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Behold, close-ups of the sand from around the cosmos

Microscopic photography exposes the beauty and strangeness of sand. Water wave action produces a startling variety of sand grains. That stuff between your toes is a lot more interesting than you might think. None We typically refer to grains of sand as uncountable tiny bits of rock whose most interesting characteristic is just how many of them there are. Like stars in the sky. We do them a disservice. Even the Oxford Dictionary defines them nearly as "A loose granular substance, typically pal...
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Sustainability is key to the fisheries bill | Letters

If the government’s plans are implemented, our marine environment will be less protected after Brexit than it is now, say signatories including Sandy Luk of the Marine Conservation SocietyIn a few weeks the government’s fisheries bill will return to the House of Commons. The environment secretary, Michael Gove, has claimed that his plans enable the UK to “take back control” of its waters and establish a worldwide “gold standard” for sustainable fisheries. It is a crucial part of the government’s...
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Jeff Bezos Nudes, Self-Aware Fish, and Brain Zapping: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

A good rule of thumb if you’re going to threaten to publish nude photos of the richest man on the planet unless he says you’re not working with the Saudi government is: Probably don’t do that! And if for some reason you are reckless enough to do that, you probably shouldn’t do so in writing!Read more...
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Fish model shows forest management can produce biofuels and restore salmonids

In Washington, (PNNL), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) have been modeling to understand the costs and benefits of thinning forests and the potential for improving habitat, yielding benefits not only for the environment, but also for the economy. Decision models linking process-based and biological models are powerful tools for determining how forest management can simultaneously produce biofuels and help restore at-risk salmonids. Beyond supplying bioma...
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A Fish Just Passed a Mirror Test for Self-Awareness, but What Does That Mean?

New research seems to demonstrate that a fish called the cleaner wrasse has passed the famous mirror test for self-recognition—and the results have ignited discussion about animal intelligence and the meaning of the test itself.Read more...
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China legalizes eating a pufferfish bred to be nonpoisonous

Chinese fish farms have successfully bred seven generations of Takifugu rubripes and ten generations of Takifugu obscurus that lack the gene that causes normal specimens of these pufferfish species to produce a deadly toxin that means near-instant death for anyone who eats a fish whose poison has not been completely removed during preparation. In response, the Chinese government has lifted its ban on serving pufferfish in restaurants, and April Puffer, the country's leading pufferfish resta...
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Tracking technology to reveal whether food produced legally and sustainably

OpenSC venture, which will track Patagonian toothfish, developed by WWF and BCG DigitalA new project that uses technology to track the movements of food through the supply chain will aim to inform consumers whether items such as fish they buy at a restaurant were produced legally and sustainably.The new venture is called OpenSC and uses product QR codes that consumers can scan with a smartphone to automatically display information on where the product was caught, when and how it was produced, wh...
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Minister warns of more fish deaths this week as temperatures rise in NSW west

Government announces $5m recovery package for Murray-Darling and calls crisis meeting after up to 1m fish die at Menindee More fish kill events are expected in New South Wales’s inland rivers in coming days as temperatures rise in the state’s west followed by a forecast cool period, the agriculture minister, David Littleproud, has warned.The federal government has announced a $5m recovery package for the Murray-Darling after up to 1m fish died at Menindee, including 70-year-old Murray cod. The m...
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A delightful cartoon about the "living fossil" fish, the coelacanth

Known as a "living fossil," the coelacanth is an order of fish thought to have been extinct for 65 million years until one was caught in 1938 in a fisherman's net off the coast of South Africa and identified by museum curator Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer. This wonderful paper animation tells the story of the curious creature and its rediscovery. (hhmi BioInteractive via The Kid Should See This)
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'Bloody disgrace': '100-year-old' fish die in Darling River – video

Menindee resident Dick Arnold and grazier Rob McBride show their dismay at the hundreds of thousands of native fish that have been killed along a stretch of the Lower Darling River in New South Wales in a second major incident. 'This is nothing to do with drought, this is a manmade disaster' Continue reading...
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Moonlight influences opening and closing of oysters' shells

Molluscs not only have tidal and circadian clocks but are attuned to lunar rhythms, experts sayThe gentle glow of moonlight on water has moved musicians, poets and painters – and, it turns out, molluscs. Researchers have discovered the opening and shutting of oysters’ shells appears to be tied to the lunar cycle.Biological clocks have intrigued scientists for centuries, and researchers in the field won the 2017 Nobel prize for studies into the 24-hour body clock. Continue reading...
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Menindee Lakes: hundreds of thousands of fish dead in Murray-Darling Basin – video

Dead fish on a river bank in the NSW far west region of Menindee, filmed on 8 January 2019. Ongoing dry conditions and a recent drop in temperature could be the cause of a mass kill of fish in the Lower Darling region. Investigations are under way at the NSW Department of Primary Industries and WaterNSW. Golden perch, Murray cod and bony herring are among the native species affected in the Namoi River near Gunnedah, the Lachlan River at Wyangala Dam and the Darling River Continue reading...
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Sushi king pays record $3.1m for endangered bluefin tuna in Japan

The winning auction bid for the enormous tuna was more than double the price fetched five years ago A record $3.1 m (£2.4 m) has been paid for a giant bluefin tuna at Tokyo’s new fish market, which replaced the world-famous Tsukiji late last year.The winning bid for the prized but endangered species at the predawn auction was more than double the 2013 annual New Year auction. Continue reading...
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Researchers are putting fish into augmented reality tanks

Researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, while testing the “station keeping” functions of the glass knifefish, have created an augmented reality system that tricks the animal’s electric sensing organs in real time. The fish keeps itself hidden by moving inside of its various holes/homes and the researchers wanted to understand what kind of autonomous sensing functions it used to keep itself safe. “What is most exciting is that this study has allowed us to explore feedback in ways t...
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How to eat like a medieval peasant.

It's pretty great:And I learned that "potage" originally meant whatever you're cooking in a pot. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Organic farming is 'much worse' for the climate than conventional food production, researchers say

A report from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, found that organic food production leads to higher carbon emissions. This includes livestock as well as vegetables, as organic farming requires no fertilizer usage. Certain types of organic foods are less impactful than others, the researchers note. None History has not been kind to Earl Butz. From 1971–76, the Indiana native served as secretary of agriculture, reengineering several New Deal-era farm programs. One of his most famous state...
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How to eat sushi.

(Don't miss the humor that begins at 4:18.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Catappa Leaf – Tisane For Fish!

As I was doing my weekly water change in my fish tank, I noticed that my Paradise Betta, Toad, was acting a bit lethargic. I decided to do a larger water change and then brewed some catappa leaf tisane to add to the tank. Catappa leaf is from the Terminalia catappa tree, also known as the Indian Almond tree. I’ve never heard of people drinking it, yet it’s commonly used in the aquarium world as a treatment for some species of fish; including Bettas, Killies, Discus, Arowana, Tetras, Appistogr...
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2 Fish

I’m making up some fresh fish for next weekend in Providence.  
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Five animals that can regenerate

Lost tails and broken hearts can be fixed – and one creature can even eat without a mouthResearchers in Mexico last week described how they are studying cave-dwelling tetra fish to better understand why some animals can regenerate tissue but others can’t. The scientists performed surgery to remove some of the heart of river fish and cave fish from the species Astyanax mexicanus, finding that while some river fish do regenerate tissue, the cave fish just grew scars over the damage. Continue readi...
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Plastic bottle fish / Une bouteille à l’amer… goût de déjà-vu?

THE ORIGINAL? WWF France  (Spec ad) –  2016 “Soon in your own plate. Protect the oceans” Source : Saxoprint Creative Awards AD : Alison Epaud (France) LESS ORIGINAL Florianopolis City Government –   2018 “The more plastic, the less life in the oceans” Source : Agency : D/Araújo Comunicação (Brazil) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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'Sad surprise': Amazon fish contaminated by plastic particles

Scientists in Brazil find first evidence of plastic pollution in Amazon basin freshwater fish Scientists have found the first evidence of plastic contamination in freshwater fish in the Amazon, highlighting the extent to which bags, bottles and other waste dumped in rivers is affecting the world’s wildlife.Tests on the stomach contents of fish in Brazil’s Xingu River, one of the major tributaries of the Amazon, revealed plastic particles in more than 80% of the species examined, including the om...
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8 Delicious Foods That Heal Nerve Damage

While severe nerve damage can be detrimental to your health, there are foods that can help to heal and nourish damaged nerves. To treat nerve damage, you don’t always have to see a physician but instead, eating some foods can help heal it. The following are some top foods known to remedy nerve damage and keep you healthy; Fish Fish, especially sardines, tuna, salmon, herring, cod, and mackerel, rich in vitamin b12 and omega 3 oils have been considered remedy for nerve damage.  Most exper...
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"O'Reilly: Where Pinhead Jim Acosta Went Wrong."

I just stumbled into that as I was poking around on YouTube. I'd entirely forgotten about Bill O'Reilly, and even now, reminded of him, I can't remember why he got kicked off Fox News. Just to show you how random my encounter was, the YouTube video I had on was something with 908 views, "semolina pilchard." I'd googled "semolina pilchard," because I'd seen the word "pilchard" in the context of looking up the word "mennard" in the OED. "Mennard" is an English variation on "minnow." Minnow was pro...
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Goldfish secrets

The BBC reports on "Four secrets your Goldfish is hiding from you." 4. Goldfish were originally kept for meat 3. The goldfish bowl was a disruptive technology 2. Goldfish are an invasive species Number 1 will blow your mind, but not before it blows theirs.
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Barra (and prawns) is the new salmon: what seafood is sustainable now?

Farmed Tasmanian salmon is off the menu but there are plenty of other sustainable and homegrown seafood options With the news out that farmed Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is off the menu – at least for now – you may be wondering what the alternatives are. Eating fish at least once a week is good for your brain and your waistline and is still better for the planet than red meat.However, last week the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) voiced concerns about the farmed salmon industry’s env...
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Golgo 13 Sardines Offishally On Sale

In a stroke of marketing genius, Hagoromo Foods has decided to collaborate with Japan’s most famous fictional assassin Golgo 13 to promote oiled canned sardines. From late October to March 31st, supermarkets and retailers will be selling special packages of King Oscar sardines coupled with images of Golgo 13 on the front. Apart from that, starting […]
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"Aquatic life is bathing in a soup of antidepressants," says marine biologist

A new British study has discovered that "our aquatic life is bathing in a soup of antidepressants."Entire ecosystems are being negatively affected by our pharmaceutical use. The drugs re-enter our bodies when we consume seafood from these areas. None In 2009, the NYC Department of Environment Protections discovered numerous pharmaceuticals floating around in the city's tap water. A 2010 follow-up study concluded that trace amounts of Ibuprofen, caffeine, Butalbital, DEET—yes, insect repellent—an...
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Random nude man jumps into Toronto aquarium with sharks

On Friday night, a nude man jumped into a large tank at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto for a brief swim with sand tiger sharks, sawfish, green sea turtles, green moray eels, and other fish. "The guy seemed totally relaxed... and like laughing," said one onlooker. Pretty ballsy. From CBC Toronto: Security at the popular tourist attraction asked the man to leave shortly before 10:30 p.m. ET but he refused, said Jenifferjit Sidhu, a spokesperson for Toronto Police Service. Instead, he swam to th...
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And other bears. [Author: Doug]
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