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Why Indian cooks are embracing the Instant Pot

Want to make a complex, fragrant biryani in under half an hour on a weeknight? The Instant Pot, which is gaining a huge audience among Indian home cooks, might be your answer.
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A food market so big it could swallow Monaco

Rungis, the world’s largest wholesale food market, works boisterously all night to provide millions of tons of fresh gastronomic fare to Paris and beyond.
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Moët & Chandon c/o Virgil Abloh™ Nectar Impérial Rosé Cocktails

Louis Vuitton's Men's Artistic Director hosts a multisensory dinner with delectable drinks To understand the radical, resplendent mixed drinks that Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director Virgil Abloh served at his multisensory dinner, inside NYC’s New Museum this week, one must first understand his latest collaboration. Abloh has unveiled his debut liquor partnership, and understandably it’s for Vuitton parent company LVMH’s world-renowned Champagne, Moët & Chandon. Through a striking …
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The couple behind Succession Wines finds increased motivation, and success, after a devastating wildfire

Brock and Erica Lindsay rebuild and replant on the north shore of Lake Chelan.
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StarKist admits fixing tuna prices, faces $100 million fine

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Authorities say StarKist has agreed to plead guilty to price fixing as part of a broad collusion investigation of the canned tuna industry. Federal prosecutors announced the plea agreement Thursday and said the company faces a fine up to $100 million. Bumble Bee Foods last year pleaded guilty to the same […]
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Inside Chivas Regal’s Refurbished Strathisla Distillery

Designer Florian Dussopt brings interactivity to the oldest working distillery in Scotland Behind the ancient stone walls of Strathisla distillery in the Scottish town of Keith, something extraordinary occurs. As a guide describes to a group of guests the unique flavor combinations found in three of Chivas Regal’s most popular whiskies, a cluster of amber glass bubbles suspended from the ceiling glows in a pre-programmed …
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Plenty of Clouds: Homey Capitol Hill spot serves inventive riffs on Yunnan and Sichuan cuisine

With a tightly curated menu of Sichuan and Yunnan cuisine, signature flavor combinations and original cocktails, Plenty of Clouds is a new restaurant and bar in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood that is, at heart, a mom-and-pop shop.
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Four new happy hours hit Seattle

Our roundup of great new happy hours around Seattle includes all your bar favorites: pizzas, burgers, cheap beer and whiskey.
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Avoiding MSG? Look beyond the myths

MSG may be commonly used in unhealthful foods, but it's guilt by association: MSG isn't actually bad for you.
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Fall 2018 Seattle Restaurant Week: 18 best overall values

Seattle's big restaurant promo is back for a new season — and these picks offer the most bang for your bucks.
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Fall 2018 Seattle Restaurant Week: 16 new places to try

Here are all the new restaurants on this fall's SRW list — including critically acclaimed Cortina, Sawyer and Tamari Bar — as well as the ones joining the promotion for the first time.
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Fall 2018 Seattle Restaurant Week: 12 best places for ambience

The views, booths or overall swankiness make these restaurants worth considering for SRW this season.
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“America’s Test Kitchen” food festival comes to Seattle with A-list lineup

America's Test Kitchen food festival is your chance to sample eats from some of Seattle's best restaurants, including Altura and Spinasse.
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Jaggery, tamarind and ghee: Nik Sharma sets a multicultural, seasonal table

A conversation with the author of the newspaper column "A Brown Kitchen" and the new cookbook "Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food." And a recipe to try.
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Your whiskey recommendations

Last week I asked online for some whiskey recommendations. Here’s how you replied: Kings County Peated Bourbon [the first one I’m trying] Method and Madness Laphroaig Triple Wood Laphroaig Select Green Spot Dalwhinnie Winters Gold Nikka Suntori Talisker Storm I’ve had a closer look and will possibly try a couple soon… thanks for the suggestions folks. Got any more? Do tell…
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In Taiwan, it’s all about food that’s ‘Q’

Q texture is to Taiwanese what umami is to Japanese and al dente is to Italians — that is, cherished and essential.
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Castle & Key’s Historic Kentucky Distillery

113 acres and 22 reclaimed buildings under the watch of a Master Distiller with a vision for the future of high-end spirits For more than 40 years, 113 acres of land just outside of Frankfort, Kentucky—and the distillery thereupon, built by legendary distiller Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor—sat idle until the founders of Castle & Key tapped into its potential for two reasons. First, they had a vision of …
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‘Orange’ or ‘amber’ wines are coming on strong. Here are five to try

Skin-fermented white wines, also called “orange” or “amber” wines, are a niche category that continues to grow in numbers and styles. They may be aged in traditional clay vessels called qvevri for a long or short period, or they may be made in more modern oak and stainless-steel vessels. Here are five to try — […]
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Washington wine rising stars: Lacey Lybeck

Great winemaking really does begin in the vineyard for Sagemoor’s inquisitive and talented vineyard manager.
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Comadre Panaderia — a pop-up Mexican bakery — creates community, one concha at a time

Mariela Camacho bakes the pastries of her youth — but with better ingredients and Washington flavors — and finds community through her increasingly popular pop-up bakery Comadre Panadería.
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Former ‘Top Chef’ contestant writes she has year to live

NEW YORK (AP) — Former “Top Chef” Fatima Ali says she has a year to live. The 29-year-old underwent surgery to remove a tumor in January. However, Ali wrote Tuesday in an essay for Bon Appetit that the “cancer cells my doctors believed had vanished are back with a vengeance in my left hip and […]
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Is Seattle ready for the $18 sandwiches at Dingfelder’s Delicatessen?

Brand-new Dingfelder’s Delicatessen on Capitol Hill is already selling a lot of sandwiches that cost, yes, $18. Here’s why Vance Dingfelder says it’s worth it — and what he’s got for you if that’s too rich for your blood.
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Seattle’s first Shake Shack has an opening date

Fans who were disappointed with the delayed opening of Shake Shack can now relax. We have an opening date to the cult burger chain from New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer.
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The Only American Company Making Paper Straws

Paper straws got a bad reputation as flimsy and funky-tasting, thanks in part to versions produced in China. But Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Aardvark returned to paper straw production in 2007, when demand required that they start up again (they invented the paper straw back in 1888). Not only are the products “green,” they’re also ideal to use. Much of the process behind them is secret, …
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In defense of the dandelion

From farms to Seattle’s first Chicory Festival, interest in these highly beneficial greens is growing like a ... well, you know.
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Flynn McGarry Creates a Caviar-Filled Menu for Hudson’s

A behind-the-scenes preview of the water-bound dinner series At 19 years old, Flynn McGarry admits he always dreamed of opening a restaurant—a goal he deemed lofty when he began cooking at 12 years old. But now he has Gem: a home-like venue hidden along Forsyth Street in Manhattan. Here, the chef and his team serve two seatings of 12, Tuesday through Saturday. Being closed on Mondays …
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The Craft Beer Scene in North Alabama

It doesn’t have dozens of breweries or some beer heritage story, but North Alabama does have one thing going for it that’s unique: rocket scientists. Huntsville, Alabama is one of the smartest places in the country, one of those cities where a master’s degree makes you average and a doctorate degree might get you a job interview. That’s because it’s “Rocket City,” whether that means the place where the Space Shuttle and other rockets were designed or where the secret weapons that can blow up a T...
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How the Ancient Mayans Used Chocolate as Money

We've had hundreds and hundreds of years to get used to money in the form of coins and bills, though exactly how long we've used them varies quite a bit from region to region. Of course, some spots on the globe have yet to adopt them at all, as anyone who's heard the much-told story of the Yap islanders and their huge limestone discs knows. But the history of money is, in essence, the history of bartering — trading something you have for something you want — becoming more and more abstract; now...
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Meat labs pursue a once-impossible goal: kosher bacon

The Orthodox Union, the largest kosher certifying organization in the world, is trying to figure out how it should deal with what is known as clean meat — meat that is grown in laboratories from animal cells.
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