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Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Doughnuts For the Next Two Weeks

Get ready for the best week ever: Krispy Kreme is giving away a free DOZEN of their original glazed donuts. YES.
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Outrageous! Seattle isn’t the best coffee city in the country, says new survey

Say it isn’t so, Seattle. A new survey claims that the Emerald City no longer wears the crown when it comes to all things coffee, and some local espresso enthusiasts are biting back. The Apartment Guide survey on the “best cities for coffee lovers” looked at cities with populations of more than 100,000 and added […]
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How to Make Pine Needle Tea

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins A and C (in fact 4-5 times that of orange juice), sworn by as an immune booster and reliever of congestion, pine needle tea has been used for centuries as both a refreshing beverage and a medicinal drink. In the winter of 1536, the crew of French explorer Jacques Cartier was saved from a disastrous bout of scurvy by drinking this tea. Later, Cartier would describe the source of the tea as the “tree of life.” The yew tree (top) looks like a pine, but isn’...
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Linda Derschang, restaurant whisperer, gives Seattle’s Queen City a royal makeover

In her bid to make what may be Seattle’s oldest bar newly relevant, Derschang brings style, star quality and 25 years of experience running neighborhood hangouts.
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4 great happy hours to hit during Viadoom gloom

While away winter (and the Viadoom) with $7 pizzas at Serious Pie, top-shelf booze on the cheap at D&E, addicting fritti at Wilmott's Ghost and a $5 special starting at 2 p.m. at Miller's Guild.
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An Animated History of Cheese: 10,000 Years in Under Six Minutes

We can now eat cheese nearly anywhere in the world, and most world cuisines seem to have found — to varying degrees of success — ways of working the stuff into their native dishes. But if cheese has gone and continues to go global, from where did its journey begin? The TED-Ed video above can tell you that and more, having been written by University of Vermont professor of nutrition and food sciences Paul Kindstedt, author of Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and its Place in Wester...
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Cool beans? Far from it: Global warming is helping to wipe out coffee in the wild

More than half of the world's coffee species are at risk of vanishing in the wild because of climate change and deforestation, new research has found.
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3 common barriers to wellness — and how to beat them

From sedentary jobs to diet culture, modern society often makes maintaining healthful habits the path of most resistance. Here's how to get past the challenges — and onto a more sustainable path.
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When I make this pancake mix, my kid makes the pancakes

Whip up this healthy, whole-grain pancake mix to fuel easy Sunday brunch for weeks to come.
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Marie Kondo’ing my kitchen: What a food writer learned from a total pantry re-org with a food-waste expert

Seattle Times food writer Bethany Jean Clement's larder definitely needed tidying, but Marie Kondo doesn't deal with the issue of food waste. Here's what an expert says you should know before you throw — and why "use by" dates are pretty much useless.
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Edouardo Jordan gives up his recipe for the world’s greatest mac ’n’ cheese, and now we can all die happy

Seattle’s most acclaimed chef shares his truly incredible recipe so we all can die happy.
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Farro and away, this grain bowl is the ultimate healthy comfort food

A grain bowl starring a variety of textures and toppings is the ultimate January meal, both nutritious and easy to put together.
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Not bowled over yet: My search for Seattle’s perfect ramen

As part of a quest to find her Seattle ramen home, our writer tests two new ramen shops, Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu on Capitol Hill and Engimono Ramen in Northgate. How did the tonkotsu and the tonkatsu stack up?
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Please join us in raising a glass — whatever is in it! — to our new column on all the beverages (and we really should try them all)

‘Cheers!’ will celebrate and explore the world’s vast pantheon of beverages, from the quintessential (Absinthe! Manhattans!) to the unknown (Eierlikor!).
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Wendy’s Most Savage Tweets From National Roast Day

Wendy's brought their roasting A-game to Twitter and brought all of social media to it's knees.
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Alcove Dining Room: Brazilian food, with a side of samba

Chef Emme Ribeiro Collins has re-imagined Tempero do Brasil, her parents’ restaurant on University Way in Seattle.
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Babymooning in the Bahamas

Two things about this post: For most of my life, I never imagined that I would be going on a babymoon. Me? A mother? And a babymoon? Until recently, a babymoon seemed about as likely to me as going on a trip to the moon. I also never expected–should the babymoon thing actually happen someday–that I would be spending it running around Nassau on an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt with...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Babymooning in the Bahamas - EnclosureCruising the Mobile-...
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Extra-Healthy, Gene-Edited Spicy Tomatoes Are Coming

Scientists in Brazil are working to reconnect tomatoes with their chili pepper relatives (they separated some 19 million years ago, but maintain much of the same DNA) in order to create a super-healthy, spicy fruit. Rather than a food fad, this research and experimentation is occurring in order to have people eat more capsaicinoids, “the molecules that give red peppers their spicy pizzazz, for their health benefits.” …
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How to Use Chopsticks Like Mr. Miyagi

“Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.” –Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid The Karate Kid taught kids of the 80s a lot about bravery, integrity, and — of course — rad chopstick moves. The scenes where Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san try to catch houseflies between their chopstick tips are among the most exciting moments in utensil movie history. To get to that level of chopstick zen mastery, you’ll need a lot of practice on easier targets, like sweet and sour chicken. But, with time, you ma...
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Are we making cooking too hard?

For every person I talk to who is confident about cooking, there are at least two others who tense up at the thought of cooking more often — or cooking at all. Here's how to get beyond the fear.
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Pioneer Square’s Bad Bishop is the kind of good bar Seattle needs now

This low-key place doesn't try too hard, isn't too pricey and might just be your new favorite hangout.
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Kids and snacks: Common-sense advice for parents

Parents should decide what, when and where food is eaten. But children should decide for themselves how much.
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How to make easy spaghetti and meatballs, without washing all those dishes

An electric pressure cooker streamlines the process, reducing the number of pans from three to one.
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Blue C Sushi shuts down five Seattle-area restaurants

Blue C Sushi abruptly closed all seven of its restaurants Sunday night, surprising many of their employees, who were laid off.
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Lark’s location has changed. What hasn’t is the restaurant’s commitment to thoughtfully sourced, farm-fresh food on small plates.

Lark opened on Capitol Hill in 2003, focusing on small plates and farm-fresh, creative food. In 2014, the restaurant’s owners moved into a renovated 1917 auto-parts shop.
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How to cope with January grays in the Pacific Northwest

Readers and co-workers share their favorite "recipes" for making it through Seattle's dark and rainy season.
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A humble feast begins with lentils

For the new year, try this recipe with lentils, greens and yellow rice.
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Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour

Are you experiencing a new country with all five senses? Are you taking advantage of the fact that most places are laying out their culture on a buffet and inviting you to into local life by eating their food? I once got on a flight to Central America and was surrounded by one of those mission groups in matching T-shirts. You know, the ones who spend $1,500 each on something not called a vacation...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Eat Like a Local on a Neighborhood Food Tour -...
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Nicolas Quille joins a very exclusive group, becomes the Northwest’s 3rd Master of Wine

Few of the world’s 380 Masters of Wine are winemakers, making his rigorous multiyear achievement especially rare.
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