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Dessert Recipes of Iconic Thinkers: Emily Dickinson’s Coconut Cake, George Orwell’s Christmas Pudding, Alice B. Toklas’ Hashish Fudge & More

Image via Wikimedia Commons Of all the desserts to attain cultural relevance over the past century, can any hope to touch ? Calling for such ingredients as black peppercorns, shelled almonds, dried figs, and most vital of all Cannabis sativa, the recipe first appeared in 1954's The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. (Toklas would a time when the fudge's key ingredient had become an object of much more intense public interest.) More than a how-to on Toklas' favorite dishes, the book is also a kind of...
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The Wine Windows of Renaissance Florence Dispense Wine Safely Again During COVID-19

Everything old is new again and Tuscany’s buchette del vino—wine windows—are definitely rolling with the times. As Lisa Harvey earlier reported in Atlas Obscura, buchette del vino became a thing in 1559, shortly after Cosimo I de’ Medici decreed that Florence-dwelling vineyard owners could bypass taverns and wine merchants to sell their product directly to the public. Wealthy wine families eager to pay less in taxes quickly figured out a workaround that would allow them to take advantage...
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Simple Cooking: Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

Five ingredient recipes are great, but if even that sounds daunting, don’t despair: you can cut it down to three ingredients and still have a delicious dessert, side, or even a three ingredient main dish for a truly easy meal. Three. It’s a magic number. The occupancy of Jack Tripper’s apartment (don’t tell Mr. Roper). The worst “Godfather” installment. But in this case, it’s the maximum ingredients (with exceptions for water, salt, and pepper—let’s be reasonable here) required ...
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The Best Ways to Reheat and Reuse Leftover French Fries

The pandemic supposedly got people back into their kitchens — baking bread and making comfort food casseroles. But around here, we’ve actually found ourselves getting take-out a little more often. At first it was a way to support local restaurants, and then it became increasingly uncomfortable to linger in grocery stores hunting for rarely-used ingredients for new recipes. Plus, there’s just the fact that when there are other stressors on the mind, it’s nice to have one less thing on the mental...
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Food As Pop with Prof. C. Thi Nguyen (Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #55) Your hosts Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt are joined by Utah philosophy prof and former food writer C. Thi Nguyen to talk food as art, foodies, elitism, food TV, cooking vs. eating, and how analyzing food is like analyzing games. Read Thi's work at, including the article on "outrage porn" we talk about that he co-wrote with Bekka Williams, and his general...
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3 Crusty and Classic Cast-Iron Desserts

I wouldn’t call myself an all-in enthusiast for cast-iron cooking; I think the upkeep is tedious and not necessarily worth it. But, when it comes to baking desserts in a cast-iron skillet, I am 100% sold. Desserts done in this oven-safe vessel result in a crispy, delectable crust that can’t be otherwise duplicated. Plus, it can’t be denied that cast iron just looks impressive when serving to a crowd.  Below I feature three cast-iron desserts which have become real mainstays in our house (especi...
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Historic Mexican Recipes Are Now Available as Free Digital Cookbooks: Get Started With Dessert

There are too many competing stories to tell about the pandemic for any one to take the spotlight for long, which makes coming to terms with the moment especially challenging. Everything seems in upheaval—especially in parts of the world where rampant corruption, ineptitude, and authoritarian abuse have worsened and prolonged an already bad situation. But if there’s a lens that might be wide enough to take it all in, I’d wager it’s the story of food, from manufacture, to supply chains, to the t...
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No-Bake Icebox Cake Recipe, For A Scorching Summer Day

This creamy, no-bake icebox cake (technically a carlota de limon), only requires five ingredients. It’s bright with fresh lime and as easy to make as it is to eat. A charlotte (or carlota) is the perfect kind of dessert for the summer. It’s close to a trifle in that it is composed of layers of luscious ingredients, and requires no baking. Emphasis on no baking. Cookies, breadcrumbs, and biscuits are the “cake” components that work between layers of custard, cream, or jam (or all of them). Becau...
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Recipes from Expats in Positano

The joy that comes from cooking and sharing meals is a staple of Italian daily life. During the long days of quarantine on the Amalfi Coast, time together over lunch and dinner was often the highlight of the days for many families. In fact, in the early days of quarantine the only thing you might find the stores running short on in Amalfi was flour and yeast. Suddenly, there was the time to make homemade bread and pasta where there wasn’t before. It was during those days that I espe...
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The El Capitan Theatre Offering Concessions To-Go This Weekend

You most likely can’t go to the movies right now. But you can spend a ridiculous amount of money on movie snacks – provided you’re somewhere near Hollywood. The El Capitan Theatre, the restored movie palace on Hollywood Blvd. owned by Disney, is selling concession bundles for your “movie night at home,” or if you just want to go home and eat a bunch of movie theater food, alone in the dark with all the curtains drawn so no one can see what you’re doing. No judgment here – you do you. ...
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Exclusive: Mondo Unleashes New Marvel Tiki Mugs and ‘Masters of the Universe’ Mer-Man Figure for Comic-Con at Home

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us, albeit in the form of a virtual convention dubbed Comic-Con at Home. There won’t be a show floor for fans to pick up merchandise from their favorite vendor booths, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to fight against hordes of fans trying to get their hands on the latest exclusive collectibles created just for Comic-Con. In fact, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the upcoming offerings from Mondo. This year, Mondo is expanding their ever-gro...
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Try Adding This Secret Ingredient To Make Scrambled Eggs Like Never Before

Photo Credit: Mary Britton Senseney There are some pantry staples that arguably get more play than others. You’re likely to reach for those cans of tomatoes and bag of rice long before diving into that mystery bag of beans buried in the back of your cabinet. But there’s one pantry staple that’s ready for its time in the spotlight: mayonnaise. Related Reading: The Only 3 Tips You Need to (Finally!) Master an Omelet “The Duke’s Mayonnaise Cookbook,” by Ashley Strickland Freeman, a cookbook author...
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RECIPE: Swedish Cinnamon Buns Worth Turning On The Oven In Summer For

This recipe for Swedish cinnamon buns comes from Michelin starred chef Emma Bengtsson of Aquavit. They’re so delicious you’ll be tempted to turn on your oven no matter how hot it’s getting outside. What Are Swedish Cinnamon Buns? Sweden is the land of pastries and baked goods, and the kanelbulle (cinnamon roll) is considered the most popular of all. It’s not surprising then that October 4th (Kanelbullens Dag) is a national holiday that celebrates the treat. The origins of the cinnamon roll are...
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Cambridge University Professor Cooks 4000-Year-Old Recipes from Ancient Mesopotamia, and Lets You See How They Turned Out

Those of us who’ve dedicated a portion of our isolation to the art of sourdough have not suffered for a lack of information on how that particular sausage should get made. The Internet harbors hundreds, nay, thousands of complicated, contrary, often contradictory, extremely firm opinions on the subject. You can lose hours…days…weeks, agonizing over which method to use. The course for Bill Sutherland's recent culinary experiment was much more clearly charted. As documented in a series of now...
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Reading brewery reveals expansion plans as it reopens

The Haunt is due to reopen after closing for lockdown [Author: [email protected] (Tom Canning, Tevye Markson)]
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Cool Stuff: ‘The Mandalorian’ Cereal Lets You Eat Baby Yoda for Breakfast

When Baby Yoda got punched by a Scout Trooper in the first season finale of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, fans went crazy. The internet basically called for the head of Jason Sudeikis, who played the violating Imperial trooper, even though he apparently forgot about the scene until he started trending on Twitter because of it. But how will they treat themselves so harshly when they’re presented with the opportunity to eat Baby Yoda in the form of tiny marshmallows in The Mandalorian cer...
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The things we learned from Reading's pubs opening weekend

'The lack of scrum at the bar, trying to catch the eye of the bar person in favour of a more European style table service was very welcome' [Author: [email protected] (Tom Canning-READ)]
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Make a healthy pineapple upside down cake in the microwave

The delicious cake takes just 90 seconds to cook and it's only 175 calories per serving [Author: [email protected] (Laura Nightingale)]
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New Live Streaming Amalfi Coast Cooking Classes with Mamma Agata Live

If you’ve been missing the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, I have some exciting news. The Mamma Agata Cooking School has launched a series of live streaming cooking classes direct from their kitchen in Ravello! Since so many travelers are unable to make it to the Amalfi Coast this year, they’ve created a way to continue sharing their love for cooking with people from around the world. Now you can learn the secrets of preparing local recipes, handmade pasta, and even Neapolitan style pizza all ...
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Chocolate hazelnut spread recipe that requires 3 ingredients

A step by step guide to making the sweet and gooey spread perfect on pancakes [Author: [email protected] (Laura Nightingale)]
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Win tickets to Tom Kerridge's drive-in film and food festival

The team behind Pub in the Park Marlow are launching Dine & Drive [Author: [email protected] (Lucy Thorne)]
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TV chef admits he 'misread' coronavirus rules over takeaway service

The Greyhound pub, which is run by Antony Worrall-Thompson, was accused of breaching lockdown restrictions [Author: [email protected] (Jonathan Low)]
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Why some Reading pubs will be staying shut on Saturday

Current social distancing measures meant some landlords realised that they would not be able to welcome many customers back [Author: [email protected] (Tom Canning-READ)]
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Landlord of one of Reading's favourite pubs on why it's staying shut

Current social distancing measures meant some landlords realised that they would not be able to welcome many customers back [Author: [email protected] (Tom Canning-READ)]
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Berkshire customers set for 'completely different' pub experience

Kevin Durkan, Neil Piddington and Warwick Heskens discuss the lengths they are going to, to get their pubs open [Author: [email protected] (Tom Canning-Lite)]
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3 Easy Marinades for Your 3 Favorite Meats

When I first started grilling, I would marinate and season the heck out of everything. If there were enough other flavors going on, I couldn’t go wrong with the meat itself. Right? I figured the sauce would cover up my imperfect cooking skills. As the years have gone on, I’ve become more of a meat purist, utilizing just salt, pepper, and a little bit of oil for most of my grilling. A perfectly-cooked piece of meat tastes great on its own with minimal doctoring needed.  But every once a while...
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How to Use the Touch Test to Determine a Steak’s Doneness

Tis the season for flame-cooked victuals, and to ensure that your backyard grub turns out neither over- or undercooked, but just right, every grill master should have a digital meat thermometer. They’re cheap and quickly let you know the exact temperature of your food.  But what if you’re cooking up some delicious cuts of beef and you don’t have a digital thermometer on hand for some reason? Maybe you lost it or the battery crapped out on you at the last minute. How can you ensure that your ...
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The menu for Reading's newest street food market has been revealed

There is something for everyone's tastes on this lush list [Author: [email protected] (Kirstie McCrum)]
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The menu for Reading's newest street food market

There is something for everyone's tastes on this lush list [Author: [email protected] (Kirstie McCrum)]
Tags: Food & Drink, Kirstie McCrum

American fast food giant Wendy's could be coming to Reading

Plans have been submitted for a unit in Station Road [Author: [email protected] (Hugh Fort)]
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