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This livestream of The Tallest Man On Earth performing "The Wild Hunt" is utterly delightful

Every musician has been trying their hand at livestreaming from quarantine. But of all the ones I've watched, none of them have filled me with as much joy as Swedish folk singer/songwriter Kristian Matsson AKA The Tallest Man On Earth celebrating the 10th anniversary of his album, The Wild Hunt. There's so much to love here, from Matsson's confusion about buffering speeds, to his partner's helpful advice about commenters. Then of course there are the songs themselves, delivered with such ador...
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Raye Zaragoza's "Fight Like a Girl" Shatters the Idea of What Women Can and Can't Do (premiere)

Produced by Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Modest Mouse), "Fight Like a Girl" brings us more of the forward-driving, conscionable indie-folk that Zaragoza has always championed. It's an easily accessible song that lends itself to an everlasting message of resilience and inclusivity, and one that will offer itself as the soundtrack for many movements to come. Zaragoza continues to be a resonant voice for young women with multicultural upbringings. Zaragoza will be hosting StageIt concert...
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British Folk Duo Orpine Share Blissful New Song "Two Rivers" (premiere)

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Joni Mitchell's 'Shine' Is More Timely and Apt Than Ever

Mitchell's adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling poem, "If", brings Shine to a close. Listening to its cool, bluesy groove and graceful melody, with the electronic elements present but finally subdued, it's hard not to think, 'Yes! More of this, please!' It's much more in keeping with the sound of Turbulent Indigo. Of course, the awful kicker of the original "If" was that Kipling, after describing every conceivable attribute of character, from vigor to integrity to even-handedness to self-contro...
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Basia Bulat Asks 'Are You in Love?'

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Quarterly's 'Pomegranate' is a Small Treasure of Charm and Warmth

The duo, originally hailing from Maryland but currently based in Brooklyn, manage to imbue the songs with a vivid, almost cinematic feel. On the title track, DiPietro gallops along on a somewhat urgent shuffle while Drymala's rides along the surface like a gentle siren. It's a relatively brief midway point on the album before "2060 Chiron", which puts the focus a bit more on DiPietro's multifaceted guitar work in the first half before Drymala's cello comes in. This time it's a bit harsher, alm...
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Roo Panes Previews New EP 'Pacific' with Two Tracks (premiere)

Speaking on the forthcoming release, Panes says, "The reason I liked the idea of releasing this A- and B-side is because on this EP I've tried quite a lot of new ideas and textures, but also have some songs which are more traditionally me. 'Colour in Your Heart' and 'Pacific' represent this. 'Colour in Your Heart' is a new sound experiment, and whilst being excited to share that as a single, I also wanted 'Pacific' to be there to show the continuity with my other work. Together I think they ...
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Corona Tales: Life As an Indie Musician in 2020

As I write this, I'm now on day two of my 14-day quarantine. My UK dates are now officially canceled as of this morning, and I am wondering how long it will be before I'm able to make a living again. I know I'm in the same boat as a lot of others, but there continues to be so little information available on what is going to happen, and what all of this means. We're currently working to reschedule the UK tour to spring 2021, and the rest of this year's dates are on a "wait and see" basis. T...
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Counterbalance No. 7: Bob Dylan - 'Blonde on Blonde'

* * *Ten years ago, we began presenting the beloved Counterbalance series that ran through 2016. Jason Mendelsohn and Eric Klinger debate the merits of some of the most critically-acclaimed albums of all time. We are re-running the entire series with a new entry each week. Enjoy.This article was originally published on 29 October 2010.Keep Reading
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Amanda Shires Stokes Fires of Raging Rock 'n' Roll on Atmosphereless Tour

Before "Highwomen" and "Don't Call Me", two tunes she cowrote, no mention was made of the super-girl group side project that Shires put together with Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris and Natalie Hemby for their explosive 2019 album that includes both songs. While the duties are shared among that Fabulous Foursome known as the Highwomen, there was no doubt who was running this show. Shires abruptly stopped Setchfield and his acoustic guitar during the first verse of "Highwomen", sternly telling hi...
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The Mastersons Sing That Now Is 'No Time for Love Songs'

The flow of the music itself suggests the confidence gained by just keeping on. The album was recorded at Los Angeles's legendary Sunset Sound studios with Shooter Jennings and engineered by five-time Grammy Award-winning engineer, Ryan Freeland. Chris and Eleanor both played a variety of instruments: Chris on different acoustic and electric guitars and Eleanor on violin, mandolin, and other stringed instruments. While their vocals are at the forefront, the married couple are creative musician...
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Willie Nile Hopes for "A Little Bit of Love" (premiere + interview)

Tell me about your band. You've worked with these guys for a long time. I've been so lucky with the bands I've had since 1980. In '91 I had Steuart Smith playing lead guitar for me. He's been with the Eagles for 20 years now. I had Andy York in my band before he was with Mellencamp, Rich Pagano, great, great band. I've had Johnny Pisano on bass for more than a dozen years. Jon Webber joined a few years ago; he's an incredible drummer. Matt Hogan has been my lead guitar player for seven, eight...
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Frogbelly and Symphony's Upended Folk on Display With "Benjamin Went Fishing" (premiere)

The band says, "This song is full of forgiveness and renewal, drawn from a brief period when our guitarist Ben left the band and came back again. The multi-part singing and acoustic character of the arrangement exemplifies our band's desire to make unique and uplifting music. The melody Liz sings has lyrics based around the phonetics of English, Scots-Gaelic, French, and some made-up words, a technique derived from the mouth-music/lilting tradition in Celtic folk music. "The video is the work...
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Tragedy of Australian Wildfires Is Illuminated on New Amanda Palmer Benefit LP

"If Australia is the canary in the dark climate coal-mine," Palmer wrote in the record's notes, "I hope a bunch of artists making a response record like this, so fast and with such generosity, can provide a little crack of light." Palmer's response revels in the darkness more than the light, but that's always what she's done best. And she puts herself out there for Australia and all the socio-political implications raveled up with it in the current crisis. For a $5 download, what more do you...
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Chloe Kimes Reclaims Her Own Narrative Through "Thunder" (premiere)

"Since Apothecary, I've formed a band around my solo project, which has developed my songwriting in terms of writing for a bigger sound and louder live shows. We rock out a lot more now. It changed the studio experience, too. We live tracked this as a full band, which was a first for me. 'Thunder' has more of a country sound, but I'm still the folk singer I've always been. This just has a new edge to it." Kimes continues, "For me, 'Thunder' is definitely turning an important page. I think ...
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