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Siberia Is on Fire—and It’s Only May

It looks like wildfires in Siberia are starting up again—and some fires that never went out after last summer are starting to poke their heads out of the snow. Very normal and cool!Read more...
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The Midwest’s Active Fire Season Is a Warning

It’s a climate cliché to say the world is on fire, but it is. Right now, wildfires are burning across the Midwest in a major spring burn. The spring flames there are a warning sign of what could be an active fire season out in the coming months.Read more...
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Scientists Found a ‘Magical’ Solution to Fight Dangerous Zombie Fires

The rise of zombie fires is the latest iteration of climate horrors. The world became acquainted with them last summer when fires in Siberia that had been smoldering underground all winter reignited in the summer. They pose a major problem in a warming world, but scientists have come up with a way to extinguish them…Read more...
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Be prepared: What agents need to know about fire safety at home

House fires can escalate in the blink of an eye, but with proper precautions and planning, they are preventable. Here's how agents can help clients be prepared for the worst.
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Award-winning sustainable retreat offers a stylish defense against fire

Australian architectural firm Steendijk’s Bellbird Retreat is proof that designing for fire safety doesn’t have to mean compromising aesthetics. Located in pristine bushland about two hours southwest from Brisbane, the award-winning weekend escape features a striking, weathered steel roof and stellar landscape views as well as a reduced environmental footprint thanks to a rainwater harvesting system and optimized passive design elements. Located on a 141-hectare bush site in Killarney, the Bell...
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Fire prevention: the lessons we can learn

The United States spends more on health than any other economically comparable country, yet sees a consistently mediocre return on this investment. This could be because the United States invests overwhelmingly in medicine and curative care, at the expense of the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health—factors like quality education and housing, the safety of our air and water, and the nutritional content of our food. A deeper investment in contextual factors like these can he...
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