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Best CBD products for travelers

Cannabidiol, or CBD , is said to relax your body, ease stress, and reduce inflammation and aches. All of which are problems that come up while traveling. So you have to ask, is it worth it to have some travel-ready CBD when you’re on the road? The answer is yes — if you know what to get. While CBD isn’t legal in every state, it can be found in shops or shipped to the vast majority of homes in the US. There are some dud brands out there, however, thanks to CBD’s sheer popularity and lack of reg...
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Can you bring CBD on planes?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a stress-relieving godsend on a long flight. It can take the edge off and make you calmer, perhaps even help you ease into that ever elusive in-flight nap. Since flights are regulated by the federal government, though, even states that allow recreational marijuana fall under the feds’ strict CBD rules. That makes flying with CBD about as complicated as keeping up with all the concurrent storylines in Game of Thrones. You’re not alone if you’re feeling confused. Eve...
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