, only two long-time employees left the company (out of 120 people), and Rush Limbaugh called it, "a case study in MBA programs on how socialism does not work." — Read the rest
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Financial forecasting startup Springbox AI launches its apps and raises $2M

Springbox AI, an AI-powered financial forecasting application designed to replace financial market investment service and aimed at the average financial markets trader, has launched on iOS and Android. It’s been built by a team of founders who previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, and BNP Paribas. It’s so far raised $2M in funding from private investors in Europe. The app costs $49 a month, and includes a range of tools including market forecasting; live market screening of sto...
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Marc Lore leaves Walmart a little over four years after selling for $3B

Marc Lore, the executive vice president, president and CEO of U.S. e-commerce for Walmart, is stepping down a little over four years after selling his e-commerce company to the country’s largest retailer for $3 billion. Lore’s tenure at the company was a mixed bag. Walmart instituted several new technology initiatives under Lore’s tenure, but the service was shuttered last May and other initiatives from Lore, like an option to have customers order items via text, was also a money...
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Home services platform Porch acquires four companies

Only a few weeks after its SPAC IPO, Porch today announced that it has made four acquisitions, worth a total of $122 million. The most important here is probably the acquisition of Homeowners of America for $100 million, which gets Porch deeper into the home insurance space. In addition, Porch is also acquiring mover marketing and data platform V12 for $22 million, as well as home inspection service Palm-Tech and iRoofing, a SaaS application for roofing contractors. Porch did not disclose the ac...
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App stores saw record 218 billion downloads in 2020, consumer spend of $143 billion

Mobile adoption continued to grow in 2020, in part due to the market forces of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to App Annie’s annual “State of Mobile” industry report, mobile app downloads grew by 7% year-over-year to a record 218 billion in 2020. Meanwhile, consumer spending grew by 20% to also hit a new milestone of $143 billion, led by markets that included China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Consumers also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android dev...
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The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan healthcare joint venture is officially ending

A somewhat nebulous, but high-profile and potentially heavily-moneyed joint venture is coming to an end: Haven, the JV created by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, is being “disbanded” according to CNBC, three years after its original formation. One of the main reasons is that each partner in the venture was apparently just pursuing their own very different strategic approach to their respective healthcare challenges, meaning their really wasn’t much joint in the joint venture...
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Time Running Out for Gun Owner Comments to Stop Financial ‘Deplatforming’

Powerful money interests are banking on disarmament. You can help thwart them. U.S.A. – -( “Right now, the single most existential threat to free speech in America is the rise of financial deplatforming,” Revolver News observes. “If conservatives want to preserve the ability to think and speak freely in the decades to come, they must act to prevent the country’s most powerful financial institutions from imposing a brutal censorship regime on the entire country.” To demonstrate h...
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Congress must meet Dec. 11 20 funding deadline to avoid another government shutdown

UPDATE Friday, Dec. 18, 2020: Just hours before the federal government ran out of temporary fiscal 2021 money, the House and Senate agreed to move the funding deadline to midnight on Sunday, Dec. 20. Donald J. Trump is expected to sign it. The hope is that will be enough time for lawmakers to finalize a second COVID-19 relief package that will be attached to the spending bill. We'll see. UPDATE Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020: It looks like Congress is going to have to pass another short-t...
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Brazilian lending company Creditas raises $255 million as Latin America’s fintech explosion continues

Creditas, the Brazilian lending business, has raised $255 million in new financing as financial services startups across Latin America continue to attract massive amounts of cash. The company’s credit portfolio has crossed 1 billion reals ($196.66 million) and the new round will value the company at $1.75 billion thanks to $570 million raised in outside financing over five rounds. Creditas is the latest company to benefit from a boom in financial services startup investing across the region. ...
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From startups to Starbucks: The embedded API opportunity

Simon Wu Contributor Share on Twitter Simon is an Investment Director with Cathay Innovation where he responsible for screening, evaluating and executing potential investments as well as post-investment monitoring. More posts by this contributor How retailers can survive the Amazon era Stripe recently made headlines with its entrance into the banking world with Stripe Treasury. The news follows Goog...
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