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34 thoughtful cookbook gifts for any occasion

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Amazon; Gilbert Espinoza/Insider To me, there's no better gift to give or receive than a great cookbook. A cookbook with beautiful photos, thoughtful narratives, and foolproof recipes can feed the imagination, transport your giftee to another city or country, and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen. There are cookbooks out there to suit every type of cook, whether novice or expert, and feed ...
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How a “Pride Before the Fall” Moment Led to a Beautiful Redemption of Failure

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most of us have failed at something. And I’m convinced how we see, internalize, and respond to our defeats and disappointments makes all the difference in the world. Is your tendency to dwell on your mistake and self-flagellate over your lack of success? Do you get disproportionately angry, default to a victim mentality (Why does this always happen to meeeee?), or assign blame elsewhere? Do you dig in your heels determined to make it work at all cost...
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‘Julia’ Trailer: ‘RBG’ Filmmakers Honor Julia Child in a Culinary Documentary

Julia Child’s impact on the culinary world is immense. She’s one of the world’s most famous chefs for very good reason — she paved the way for the many beloved cooking shows that populate YouTube and Food Network today. More than that, she changed the way people cooked in their own kitchens, fearlessly introducing Americans to French styles and cuisines. Hopefully, she isn’t a name you know simply because of the Meryl Streep and Amy Adams film, Julie & Julia. That film tells Julia’s story in ta...
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Paris Hilton is Getting a Netflix Cooking Show and We’d Be Lying if We Said We Weren’t Intrigued

Paris Hilton and Netflix are teaming up in the kitchen, with a promise to serve us something extra delicious. The hotel heiress and star of The Simple Life will be learning her way around the kitchen while on camera. Her new show, Cooking With Paris is all about Hilton showing off her culinary expertise (or lack thereof), with a little from her celebrity friends. Hilton may not be an expert chef — the show involves her learning basics like sauteing, searing and zesting — but that’s exactly wher...
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Live video shopping startup Talkshoplive brings in another $6M

Five months after announcing a $3 million seed round from Spero Ventures, shopping-focused live video host Talkshoplive is back, this time with a $6 million seed extension led by Raine Ventures. The new round of funding gives Los Angeles-based Talkshoplive $10.5 million raised to date and enables it to scale its product management and technical teams. In addition, the company will double-down on category verticals. Talkshoplive CEO Bryan Moore said he founded the company with his sister Tina in ...
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Food Network Set to Launch Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Flavor Challenge

Creating a new Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavor is the central challenge of a new series set to debut on Food Network as well as the streaming outlet Discovery Plus. “Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of the Cones” debuts Monday, August 16 at 9 p.m. eastern on both outlets. The four-episode series is hosted by Molly […]
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Guy Fieri is fighting for struggling restaurant owners - too bad he doesn't care as much about their workers

Paul Constant is a writer at Civic Ventures and cohost of the "Pitchfork Economics" podcast with Nick Hanauer and David Goldstein. This week for Insider, he writes about restaurateur Guy Fieri's recent interview with Kara Swisher. In it, Fieri rehashed "tired trickle-down threats" and sounded less like a man of the people, Constant writes. See more stories on Insider's business page. Less than a decade ago, celebrity chef Guy Fieri was a joke. New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells...
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18 delicious books by chefs and food writers, from Anthony Bourdain to Padma Lakshmi

Memoirs by chefs and food writers focus on how instrumental food can be in our lives. They're full of mouth-watering food descriptions and often include a few recipes. From legendary chefs to culinary superstars, these are the best food-related memoirs. Memoirs may transport readers into the lives of incredible people, but food memoirs take us straight into their kitchens. Chefs and food writers weave their personal stories through memorable meals and sweat-laden shifts to bring readers lif...
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Guy Fieri says he's 'pissed' at politicians and explains why restaurant closings are 'only going to get worse'

Food Network star Guy Fieri. Steve Jennings/Getty Images Food Network host Guy Fieri aired his frustrations with how Congress has handled restaurant relief. Fieri said he's "pissed" that the airline industry got more direct funding. In 2020, restaurants employed around 13 million people to just under 600,000 for airlines. See more stories on Insider's business page. Restaurateur and Food Network star Guy Fieri unloaded on politicians and lobbyists in a new podcast interview.The sel...
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Aloha Plate Food Truck races along on Food Network

Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast listeners will have noticed by now that Aloha Bruce has been flying solo of late, as co-host Lanai Tabura has been bouncing around between Hawaii and the mainland for a variety of local and national television productions with Aloha Plate Food Truck. He is a busy man (and Emmy Award winner) […] The post Aloha Plate Food Truck races along on Food Network appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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What We Can Learn from French Onion Soup

The Bible is full of metaphors for how God sanctifies us, but in my book, the metaphor that sticks best is French onion soup. I know, stay with me. Growing up, my cultural identity was a big question mark. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool third-culture kid: I’m Indian, grew up in Dubai, but attended a British-run school. My ancestors were Christ-followers in a country dominated by Hindus and Muslims. I didn’t feel at home anywhere.  But when I was eleven, I watched real journalism for the first time:...
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SoFi Stadium: Here’s the food you will want to eat

The streets of L.A. served as the launching pad for a pair of James Beard Award-winning chefs who have designed the food program at the new SoFi Stadium. Expect inspired by delis, pizza and burger joints as well as the city’s Mexican and Asian cuisine while you take in football games from the Rams and Chargers as well as concerts in the new 70,000-seat stadium. “The food really reflects the food that we love to eat and what we think works in a stadium,” said Jon Shook, who teamed up with SoFi St...
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4 Southern California food outlets return for an all-star edition of ‘The Great Food Truck Race’

In 2011, “The Great Food Truck Race” left winner Daniel Shemtob with great memories but a couple of bad dreams. “There would be days after it was over where I would wake up thinking it was the day before the last day of the race and I was late to show up on the set,” Shemtob said in a phone interview. The Middle Feast team members Daniella Marudi, Tommy Marudi and Gabriel Villagrana compete in “The Great Food Truck Race.” (Photo courtesy of the Food Network) The Middle Feast team members ...
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The top advertisers on Discovery’s and WarnerMedia’s networks revealed: Datacenter Weekly

Welcome to Ad Age Datacenter Weekly, our data-obsessed newsletter for marketing and media professionals. Reading this online? Sign up to get it delivered to your inbox here. The wrong data What data really matters when it comes to judging the effectiveness of your marketing? As Ad Age’s Jack Neff reports, Marketers love their key performance indicators, but they’re mostly looking at the wrong ones, according to a new study by the Association of National Advertisers. Indeed, of the f...
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Chandos Tacos Owner Chando Madrigal Gets ‘Chopped’ On Food Network’s Popular TV Show

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David Zaslav’s Discovery Contract Extended Through 2027

Discovery said it had extended the contract of its CEO, David Zaslav, through 2027, ensuring the executive would be in place well after the proposed merger of the company and WarnerMedia is expected to be completed in the middle of next year. Zaslav’s previous contract ran through 2023. The company, which operates Food Network , […]
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AT&T Will Merge WarnerMedia Operations With Rival Discovery

U.S. telecom giant AT&T Inc. has signed a deal to combine its media business, including CNN, with Discovery Inc., the owner of such lifestyle networks as the Food Network and HGTV.
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AT&T, Discovery Join Media Brands as Cord-Cutters Encroach

U.S. telecom giant AT&T Inc. has signed a deal to combine its media business, including CNN, with Discovery Inc., the owner of such lifestyle networks as the Food Network and HGTV.
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AT&T, Discovery Join Media Brands as Cord-Cutting Encroaches

U.S. telecom giant AT&T Inc. has signed a deal to combine its media business, including CNN, with Discovery Inc., the owner of such lifestyle networks as the Food Network and HGTV.
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AT&T, Discovery Join Media Houses as Cord-Cutting Encroaches

U.S. telecom giant AT&T Inc. has signed a deal to combine its media business, including CNN, with Discovery Inc., the owner of such lifestyle networks as the Food Network and HGTV.
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Discovery surges 10% after agreeing to acquire AT&T's media operations for $43 billion

Discovery CEO David Zaslav. Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery Discovery shares rose as much as 10% on Monday following its $43 billion deal to acquire AT&T's media assets. AT&T shares also rose as the company plans to spinoff WarnerMedia. The deal will create a company that will house more than 100 brands including HBO and HGTV. See more stories on Insider's business page. Discovery shares jumped on Monday following the company's deal to acquire AT&T's media asset...
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AT&T Signs Deal to Combine Media Biz With Discovery

U.S. telecom giant AT&T Inc. has signed a deal to combine its media business, including CNN, with Discovery Inc., the owner of such lifestyle networks as the Food Network and HGTV.
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Introducing Six New (in)courage Contributors!

Can Christmas in April be a thing? Because today sure feels like it. We are like giddy sisters jumping out of our skin in excitement to share with you the gift of six new (in)courage writers! (Cue poppers and twinkle lights!) For quite a while, we’ve felt like it was time to widen the circle and ask more women to pile into the (in)courage living room. We picture this virtual living room full of couches, overstuffed chairs, comfy floor pillows — a place where we can always scooch over to make mor...
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The Continued Rise of Ghost Kitchens and Why They’re Being Invested In

The Continued Rise of Ghost Kitchens  and Why They’re Being Invested In Many business ventures have turned towards the ephemeral. Startups design products like SnapChat or introduce features like stories which are focused on the fleeting – Clubhouse is the latest example in the social media landscape. Pop-up stores are another example of this movement towards for-a-limited-time-only presence in malls and shopping estates, as are the exclusive collaborations which fuel these temporary shopfronts...
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Bond for Food Show Star's Spouse Accused in Child's Death

A South Carolina judge has set bond for the husband of the winner of a Food Network cooking competition show, who along with his wife is accused in the death of their 3-year-old foster daughter.
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SoFi Stadium partners with two James Beard award-winning chefs to create menu

A pair of chefs with James Beard Awards have been added to the culinary lineup at SoFi Stadium. Stadium officials announced Thursday, April 15, that Los Angeles all-star chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo will be creating a new city-inspired menu for the stadium. “Los Angeles’ food culture is celebrated for its creativity, and our goal is to build a culinary experience for fans based on high-quality, fresh ingredients and inspired by the many cuisines you can find throughout the city,” Jason Ganno...
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REVIEW: Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Kit Kat

What is Key Lime Pie Kit Kat? Kit Kat’s latest limited edition bar features Key lime-flavored white crème. How is it? Kit Kat’s seasonal flavors always seem to hit the mark, so I’ve come to look forward to them. I especially appreciate Kit Kat’s dedication to a sensory and aesthetic experience, using creative colors and details to pay homage to its flavor inspiration. This year’s Key Lime Pie Kit Kat is no exception: its vibrant wrapper and pastel bar are as green as Kermit the Frog countin...
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Chopped 420 Taps Into Cannabis Culinary Trend for Discovery+

Fans of the Food Network's long-running competition show, Chopped, are familiar with its celebrity story arcs. Martha Stewart will drop in for a handful of episodes this month and the show will offer cross-over kitchen battles--can anyone beat Bobby Flay? But an upcoming, limited-run series on the new Discovery+ streaming service aims to blow audiences...
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Guy Fieri to Stay at Food Network in 3-Year Exclusive Deal

One of Food Network's biggest stars is calling the Discovery-owned network home for a little while longer. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has signed a new three-year exclusive deal with Food Network, the cable channel announced today. Top line The new agreement will have Fieri continuing to produce and develop his own series, including the Emmy-nominated...
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Discovery Plus is the perfect streaming service for fans of nonfiction shows, but its interface needs some work

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Discovery Plus/Ben Blanchet/Insider Discovery Plus offers all your favorite Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, and HGTV shows. The service costs $5 a month with ads, or $7 a month without commercials. The interface has flaws, but the low price makes it a great option for fans of Discovery's networks. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Free Trial for Verizon Unlimited Customers (small) M...
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