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New Study Proves the Price of Wine Will Change What You Think of It

If you think you know your wine, this study might surprise you.
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Taste Seattle star chef Edouardo Jordan’s work — while spending less — at new Lucinda Grain Bar

Edouardo Jordan said as recently as this past spring that he wouldn't be opening another restaurant anytime soon, but he couldn’t resist adding his new Lucinda — which serves what might be the world’s best brownie.
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Data-Collecting IOT Teapot, Teplo 2.0

Brew a pot of tea based on mood, energy levels and more with this clever appliance Gathering information from the consumer, their environment, and their desired tea selection, the Teplo 2.0 can brew tea perfectly suited for everybody. The IOT teapot may seem very niche, but tea-drinkers will be impressed. And the brand’s founder says the surveying process (which is now automated) is a deeply rooted …
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It’s Pi Day! Here’s how you can celebrate with math and specials on pizzas and pies

Pi is a mathematical marvel. Pie is a delicious dessert. You can celebrate both today.
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Sidle up, Seattle! 3 new high-end restaurants offer delicious, cheap burgers at their bars

All those expensive, new bistros around Seattle also offer cheap, gourmet burgers at their bars. A look at some of the best burger deals in the downtown Seattle area.
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Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum and Other Cocktails for ’90s Kids

Writer Sam Slaughter on concocting childhood drinks replicas with booze Nostalgia manifests in untold ways when we order at the bar or stock our liquor cabinets at home. There’s the “I drink it because it’s my father’s drink” or, of course, “I won’t ever touch it because it was the first thing I got drunk on.” So many more sentiments hinge upon the past. Sam …
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Seattle restaurant classics: Why you need to go to Market House Meats

This no-frills spot in Seattle's Denny Triangle stacks Reubens and other sandwiches so high, it takes a champion appetite to eat one.
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Doughnut Shop Owner’s Son Tweeted About His Dad’s Shop And People Showed Up

This is one of those stories of the internet being fantastic.
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Seattle’s Canlis receives 2019 James Beard Design Icon Award

An innovative Seattle classic gets the august James Beard Foundation's new honor for outstanding design.
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On a mission to fix our food system, Niels Brisbane tests recipes at the Canlis Research Kitchen at The Bread Lab

The former sous chef experiments with varieties of wheat, barley, buckwheat and other grains in pastas; pizzas; and, of course, breads.
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These 2 once-a-week Seattle ramen spots spread the craft of ramen-making in very different ways

Adana, on Capitol Hill, and Tsukushinbo, in the Chinatown International District, represent two disparate ends of the ramen spectrum: tradition vs. experimentation. But the result is pretty darn delectable in both cases.
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You can freeze that? Handy tips for freezing all kinds of foods

Did you go on a jumbo grocery shopping trip and run out of room to store things in the fridge? Freezing is a great way to reduce food waste, and there are a surprising number of foods you can freeze for use later. Here's a guide.
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Bordeaux might consider Malbec a ‘minor’ grape, but a major obsession feels much more fitting

There are so many reasons to love this wine — even well beyond World Malbec Day.
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Mikeller Brewing NYC Launches “Queensfisher” Beer with Babu Ji

A crisp, straightforward pilsner released in collaboration with the inventive Indian bistro With a name like Mikkeller, and the clout it carries, a light and refreshing lager among the brand’s roster of beers might be unexpected. And yet Mikkeller NYC‘s Queensfisher, a tasty pilsner released in collaboration with the acclaimed restaurant Babu Ji, is exactly that. It’s crisp, delicious and—when consumed on the premises—complements exceptional …
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Uncle Nearest Whiskey Honors a Forgotten History

Led by CEO Fawn Weaver, the young brand tells an important story in the development of US distillation Bucking the misconception that whiskey has historically been a Caucasian craft, Uncle Nearest appeared on shelves in 2017 with a new narrative: Jack Daniel wasn’t actually taught how to make whiskey by his white preacher, but rather a slave that worked on the preacher’s property, Nathan “Nearest” Green. …
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Aging is inevitable, but suffering may not be: Tips and tricks for staying healthy as time marches on

Fifteen percent of Americans are 65 or older, but if you associate getting older with an increase in health woes, think again: There are proactive ways of implementing nutrition and exercise to improve your quality of life as you age. Here's how.
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‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’: The best place to get Netflix star Samin Nosrat’s favorite ingredients is in Seattle — and sells online, too

It's called, and at the charming Interbay brick-and-mortar store, you can even taste-test the star ingredients for free.
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Why ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ star chef Samin Nosrat says you don’t have to buy that super-expensive soy sauce

… but if you do, how to use it — and why you don't have to feel like a bougie monster.
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Millet is getting some serious attention from cooks, brewers and researchers as it makes its way from the bird feeder to the menu (and the beer mug)

Try this resilient, nutritious grain in Jess Thomson’s recipe for scrumptious Cinnamon-Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
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Here’s a clever way to make chicken potpie with a better-for-you crust

Chicken potpie is a soothingly indulgent comfort food, but the crust is probably the most unhealthy part. Want to make potpie that's good for you? Here's a solution.
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Target has a new line of ‘premium’ $9.99 wines in Seattle. Are they any good? We asked a sommelier

Target, known more for its discount fashion lines, launches a portfolio of "premium" wines under $10 to compete with Costco and Walmart. We asked a wine expert to rate them to see if they're good deals.
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Song Phang Kong in Seattle’s Chinatown International District electrifies typical Thai dishes with bursts of flavor

Tucked in a corner of the Chinatown International District is this gem of a restaurant that does Thai food the way it's done in Thailand and makes you feel like you're eating in a friend's kitchen.
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Woman’s ‘humiliating’ concert experience, ADA settlement prompt Chateau Ste. Michelle to improve accessibility

Under a settlement with the Department of Justice, the popular winery will make numerous modifications to its Woodinville tasting room and amphitheater.
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Celebrating Cocktail Culture Through the Ages at Bibo Ergo Sum

A new three-part menu divides drinks into eras at this LA bar While seated with Bibo Ergo Sum owner Tait Forman and general manager Daniel Zacharczuk, at a table of glistening drinks, we looked around the glamorous, comfortable room with new eyes. Bibo (as it’s referred to) evokes the cinematic style of a classic art deco bar in Paris or Hollywood, but the goal of …
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Police: Thief steals Remy Martin liquor bottle worth $4,000

SEEKONK, Mass. (AP) — Police are searching for a thief with expensive taste in Massachusetts. Chris Gasbarro’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Seekonk says someone stole a $4,000 bottle of the Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac from its store last week. The bottle was kept in a locked glass case, and security cameras captured a […]
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What it’s like to be the Queen of England’s personal chef

Darren McGrady is now a cookbook author who resides in Dallas, Texas. But for 11 years, he was the royal chef at Buckingham Palace, where he cooked for the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana.
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Niche Niche, NYC’s New Dinner Party Restaurant

Each nightly event at this 25-seat SoHo venue will be hosted by a different wine professional SoHo’s 25-seat restaurant Niche Niche is an undeniably charming concept. Designed to host evenings reminiscent of a dinner party at a friend’s house, the venue officially opens tonight—and every day onward will be unique, with a different wine industry professional hosting each night. Owned by Ariel Arce and her …
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The Dalmore + Chef Massimo Bottura’s 49-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky

Sotheby's will auction the rare "L'Anima" scotch to raise funds for the Food for Soul charity Anyone who’s poured a dram of scotch during a good conversation can understand the origins of L’Anima, a one-off 49-year-old single malt from The Dalmore. The magnificent liquid is the result of a conversation between the whisky brand’s charismatic master distiller Richard Paterson and chef Massimo Bottura—one of the most …
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Jim Morrison Declares That “Fat is Beautiful” …. And Means It

There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance in a young rock god giving voice to the fat pride movement some four decades after his death. Years before social media amplified celebrity weight gain coverage to the realm of national news, The Doors’ lead singer, Lizard King Jim Morrison, was the subject of intense bodily scrutiny. The musician’s drug of choice—alcohol—swiftly added some extra cushioning to the sexy, shirtless young lion image photographer Joel Brodsky managed to capture in 1967. ...
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