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in hospital 3 days

went to dr. with what I thought bad allergy spell. diagnosed with flu and allergies, rxd Medrol pack Zithromax (which I elected to hold off on). began to feel terrific until day 3. long story short...had pneumonia! scary stuff! the vaccine did not help. also had a heart murmur and very high bp plus iron and b12 deficiencies. home 4 days with o2 and feeling grand. do get that pneumonia vaccine prevna
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Does anyone have a walk-in bath tub?

I've finally decided to buy one. I'll have it installed as it's beyond my DIY abilities. I've decided on an American Standard 60"x30" with a quick draining system, 8 water jets and 21 air jets. I've wanted one of these for a while now, and am finally going to buy it. I'm hoping it helps with my pain issue. If nothing else, it will hold a lot of water if TSHTF and I need to store water.;)
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What's in your IFAK/AFAK?

Just as an intro... I had a "traditional" first aid kit (I think I got it from Sportsmans or Cabelas or something) and realized that, while it looked cool and nifty, in this yellow belt loop bag, was mainly a box of 3rd rate chinese specials, with no substance. So I started to do a little research, and found that there were much better alternatives on the market - ones that would actually deal with major, life threatening stuff (and STILL have room for bandaids and neosporin). The one I set...
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Quick clot combat gauze expiration?

I have the understanding that Quick clot combat gauze has an expiration date. Does anybody know how effective the hemostatic agent is past expiration or what exactly "expires" if its not that. I see it for a heavily discounted price on ebay for the expired stuff and they claim it is still effective. What say you?
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Eye twitch after a fall

I am in my 30's. Yesterday at work I was working much harder than usual, for most of the day I was winded from working hard. I slipped on ice and fell(pretty gently, didn't hurt anything). When I stood up and got back to work I was light headed and seeing spots for maybe 10 minutes(I have never seen spots like that before and don't know what it was) After work yesterday and all day today anytime I sit relatively still my right eye starts twitching. At this point I am assuming it will go awa...
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The Vaccination Debate - January 6, 2019

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson - The Vaccination Debate - January 6, 2019
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Sanitizing with bleach. They recommend an acidified bleach solution, pretty strong with 1 gallon being 16 cups. But this is for killing spores, something that can survive straight bleach. You're not likely to run across anthrax spores but c. diff is increasingly common. Quote Miner recommends first diluting one cup of household bleach in one gallon of water and then adding one cup of white vinegar. You do need to follow directions exactly when mixing bleach with any...
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Survival and Austere Medicine book - comments and feedback

Just thought I would jump in here. Please take this as seperate from the ‘discussions’ between RR and Borskill and this is just a discussion about the Austere and Survival Medicine book. I appreciate there is some metaphorical bad blood, but I just wanted to have a seperate more academic conversation around Borskills criticisms without the heat. I am one of the MD authors of the book - I have spent a good chunk of my working life in the third world and other austere places. The book has been a l...
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Accupuncture for pain control

Anyone here had accupuncture to help with neuropathy in the neck/shoulders/upper back?
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Home Brew Penicillin

I have not seen this anywhere on here yet.... I figure that after The collapse if you are the only guy for 500 miles who knows how to do this you will become very valuable.... and almost as popular as the local booze maker. I priced out a lifetime supply of the ingredients needed online at just over 100 dollars. I did some extra research and discovered that they all basically have an indefinite shelf life.
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Ship captain's medical guide

I was just reading jerry d young's book habitat and it mentioned ship masters school. Which reminded me of the medical guide. The first 2 listings are from uk then diesel duck. Diesel duck is easy to download but you should look at the uk listing, too. Has quite a bit of information for layman but this 22nd ed, i think its the latest, is getting a bit old.
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Autism and Vaccines on Full Measure

If you can receive Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson watch on January 6. Was a top government expert silenced in testimony on autism and vaccines? If you can't receive it the program may later appear on youtube.
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Unexpected Emergency, difficult to prepare for.

Toward the end of November, I was on vacation. I decided to come to work one day to help with some job interviews. It was a Thursday. I felt some pain toward my right hip, and was uncomfortable. I suffered through things, and it wasn't until Monday, when I realized I needed to go in to the ER, as I was suffering at work. I finished the day, went home and set up several day's worth of medication for a family member, drove into the Emergency Room, and got front loaded. My appendix had ruptured app...
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Choking on phlegm

I saw all of the doctors and took all of the tests. The ENT said that it is LPR and that it is caused by gerd or acid reflux. I told her it started suddenly right after I choked on the water-that caused my throat to swell shut and caused me to have a heart attack the next day. So I was in the hospital for 10 days while they stinted my arteries around my heart. That was two years ago. I have had problems with mucus and phlegm and swallowing ever since. At first it felt like the throat was p...
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Chemo question:

If a buddy was on his first chemo (colon cancer) and it was a 3 day treatment.... How would he feel upon checking out off the hospital and the next couple days? Hungry? Tired? Sleepy? Worth taking him and his wife out to a nice meal, not, need to handle him gently, rest or sleep often...?? Thank you
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New generation of bandages?

I came across this and thought it might be of interest: Basically a bandage that uses body motion to generate a low-level electrical field that speeds up wound healing. They claim that in some instances it can reduce wound healing time by 75%. It's currently in animal testing and projected to cost only slightly more than a regular bandage.
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DiphenhydrAMINE HCI Inj

I have 10, 1ml single dose, high potency Carpuject for IV/IM. Think I got these because it was much cheaper than epi. They expired in 2014, I am thinking time for the trash. Would anyone know if this stuff is still any good this far past? It was stored properly.
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Surgical staple removal without the tool

Does anyone have a eazy way to remove a surgical staple without the proper tool ? ? Or the correct dimensions to build one ? ? From what I can see from the youboob video's the tool uses a wedge to spread the staple verse pulling it straight out, so a simple pair of needle noise is likely a poor choice. Thanks.
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Cipro side effects There are certain higher risk groups.
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Sleep Aid

My daughter occasionally takes a "sleep aid" by "Olly" containing melatonin, L-Theanine, and botanicals (chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm extractsd). I don't know anything about that stuff, was wondering if anyone here did....
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Through a series of events I now have a surgical center.

It was raining today so I loaded the extended cab down in my truck. I still have some more to pick up. I put in a order for 4 of the husky 50g job boxes to start my shtf mobile hospital.
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"Stop the Bleed" training may be for you. There are several good videos on Youtube on this topic (and some that are just commercials :rolleyes:) but this does seem to be sweeping the country right now with first responders. My old department is running everyone through it and most of the officers are carrying the equipment on their duty vests.
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Home brew insulin While insulin like humalog and lantus are off patent, no generics have been produced, why? Not sure this is the way to go as insulin is 1/ 10th the price in canada, why couldn't it be the same here?
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Dementia and death

My sister died tonight. Her GP told her three weeks ago that she had dementia--without doing any of the determining tests. Three weeks ago she was aware and lucid. Three days ago she stopped eating, drinking, responding. Is this normal behavior for dementia? That fast? I have searched for the answer but I just can't search anymore. Any help would be so appreciated. :(
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Best method/device to drain sinuses??

I expect I will get another cold this season. Mucinex keeps me awake. I would like to know the best way to drain my sinuses. Is there a humidifier out there that pumps out more steam than any other? Besides sitting in the shower (this doesn't work fast enough) what should I try?
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Amazing breakthrough announced in cancer detection. 10 minute test, 90% accuracy. Hopefully it saves a lot of lives as well as preventing some unnecessary biopsies. I guess we have the Aussies to thank for this one.
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Let's talk about First Aid Kits

OK, simply yet quite complex question. I'm looking information about what "universal-use" First Aid Kit should contain? Right now I had First Aid Kit which meets the DIN 13164 standard (ie basic UE regulation about First Aid Kit content, mostly required for private cars for premedic wound care) with added antiseptic spray, mask with a mouthpiece for resuscitation, two packs of military standard-issue individual dressings, cooling gel and tweezers. Overall I try organize "universal-use" medkit fo...
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Tap water neti pot bad Odds are you are ok with using a neti pot with tap water. However you really should boil the water or use sterile water. This woman died because she didn't.
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Insulin Pump

Does anyone here use the Animas Ping insulin pump?
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Intermittent Fasting

With intermittent fasting in the news I am reminded that decades ago I lost ~ 30 lbs by skipping breakfast and lunch then eating whatever I wanted for dinner. Doctors told me I was doing it all wrong but one doctor finally said, whatever works. I found that if I had breakfast I would have hunger pangs come lunch time, no breakfast no pangs at lunch time. After my weight stabilized I might eat a light lunch, maybe a cup of soup. Come Thanksgiving I ate whatever I wanted between Thanksgiving and ...
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