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Supertrawlers ramp up activity in UK protected waters during lockdown

Fishing time in first half of 2020 almost double that in whole of last year, Greenpeace saysSupertrawlers vastly stepped up their fishing in the UK’s protected waters during the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, while most of the UK’s smaller vessels were confined to port.The amount of time supertrawlers spent fishing in marine protected areas in the first half of this year was nearly double that spent in the waters in the whole of last year, according to a Greenpeace investigation. There ...
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GINK & GASOLINE - Summer Slam Giveaway

Gink & Gasoline, along with the very gracious support of many industry friends, have kicked off a huge Summer Slam Giveaway where one lucky angler will walk away with over $3,800 worth of gear.  It's super easy to play and even if you never win anything, you just might this time.Entries for the giveaway will be taken through Monday, August 17, 2020 and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.Enter on the Summer Slam Giveaway webpage and good luck.  Subscribe in a reader [Autho...
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WAYWARD ANGLER - Part 3: Epic 686 Fly Rod Build

The Wayward Angler instructional videos continues with Part 3 of the five-part series with the step by step instructions on building a Swift Fly Fishing Epic 686.  Check out the Wayward Angler website and follow along with the latest videos on YouTube. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Street Casting?

When you don't have access to a nice pond try #streetcasting #flyfishing "I can practically hear them composing their caption: Dude fly-fishing in downtown Manhattan!"— flyfishmagazine (@flyfishmagazine) August 11, 2020 [Author: Murdock]
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WAYWARD ANGLER - Part 2: Epic 686 Fly Rod Build

The Wayward Angler is back again today with Part 2 of the five-part series with the step by step instructional on building a Swift Fly Fishing Epic 686.  Check out the Wayward Angler website and follow along with the latest videos on YouTube. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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The boys from Southern Culture on the Fly have patched together another stellar issue that should help you get through your Tuesday.  Check out the "new new" in the SCOF Store and look for a giveaway on the SCOF Facebook page to post sometime today as a kickoff to the new issue. CHECK IT. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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WAYWARD ANGLER - Part 1: Epic 686 Fly Rod Build

This past weekend, Stephen Christopherson of the Wayward Angler and I traded several emails and it was a good reminder that I needed to share his five-part fly Swift Fly Fishing Epic 686 fly rod building series of videos.The Epic 686 is my all-time favorite fiberglass six weight and really think everyone needs one in their fly rod stash.  It can do everything from western trout to warmwater to light saltwater.  I've run mine through its paces over the years and always impressed. Today we'll star...
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Nice Work, Comrade

This wins the internet for me today and posted on Instagram by Tilslaget in Norway.  REPRESENT! He even got it right down to the vintage Valdex which is by far one of my most favorite J.W. Young fly reels.  They don't surface on eBay or elsewhere often so have fun finding one of your own.Want to represent?  Visit the T.F.M. Store for decals, gear, fly rods, and more.   Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Wildlife Rescues Urge People To Clean Up Fishing Lines As More Animals Get Tangled

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Fishing is a popular pastime, especially with all the waterways in Sacramento. Vanhmean Lee said he goes fishing almost daily, casting his line into the pond at Tanzanite Park. “The biggest fish I caught out here was a 10 pounder, so if you come on the right day you’ll catch a big bass,” said Lee. But that’s not the only catch when fishing lines get left out and not thrown away. “Then it gets tangled with my lure and if it gets tangled in the water, I’ll take it out and tras...
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FLY FISHING FILM TOUR - 2020 Virtual Event

Did "corona" mess up your plans to attend the Fly Fishing Film Tour this year?  It did mine and I'm glad to see that the F3T crew has regrouped and planned for a virtual event that will kick off on Thursday, August 27, 2020, and you can choose to attend either the national tour show or one of the many regional events which will benefit local conservation causes. From the F3T presser...  "Earlier this spring, the F3T abruptly hit pause on our 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour to ensure public safety an...
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BLUE HALO - Nathan's "Carp-Tastic" Fly Rod Build

The other day Nathan Fulcrum's Blue Halo seven weight fly rod build popped up on my Instagram (#glassisnotdead posts are over 64,000 and growing...) feed and I was kinda blown away by it.  Not only did it feature some fancy "carp scale" decorative thread wraps on the butt section of the fly rod but he also tapped Tim Johnson for a one-of-a-kind Timmy Grip and an airbrush art fly rod tube by Scaly Designs.  It all came together as something pretty special. Lastly, from a performance standpoint, t...
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The Sunday Read: ‘A Speck in the Sea’

This is a story about isolation — and the struggle to close the space between us.
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PANFISH ON THE FLY - 7 Proven Patterns for Warmwater

Keeping up with the upcoming content on this website is always in a state of flux and I have a Gmail folder where I stow emails that are everything from ideas emails to full-on cut and paste over to here to publish. If I'm not careful, I can get a overwhelmed with what's in there or already in draft on the website.Yesterday, I started out this email folder and it quickly went from over two hundred emails to less than 50.  Now I have the makings of several dozen posts and uncovered a few gems, in...
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NATIVE FISH COALITION - Epic Fly Rod Raffle for Conservation

Last week's trip finding native brookies in a high elevation Appalachian blueline was a good reminder how important these fish and the fragile coldwater environs where they live are.The Native Fish Coalition is doing the hard work in conservation and recently kicked off a raffle of an Epic 476-4 fly rod.  This Studio Built fly rod is valued at $895 and was made possible by the generousity of Swift Fly Fishing and Midcurrent.  Raffle tickets are $20 each or three for $50 and there will only be ...
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Tying the Mini-D Hopper

Last night I was going through the "in draft" T.F.M. posts that I hadn't gotten a chance to write or publish and near the bottom of the pile was this excellent tying tutorial on a hopper pattern that should be in everyones trout and warmwater box right about now. Grab the vise and get wrapping.  Or maybe, if you're lazy like me, call the Fly Shop of the Bighorn and order up a dozen or two in a couple colors and sizes.  I wouldn't fault you if you did. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mort...
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ZEN FLY ART - The #365fish Challenge Continues

You might remember when the new year began that artist John Alexander Piacquadio was just getting started with the #365Fish Challenge and I thought that it would be a good idea to check in with him on how things were going now that we're more than halfway through the year.I've really enjoyed seeing John's daily update on his Instagram page and asked him to handpick a dozen and half favorite art pieces from the project to share in this TFM post. That shouldn't stop you from circling back to his I...
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TROUT UNLIMITED - Limited Edition “Trout Skin” Face Coverings

If I were a betting man, I'd say that we'll be wearing masks for the safety of ourselves and others for quite some time still and even after the coronavirus pandemic is over (and I sure hope that it is sooner than later), it's likely that the wearing of face masks could be a more often ask for virus prevention.That said, Trout Unlimited is offering limited edition three-piece sets of "Trout Skin" Face Coverings that will be sent to you for a minimum donation of $37.50. Each set features artwork...
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RIO PRODUCTS - Celebrating 30 Years & SlickCast Fly Line Giveaway

There are only a couple of players in the manufacturing of "Made in USA" fly lines and it should certainly celebrated (especially during these uncertain times) that RIO Products recently blew the candles out on their anniversary cake with thirty-years in the business.I have my hands on a lot of different fly lines and it's always interesting how various tapers will cast so differently on the same fly rod making the same casts. I often tell anglers who email about not liking a certain glass fly r...
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Fly Casting on City Streets Is Weird. That’s Why I Love It.

I’m desperate to find pockets of joy wherever I can. Some people bake bread. I started street-casting on West 12th.
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THE ROAD TO 300K - One Step Ahead of the Storm

We have a nearby warmwater stream that I've talked about before (HERE and HERE) and Finn and I been talking about getting back there for several weeks now.  The thing is, this stream is best if flows are running at 100 CFS or less and we've been in a weather cycle that has been routinely produced afternoon thunderstorms that have kept blowing it out.  With Isaias swirling bands of rain clouds off the coast into the middle of the state, I figured that it was only a matter of time before flows wou...
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ARTIST D. RIVERS STUDIO - Redbreast Sunfish

I mention it here quite often but some of my most favorite things are found on Instagram and a recent follow is Artist D. Rivers.  His Redbreast Sunfish piece was an instant favorite along with the caption that is copied below. I'll never forget my first time fishing with my dad and we placed a few sunfish into a bucket that we had caught on worms. I was completely astounded by them swimming in and out of my tiny hands.  Good to know that I'm not alone. D. Rivers wrote...  "I paint who I am. M...
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OH SO . . . . .

HOT ! Hot, Hotter, Hottest creepy crawler time -------   .. So we hit 90 ° F a couple of times. There's a few more coming down the 'pike. This is a signal for the neighbors to head to the grass. .. The grass harbors ants, beetles, 'hoppers, spiders and such. The poor things fall in the water and get swept into the maw of trout. .. Most of the neighbors are catching with gay abandon on the Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park . They drove us up there for a...
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TSIMANE LODGES - Fly Fishing the Upper Secure River

For your Monday morning, "I wish I was somewhere else" daydream...Visit the Tsimane Lodges website to plan your adventure for when this COVID-19 mess is behind us. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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KORKERS - Terror Ridge & Mack's Canyon Wader Bag Promotion

Korkers, who has been making performance footwear since 1959, is usually good for at least one promotion each year and they have kicked off a two-week push through their dealers where you'll receive a complimentary Mack's Canyon Wader Bag when you purchase a new pair of Terror Ridge wading boots.  Each pair of Terror Ridge wading boots come with your choice of sole packages to include Felt Sole and Kling-On Sticky Sole or Kling-On Sticky Sole and Studded Kling-On Sole. So, if you're in need of...
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Taking a Spear Into the Sea, and Washing Anxiety Away

I kept seeing people in Sydney carry spearguns to and from the ocean. To understand why, I held my breath and dived in.
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ORVIS FLY FISHING - Tom and Shawn Answer Fly Rod Questions

The other day on the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook page, Tom Rosenbauer and Shawn Combs took questions live and had a great discussion on fly rods.  There was actually quite a bit of "Glass Geek" talk in the mix as well.Of course I had to ask what each of their favorite Superfine Glass fly rods were.  Tom's answer kinda surprised me and he gets extra credit points for wearing his many years old by now T.F.M. t-shirt for the session. I'm sure that this video will make it over to the Orvis YouTube c...
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Somewhere Under the Rhododendron

I am on an adjusted work schedule right now due to the coronavirus which meant that I was home on Wednesday right after lunch.  I had already sorted the needed fly fishing gear but still needed to throw a couple days clothing into a duffel bag and load up our 4Runner for a quickie trip to North Carolina to visit rod maker Chris Barclay and photographer (and all-around creative dude) Dave Fason.  And we can't forget Stella, Chris's pup companion.  She was along for it all as well.The plan was to ...
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And One to Rule them All

If you tie a lot of bass flies a pandemic is a welcome interlude given how enforced isolation and “work from home” is instrumental in creating the debris field from all those large hooks you stuffed with marabou, rubber legs, lead wire, and spun deer hair. … and, even better, most of the folks sheltering in place with us have seen us lick our fingers after handling all those dead animal parts, and we’ve got no one pestering us to wash our hands, either. My last trip afield showed my fly box had ...
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Record Low Number Of US Fish Stocks Subject To Overfishing

A federal government report stated Tuesday that the list of fish stocks that are subject to overfishing in the U.S. fell to an all-time low in 2019. The National Marine Fisheries Service tracks the health of species that U.S. fishermen seek for commercial and recreational fishing. The agency places stocks on its overfishing list when the rate of catch is too big. The agency determined that only 22 of 321 fishing stocks were subject to overfishing last year, the agency said on Tuesday. Fish stock...
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