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The End of the Flash Era

Source: StatistaHaving long been considered a performance-hampering security risk, one of the technologies that shaped the face of the world wide web for the past two decades is quietly saying goodbye this week. On January 12, 2021, Adobe will officially pull the plug on Flash, blocking Flash content from running in Flash Player after having phased out support for it on December 31. “Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly have continually matured over the years and serve as viab...
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Goodbye Flash, goodbye FarmVille

While much of what made 2020 such an absolute nightmare will still be with us on January 1 (sorry!), we will really, truly be leaving Adobe Flash and FarmVille behind as we enter the new year. The end of Flash has been a long time coming. The plugin, which was first released in 1996 and once supported a broad swath online content, has become increasingly irrelevant in a smartphone-centric world: iPhones never supported Flash, and it’s been just over 10 years since Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs ...
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RIP Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, the animation and programming platform that long graced the world-wide web, is officially dead. Adobe has ended support for it, will soon issue an auto-update that blocks Flash files from executing in the browser, and issued a stark final recommendation, just in case: Uninstall Flash Player immediately. — Read the rest
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How Niantic evolved Pokémon GO for the year no one could go anywhere

Pokémon GO was created to encourage players to explore the world while coordinating impromptu large group gatherings — activities we’ve all been encouraged to avoid since the pandemic began. And yet, analysts estimate that 2020 was Pokémon GO’s highest-earning year yet. By twisting some knobs and tweaking variables, Pokémon GO became much easier to play without leaving the house. Niantic’s approach to 2020 was full of carefully considered changes, and I’ve highlighted man...
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Internet Archive Brings Flash Games and Animation to Its Vault

Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dirt on its grave and say our final goodbyes because it’s getting the preservation treatment. The Internet Archive announced on Friday that it has begun cataloging Flash animations and games for us all to visit and remember the good stuff with none of the bad.Read more...
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Internet Archive turns on Flash emulation, already has 1000 items to check out

Adobe Flash was the language of choice for a generation of game developers, helping kickstart an indie revolution on the still-young web of the 1990s and 2000s. But it withered on the proprietary and insecure vine, and both web browsers and Adobe have now canned it, threatening countless games and interactive presentations with the memory hole. — Read the rest
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Qumulo update adds NvME caching for more efficient use of flash storage

Qumulo, the Seattle-based data storage startup, announced a bunch of updates today including support for NvME caching, an approach that should enable customers to access faster flash storage at a lower price point. NvME flash storage development is evolving quickly, driving down the price with higher performance, a win-win situation for large data producers, but it’s still more expensive than traditional drives. Qumulo CEO Bill Richter pointed out that the software still has to take advantage...
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‘The Batman’ Gets Delayed to 2022 as Warner Bros. Reshuffles Release Calendar

Shortly after it was reported that Dune would get pushed back by nearly a year, Warner Bros. has significantly reshuffled its film release calendar for the next two years. The biggest major delay is The Batman, which moves from October 2021 to March 2022. Several other comic book movies are following in The Batman‘s steps, with The Flash and Shazam 2 getting pushed back several months, while Black Adam has been taken off the release calendar entirely. Only Wonder Woman 1984 remains in its Decem...
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Data virtualization service Varada raises $12M

Varada, a Tel Aviv-based startup that focuses on making it easier for businesses to query data across services, today announced that it has raised a $12 million Series A round led by Israeli early-stage fund MizMaa Ventures, with participation by Gefen Capital. “If you look at the storage aspect for big data, there’s always innovation, but we can put a lot of data in one place,” Varada CEO and co-founder Eran Vanounou told me. “But translating data into insight? It’s so hard. It’s costly. It’s s...
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The Flash Movie Will Kick-Off the DC Cinematic Multiverse

In a flash, we just went from knowing very little about the new Flash movie to knowing...a little bit more.Read more...
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The Queen of England frigging loves Flash Gordon

Say what you will about the British Royal Family, but Queen Elizabeth II has excellent taste in movies. In a recent article published by The Guardian, Brian Blessed, actor and goddamn international treasure, is said to have stated that The Queen's favorite movie is the 1980 sci-fi touchstone, Flash Gordon. In the film, in Blessed played the pivitol role of Prince Vultan. From The Guardian: "Everywhere I go, they all want me to say 'Gordon's alive!'," said Blessed. "The butcher, the b...
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Review: Handsome and nippy, new VanMoof e-bikes could be the shape of cities to come

I have to admit, I was an e-bike virgin. Sure, I’d tried out Uber’s Jump bikes and similar e-bikes, but these are more like normal bikes “with a little extra help.” So when I was offered the chance to try out the new VanMoof S3, an e-bike that has literally been built from the ground up, I was excited at how different the experience might be. Perhaps more significantly, I had a particular task in mind for it. In the current COVID-19 pandemic much has been made of cities being transformed into...
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Adobe Flash Player Nears its EOL, Will this Affect your Blog?

Adobe officially announced that it would be retiring its famous Flash Player by 2020. In fact, Adobe originally made public that no new versions of the Flash Player will be developed after 2017. They have announced that regular operations will pursue until the end of the year. This includes security patches, bug fixes, support, operating systems maintenance, and so on. However, by end of this year, Flash Player would be completely removed from Adobe’s download pages. All current flash-enabled me...
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Adobe Flash Is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real

Three years ago, long after the rise (and fall) of Flash, Adobe announced that its once-ubiquitous multimedia platform was finally going away. But Adobe never provided a specific date for when Flash would reach its end-of-life. Now we know: Adobe Flash is going to officially die on December 31, 2020.Read more...
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10 Things We’re Excited to See in Zack Snyder’s Justice League!

10 Things We’re Excited to See in Zack Snyder’s Justice League! Get ready, world! Zack Snyder’s definitive vision of Justice League is finally coming to fruition. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. For all the (minor) flaws inherit in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, each film represents a level of ambition I truly admire and am eager to see more of. We have to wait what feels like an eternity to see if Snyder can deliver the goods, but that just means there’s plenty o...
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Bird shuts down Circ operations in Middle East, scraps as many as 10,000 scooters

Bird has shut down scooter sharing in several cities in the Middle East, an operation that was managed by Circ, the micromobility startup it acquired in January. About 100 Circ employees have been laid off and as many as 10,000 Circ scooters have been sent to a third-party UAE-based company for recycling, according to multiple industry and company sources who asked not to be named because they weren’t authorized to speak with the media. The shutdown — which Bird has couched as “pausing of ...
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Goldstein & Daley Talk Dungeons & Dragons and Flash Movies!

Goldstein & Daley talk Dungeons & Dragons and Flash movies! Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley have been a powerful collaborative duo for nearly 15 years and in a new interview with , the duo have opened up about their DC Extended Universe Flash movie that never came to fruition and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adaptation at Paramount Pictures. RELATED: Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley Eye Dungeons & Dragons The duo were just prepping to head to the United Kingdom and sta...
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The Clock Tower: Most of the Arrowverse Concludes for the Season as ‘Batwoman’ Loses Ruby Rose

(Welcome to The Clock Tower , where we’ll break down the goings on of the The CW network’s Arrowverse. We’ll touch on things like themes , cultural impact, lead-ins to major events, ships, and more every week! Warning: this Clock Tower is filled with spoilers . Proceed at your own risk.) And then there was one! The Flash , Batwoman , and Supergirl have  all wrapped up their seasons this week to varying degrees of success. If this is your first time tuning in, all three shows ...
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Microsoft partners with Redis Labs to improve its Azure Cache for Redis

For a few years now, Microsoft has offered Azure Cache for Redis, a fully managed caching solution built on top of the open-source Redis project. Today, it is expanding this service by adding Redis Enterprise, Redis Lab’s commercial offering, to its platform. It’s doing so in partnership with Redis Labs and while Microsoft will offer some basic support for the service, Redis Labs will handle most of the software support itself. Julia Liuson, Microsoft’s corporate VP of its developer too...
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The CW Is Out of New Shows, So it's Re-Running Crisis on Infinite Earths

The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is continuing to have major reverberations all around the entertainment world, delaying and derailing productions, release schedules, and sales numbers. So what’s a network to do when the pipeline of new episodes for the late spring runs dry? If you’re CW, you return to…Read more...
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What is Microsoft Silverlight?

What is Silverlight? This framework once rivaled Adobe Flash but never became Microsoft's dominant platform.
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Elinchrom has launched two new ELC 125 and ELC 500 studio strobes

These days, with the amount of battery-powered strobes out there, we often forget that some people still prefer to plug their strobes into the wall. Elinchrom hasn’t, though. They’ve just announced two new ELC 125 and ELC 500 studio strobes, which offer TTL, and high-speed sync. Elinchrom says that the new lights are designed to […] The post Elinchrom has launched two new ELC 125 and ELC 500 studio strobes appeared first on DIY Photography.
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PiXLIGHT is an all-in-one flash, stand and modifier designed for lightweight efficiency

When you’re doing photography projects with speedlights, it can be a hassle sometimes with all the extra accessories you have to carry. Big clunky light stands, flash brackets, the flashes themselves, umbrellas, etc. After a while, you just get used to it and accept it, even if you end up taking out more gear than […] The post PiXLIGHT is an all-in-one flash, stand and modifier designed for lightweight efficiency appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Hot off the press: New tickets to the 3rd Annual Winter Party at Galvanize

Party on, startuppers. We’ve just printed up a fresh batch of tickets to our 3rd Annual Winter Party at Galvanize in San Francisco on February 7. If you haven’t snagged yours yet, don’t wait, because tickets to this event fly off the proverbial shelf. Buy your ticket right now. Our annual winter soiree features 1,000 of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds, makers and visionaries relaxing over passed canapes and delightful libations. It’s the perfect way to meet your colleagues, expand your network,...
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MicroEJ is taking over IoT on Earth and beyond

The internet of things (IoT) market is expanding at a rate where distinguishing it as a separate category is beginning to seem a bit absurd. Increasingly, new products — and updates of existing ones — are smart and/or connected. One company is changing the fundamental calculus behind this shift by lowering the barrier considerably when it comes to what it costs to make something ‘smart,’ both in terms of the upfront bill of materials, along with subsequent support and development costs. MicroEJ ...
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How to turn your on-camera flash into an off-camera softbox for $30 or less

There can be many reasons why you don’t have a softbox, but there can also be many situations when you could really use one. I know I’ve had them. If you can relate, this awesome tutorial from SLR Lounge’s Pye Jirsa is just what you need. In this video, he shows you how to turn […] The post How to turn your on-camera flash into an off-camera softbox for $30 or less appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The iPhone 11 will receive 3rd party flash support built right into future iOS version

Although not common, flash support is something that quite a few people have been asking for with smartphones. Nobody’s seriously looking to replace their DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with phones, but being able to fire your strobes from your phone can be handy for things like behind the scenes shots. According to 9to5Mac, though, new […] The post The iPhone 11 will receive 3rd party flash support built right into future iOS version appeared first on DIY Photography.
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One way or another, this video will help you understand the Inverse Square Law

The Inverse Square Law pops up in photography often, particularly for users of flash or continuous LED lights. It’s a topic that still confuses a lot of people, although the mathematics of it can be translated into easy-to-understand practical terms. In this video, from ZY Productions, we get to see both explanations to satisfy both […] The post One way or another, this video will help you understand the Inverse Square Law appeared first on DIY Photography.
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io9's 14 Best (and 5 Worst) Television Moments of 2019

We may have already celebrated our favorite shows of the year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking back on 2019's TV. In a year packed with an extraordinary amount of TV, there were moments that had us broken-hearted, laughing our heads off, or pumping our fists and cheering—and there were moments that had us…Read more...
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The slow death of Flash continues as Google begins to remove it from search

The death of Flash has been a long time coming… and a long time going on, too. For years we’ve heard that it’s on its way out, but who among us has not found an errant Flash video or widget in the last month or two? To hasten its demise Google is taking the understandable step of… pretending it doesn’t exist. Yes, Google Search will stop indexing Flash content starting later this year. Why was it even doing so today, years after any sane webmaster stopped using it? Well, there’s a lot of lega...
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