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Comment on carrot and white bean burgers by Jordy

Thank you Deb! These were absolutely Delicious. Ate them exactly as directed with lettuce, avocado, pickled red onion and hot sauce. Mine fell apart a bit but it were SO good.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Stacy

In reply to Lane D. Not sure how small children would feel about it, but I think a brown butter frosting would be incredible with this. I also love cream cheese frosting with any “fruity” cakes. Love your cupcake/muffin idea!
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Ellen

Deb, if you love a recipe, we’re gonna love the recipe. Post it, even if there are several similar already posted on your site. All the SK loyalists will be overjoyed, not disappointed.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Jill McKenna

I was all set to make the Jacked Up Banana Bread today when this recipe popped up! I cleaned the oven LAST WEEK (out of sheer boredom), but since I like to live on the edge I didn’t use a pan to catch overflow. You’re absolutely accurate when you say it’s not needed. Mine baked perfectly in 55 mins.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Janvier

I have always made your Jacked-up banana bread and love it (I make it GF for my husband who has celiacs). And yes, how did you know, I was going to make some tonight! Because viva la pan de banan during the pandemic. I will give this a try instead! Thank you! I appreciate you posting new and exciting food ideas these days. Food is medicine for us all.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Becky

In reply to Jessica. I needed this yesterday!!!!!!!! I had 5 bananas that came to 2 cups (THANK YOU for having a real measure and not “2 medium bananas”) but my usual recipe only uses 1.5. I had hoped to make a double batch. Anyway when I can find bananas again I am alllllll over this recipe.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Brittany

Yesss congrats something awesome came out of this year!! Many thanks for remaining an uplifting read thru this. Also for the triscuits laugh. Also is this why you have been holding out on the chocolate croissant recipe?! I had to go make the kouign amann from Dominique Ansel on Vice in the meantime, you know, to perfect my laminating technique so I was primed and ready for the forthcoming pain au chocolat recipe,and now I am just ruined for any other pastry. I might never make it to New York, bu...
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Alexis

Everyone IS making banana bread right now. Including me! I’ve pulled frozen bananas out twice but still haven’t made it. But now I’m going to make this one! Do you think I could do it as muffins? Or mini muffins? My three year old son loves mini muffins.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Lisa

This is almost like Cook’s Illustrated Ultimate Banana Bread,minus all the additional work! Have you tried theirs and how would this compare in texture? Congrats on new book, cant wait!
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Evelyn Ferraro

In reply to Anne. Hi Deb What type of flour would work to make it gluten free and would it still be the Ultimate? Lol. And any further changes when making the substitution? Thank you Ev Ferraro
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Comment on salted caramel pretzel blondies by JamieinPDX

[email protected] day 4: challenge accepted. Had no heavy cream and missed it on the trip to the store just this morning (closes eyes). So, got creative with the caramel by subbing whole milk for half the heavy cream, and…wait for it…sour cream for the other half. Before the trolls go after me, in my defense 1) I was left unsupervised, and 2) sour cream was the closest thing I had to actual cream, and the remembered tanginess of goat milk caramels I’ve eaten before convinced me it was worth the try. Ca...
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Mary-Patricia M Giovani

This is Baking now. I don’t have vanilla so I used Jack Daniels. Thanks for the recipe.
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Comment on pumpkin bread by Janene

I am making this tonite for dinner! I am down to my last two rosemary chocolate chunk shortbread cookies…so with many cans of pumpkin in the beginning of a pandemic, I can think of nothing better to do. Thank you, you are a bright spot in the middle of a dark tunnel;)
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Susan

In reply to Chelsea. I agree! Exciting news—congratulations!
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Comment on carrot and white bean burgers by Hannah Marie

I just made these for lunch today, and they were so delicious. It was my first time making homemade veggie burgers and I was surprised by how easy it was to prepare and how tasty. It made six patties and I’m going to refrigerate two for lunch tomorrow and freeze the extra two for in the future. I made them exactly as instructed and ate them on burger buns with mayo, lettuce, mustard, and pickled red onions. Flavorful, inexpensive, and pretty healthy meal. Thank you for the recipe!
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by mary lou acimovic

Deb: Thanks for staying with us during this challenging time. Your posts are comforting. Mary Lou
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Alice

I don’t know!! Jacked up is my favorite ever! I only had 3 bananas :((
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Comment on takeout-style sesame noodles with cucumber by HJW

This was a really good sauce for noodles – although I used warm, not cold noodles. Excellent.
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Comment on miso sweet potato and broccoli bowl by sdg13

Made this the other night verbatim and it was excellent!
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Comment on candy pork by erin corrigan

Hello from quarantine 2020! This dish was already a favorite and now that I’m housebound and seriously dependent on leftovers I am so thankful for it. What a treat to eat, even several days in a row. I have made this with brown sugar as well as grated piloncillo. With the brown sugar, I made something more like a caramel and with the piloncillo it was more of a liquid. Worked both ways and I think if you’re in the brown sugar camp and the caramel just isn’t working – no fear, just get it in the...
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Comment on spicy caramel popcorn by Jane Howard

Hi Deb: I made this but the caramel didn’t go yellow, did boil it for 14 minutes should have gone longer I guess because it is sugary not crunchy?
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Jourdan

In reply to Sara. Hello! The Superiority Burger banana bread doesn’t use any eggs and is delicious— I highly recommend it! You can probably find the recipe online, if you don’t have access to the cookbook.
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Don’t Overdo the Coronavirus Stockpiling

How to shop for food responsibly, without overstocking your bunker — and why you should only buy what you need.
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by LE

Great minds! I made a different banana bread just yesterday (my first banana bread — how weird is that?) and, inspired by your perfect blueberry muffins, covered the top of the loaf in turbinado sugar. SO GOOD! So incredibly good! Can’t wait to have more bananas go brown so I can try this complete version!
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Laura

So tasty! If you want to make muffins instead, I got 18 of them and baked for 25 mins. Delicious with double the cinnamon and adding chocolate chips to the batter.
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Comment on gingerbread snacking cake by muppditt

Who’s here during #pandemic2020?! All kidding aside, it was my mister’s birthday today and he’s in quarantine in his room (cell LOL). I’m not allowed to go out because I’m immunosuppressed :( Thank you to Smitten Kitchen for this recipe where I could use that 5 year old jar of molasses in the back of my cupboard, and a bunch of the fresh ginger I had stocked up on to make his birthday at least a little bit special despite the circumstances. PS: I was REALLY tempted to go out and take the risk to...
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Amelia

For those of us who are allergic to bananas, could you swap out the banana with pears? Is that too juicy?
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Comment on oven-braised beef with tomatoes and garlic by Marie russo

Can I use this recipe with a pork roast?
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Kate

I literally made your jacked up banana bread this morning! (after debating whether to do the zucchini bread adn then having it vetoed by himself) man i will have to do a second to compare…
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Comment on ultimate banana bread by Eileen

Yay! A trilogy! Love to you & your city.
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