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Comment on one-pan farro with tomatoes by Linda Dawson

Really liked this recipe as is. I wonder if you could make it in an Instant Pot! I also love your Wednesday uTube Videos!
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Comment on balsamic-glazed sweet and sour cipollini by Jennie

Absolutely delicious! Be aware that peeling two pounds of blanched cippolline is a time-consuming process. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded a longer initial sauté to get the onions nice and soft and caramelized on the outside before adding the sauce. My sauce reduced in about 13 minutes to a wonderful, thick, clinging agrodolce cloak. But the better-cooked onions are themselves agrodolce whereas the less-well-cooked ones need the sauce to achieve the sweet-sour ideal.
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Comment on southwestern pulled brisket by Nick

In reply to Aida. I used dark brown sugar–which contains molasses.
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As COVID Restrictions Are Lifted, Hollywood Insiders Pick Their Favorite Restaurants

As New York and Los Angeles reopen and people are dining out, Variety asked industry insiders to recommend their favorite restaurants. Bon appétit! 1. Steven Canals, Co-creator, “Pose” Providence (5955 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles)  “I just love a tasting menu, and chef Michael Cimarusti is a superb chef. He really cares about the ingredients that […]
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Comment on ratatouille’s ratatouille by Tyrone

In reply to Tyrone. Saw this and decided to update link on comment
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Comment on strawberry summer sheet cake by deb

In reply to Danni L Eldred. If the cake seems dry, it’s often a Day 1 issue — the cake is on the firm side until the strawberries settle in more. The second day should be perfect. For us, the cake is perfect right away when the berries are very ripe or even borderline overripe. I don’t think the butter should matter. I, rather stubbornly, only use inexpensive butter when baking here, unless I specify that it’s worth the splurge for higher-fat butter (and I only do this when it’s the star, such ...
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Comment on black bean confetti salad by deb

In reply to Rose. Absolutely. Might need more dressing and, of course, seasoning.
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Comment on sheet pan chow mein by Karen

In reply to deb. Yes, I guess I was thinking a little crispy, but they’d probably still be good just warmed up. Thanks!
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Comment on strawberry summer cake by deb

In reply to Sarah. Yes and yes. No need to cook rhubarb beforehand.
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by deb

In reply to Stacy. It’s more of an insurance thing — if your pans are solidly nonstick, you might be fine. Mine are but I prefer not to find out. Plus, I use the parchment to shape the bars.
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Comment on zucchini carpaccio salad by Leah Marx

This salad is delicious perfection in its simplicity! And you don’t need no stinkin’ mandolin to make it! Just pull out your trusty, dusty vegetable peeler! I could’ve made a whole dinner out of it.
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Comment on strawberry rhubarb crisp bars by Leah

This recipe didn’t come together quite right for me. The flavors were great, but (1) the bottom didn’t combine well. I blame mixing it in the pan (with parchment getting in the way). Some butter pooled below the parchment and in the corners, and the bottom was dry elsewhere even though I did try my best to combine it. The center of the bottom was soggy in the middle, and crispy on the outside. Should it have baked longer at a lower temp? (2) It could use more fruit on top. The fruit barely cover...
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Comment on one-pan farro with tomatoes by Pam

I just bought some 10 minute farro from trader joes because I wanted to try it. do you think it will work with this recipe?
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Em

Tip: don’t spray the parchment with non-stick spray. Deb instructs to “coat the exposed sides with butter or nonstick spray.” That’s just the sides of the pan uncovered by parchment. I went to town and spayed the whole surface, which made it very hard to spread the thin layer of batter because, well, it didn’t stick! Lesson learned, and lesson shared. These are a fun cooking project with young person!
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Comment on dilled potato and pickled cucumber salad by Sarah

I made this for a party last year. It was popular, but I forgot all about it. Just got an invite for another with a request that I being this salad again! That’s a pretty strong endorsement an entire year later in my opinion!
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Stacy

Has anyone tried making these without using parchment paper when baking the cookie layer? I’d rather not buy it if not necessary.
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So you want to celebrate Juneteenth? What foods do you serve?

An IKEA store in Georgia sent out this email, the NY Post reports: “To honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made, we observe Juneteenth on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Look out for a special menu on Saturday which will include: fried chicken, watermelon, mac n cheese, potato salad, collard greens, candied yams.”That, we're told, was "intensely problematic." But what foods would be right? Or is the whole idea of a food-based celebration problematic? Is it e...
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Alison

Hey, congratulations on the YouTube channel – I can’t wait to check it out! Also, I’m so pleased to see this recipe. I made the brownie ice cream sandwiches a few years ago, and while they were very tasty, the effort/messiness/deliciousness ratio was a bit out of balance – i.e., I didn’t feel compelled to give it another go. A few years and a celiac diagnosis later, I miss the taste of a classic ice cream sandwich.** And here you are with a recipe! I look forward to trying this when I return fr...
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Fast-food giants cut value meals and cheaper items during the pandemic - and some, like Wendy's and McDonald's, are now pushing luxury burgers and pricier family combos instead

Chains have been scaling back their value meals, and instead pushing larger combo meals. Joe Raedle/Getty Images Fast-food chains are increasingly focusing on pricier meals with higher margins, according to Reuters. Some, such as McDonald's, are cutting back on value meals and dollar menus in favor of larger family-sized bundles. Others are rolling out higher-end burgers and other dishes, such as Wendy's "Made to Crave" menu. See more stories on Insider's business page. Fast-fo...
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How to make summer minestrone – recipe | Felicity Cloake's masterclass

Minestrone is more a concept than a set recipe. Here’s how our resident perfectionist makes hersMinestrone is, in the grand tradition of many of the best soups, almost infinitely adaptable, and reliably capable of stretching a little to feel like a feast. There is no definitive way to make it – it’s more of a concept than a recipe – but here is how I like to do it at this time of year. You, of course, should adjust it according to what’s good near you.Prep 15 minCook 35 minServes 4 Continue read...
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Comment on the ‘i want chocolate cake’ cake by Baking Queen

This cake was so easy to make and was well loved by all who tried it! I read other reviews by people who found it dry; I thought it was incredibly moist for a cake that’s not too dense. I will absolutely try this as cupcakes next time. Deb, in a very saturated social media food scene, you are one of the OGs and my absolute favorite. I have steadily leaned on SK since I started baking and cooking 15 years ago. Thank you!
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Comment on raspberry crumble tart bars by Jenn

I’ve made these three times now: twice with raspberries (perfect), and once with blueberries (soggy). This is what I get for messing with perfection. Arbiter of All Baked Goods (husband), said the blueberry version was “edible, nice flavor, just wet”. I guess raspberries have more fiber, and less water than blueberries? Anyway, will stick with raspberries from now on.
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Comment on deb’s new york favorites by louis sham

You rock! Thanks so much. I love your recipes
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Comment on blackberry and coconut macaroon tart by getintopc

In reply to Carissa. Have a nice, day smittenkitchen, you are soo good, by getintopc. thanks
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Erki

Oh yes, that’s the right thing for those hot summer days. I have never done this kind of ice cream, but also once in a brunch, a friend made these. Super tasty and cooling for warm days. Now I should give myself a try to do this by myself. Thanks for the recipe!
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Comment on pasta salad with roasted tomatoes by GET CONCIEVE WITH OGBEFI HERBS

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Comment on ultimate zucchini bread by Sabrina

I have never for the life of me understood why one would squeeze all the juice out of the zuchinni and then re-add moisture later. This bread is fantastic and super forgiving. I didn’t have the raw sugar on hand so no delicious crunchy top for me, but it turned out absolutely AMAZING. I added in some walnuts for a little crunch instead. So delicious and easy to make! Thank you for including weights for all your recipes, especially when so many veggie or fruit based recipes on other sites say “me...
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Comment on the ‘i want chocolate cake’ cake by Liz

Great recipe. I followed it exactly. My baking tome was slightly less, but I always consider baking times rough estimates. I love that this is an eight inch square; such a perfect size. You’re not tired of it by the time it’s gone.
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