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Sunny Jain's Impressive 'Wild Wild East' Is a Compelling Call for Human Rights

After this moving set of tracks, "Brooklyn Dhamal" brings us back to the idea of action. The percussion is in full force once more, and guitars, brass, and feedback build into the album's climactic final moments, a sonic peak that closes the album with a sense of urgency. Rightly so, as Jain's entire album has been working so hard to tell us. Wild Wild East presents stories that speak to the importance of human rights and criticizes a distinct and dangerous lack of them for so many Americans w...
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"A Certain Kind of Dream Quality": An Interview with Donovan Quinn

In what ways do you feel like your songwriting has changed from 2012 to now? I know the album contains reworkings of older material, so that might be a little harder to answer, but how can you chart your evolution as a songwriter? Well, as you get older, you get to know yourself better and better. I think this can be a good or a bad thing because you start to know specifically what your talents are, what it is that you like, and you don't like. Also, in terms of songwriting, probably the bigg...
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Okay Kaya’s Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

"I wanna tickle that little part of the back of people’s brains," the Norwegian musician tells us “Making a playlist for someone is a big deal to me,” Norwegian singer/songwriter Okay Kaya (aka Kaya Wilkins) says, when discussing the Valentine’s Day playlist she crafted for us. “I wanna tickle that little part of the back of people’s brains.” But ultimately, she says the question “Will …
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Christopher Paul Stelling Wishes You 'Best of Luck'

However, by placing "Hear Me Calling", a blistering rocker just after "Something in Return", Stelling shows that sometimes the path to a new way of life isn't always linear, and some backsliding is inevitable. With that last blast of rock'n'roll, Stelling then ends the album with two quiet reflections. On "Waiting Game", Stelling notes, "Is this a test of our resilience, or is it just a waiting game?" With the final song, "Good Night Sweet Dreams" the wait appears to be over, for now, as the s...
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Corb Lund Asks For "90 Seconds of Your Time"

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Elkhorn Improvise the Hypnotic 'Storm Sessions'

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Brother Dege's Profound Roots on Display via "The Early Morn" (premiere)

In making the video, he found a way to celebrate his partnership with fellow musician and dobro player, Tom Portman. He notes, "My solo and duo shows [with Tom] have never been properly captured with the ambient usage of the amps and pedals. Tom and I had some days off in western Ireland where he lives, so we decided to film this in-studio thing after a chance meeting the Bearfoot Production guys at a gig in Kilkenny. They were game to shoot something interesting. So we all woke up early on a ...
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Americana's Jen Starsinic Probes Depression and Anxiety in "Bad Actor" (premiere)

The Berklee College of Music graduate delivers a poignant, intimate and stunning track with "Bad Actor", highlighting the loneliness of anxiety and depression while avoiding clichés and offering up a musical setting that is at once deeply familiar and stunningly new.Starsinic adds, "I think it's hard to admit to yourself when you're that down, like embracing it is going to make it worse when really it's the only way through it. So writing a song about how messed up I felt was pretty comforting...
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TORRES' 'Silver Tongue' Offers a Subtle Geography of Desire

Importantly, Silver Tongue marks Scott's first time at the production helm, and her music has benefitted from it. Propulsive percussion, woozy guitars, atmospheric pads, and warbly synths ferry the songs across styles, genres: neo-grunge, synth revival, heavy folk, bedroom pop, electro-anthem, post-rock, drone, fantasy film score. It's not all bombast, though. Check out the musical subtleties on "Two of Everything" where three elements—Scott's voice, the synth-guitar lead, and the rumbly bass—...
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Alhaji Bai Konte, Dembo Konte, and Ma Lamini Jobate Perform 'Gambian Griot Kora Duets'

Swaying energy permeates the album, always steady and never overwhelming even as it builds into an unstoppable groove on opening medley "Sutukung Kumbu Sora/Solo" or thickly textured frenzy on highlife track "Jembasengo". Lighter and more blissful is the ancient tune "Tutu Jara", in which the sounds of twilight nature add softer shades to the soundscape. Later, Bai Konte's original composition "Darisalami Amad Fal" features three wives joining Bai Konte and Dembo Konte as they sing and strum a...
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Exploring Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara

Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara makes sense as a reissue, given the reliable popularity of Kel Tamasheq popular music artists and given the range of information the recording communicates through sound, word, and the occasional exceptional black and white picture. It would make a little more sense, perhaps, with updated notes on Kel Tamasheq culture - maybe even by a Kel Tamasheq individual. With that said, including the original liner notes of Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara does allo...
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Honey Magpie Value the Art of Taking One's Time in "Undecided" (premiere)

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(Sandy) Alex G: Bad Man

(Sandy) Alex G’s “Bad Man” originally appeared on the artist’s 2019 album, House Of Sugar. Unexpectedly, the artist released an alternate version of the track, and an accompanying video directed by Zev Magasis. The 2020 take on “Bad Man” trades the twangy accent and generated drums for a pared-back piano and mandolin, and far more emotional and resonating vocals. Paired with the lo-fi visuals, the …
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Solas' Seamus Egan Goes Solo For First Time on 23 Years

On "6 than 5", banjo and guitars play in the atypical 5/6 rhythm (like Dave Brubeck's "Take Five") and make it a toe-tapper that has a subtle "what the?" vibe given what seems like missing notes in the unusual time signature. The sweet "Tournesol" features a lovely whistle melody gracefully winding its melodies around the fingerpicked acoustic guitar; the tune then picks up speed and oomph from the acoustic bass and rhythm guitar.At times the album has the intimacy of a classical string quarte...
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Rachael Sage Covers Ani DiFranco's "Both Hands" (premiere)

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Albon: Big Sur Theme

The warm, folk-pop melody of LA-based singer-songwriter Albon’s “Big Sur Theme” evokes sun rays on the mountainous strip of Californian coast. Albon (aka Alexander B Lappin) wrote the song on a trip through the area and took inspiration from the orcas in the water beside. Woodwind instruments join strings and light percussion to build the beautiful soundscape, ribboned together by Lappin’s vocals. The track will …
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