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Comment on mom’s chocolate chip meringues by Jodi

Seriously? 13 years after you first post this and I finally find a good use for my leftover egg whites! Doubled the recipe but (and I can’t believe I’m typing these words) 12 oz of chocolate would have been way too much. Probably stopped chopping around 8 oz. What a delightful treat to discover these — and I can only imagine the variations I’ll be trying from now on. Thank you for yet another rockstar recipe.
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Comment on iced oatmeal cookies by Sasha's Mom

Made THESE today. Fabulously FRAGRANT while baking and most tasty. I Love Your Sense of Humor. A godsend during these times. August, 2020. My first comment on your site. Have tried several of your recipes, all of which we’ve enjoyed.
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Comment on kachumber cooler by CHR

My husband was skeptical about this, but made it for us tonight anyway. Now, a complete convert. Great hot-weather cocktail.
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Comment on cabbage and lime salad with roasted peanuts by Julie

In reply to Anne. Anne – I have those cashews in my pantry (they go great on pad thai bowls!), and was thinking of throwing them on this slaw since I saw your comment. You didn’t think the flavors competed with the slaw? Cuz those cashews have some nice seasoning and kick!
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Comment on double chocolate layer cake by Ellen Bernstein

Hi there, I would SO greatly appreciate it if you could clarify something in this recipe for me. I’m making it for my big 70+ birthday and don’t want a mishap. I’m using Hershey’s 100% cocoa which is not Dutch processed. When I weighed it on my scale, the 130 grams came out to be almost 2 cups. Which form of measurement should I use? This was also true with the flour. Should I stick with cups or grams? The Gourmet recipe is only in weights. Looking forward to a response by Friday August 14 ...
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Comment on tomato and corn pie by Betsy

I didn’t think anything could come close to your butternut squash galette, the perfect food—it’s both dinner and dessert. But this perfectly summery tomato corn pie sure comes close. I halved the recipe so I wouldn’t overindulge and I’m glad I did or I would’ve eaten twice as much! It disappeared quickly. I made it exactly as written, just halved amounts. I can’t wait to make it again!
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Comment on easiest baked mac-and-cheese by Meghan

Made this basically to the T except for instead of elbows we used trompelli. I don’t know if that’s what caused this to go wrong or what. But I agree with the comment that said this was very ‘kugel’ like and seemed almost curdled. It tasted good but just didn’t hit the spot for mac and cheese that we were looking for.
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Comment on layered yogurt flatbreads by Seattlite

Just so you know you will need a lot more than 4 table spoons of butter or olive oil(i used olive oil). I think I used about three times that much for inside the rolls and on either side for cooking.
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Comment on crispy oven pulled pork by Jennifer W

Can I ask a question about the cut of pork- when I buy a Boston butt it comes all tied up so it doesn’t fall apart. But it seems with the rub you would want to untie to get the rub in all the books and crannies for flavor. Do recommend keeping it tied and only rubbing the outside or untying and using the rub in all the books and crannies. Thanks!
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Can You Catch the Coronavirus from Frozen Food? Experts Say No.

Reports that the virus was detected in a trans-continental shipment of frozen chicken wings sparked concerns online. But experts aren’t worried.
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Comment on herbed summer squash and potato torte by Holly Van Halsema

Just finished making this & It was amazing! I added some extra herbs that I had left over in my fridge including basil & dill – such a great flavor. Plenty of leftovers for this weekend & hangs in the park. Thank you for such a great recipe!
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Comment on homemade dulce de leche by Chotu

In reply to Ananda. Can you please clarify how much water you added?
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Comment on braised ginger meatballs in coconut broth by Sonali

Could I use green curry paste instead of making the curry from scratch? I have most of the ingredients, but cannot seem to find fresh red chilis anywhere!
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Comment on dimply plum cake by Lois Adler

In reply to deb. You are the best! Thank you. Going to make this right now with peaches.
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Comment on kachumber cooler by Barkha Cardoz

In reply to Anurag. Anurag.. thank you for sharing this with me. It brings a smile to my heart knowing he gave his all .. always! He was a generous and kind soul. And I am so grateful and honored that we are his family and see what an impact he has left behind with so many ! ♥️
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Comment on zucchini, ham and ricotta fritters by Meg

Would cornmeal work here instead of flour?
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Comment on dimply plum cake by Susan

Just wondering if this can be made in a glass 8″ pan or even a 9″ metal round. Don’t have a metal 8″ square.
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Comment on kachumber cooler by deb

In reply to Barbara. Absolutely! His wife has commented in this thread (and he has children, too).
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Comment on peach and crème fraîche pie by deb

In reply to Erin. I think it will be delicious.
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Comment on ultimate zucchini bread by deb

In reply to Jeniffer. No but you could, if you so desired, add up all of the ingredient weights and you won’t be far off.
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Comment on crispy oven pulled pork by deb

In reply to Rianna. The sugars caramelize and get very dark. But it should be good-tasting char, not a burnt smoky one.
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Comment on dimply plum cake by deb

In reply to Christina. Two things. I’ve moved onto this one because it’s wider, and there more useful for more things. However, I think people don’t realize that these things do get dull/flattened out with a lot of use. It can take years (even for me) but if yours is old and not great, you might just need a fresh one.
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Comment on zucchini rice and cheese gratin by Julie

Can you swap in brown rice? If so, would you recommend the parboil, or just bake 20 minutes longer (ish)?
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Comment on zucchini rice and cheese gratin by Allison

Please tell me what zucchini adds to this dish besides bulk since it has been my experience that it has no actual taste. Someone convince me I am doing this vegetable a disservice.
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