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Top 3 Summer Trends You Have To Start Wearing Right Now

The peepers are peeping, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding! Spring has definitely sprung here in New England I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I stay locked indoors for months on end because I just hate the cold weather, so once spring finally arrives, I bust outside like a kid out of school when the bell rings. FREEEEDOM! My other favorite thing about spring is looking forward to SUMMER TRENDS! You ladies know I’m all about fashion, so naturally, I’m really exc...
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4 Fun Ways to Wear Flare Jeans Right Now | Flared Jeans Outfit Guide

Flared jeans are coming back and here's exactly how we're styling them into our looks.
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14 Cute Boho Outfits for Class

If you need boho-chic outfit ideas for class, this article is for you. View the original article to see embedded media. It's fun to show off your style when you go to class, isn't it? In college, you get the freedom to wear whatever pleases you. You don't have to worry about dress codes and you're able to wear unique items without being judged. The style possibilities when going to your lecture or studying in the library are endless. You can experiment with so many different vibes, ranging from ...
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Video Game Fashion: Kindergarten

Find some back to school style inspiration with 2017's latest indie game gem. Photo Credit: Steam Kindergarten is one of the most obscure and delightful games that you will play all year. Though its premise revolves around mere kindergarteners, its shocking, hilariously dark humor and puzzling gameplay will leave you on edge for hours. The game follows a young kindergarten student who goes to a school where things aren't quite normal. Children and dogs are going missing and kids are given stra...
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TV Fashion Inspiration: Sophia from Girlboss

"Boom! Dolla, dolla, bills y'all" Photo Credits - IMDB If you're like me, you spent the past year eagerly anticipating the release of Netflix's Girlboss. When the series came out in April, I binged it in about a day. Over a month later, I'm still reeling from the emotional impact of the show.Girlboss has a little something for everyone: There's drama, there's humor, and most importantly, there is a lot of fantastic fashion inspo. Overall, it's a fun little series about finding your passio...
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Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Gigi Hadid, Jenna Dewan, & Victoria Justice

Get Gigi Hadid's sporty glam, Jenna Dewan's feminine boho, and Victoria Justice's Western-inspired look on a budget. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Gigi Hadid, Jenna Dewan, Victoria Justice. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself. Look 1: Gigi Hadid's Sporty Glam Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Supermodel Gigi Hadid rocked a sporty...
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Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, & Ashley Madekwe

Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, and Ashley Madekwe. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself. Look 1: Selena Gomez's Colorful Duster & Cropped Kick Flares Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Selena Gomez looked eye-catching at an event in L.A. rocking some of fashion's top trends of the moment. She wore a pair of kick flare ankle jeans, which h...
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Looks on Campus: Deanna - University of Colorado

Deanna, who is best described as a flower child, couldn’t feel more at home in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Originally from New Jersey, her attraction to the West was the Environmental Studies program at the University of Colorado. Deanna’s style is like nothing I have covered before and I was so excited to spot her on campus.Even though there was over a foot of snow on the ground, that didn’t stop Deanna from dressing up on this sunny but cool day. Her flared jeans and cropped chunky sweater lo...
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3 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Flare Jeans

Credit: ELLE I used to be a hardcore skinny jeans girl. I wore them every day, I swore by them, and I turned up my nose at any other silhouette. My mom used to dress me up in bell-bottoms when I was in elementary school, and ever since then, the mention of anything resembling a flare brought back images of 9-year-old me awkwardly posing for my school photos.That mental image kept me far away from flare jeans until last fall when I jumped on the '70s style bandwagon. Taking a leap of faith, I t...
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Fabulous Find of the Week: Old Navy High-Rise Flare Jeans

Everyone needs a break from skinny jeans now and again. So why not try a pair of trendy, vintage-inspired flare jeans? They've come back into style as part of the '70s resurgence (they were our Class to Night Out pick on Friday!), and they'll give your look that unique touch to stand out from the crowd. I recently found this pair at Old Navy for only $25. And the best part? They come in many sizes and lengths, so there's even something for all you talls and petites out there. Now, go ahead and t...
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3 Boho-Chic Winter Outfit Ideas

If you have a boho chic sense of style, you may have trouble coming up with outfit ideas in the winter months. Winter fashion is usually more utilitarian, which doesn't easily mesh with the flowy, loose layers you love. We talked about winterizing the '70s trend last week, but boho chic can encompass more than just '70s vibes, so I thought it deserved its own post.I love the boho look myself, so I've spent some time coming up with cute bohemian outfit ideas for cold weather. Here are three of my...
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Class to Night Out: Flared Jeans

Products L-R: 1, 2, 3 Do you struggle with transforming your outfits from day to night? Don’t worry, CF is here to help turn that daily annoyance into a fun challenge. Class to Night Out focuses on one piece per week, and aims to help you take your look from study sessions in the library to dancing the night away.Fashion inspired by the '70s has been super popular lately. Nowadays, suede and fringe are everywhere from the campus to the catwalk. A really accessible way to wear the '70s trend ...
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Trend Watch: Winterized '70s

Photo Credit: Free People This summer, 1970s fashion was everywhere. I know I jumped on the '70s train in my summer suedes, platform sandals, and button-front skirts. That's why I'm excited that the '70s trend is still going strong this winter. You might think that the '70s trend is better suited to the warm months, but that's not the case. To wear the '70s trend in winter, keep your accessories (and get another season out of the suede hat your mom thought you'd never actually wear), but switc...
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