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Gettin' Any ?

WE WATCH WEATHER Fish Need Water so do folks DAILY SURFACE MAP -------    .. Way up here in our little corner of the 'Dakota Splinter,' (also known as 'Lost Dakota,') we enjoy watching the weather... Some enjoy it more than others but, it's always a guaranteed topic of conversation... The conversations usually include the topic of snow and rain and recently; "We need some.".. We are, right here, still in a drought. Have been for about 9 years. It has to do with ...
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Nattie Up North An Introduction

I found out about Nattie through her being hired by Major League Fishing to work on their Bass Pro Tour Broadcast Team. So naturally, I checked out some of her YouTube videos and came to discover she is a Minnesocold Girl.  I think Major League made a really good hire.  Her enthusiasm for fishing is infectious, has the gift of gab, and she had a million dollar smile.  It will be interesting to see how they use her.  I hope it works out.She did start a blog in 2017, but it looks like she has give...
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The Southern Belize Fly Tying Initiative - Placencia Session

(If you missed the first post in this series, please circle back and start with the Hopkins Session before continuing on.) The next morning we were up early, ate breakfast (yes, a couple more fry jacks), packed up all our gear and the three of us jumped into the shuttle from Hopkins to Placencia.  Our next stop would be at the Belize Ocean Club as they would be host to the next session of the Southern Belize Fly Tying Initiative.  The drive to get there was beautiful as we passed fruit fields an...
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Abel + Spyderco Native® 5

When I started my career in law enforcement over 20 years ago, one of the first purchases I was told to make was to buy a good knife which led me to Spyderco and one has been in my pocket ever since.  The blade is unbelievably sharp and the one time I had to use the lifetime warranty, a brand new knife was sent to me with no questions asked.  I'll never not have one in my pocket.  I'm a fan for life.The recent collaboration with the Abel + Spyderco Native ® 5 is neat in that here's two exceptio...
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The Other Grinch

JUST DELIBERATE ! Pass The Passed boot likker A LESSON IN SERVITUDE -------    .. Recalcitrance in action. Enough to go around! America's showcase on politics. -------    . A LESSON IN OBDURATION [Author: Yellowstoner]
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2018 Fishing Goals Achieved (And Not)

Goals achieved in bold green Goals not achieved in red Partly achieved in purple Commentary in blue Fishing Buddies: Once again in 2018 I did poorly in reaching my fishing buddies goals. However, I did spend more time fishing with my younger brothers and had multiple pre-fishing trips with fellow Snatchers and Pete came up a few different times, so I wasn't fishing by myself all the time.   1. Fish with Dad multiple times.( Due to dad's sore shoulders he wasn't up for fishing this year.) ...
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The New Way Forward: Wetlands

It's crazy all the information that's out on the internet. What to rice fields & salmon have in common? I'm not talking about sushi either. I absolutely love the videos that California Trout posts to Vimeo. The New Way Forward: Wetlands, an almost nine-minute short from River Garden Films is no exception, and is definitely worth the watch if you're into the inner-workings of ecosystems.Without giving away the whole narrative, when California changed the way rice farmers had to turn over fields ...
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DESTINATION FLIES - Doyle's Floating Crab

I constantly have my eyes open for new flies to tuck into my carp, smallmouth, redfish, permit and anything else fly boxes that look "munchy" and when Kevin Doyle of Destination Flies posted a few images of his Doyle's Floating Crab on Instagram, I asked if he would mind putting together a step by step to show others how he ties this fly.  Grab your vise, tying materials and get to work. MATERIALS - DOYLE'S FLOATING CRAB:   Hook - 2/0 Mustad C-68 SNP-DT Thread - Tan 210 Danville Flat ...
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LOST COAST OUTFITTERS - California Steelhead on the Swing

Here's a few minutes of California steelhead on the swing Zen with George Revel and the crew from Lost Coast Outfitters.  Please PLAY and enjoy. I had the opportunity to spend a morning with George a few years ago (see the post HERE) at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club and at Lost Coast Outfitters and it's pretty neat to see how far he's grown the shop through the years.  It's also a reminder that I need to get back out there for another visit soon. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Camero...
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Scottish salmon fishing season opens – in pictures

The salmon fishing season has started with traditional ceremonies on the River Tay. It is the first of the larger Scottish rivers to open for the season, which runs until 15 October Continue reading...
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Katelyn Ohashi

4 DA KIDS The Neighbors Know is this possible ?  . . -------   .. Coffee and cocoa in the forenoon has brought us a glimpse into the viewing habits of the neighborhood kids... We know very little about this stuff, (but we did see some of it at the Spokane Expo about 40 years ago.).. Better than guns and knives and cocaine. -------    . WALLPAPER:   GOOD GREASE OVER NIGHT SNOW SAVING TEMPERATURES [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Critic’s Notebook: A California Chef Learns to Swim in Changed Waters

Tejal Rao reviews the San Francisco restaurant Angler, where the chef Joshua Skenes is showing how a seafood-rich menu can adapt to the forces of climate change.
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Tenkara Angler Magazine Winter 2018-19

I'm happy to announce that the Winter 2018-19 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine is (finally) live! It took way too much time for me to cobble together between the holidays, work, and assorted seasonal illnesses, but it's done and I think it came out damn good.The contributions were fantastic with some really stellar opinion pieces from Jay Johnson, Dennis Vander Houwen, an interview with Jason Sparks from Adam Trahan, essays from Mike Hepner, Adam Klagsbrun, Melissa Alcorn, Paul Vertrees, and Mi...
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Huge Fly Fisherman: Flying with fishing rods for fly fishing.

 Advice from the Huge fly fisherman on traveling with your fishing gear.   Give him a like and subscribe to his videos on youtube.  He is doing a great service to mankind.  Really he is. [Author: Murdock]
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France Dispatch: As Migrants Risk Crossing the English Channel, French Fishing Boats Pay a Price

A surge in migrants trying to cross the channel has led to a rise in break-ins of the fishing boats in a French port, as smugglers look for more seaworthy options to make the treacherous voyage.
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JENSEN MADE - Hadley's Custom Cigar Box Ukulele

Thirteen years ago when our daughter Hadley was born, I wanted to celebrate her birth and purchased a box of Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story to hand out cigars to friends.  It didn't take too long before the twenty-five cigars were gone and the box was filled with mementos of Hadley's birth.  This little cigar box was placed in my wife's hope chest where it likely would have stayed if it had not been for connecting with Kristopher Jensen about a year ago.  I was selling a few fiberglass fly ...
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Third World Country ?

HOW'S DA ECONOMY ? Do You Notice ? watch inflation grow THE GIANT EXPORT MACHINE -------    .. While the economic model in the United States concentrates on hoarding patents and developing products in a 2 - 3 year cycle, the eastern model is open source and, copy and, improve products in a weekly or monthly cycle... As we whine and litigate rather than compete, both India and China are poised to boast economies larger than the United States in the next 10 year...
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It's a cold and rainy Sunday here and it feels right to just press PLAY and enjoy this shortie film from Costa about the story of three women anglers and their pursuit of a Grand Slam in the Florida Keys. Okay, back to your "Sunday Funday" or whatever else you're up to today. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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MIDCURRENT - Winter Trout Fly Fishing Tips

Russ Miller of Umpqua Feather Merchants breaks down the ins and outs of winter fly fishing in a four-part instructional series that is presented by Midcurrent and Trout Unlimited. Click PLAY on the intro video above and be sure to click through to Midcurrent to enjoy the additional videos and pages of this stellar and timely instructional. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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mounTEN Zine - January 2019

Just in time for your weekend leisure reading, the latest issue of mounTEN Zine is live. There is some Ed Engle and John Gierach in this issue too which is a fun read of an excerpt pulled from a Tenkara USA Blog post from a few years ago. CHECK IT. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Got Some . . . Need Some

ABOUT 7" FELL Minus 1" Overnight week of warm ahead COMING ATTRACTIONS ------- .. Well, it continues. A couple of days ago it looked like winter. Had to shovel some snow... We keep getting teased with some snow and then it goes away, (sublimation and melting.) Our visitors are quite enthused by our gentle weather. Our neighbors are beginning to worry about the fish come Summer. SIGN OF THE TIMES .. The weather services are reporting a shrinking ...
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Snatchers Meeting Today

The first Snatcher Meeting of the year takes place at 1PM today.  We will be doing the first round of lakes and dates.  Some lakes I wouldn't mind seeing on this year's schedule to fish are Woman Lake, Serpent Lake, Farm Island, Leech, Pokegama, and Alexander.  Will update this post later today. [Author: [email protected] (Basspastor)]
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Reel in Big Discounts on Fishing Gear with This Amazon Sale

New year, new you and if that happens to be someone who catches fish, you’re in luck. Today, Amazon is discounting everything you need to start reeling in a rainbow trout, including tackle boxes, rods, and, well, reels.Read more...
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Take Advantage of Great American Outdoor Show Ticket Specials

Take Advantage of Great American Outdoor Show Ticket Specials HARRISBURG, Pa. -( We are less than one month away from the return of the largest consumer outdoor sports show in the world—the Great American Outdoor Show! Regular adult admission is only $14, and special rates apply for kids, seniors, groups and multi-day tickets. Plus, there are many other ticket specials to take advantage of for the Feb. 2-10 show at the PA Farm Show Complex… Find out more below!Short on time? No ...
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EU under fire after lifting threat to ban Thai seafood imports over illegal fishing

Reversal of disciplinary process condemned as campaigners claim Thailand has failed to address labour abusesThe EU has been accused of sending out the wrong message after removing Thailand from a list of countries failing to tackle illegal fishing.Campaigners claim that the European commission’s decision this week to lift Thailand’s “yellow card”, in place since April 2015, gives consumers an “illusion that violations of fishers’ rights are not still occurring”. Continue reading...
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BHA PODCAST & BLAST - The Tom McGuane Interview

I listen to a lot of podcasts and a favorite as of late has been the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring.  The latest episode is with writer Tom McGuane and is a great listen.  This interview covers a lot of ground but it should not be missed that Tom McGuane has a new book of short stories called Cloudbursts, which I will of course be ordering soon. You can listen to the BHA Podcast & Blast online or through iTunes, Stitcher or Podbean.  Enjoy.Not a member of Backcou...
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THE WADING LIST - Renato Vitalini of V-Stick Custom Fly Rods

I am a fan of the work of Renato Vitalini of V-Stick Custom Fly Rods and this recent shortie film from The Wading List is a neat peek behind the shop curtains.   Renato brings a tremendous amount of skill and creativity to his fly rod builds. Follow along with The Wading List and be sure to check out V-Stick Custom Fly Rods as well.  See the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor transforms normal fishing rods into data recorders

The Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor, on display at CES 2019, upgrades normal fishing rods into smarter versions of themselves. The device will work with a companion app to record data, including fishing hotspots and trophy fish details. The post Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor transforms normal fishing rods into data recorders appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Pondering Valley Creek

Has it really been since 2017? I think so...When I lived in Pennsylvania, I used to fish Valley Creek in Valley Forge National Historical Park virtually every weekend. Those were probably the best days of my fly fishing, living so close to that water was something special. It's where I pretty much learned to fly fish; first streamers, then nymphs and dries, figured out line management, clicker reels, roll casts, I even caught my first fish on a tenkara rod there. So many good memories.It's not ...
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Fly Fishing on the small screen; Outlander Edition

An interesting exchange between young William and Jamie during a recent episode of Outlander.  One of the writers must be afflicted with our disease.  [Author: Murdock]
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