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Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links

Focus on agro-business rather than ecology has split groups invited to planned UN conference on hungerAn international food summit to address growing hunger and diet-related disease is in disarray as hundreds of farmers’ and human rights groups are planning a boycott. Related: 'A shame for the world': Uganda's fragile forest ecosystem destroyed for sugar Continue reading...
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UK under pressure over plan to slash aid for Yemen by 50%

UN seeking to raise $3.85bn to avert widespread famine in country devastated by years of civil warYemenis and international aid organisations have urged the UK to reconsider reported cuts of up to 50% of its support for humanitarian efforts in the country’s devastating civil war.The UN is hoping to raise $3.85bn (£2.76bn) from more than 100 governments and donors at a major virtual pledging conference on Monday to avert widespread famine in what is already dubbed the world’s worst humanitarian c...
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UK's decision to slash aid for Yemen will cause starvation, says former minister

Andrew Mitchell says Britain has condemned ‘hundreds of thousands of children’Yemenis and international aid organisations have condemned the UK government’s decision to cut roughly 50% of its support for humanitarian efforts in the country’s devastating civil war.The UN was hoping to raise $3.85bn (£2.76bn) from more than 100 governments and donors at a major virtual pledging conference on Monday to avert widespread famine in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The total raised at last year’s...
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Living up to our promise of ubuntu

South Africa needs active citizens and real change starts in the home, with conversations about social justice The post Living up to our promise of ubuntu appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The number of people in need is frightening – we need a global response | Axel van Trotsenburg

We can rise to the challenge of a green, resilient and inclusive recovery from Covid, but only if critical changes are madeThe numbers are well-publicised but bear repeating. Around 120 million more people were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020, a number that could rise to 150 million in 2021. An estimated 250 million jobs have been lost around the world, and the number of people affected by acute food insecurity was estimated to have doubled to 272 million by the end of last year. A decade of...
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'Fighting for life': Bangladesh shrimp farmers destitute in wake of cyclone

Natural disaster compounded by the collapse of a lucrative export during the pandemic has thrust people into povertyThis time last year the west coast of Bangladesh was a thriving place for shrimp farmers. It was a decent enough living and there was a healthy export market.Majnu Sardar, who lives in Koyra upazila (administrative region) in Khulna district, used to earn enough to feed, clothe and educate his family of six. Now they are living in a small mud hut, with a canopy of leaves as a roof,...
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Central African Republic suffers food shortages as rebels cut off capital

State of emergency declared after armed opposition forces attack convoy carrying supplies and blockade the city of BanguiCentral African Republic is facing serious food shortages as election violence has cut off the country and stranded hundreds of trucks carrying supplies outside its borders. Food prices have risen steeply since the landlocked country’s main supply route from Cameroon was cut off by armed groups trying to blockade the capital, Bangui, where the government declared a state of em...
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Dangerous spices: why India's cooking powders pose a risk of lead poisoning

Exposure to the heavy metal from spice powders and car batteries is affecting child health across the subcontinentAn outbreak of a mystery illness over two days in early December in the south Indian city of Eluru saw more than 560 people hospitalised, most of them children, and baffled doctors. Symptoms were described as being similar to epilepsy, with convulsions and vomiting accompanied by burning eyes and loss of consciousness.Recovery tended to be quick although the death of one man was attr...
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Ripe for reform: pandemic crisis exposes fault lines in Australia's fruit industry

The drastic labour shortages caused by Covid border restrictions cannot simply be solved by replacing backpackers with local workers “Whatever happens, this is going to get worse.”Gavin Scurr, the managing director of Piñata farms, which grows strawberries, raspberries, bananas, pineapples and mangoes across farms in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania, says he is short of workers “at all of our sites”. Continue reading...
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Yemen 'one step away from famine' as donors dry up amid Covid, UN warns

Urgent alert issued over millions struggling with ‘catastophic levels’ of hunger as less than half of required aid receivedThe window to prevent the return of famine to Yemen is rapidly closing, UN agencies have warned, with a new assessment showing millions could head further into hunger in the coming months.The alert came as a World Health Organization food security assessment showed thousands of people are slipping into famine – a number that is predicted to triple in the first half of next y...
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Biodiversity is crucial for South Africa’s food security

Farming must embrace sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices to secure our future The post Biodiversity is crucial for South Africa’s food security appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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A grim future of extreme weather

Unpredictable and unbearable heat waves, floods and rain set to wreak havoc in Africa The post A grim future of extreme weather appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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South Africa has surplus food, but we need to intercept it

One third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. We can reduce hunger if we collaborate The post South Africa has surplus food, but we need to intercept it appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The corporatisation of food in South Africa

We can only end hunger when people have control over what they eat and how that food is produced The post The corporatisation of food in South Africa appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Yemen on brink of losing entire generation of children to hunger, UN warns

Food security crisis means acute malnutrition among under-fives at highest levels since war engulfed the countryAlmost 100,000 children under the age of five are at risk of dying in Yemen as the country slides back into a hunger crisis.An analysis by UN agencies says the coronavirus pandemic, economic problems and conflict have led to the highest levels of malnutrition ever recorded in parts of the country. Continue reading...
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Dust erosion harms SA’s food bowl

If micronutrients are blown away and the soil dries, the Free State maize crop is threatened The post Dust erosion harms SA’s food bowl appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Fruits of shared labour: the Indian women joining forces for food security

Rural women in Tamil Nadu are mostly excluded from land ownership, but collective farms can offer self-sufficiencyWhen all the shops closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, pulling together in small collectives was key to remaining self-sufficient for widow farmers in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu.“We had sufficient grains and vegetables at home, while others in the village were seeking government support,” says 46-year-old Poongani, one of the nine widowed Dalit women who form the Sivant...
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How Covid sowed the seeds of food security in Johannesburg

During South Africa’s strict lockdown, groups of activists decided to distribute parcels of vegetables as wells as seedlings and gardening materials as well as to hundreds of vulnerable householdsPhotographs by Miora Rajaonary Continue reading...
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'Money is worth nothing now': how Lebanon is finding a future in farming

With food in short supply and prices rocketing, a wave of new farmers are growing produce on roofs, balconies and beyondAll photographs by Jenny GustafssonOn the side of the Baanoub valley in southern Lebanon, half an hour’s drive from the coast, Yasmina Zaher stands surrounded by olive trees with thick, sturdy trunks. Planted in Roman times, once tended by monks, they are now cared for by Zaher and her husband, Jean-Pierre, who also grow vegetables, fruit and flowers.“It’s beautiful to see the ...
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New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward Is a Food Desert—But Residents Are Bringing It Back to Life

Calvin Alexander bought his two-story home in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward back in 1978. He and his wife raised five children there, only to nearly lose it all 15 years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit. Still, the family rebuilt. In the Lower Ninth Ward, Alexander remains.Read more...
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They came for the American Dream, but the land was still beckoning

Kenyan farmers have carved their own niche in America’s agricultural landscape, providing speciality crops for the US market The post They came for the American Dream, but the land was still beckoning appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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'Operation empty plate': Xi Jinping makes food waste his next target

Restaurant diners told to order one dish less than number of people under new system criticised as overly controllingThe Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has launched a campaign targeting a new enemy of the country: food waste.“Waste is shameful and thriftiness is honourable,” Xi said in a speech published on Tuesday, describing the amount of food that goes to waste in the country as “shocking and distressing”, according to the state news agency Xinhua. Continue reading...
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'We had to eat our seeds for planting': 10 million in Sudan facing food shortages

UN warns coronavirus restrictions prevent access to most vulnerable and rising prices are leaving many going hungryAlmost a quarter of the population of Sudan are going hungry as conflict, rising food prices and the coronavirus take their toll.About 9.6 million people now face severe food shortages, the highest number recorded in the country’s recent history. Continue reading...
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'Open your eyes': Yemen on brink of famine again, UN agencies warn

Millions face devastating hunger if relief efforts are not stepped up in a country ravaged by war, locusts and now Covid-19Yemen is in danger of an imminent return to devastating levels of hunger and food insecurity, according to new analysis released by UN agencies.The World Food Programme (WFP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Unicef say that the percentage of the population predicted to face acute food insecurity in southern areas of the country will rise from 25% to 40% by the en...
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Times of unprecedented crisis present unique opportunities for unprecedented action

The world has a chance to improve the lives of women, especially those living in Africa The post Times of unprecedented crisis present unique opportunities for unprecedented action appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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‘Rolling emergency’ of locust swarms decimating Africa, Asia and Middle East

Unseasonal rains have allowed desert pests to breed rapidly and spread across vast distances leaving devastation in their wakeLocust swarms threaten a “rolling emergency” that could endanger harvests and food security across parts of Africa and Asia for the rest of the year, experts warn.An initial infestation of locusts in December was expected to die out during the current dry season. But unseasonal rains have allowed several generations of locust to breed, resulting in new swarms forming. Co...
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Drought forces Indonesian farmers to learn new skills – in pictures

As crops fail, farmers on Sumba island are weaving and fishing to make a living Continue reading...
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‘Make noise and don’t panic’: India tries to ward off locust invasion

Delhi braces for swarm while farmers in badly-hit north play loud music and honk car horns to try to prevent decimation of fieldsResidents of Delhi are bracing themselves for a possible invasion of locusts, which have been ravaging areas in the north of the country.A change in wind direction could save the city, but Dr K L Gurjar, deputy director of the Locust Warning Organisation, has warned residents to be prepared to “make a lot of loud noise so that instead of settling, they keep flying and ...
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'We can't turn them away': the family kitchen fighting lockdown hunger in Zimbabwe

Samantha Murozoki bartered her jeans and sneakers to stop the food running out, inspiring others to pitch inCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt is 7am and hundreds of children have come out on this chilly morning to queue for a plate of porridge.With makeshift masks covering their faces, the children wait for Samantha Murozoki to start dishing up the warm food into whatever plastic tub, plate, tin cup – or even ripped-off corner of a cardboard box – is presented to her...
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Kenya's pastoralists face hunger and conflict as locust plague continues

As herds are devastated and crops destroyed across east Africa, there are fears of violence as competition for grazing increasesTiampati Leletit had heard tales of massive desert locust swarms darkening Kenya’s horizon. But when they hit his farm the devastation was all too real. They ate everything.“I have never seen anything like this. When the swarms of locust invaded, they consumed everything and all the vegetation was gone. The livestock had nothing to eat,” says the 32-year-old. In January...
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