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Vets Say They Saved a Dog's Life Using an Experimental Fish Skin Graft

Here’s a feel-good story to carry you through the Memorial Day weekend. Veterinarians at Michigan State University say they were able to save the life of a one-year-old Rottweiler named Stella who had been horrifically burned, thanks in part to an innovative technology that uses fish skin to help the body heal itself. Read more...
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Some Deep-Sea Fish Can See Color in Near Total Darkness

A newly discovered visual system in deep-sea fish could allow them to discern predators from prey in the low-light conditions found at the bottom of the ocean, new research suggests.Read more...
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Very fishy: warming oceans linked to rise in tropical species in New Zealand waters

Scientists have identified a spike in ‘vagrant’ species of fish including damselfish, wrasse and triggerfishWarming ocean temperatures have been blamed for luring tropical fish thousands of kilometres into New Zealand waters, threatening vulnerable native species as they compete for resources.Scientists have identified increasing numbers of what they call “vagrant” species rarely seen in the New Zealand’s oceans and said their extended visits were raising concerns about how the islands’ unique l...
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Only a third of world’s great rivers remain free flowing, analysis finds

Dams, levees, hydropower and habitat degradation behind fragmentation on huge scale, finds global assessmentOnly a third of the world’s great rivers remain free flowing, due to the impact of dams that are drastically reducing the benefits healthy rivers provide people and nature, according to a global analysis.Billions of people rely on rivers for water, food and irrigation, but from the Danube to the Yangtze most large rivers are fragmented and degraded. Untouched rivers are largely confined to...
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I was too scared to grill a whole fish—until my guru showed the way

I’ve been riding this food writing racket for more than a decade now, and to this day I still have culinary blind spots. But that is the ultimate privilege of my profession, which has allowed me to nail a proper French omelette, finesse my spaghetti carbonara, and tackle French bistro food, and do this during my…Read more...
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This Fish Has Evolved to Thrive in Intensely Polluted Water

A small fish somehow evolved resistance to the heavily polluted water of the Houston Ship Channel by mysteriously acquiring genes from another fish from thousands of miles away, according to a new paper.Read more...
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Climate change may bring acidic oceans full of jellyfish

Since the beginning of the industrial era, humanity has been pumping out unprecedented levels of CO2 into the atmosphere.A significant portion of this CO2 is sucked back into the ocean, where it reacts with water to produce carbonic acid.Most species fair poorly in the newly acidic ocean. Jellyfish, however, seem to resist ocean acidification more than others. None Human beings don't do well when they try to understand things past a certain scale. When you consider the 7.5 billion people on the ...
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"Doctors urge women to stop putting garlic in vaginas..."

A teaser at Drudge goes to "No, Putting Garlic in Your Vagina Will Not Cure a Yeast Infection" (at Oprah Magazine). The best part of that is the comments, which generally proceed on 2 themes, exemplified by: 1. "But garlic pairs well with fish" and 2. "Keeps away vampires!" [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Please Don’t Step On The Fish! Vietnam’s Unique Flooded Cafe

Animal cafes where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and pet cute animals like cats, dogs or even sheep have been springing up all over the world, but Amix Coffee is the only cafe in the world where you can relax as dozens of decorative fish swim at your feet. More: Facebook h/t: odditycentral Located in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, Amix Coffee features two flooded floors filled with hundreds of... Source
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'Not what you expect in Doncaster': suspected piranhas found in UK lake

Fears for wildlife after deadly Amazonian predators discovered in YorkshireLate on Monday night, a reporter at the Doncaster Free Press received an unusual phone call. A piranha fish, one of the world’s fiercest predators normally found stalking the waters of the Amazon basin, had apparently been discovered in a lake in Doncaster.There were wild rumours of ducks being massacred and other wildlife being torn to shreds by the razor-toothed fish in the freezing waters of Martinwells lake. Continue ...
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A Dark ‘Oklahoma!’ Brings Barefoot Modern Dance to Broadway

The choreographer John Heginbotham and the director Daniel Fish want the dance to “change the way we experience the show.”
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Critic’s Notebook: Toxic Men Get All the Attention. But Not in These Plays.

Theater encourages empathy, yet it sometimes seems women on stage get very little of it. That’s changing.
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Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Fish Kids Craft

A while back we made a yarn wrapped Ice Cream Sundae, and I thought it would be fun to use the same technique to make a yarn wrapped cardboard fish craft! This project combines fine motor skills and an art activity! They’re good for a range of ages and look beautiful and whether you make one or a whole school, these fish make a pretty window display or hanging mobile too. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Fish Supplies: Cardboard Colorful yarn Scissors Googly eyes Glue stick Scissors Black marker ...
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Critic’s Pick: Review: A Smashing ‘Oklahoma!’ Is Reborn in the Land of Id

Daniel Fish’s wide-awake revival of an American classic gives us an “Oklahoma!” for our own age of anxiety, without ever betraying its source.
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At the Hard Swim Café...

... it's not your fault. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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De Blasio Wouldn’t Say Who Was Hosting His Boston Fund-Raiser. We Found Out.

A Boston-based construction company, trying to expand its New York business, is helping Mayor Bill de Blasio raise money for his national political ambitions.
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De Blasio Wouldn’t Say Who’s Hosting His Boston Fund-Raiser. We Found Out.

A Boston-based construction company, trying to grow its New York business, is helping Mayor Bill de Blasio raise money for his national political ambitions.
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New antibiotics could be developed using fish slime, scientists say

Mucus that protects fish contains substances that could help tackle MRSA and E coliFish slime could be key to the development of new antibiotics, researchers say.Antibiotic resistance is a growing danger, with experts warning of a return to a situation where everyday infections could become life-threatening. The NHS is aiming to cut antibiotic use by 15% by 2024 in a bid to tackle the problem – which has been called a danger to humanity – while the government has also announced it is looking int...
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Scientists Find Fossilized Fish That May Have Been Blasted by Debris From Asteroid That Ended the Dinosaur Age

Paleontologists unearthed among the most important graveyards on Earth in North Dakota: the fossilized remains of fish seemingly killed the effects of the dinosaur-ending meteor.Read more...
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He Changed ‘Oklahoma!’ But ‘Oklahoma!’ Hasn’t Changed Him.

How the director Daniel Fish stuck to his guns and rode his darkly visionary take on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s classic from the experimental fringes to Broadway.
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Why the ocean you know and love won’t exist in 50 years

Coral reefs may not be able to survive another human decade because of the environmental stress we have placed on them, says author David Wallace-Wells. He posits that without meaningful changes to policies, the trend of them dying out, even in light of recent advances, will continue.The World Wildlife Fund says that 60 percent of all vertebrate mammals have died since just 1970. On top of this, recent studies suggest that insect populations may have fallen by as much as 75 percent over the last...
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Amateur Culinary Artist Creates The Most Amazing Sashimi Plating

Looking at the edible masterpieces of culinary artist and Instagram sensation mikyoui00, it’s hard to believe his journey into the world of food art began as a way of getting his son interested in cooking. mikyoui00 never had any professional art or design training, but he was always passionate about food preparation and plating, and wanted to instill that same kind of love in his son. Source
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Huge sunfish washes up in Australia

Australia is living up to its reputation as the home of strange animals. A rare sunfish, also called Mola mola, washed ashore in South Australia, at the mouth of the Murray River, about 50 miles south of Adelaide. Linette Grzelak and her partner, Steven Jones, who discovered the animal, told Guardian Australia that they thought it was a piece of shipwreck at first. The peculiar, flat-bodied fish was about six feet long, and according to National Parks South Australia, sunfish are “the world’...
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Giant sunfish washes up on Australian beach: 'I thought it was a shipwreck'

Rare creature found at the mouth of Murray River in South AustraliaA rare giant sunfish has washed ashore at the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia.Linette Grzelak posted a picture on Facebook of the sunfish, which was spotted by a couple of fishers on the beach at the weekend. Continue reading...
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This is the next-gen lionfish vacuuming robot

Roboticists have the strangest pet projects. For Colin Angle, it’s vacuuming up lionfish. The iRobot CEO is also the cofounder of RSE (that’s Robots in Service of the Environment), a volunteer-based organization designed to create what it says in the name. The organization’s first project, announced back in 2017, is a robot designed to capture the invasive species, which are capable of decimating reef fish. Following a successful $29,000 Kickstarter campaign, RSE just announced the launch...
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"Newness or difference from the norm is a very urban, almost postmodern, quest. It is recent. It is class-based."

Said NYT food-studies scholar Krishnendu Ray, quoted in "The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day" by Joe Pinsker in The Atlantic. Pinsker goes on:So, when accounting for the totality of human experience, it is the variety-seekers—not the same-lunchers—who are the unusual ones....The daily rituals of office life are characterized by their monotony and roteness, and bringing a different lunch each day is a sunny, inspired attempt to combat all the repetition. I do genuinely appreciate the optim...
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FDA Lifts Import Ban on Genetically Modified Salmon That Reach Market Twice as Fast

The Food and Drug Administration announced on Friday that it is lifting an import ban that prevented a brand of genetically modified salmon—dubbed “Frankenfish” by some—from reaching U.S. shopping selves, CNN reported.Read more...
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Fish Bikini Gravure Idol Yoshino Shihomi Truly Delectable

Gravure idol Yoshino Shihomi may be starting a new trend as she has garnered attention for an impromptu photo shoot where she wore a fish bikini of sorts, certain to make her smell no different on certain areas of her beautiful nude frame. The idol began by showing off how she stores some of her […]
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WATCH: Live shark cam, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Having a rough day? Relax! These adorable sharks are on the other side of the glass. Watch them float around being shark-y, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. [via]
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New hope for plastic recycling with IBM's VolCat technology

Think how much more material would be reused if plastic recycling didn’t entail washing, sorting and individual processing. Now, IBM researchers have developed a new chemical process called VolatileCatalyst that eliminates these steps. VolCat recycling grinds up plastics, adds a chemical catalyst and cooks them at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. The chemicals eat through polymer strands, producing a fine white powder ready to be made into new containers. By heating PET with ethylene gly...
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