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Can Sports Show The Way To Smarter Voting?

Electoral reform is coming to America. This year in MLB, a simple first-past-the-post voting system will no longer determine all-star starters. Fans will instead select three finalists in a Primary Round and then vote from among those finalists on a single Election Day.
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Student Activists Push Back Against Florida Bill That Arms Teachers

The Republican-controlled Florida House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in their classrooms after emotional debate on Wednesday that reportedly left some lawmakers in tears. Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the widely opposed bill into law.The decision prompted a forceful and immediate outcry by student activists, including those who were affected by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, last February."NO NO NO NO N...
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Why Are Good Young Racehorses Ending Up As Meat 7,000 Miles Away?

Two years in the life and death of a racehorse:
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grey water disposal?

So,I just finished spending over 2 months living in the corner of a garage down here in Fl..long story.Not only survived,but thrived.Had a single power outlet,and access to a bathroom. I've lived with alternative power,and cold outdoor showers,so no need to practice that. Played "what if" excecises every night in my head. Doing laundry by hand is such a huge time killer,and drying it. Kinda forget how easy it is to throw an armfull in the washer,turn it on,and walk away in 30 seconds vs.2 ho...
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The 7 Laws Of Vaportecture, Stadium Art's Fever Dream

For sports team owners seeking new stadiums or arenas—which is to say, for sports team owners—there are certain tools of the trade at their disposal for convincing fans and politicians to support (and pay for) a new building. They have economic impact studies, ideally compiled by friendly consultants who may or may…
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Gamer Was A Batshit Great Bad Movie That Was A Decade Ahead Of Its Time

You probably missed Gamer. I missed Gamer. It was a 2009 movie with a terrible title, a terrible trailer, and reviews that ranged from mediocre to damning. One particular review said that it was “a film that tries to criticize the commercialization of violence, even though it itself is commercialized violence,” the…
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cats brought me a new present

I'm back to my "homestead" in Fl. for a few months.I'm used to the cats bringing birds,rabbits,lizards,etc, in thru the pet door,and leaving them on the floor to find in the morning. I get up this morning to make coffee,and find a 8 inch walking catfish on the floor.Had about 3 inches of rain the other night,so it must have came from the canal out back,crossing the yard. 100% true story,not internet bs.
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Who's Killing The Soul Of Sneaker Culture?

PITTSBURGH — In East Liberty sits a store that never looks open. While nobody would ever admit it, it’s possible that this is a deliberate move. Tinted windows obscure the inside of the store until you’re up close, and those windows are adorned with decorative oak bars all giving the impression of an aesthetically…
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Divorce: Is Divorce the Only Solution

Married in FL, 14 yrs, been together for 27 yrs. Own house & bank accounts jointly. I do have a few bank accounts in just my name, no joint credit card but am an authorized user on his (never used it though). No debts except current expenses, all paid in full monthly. Husband retired with pension, I still work but plan on retiring in 5 yrs. Husband sufferes from mental illness & lately worsen. He felt the need to get rid of all of our money, I even found some crumbled cash in the trash one nigh...
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Trump’s Medicaid Director Leaves After 3 Months on the Job

The gain of 70 million Medicaid recipients nationwide is actually Florida’s loss. That’s because after less than three months on the job, Trump administration Medicaid director Mary Mayhew is leaving to take a position in FL Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’ administration.Read more...
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ADS-B for 2019 and Beyond

As we enter 2019, we’re now less than a year away from the United States implementation of ADS-B. With the 2020 mandates looming right around the corner, more countries have posted ADS-B mandates, some of which are broken into a phased release in 2019 and 2020. The following is an overview of which countries already require ADS-B and those who have upcoming mandates: 1. United States Starting Jan. 1, 2020 ADS-B will be required when operating over all 48 continuous states, within airspace at o...
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Who has a permanate flagpole?

I've always tried to have a flag.Just the type that mounts to the wall next to the front door,have a spotlight for it if I leave it out overnight.Being in Fl.,I have to replace the flag 2-4x a year as it weathers.(Thanks VFW for the drop off for the old ones) Anyway,I alway wanted a nice upright pole mounted in the front yard.Been surfing the net for prices,styles,and ideas.Then I've been paying better attention driving everyday of what other people have. Like everything,some are great,others ...
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Comment on potato pancakes, even better by Donna Sabetta

Deb, I’ve been making latkes for 40 years. I’ve recently made your cannoli pound cake…we all loved it…your pear, cranberry ginger crumble…I loved that for Thanksgiving as the cranberries from Costco were enormous this year…and of, course, I had t o try your latkes. Family all agreed…the best ever! I’m in NJ visiting my daughters as we live in Fl now so no food processor was here. I hand grated a 5 lb bag of potatoes & 2 large onions. I think the baking powder is a brilliant addition. Using the ...
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Trump hints at potential federal role in FL recount

President Donald Trump suggested Friday that the federal government could play a role in a possible recount of Florida's close Senate and gubernatorial races.
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Rihanna Endorses Andrew Gillum In FL Governor Race: ‘Make History This Election’

The “Umbrella” singer also urged voters to support Amendment 4 to restore voting rights for some convicted felons.
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where does your gas come from?

I'm way deep in SWFL.I don't store gas,but have a dozen or so gas cans to fill ahead of hurricanes. This year we had florence and micheal,way to the north of me.Still topped the cars and filled a few cans.My thinking was a bad hit in northern Fl.would disrupt tankers from getting down here. Come to find out port of everglades isn't too far away,and handles most of the supply for down here. Its still smart to prepare just in case,but its nice to know it wasn't as likely as I imagined.One less ...
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Jake Tapper Busts Donald Trump For Watching CNN

Trump's Twitter commentary on CNN's FL gubernatorial debate seemed to refute his claim that he doesn't watch CNN.
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FL Studio gets Akai Fire, and it’s serious about step sequencing

As the Akai APC40 was to Ableton Live, so the Akai Fire hardware controller is to FL Studio. It looks like the step sequencing grid you see when you open FL, and it was created in collaboration with Image-Line. So can it bring something new to the integrated controller world? Okay, so the pitch here is easy: yes, you can use any number of controllers with FL Studio. But first-time users may want an integrated package, and dedicated hardware can be pre-mapped to do useful stuff. Price: US$199. ...
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Termination: How to Stop Enforcement of a 30 Year Old Child Support Case in Fl, I Am the Cp

My question involves restraining orders in the State of:
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This Children's Book Is Messed Up: The Story Of Babar

The Babar I remember from childhood was a jolly elephant who goes on adventures. Somehow that’s all I took with me into adulthood from early readings of The Story of Babar by Jean de Brunhoff (and his wife Cécile, who first told their children the story at bedtime), a children’s classic that spurred an immensely…
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Denials & Appeals: Worker's Comp Claim Denied by Two Different Insurance Carriers

My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Florida. I'm a female in my 40’s from FL with no prior back conditions. In the past 3 years I hurt my lower back at work twice, first time in March 2015 and after 4 month I was released by the work comp DR to go back to work on full duties with no restrictions. The second injury was on January, 2017 and I returned directly to my work comp Dr. and instantly received treatment. Work comp doctor send me for 3 MRI in the past 3 years. ...
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Mental Health: How to Go About Getting a Refund for Rehab

My question involves public health law in the State of: Tn and Fl, check myself in for rehab for PTSD and sex addiction, I'm asked to sign documentation that would allow my mothers estate to see my diagnosis and I tell them I rather not do so but they insist(strike one). The trust instrument provides medical under its terms, I tell the rehab facility they can have updates but no access to mental health records and they create an agreement for me to be sent back to their other facility which is...
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Mental Health: How to Get a Refund for Rehab

My question involves public health law in the State of: Tn and Fl, check myself in for rehab for PTSD and sex addiction, I'm asked to sign documentation that would allow my mothers estate to see my diagnosis and I tell them I rather not do so but they insist(strike one). The trust instrument provides medical under its terms, I tell the rehab facility they can have updates but no access to mental health records and they create an agreement for me to be sent back to their other facility which is...
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The Legend Of Mitch Green

A note before starting: This piece contains a lot of conversations that took place many years ago. They’re not word-for-word quotes, but they are pretty motherfucking close. The phone answering machine messages are exactly what was spoken.
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49 cent can of corn

just thought I'd share.I'm in Fl.,and there is a canal right out the back door from work.Tried this 3 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Cheap 20$ rod/reel from walmart,3$ for some small hooks and floats,.49 cent can of whole kernal corn. Catching talipia,bluegill,bass,chichlids,oscars,turtles,had gar messing around but no hooksets.I guess there are catfish if I fished the bottom,and who knows what else. Anyways,spent less than 30$,and 2 hours each time,and had well over 50# of protien eac...
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The NCAA Is Running Out Of Excuses On Brain Injuries

When it was time to change her husband Greg’s diaper, Deb Ploetz followed a routine. First, she would lead him to the bathroom of their rental house in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where they had moved to in February of 2015—in part to be closer to Deb’s family, and in part because memory care facilities in Texas and…
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FL Studio 20 for Windows and now Mac, with Hell-freezing functionality

FL Studio aka Fruity Loops has hit a version the developers are dubbing FL Studio 20. At age 20, the software still includes lifetime free updates – and a bunch of new features, including freezing of audio, and Hell freezing over. The “Hell freezing over” bit you’ll see a lot around this release. It’s a reference to a claim developers Image-Line made that they’d add native Mac support “when Hell freezes over.” The comment at the time wasn’t so outrageous: FL Studio had been built a Windows-nat...
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Three Men Crossed Frozen Lake Baikal, And Chased More Than A World Record

The eighth day he was out on the ice, Scott Gilmour’s eyes started to feel like jelly. They wobbled around in his sockets, and when he looked out, the world seemed like it was smeared with goo. Gilmour and his two companions had been facing headwinds for hours, walking on ice as hard as steel. They needed to find a…
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Another School Shooting in FL

Albeit a small one. He had one of those scary evil high capacity military shot guns.:rolleyes: I keep wondering where the hell the parents are and where was the upbringing..l:confused:
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The Latest: Trump, Abe, to discuss NK, trade, energy in FL

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump hosting Japan's Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago (all times local):___3:05 p.m.President Donald Trump is welcoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to his Mar-a-Lago... [Author: [email protected]]
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