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Should coffee come with cancer warnings? California says no

A Los Angeles judge ruled that coffee companies must provide cancer warnings to coffee drinkers. But a California agency has proposed a rule, being considered Thursday, declaring that not only does coffee pose no significant risk of cancer, it may actually have health benefits.
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5 great new happy hours to hit around Seattle

Some great happy-hour deals popped up around Seattle this month including $8 pasta bowls, $6 burgers and bar food for $1-$5 in Wallingford.
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Should you eat breakfast like a prince and dinner like a pauper?

Emerging research suggests that the combination of skipping breakfast and eating at night could have negative consequences for your health.
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Seattleite Lauren Ko finds fame through pie; but sorry, you can’t have any

Lauren Ko went from hobbyist baker to Instagram design sensation overnight. Now, she’s riding the wave of pastry-made fame, dealing with internet trolls and making a living doing what she loves.
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6 recent Seattle restaurant and bar closures — and two closing soon

A big seafood spot and a smaller, meatier place prepare for the end, while six others have bowed out in the last six weeks. But compared to new openings ...
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39 new restaurant openings to try around the Seattle area

Wild Ginger will open near the Amazon complex, and three dozen other restaurant openings have to come to Seattle, Bellevue, Renton and more.
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McDonald’s spending $126 million on Washington restaurant upgrades

The fast-food giant plans technology changes, including self-ordering kiosks.
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Mexico City restaurant busted over protected tarantula tacos

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Fancy a tarantula taco for a cool $27? Not so fast, Mexican authorities say. A Mexico City market restaurant recently put the arachnids on its menu and posted a video on Facebook showing a chef torching one until blackened. The only problem: The Mexican red rump tarantula is a protected species. […]
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A Pizza-Making Vending Machine Popped Up in Japan

Italy, the mecca of slow-cooking and pizza perfectionism, drove the first iteration of the pizza vending machine out of town—Claudio Torghele’s Let’s Pizza. Now, the Japanese version, Pizza Self, has appeared outside of a video rental store in Hiroshima. A pizza will set you back around ¥980 (around $9 USD) and, in five minutes, it makes a Neapolitan-style margherita or quattro formaggio pizza, then boxes and …
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Long live the Victoria Sponge Cake — or, at least through summer’s super-fresh fruit season

At Coyle’s Bakeshop, Rachael Coyle creates a layered Seattle classic with a thick British accent.
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A Free Course from MIT Teaches You How to Speak Italian & Cook Italian Food All at Once

At MIT, Dr. Paola Rebusco usually teaches physics to freshmen. But, on behalf of the MIT Experimental Study Group, Rebusco has devised an appealing course -- Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full -- where she combines teaching two things many people love: learning to speak Italian and cooking Italian food. The course summary reads: The participants in this seminar will dive into learning basic conversational Italian, Italian culture, and the Mediterranean diet. Each class is based on the pr...
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Not Your Average Snack: Wilde Brand Chicken Chips

The meatier, healthier alternative to traditional chips Truly healthy snacks can be hard to discern among the slew of healthy looking options. And once you find one that fits your diet or preferences they don’t promise to satisfy the desire that snacking commands. The latest snack that satisfies that indescribable indulgence is Wilde Brand Chicken Chips. They’re flakey chips made from 100% premium cuts of chicken with …
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Italian wine harvest begins, productive year forecast

ROME (AP) — The Italian wine grape harvest season has started with Pinot and Chardonnay grapes in the northern Lombardy’s Franciacorta region, with experts anticipating a better year after an especially weak 2017. The Coldiretti agricultural lobby said Friday that it’s expecting a 15 percent increase in wine production this season to 4.6 billion liters […]
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Beyond the Milk Bar pop-up: here’s where else in Seattle to get your cereal fix

Can't make it to Canlis' Aug. 12 Milk Bar pop-up? Just really like cereal-flavored things? Here's where to get your cereal fix once Christina Tosi hits the road.
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Brilliant Wine Born From Strange Weather: Cheval des Andes 2014 Vintage

An almost-calamitous change in climate led to a vibrant, elegant and unique blend After visiting the 35-hectare Cheval des Andes estate a few years ago—just outside of Mendoza, Argentina—we have been anticipating their 2014 vintage. This elegant red wine is unlike almost any other, thanks to the year’s odd climate. It’s also the first vintage that Lorenzo Pasquini (Technical Manager and Winemaker at Cheval des Andes) worked on. The result …
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3 great new cheap-eats spots in the Seattle area to try

From dumplings to fish-and-chips to an excellent $10 rice bowl, these new Seattle spots have your taste-buds covered.
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Winemakers present an all-star lineup at this month’s Private Barrel Auction

Held during the annual Auction of Washington Wines, this high-profile event features the best of the barrels.
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Rainier + IPA? New beer to hit Washington state stores

Rainier, Seattle's favorite cheap beer, is trying to muscle into another favorite beer market — hoppy brews. The iconic brand will release an IPA soon in Seattle stores.
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A Man’s Primer on Tequila

While tequila tends to have a poor reputation here in the States — often serving as the cheap shot of choice for inebriation-minded college students — in Mexico, it’s a cultural tradition that harkens back to centuries of craftsmanship. While some liquors’ origins are muddy or disputed, tequila is unquestionably a Mexican spirit. While in shot form tequila is usually served with salt and lime to mitigate the bite and burn of cheap liquor, in its native home it’s usually served neat in a tal...
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The new generation of veggie burgers

There’s a bumper crop of options in the new generation of meat substitutes, ranging from intriguing pairings of grains and beans, which make no attempt to resemble meat, to meat “analogues” — realistic approximations of beef and chicken made from plant proteins and other ingredients.
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Regulators will not allow lucrative baby eel fishery to grow

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A regulatory board decided Wednesday that Maine’s baby eel fishery, the only one of its kind in the U.S. and one of the most lucrative fisheries in the country, will not be allowed to expand next year. Fishermen in Maine are allowed to harvest a total of 9,688 pounds of the […]
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With Make America Dinner Again, politics gets a place at the table

In a divisive time, a nationwide organization is bringing people of divergent views together over dinner — with intense, cathartic results.
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These are the 4 types of sugar even the most casual baker should always have on hand

All sugar is sweet, but that doesn’t mean it’s all the same. As with many ingredients at the grocery store, there are more options than you’ll likely ever want or need. If you’re even a casual baker, though, it pays to have more than one variety in your pantry. A quick sugar primer: Despite the […]
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The nonprofit Organic Seed Alliance sows seeds of hope

Executive director Cara Loriz says that by teaching farmers and gardeners how to save seed, they’re also saving our cultural heritage.
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Bon Appétit tags Portland, Maine, City of the Year for food

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — One of the most widely read food magazines says there’s no better U.S. city for restaurants than Portland, Maine. Bon Appétit published an article on its website on Tuesday that declared Maine’s largest city the 2018 Restaurant City of the Year. Deputy editor Andrew Knowlton wrote the article, which says the […]
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Seahawks step up the food game: Sandwiches from Salumi and pho are coming to CenturyLink Field

Some of the new food you will find at Seahawks home games this season: a sandwich from the famed Salumi in Pioneer Square, pho and a kimchi hot dog.
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More Than 600 People Say Eating Chipotle Made Them Sick – But Officials Still Don’t Know the Cause

No one has gotten ill since the restaurant re-opened
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These sauvignon blancs taste more expensive than they are

These five wines are great values — keep your eye out for them.
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Gorillas at Prague zoo cool down with sorbet amid heat wave

PRAGUE (AP) — Gorillas at Prague’s zoo are keeping cool during the European heat wave by eating sorbet. The zoo’s eight Western lowland gorillas have been getting the treat almost every day during the summer in small plastic pots. But zookeepers tried something new on Monday, presenting the gorillas with two big blocks of frozen […]
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French master chef Joel Robuchon dies at age 73

PARIS (AP) — Joel Robuchon, a master chef who shook up the stuffy world of French haute cuisine by wowing palates with the delights of the simple mashed potato and giving diners a peek at the kitchen, has died. He was 73.  A spokeswoman for Robuchon confirmed his death, with French TV station BFM and […]
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