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‘We’re causing our own misery’: oceanographer Sylvia Earle on the need for sea conservation

‘Queen of the Deep’ says it is not too late to reverse human-made damage to oceans and preserve biodiversityThe world has the opportunity in the next 10 years to restore our oceans to health after decades of steep decline – but to achieve that, people must wake up to the problem, join in efforts to protect marine areas and stop eating tuna, according to the oceanographer and deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle.“We are at the most exciting time maybe ever to be a human, because we’re armed with knowle...
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Screen Grab: Deeply shallow

The documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ is a textbook display of disingenuous interviewing The post Screen Grab: Deeply shallow appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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2021 Bassmaster Classic Started Yesterday, Huh?

  I was kind of asleep at the wheel on Day 1 of the 2021 Bassmaster Classic. I didn't even think about it until I unloaded the boat from the night's fishing trip. However, I did check my Fantasy Squads results before the day was out, just barely. With a great Day 2, my line-up stands a chance. But, unfortunately, day 2 has not been good for me yet this year. [Author: [email protected] (Basspastor)]
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Side Road

 NO FISH HERE Fish Going In fish going out JUST A BIT OF FORGOTTEN MONTANA -------    .. Just a brief note: it's nuts in the park. Post pandemic visitation has brought out the crazy folks. Just a reminder: Yellowstone National Park is not a petting zoo and you do not need to stop and admire every ground squirrel, (live or dead.).. Bring your "A" game and cover lots of water, The fish are there and surprisingly active. Some are even looking up early in the day. -------   . ...
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Panic Button: Pushed On 2021 Frog Fishing Platte/Sullivan

 Sure, I caught that pig the other night, but I've taken 3 trips since then. Instead of fishing improving or staying about the same, it has gotten tougher each time out. And last night, I only got one hit in two hours, a 13.5-incher that I caught. I think the low water and hot weather have driven the fish out of the froggy shallow cover.  The stuff should be alive with activity, but I covered water on both Tuesday and Wednesday night trips because I just wasn't finding much for signs of life. ...
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Hook to plate: how blockchain tech could turn the tide for sustainable fishing

Could using digital tags to track fish reduce seafood fraud, help conservation and hold everyone in the supply chain to account?In recent weeks, a new $50m (£35m) hybrid vessel set sail from Mauritius and headed out into the Southern Ocean where the crew will spend three months longline fishing for the Patagonian toothfish. By the time the fish are brought back, processed and sent to customers, consumers will know where and when that specific fish was caught, which boat landed it, who processed ...
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THE MISSION - Issue 27

Grab that second (or third) cup of coffee and dive into the latest issue of The Mission.  It's like a free trip around the angling world to help get you through your day.  It might leave you a little distracted though for far off places.  I get it.      CHECK IT. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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FILSON - #UnfailingGoods for Father's Day

Father's Day is just a few days away and if you're looking for something special for a dad in your life, gear or apparel from Filson is the right choice.  I would even go as far to say that this holiday is the perfect opportunity to gift a bag or luggage piece that will always be remembered.  A few favorites include the Dryden Briefcase, Heritage Sportsman Bag, 48-Hour Duffle Bag, or one of the Rugged Twill Duffel Bag.  The Ripstop Nylon Travel Pack is perfect for keeping track of the extras too...
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Africa must protect the high seas before it’s too late

We must act now to secure the world’s oceans as a common good — and prevent catastrophic repercussions, argues Halemariam Desalegn The post Africa must protect the high seas before it’s too late appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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REMINDER - CCH Summer Sessions Kick Off with TFM this Sunday

I know that I brought up a couple weeks ago that Crooked Creek Holler is kicking off some good times with their Summer Sessions series and I'm stoked to have been asked to hang out at the first one which is coming up this Sunday, June 13th in Asheville, North Carolina.     Can you make it?  Sure would be cool if you did.  Here's why... Along with Southern Culture on the Fly smoking meats on the CCH shop Traeger and Hi-Wire Brewing serving up free brews, there is a raffle planned which all the...
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PATAGONIA - Wild Fish Need Wild Fish Activists

One of many focuses for Patagonia is promoting "Wild Fish Activism" and I get and agree with it.  The longer I fly fish, the more interested I am in fishing for wild fish in their native waters.  There's real worries about hatcheries and how these fish compete and kill off wild fish in the raising and release of stocked fish.   Need a primer to know what we're talking about?  Check out Artifishal. For the month of June, Patagonia and Midcurrent are collaborating on a Wild ...
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Snatchers at Whitefish, My Plan and Rods

 Will Whitefish be on fire tomorrow?  It is going to be hot temperature-wise for sure. I wasn't able to get over there to pre-fish. Hammer, my boater, got out there twice. We will spend time going after large and smalls. If the smalls are chewing, it will probably take huge bags to compete, just like the last time we were there in 2019 when Chuck Fields set the Snatcher All-Time Record with 23lbs of fish. Hopefully, Dwight and I will hold up in the heat, and fishing is good.  Rods I'm bringing: ...
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WATCH IT ALL  . . [Author: Yellowstoner]
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20 Father's Day gifts for dads who love to fish

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Ariel Skelley/Getty Images Father's Day 2021 falls on June 20th. Whether he's a deep-sea fisherman or just wants to cast off the dock, dads who fish love a themed gift. From rods and reels to pliers and coolers, there's something he's in dire need of below. Whether it's fly-fishing, deepsea fishing, or just casting off the dock of your nearby river, if Dad fancies himself a fisherman...
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SAM'S ONE BUG - A Durable Foam Popping Bug

I've been pestering Wade Blevins for awhile now to create a fly tying tutorial on his father's pattern, the Sam's One Bug and he's done it with this YouTube video.  Grab up some fly tying materials and create a few of your own.  This is a fun pattern for warmwater with a really neat history. Want to learn more about the many variations of the Sam's One Bug?  Follow along on Instagram. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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KEEP FISH WET - Stripers In Our Hands

Striped bass are one of the most popular game fish species along the east coast and Keep Fish Wet, along with Confluence Collective and Soul Fly Outfitters, are bringing more awareness to proper fishing and handling techniques in their latest online and social media campaign.     Snapshots of the infographic can be seen below and take a moment to note each suggestion and even if you don't fish for striped bass, think about the other fish species that you do catch and how these sam...
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Hundreds of fishing fleets that go ‘dark’ suspected of illegal hunting, study finds

Vessels primarily from China switch off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in possible illegal fishingGiant distant-water fishing fleets, primarily from China, are switching off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in a possibly illegal hunt for squid and other lucrative species on the very edge of Argentina’s extensive fishing grounds, according to a new study by Oceana, an international NGO dedicated to ocean conservation.Every year, vessels crow...
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SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS - Flyrods in the Bayou

I'm not sure who at Scientific Anglers unearthed this short film (along with a few others that I'll share in the coming days) but these are kinda campy and wonderful at the same time.  The narration makes me chuckle. Let's start with 'Flyrods in the Bayou' which is all about warmwater with glass rods, old Air Cel and Wet Cel fly lines on clicker reels, and "popping bugs".  After this look at the past, jump over to the Scientific Anglers website for a look at what the future ...
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TOM MORGAN RODSMITHS - The 25th Anniversary Collection

There really aren't too many legacies left in fly fishing industry and I think that it's great that the folks at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths are taking the time to look back and celebrate Tom Morgan, his work, and what he left in the hands of those who are continuing the work that he and Gerri started 25 years ago with storytelling, video interviews, and more on their website and social media through this year. This week, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths released the 25th Anniversary Collection which are meant ...
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2021 May Recap

 And just like that, Memorial Day is over, as is the month of May in 2021. The month started with so much promise due to the cold month of April. I thought the fishing was just going to bust wide open, but it really never did. Then I started having lower back issues, and when I finally got to the Chiropractor, which I put off when the parents were down in Florida, and the second adjustment didn't make things any better, I got concerned. I really don't want a replay of 2012 when lower back issu...
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RED TRUCK X GRAYWOLF RODS - Diesel Glass Custom Builds

There's a lot going on in the "Glass Geek" world right now where either or both Red Truck Fly Fishing and Graywolf Rods are involved.  We've gotten to some of the news and will get to the rest of it in the coming weeks, but I did want to pass along a glimpse of these two collaborating together on several Diesel Glass Custom Builds that are worth a look.I've been a big time fan of the Diesel Glass 476-3 4-weight for years now and just bought the 5710-3 5-weight so that I'd both in my fly rod stas...
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HUGE FLY FISHERMAN - 6 Day Raft Trip - Part 3

We're easing back into the work week after a long Memorial Day weekend with Huge Fly Fisherman and the third video (of four) of their "Yellowstone River" adventure.  They catch A LOT of fish in this one. Press PLAY and enjoy... Check out the Huge Fly Fisherman website and grab some swag, subscribe on YouTube, and remember that Ben's a fun follow on Instagram too. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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I Love the Driftless

There's just something about this region of southwest Wisconsin that amazes upon each and every pilgrimage. The rolling green hills, the cold spring creeks, the voracious trout; it's wonderfully unique and intoxicating.  Now I don't consider myself a very good trout angler. Once upon a time I was on the path to perhaps becoming one, but ever since moving to Florida, I just don't get to fish for trout frequently enough to really advance my skills.That said, upon entering the Driftless, I always...
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An Unexpected Gift

Hardly a day goes by that I don't find an email or direct message on one of the T.F.M. social media pages with questions about fiberglass fly rods, fly lines, gear, or destinations.  I have a good time hashing through these conversations and a few months ago traded messages with a fellow who had a few questions which we had a good time working through.     Sometime later a package arrived in my mailbox with a small framed piece of artwork and a thank you note.  This was completely unexpected a...
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BACK IN STOCK - Recycled Waders X T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags

Since the Recycled Waders X T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags were added to the T.F.M. Store awhile back, I've had a hard time keeping them in stock but another box arrived this week with a couple dozen that are up for grabs.  These stash bags have been very well received and I've had quite a few people get their first package only to reorder a couple more.  I've also had others who've sent Recycled Waders their worn out waders for future projects.  Send an email if you'd like information on how to ...
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'Sea snot' is clogging up Turkey's coasts, suffocating marine life, and devastating fisheries

A drone photo shows sea snot near the Maltepe, Kadikoy, and Adalar districts of Istanbul, Turkey on May 2, 2021. Lokman Akkaya/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images A goopy substance called sea snot has been clogging Turkish coasts in the Sea of Marmara for months. The mucus has been filling fishing nets, suffocating coral, and killing marine life. Climate change and fertilizer runoff may be fueling the algae boom that's behind the sea snot. See more stories on Insider's business page. B...
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For Your Service

-------  .. Fishing opens in Yellowstone National Park on May 28, 2021. That's today! The opening day fly box should include a wide assortment of subsurface offerings and a few very small floaters. Fish the seams, the riffles, and undercut banks. -------    WALLPAPER:  TAQUITOS FANTASTICO [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Green growth: the save-the-mangrove scheme reaping rewards for women in Kenya

A community project on the Lamu archipelago trains women in preserving this vital ecosystem and provides business loansKenya’s mangroves have been harvested for centuries, the timber used in shipbuilding and for ornate doors and furniture as well as shipped across the Indian Ocean and around the world.The Lamu archipelago accounts for more than half of Kenya’s mangrove forests. But across the country an estimated 40% of this precious commodity has been degraded, as more mangroves have been cut t...
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New Fees

 DIG A BIT DEEPER Fishing Pass Fee Increase permits available on line WALLPAPER: GEAR UP -------   .. New permit fees have been posted by Yellowstone National Park,>> Season long fishing pass = $75.00>> 7-Day fishing pass = $55.00>> 3-Day fishing pass = $40.00.. Remember: Opening Day is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend = May 28m 2021... Check the regulations   (LINK.) -----  RESOURCES Yellowstone Park News ReleaseOn Line Order Form -------   WALLPAPER:  BURGER...
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