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11 ways to be more self-sufficient in the new year

Self-sufficient living is all about providing for your own needs— and the needs of your household— without resources or help from the outside. To become more self-sufficient, you need knowledge and skills, plus motivation and a spirit of independence. The reasons for living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be political, social or personal, but whatever the motivation may be, learning how to become self-sufficient can offer a feeling of security, even in the event of a disaster. There isn’t a han...
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Zero-Waste Wrapping: How To Wrap a Furoshiki Cloth, Step by Step

At a recent dinner party, I was entranced when a friend unpacked her backpack to reveal each of her dinner contributions: a bottle of wine, half a loaf of fresh bread, and six Bosc pears, each group intricately bundled in specifically-knotted furoshiki cloth wraps. The wrapping was not only practical, preventing the wine bottle from smashing into the delicate pears on her walk over, but also elevated the whole experience and made the packages feel like gifts. Furoshiki is a centuries-old traditi...
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How to Keep Weird Freezer Smells Out of Your Butter

As a person who keeps three pounds of butter on hand at all times, I’m constantly cycling sticks of the stuff between my freezer, fridge, and butter dish. Recently, though, I found myself in an unthinkable predicament: I was out of butter. I dug around in the back of my freezer, and behind a half-empty bag of frozen…Read more...
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You Should Store Food in Clear Containers

I love my vintage fridge-to-oven Pyrex dishes. They look great on the table, in the fridge, and in photos, but there’s one small issue with them: I rarely end up eating the leftovers contained within the colorful, stackable glass rectangles.Read more...
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A Functional and Truly Usable Food Storage Solution

The storage of food is a market that designers have tackled a lot in the past, but none of the solutions have looked or worked quite like this one. Slock’s designer, Minki Kim, viewed the area from a different viewpoint and identified that common food storage systems focused primarily on the functionality and overlooked the usability, making the containers difficult to carry around, especially multiple at a time.Slock’s design allows three containers to be carried using the curved, comfortable h...
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Ovie's 'Smarterware' smart food storage aims to help reduce food waste

Around 40 percent of food goes to waste in America yearly, which costs the average family of four about $2,000 a year. Luckily, Chicago startup Ovie has an answer to this problem: Smarterware. Ovie’s Smart Tags, which keep track of food items’ freshness, can be clipped on food, placed on six-cup containers, or attached to bottles or take-out boxes. According to the company, their system essentially transforms any regular refrigerator into a smart fridge, but without the steep price tag — and th...
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20 Food Storage Tips for Your Groceries and Leftovers You Must Try!

The Best Way to Store Food! Follow these 20 Food Storage Tips and you’ll be on your way to optimal food flavor and saving money by having little waste! Have you ever wondered where the best place is to store food items in your kitchen?  When you come home from the grocery store or finish... The post 20 Food Storage Tips for Your Groceries and Leftovers You Must Try! appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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An Orchard of Storage

Tree Story is a little forest of storage containers that artistically hold your favorite herbs and spices. The design’s inspiration comes from pure enjoyment of strolling through the woods, taking in the seasons and absorbing the variety of natural scents, colors, and shapes. Tree Story builds upon that experience, providing an assemblage of containers that are connected as a collection yet individually distinct with different canopies.Users also interact with each container in a manner reminisc...
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Expert Advice: A Greengrocer’s Guide to Storing Produce and Leftovers

A permanent fixture on our Los Angeles itinerary is Cookbook, a greengrocery from Marta Teegan and Robert Stelzner in Echo Park. Recently, the two opened a second Highland Park location, in a renovated historic storefront. We asked Marta, a trained chef, master gardener, and author, for her advice on storing and organizing produce, dried goods, meat, and (apropos of the holiday season) leftovers. Here are her tips. Above: The building used to be a residential hotel and swap meet. The owners w...
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A Peek Inside the Pantry: 11 Kitchen Storage Favorites

If you have a kitchen, you have a pantry of some sort—whether it’s a single cabinet or a designated closet-like space off your kitchen, it’s the place you store your cereals, spices, dishes, and more. The question is: how to keep it all in order? Though you’re not likely to take an anonymous peek inside the pantries of other people’s homes, who wouldn’t want to? Here, a glimpse inside 11 pantries of which we’re fond (admittedly: some highly styled, but some less so). Above: Architect Sheila N...
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These Are the Three Best Leftover Containers, According To You

After your bellies (yes, that was the highest rated comment) and up-cycling empty butter tubs (kudos for ingenuity), three nominations stood out as your favorite food storage containers. So check out the finalists below and vote for your absolute favorite at the bottom of the post.Read more...
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Domestic Science: A Cork Lid Hack for Weck Jars

I can proudly report that my kitchen cabinet is stocked with decanted flours, lentils, and spices in perfectly aligned Weck jars. The process itself was cleansing and cathartic, but now I’m left with one issue. The little metal clamps that seal Weck glass lids are impossibly fiddly and often go MIA (they tend to fly off the jar and land in parts unknown). Enter the cork lid, made in Germany, which turn the Weck jar into an easily accessed (and sealed) storage canister. Above: Designed to fit ...
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The Well-Organized Refrigerator with Bosch Home Appliances

What’s the most important storage system in your home? It’s not your clothes closet or your utility room or your linen cupboard. It’s your refrigerator. The most heavily used of all appliances, the fridge is also often the least organized. We understand the challenge—too many users and too many moving parts is a recipe for disarray, but the disorder is costing you. That’s why we teamed up with Bosch Home Appliances to create the ultimate organized refrigerator, with added eco-friendly tips. Phot...
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Leftover Rice Could Make You Very Sick

On a scale from “1” to “listeria” the amount of stomach trouble I would expect a bowl of rice to give me falls around a “2,” but apparently the seemingly innocuous grain can inflict a lot of pain if it’s not stored properly.Read more...
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Store Fresh Herbs in a Rolled-Up Paper Towel for Easy Access All Week Long

Just a sprinkling of fresh herbs can elevate a home-cooked meal to restaurant quality heights, but washing, drying, and chopping them before each meal can be a bit of a time suck. Luckily, Bon Appetit has once-a-week prep method that you can use to enjoy fresh herbs all week long.Read more...
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Remove Sticky Labels From Glass With Whatever Oil You Have on Hand

Glass jars and bottles are infinitely reusable, but the label doesn’t always stay applicable for very long. Luckily, the cheapest method for removing the label and its sticky adhesive is also the laziest.Read more...
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The Freezer Is the Best Place to Store Fresh Pasta

You know what’s better than fresh pasta? A whole lot of fresh pasta. If you’re going to go through the hassle of rolling out all of that dough, you might as well make a good bit of it, which means you’re going to need to store it.Read more...
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Keep Cakes Moist With a Peeled Apple

Cake is the happiest of foods, which is why a dry, crumbly cake is so sad. This problem can be solved one of two ways: you can eat the entire cake in one day (this isn’t a terrible plan), or you can peel an apple.Read more...
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Use a Soda Box for Easy Canned Food Storage

When you finish off a 12-pack of your favorite canned soda, don’t toss the box out just yet. You can use it to organize your pantry.Read more...
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Where Should You Put The Milk In Your Fridge?

There’s a proper place for everything that goes in your fridge. Learn more about food storage from this infographic!
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Store Peanut Butter, Tahini, and other Nut Butters Upside Down to Keep them Easy to Spread

We’ve mentioned before that storing nut butter on its side is one way to make it easier to spread and avoid it separating, but a simpler trick is to store it upside down to keep it from separating in the first place. Read more...
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How to Buy, Cook, and Store Food For One

They say the world is built for two, and the world of food is no exception. Cooking meals you actually want to eat, with minimal waste, is the goal of cooking for one, and fear not: you can do it too—with just a little forethought and planning. Here’s how.Read more...
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Save Yourself Some Grief by Assigning Plastic Food Containers a Meal Type

Over time, food storage containers get harder and harder to clean. The plastic stains and smells stick around way longer than they should. If you want to avoid constantly doing deep cleans, and maybe extend the life of your containers, try designating them to be used with certain foods.Read more...
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Specialty Produce Storage Containers Probably Aren't Worth Your Money

People are always looking for the best way to keep their produce fresh longer, and some companies make plastic storage containers that claim to do that. But they aren’t cheap. And while they technically work, you’re probably better off saving the $50 you’d likely spend on a full set.Read more...
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Artful Kitchen Storage Jars from Sophie Van Heijningen

Each of us at Remodelista has a slightly different system for storing food and dried goods in the kitchen, but we haven’t really delved into garlic storage. So when we came across ceramicist Sophie Van Heijningen’s garlic pots (and her other kitchen storage containers), we took note. Here’s a look. Above: The Cha Garlic Pot in Black, like the other designs in Van Heijningen’s collection, are based on traditional Thai and Bangladeshi designs. The garlic pot has holes at the bottom of the contai...
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What to Look for When Picking Out a Mini-Fridge for Your Dorm Room

You move into your dorm room, unpack all your stuff, and realize something’s missing: a mini-fridge. But you don’t want some crappy box that barely chills a few sodas, especially if you have to share it with a roommate. Here are the features you should keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for the perfect mini-fridge.Read more...
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To Keep Spices Fresh Longer, Never Sprinkle Them Directly Over a Hot Pot

Have you ever noticed that spice grinders usually come with a bossy warning to “Avoid grinding over steaming pots?” I had always assumed it had something to do with not burning the spices (or yourself,) but it’s actually for the good of the spices, not your hands.Read more...
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REVIEW – Debbie Meyer Green Boxes, Bags And Cake Cutters

The product(s) featured in this post was provided free of cost to me. Please note that, as always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. I love freshly baked goods. Soft, chewy cookies are a favorite around here. Sadly, usually if you don’t eat them within about 24 hours of making them they start to harden and the taste changes. Cake behaves similarly. You get a really good feeling when you make a cake that is just right,...
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How To Keep Produce Fresh Longer – We’ve Got the Answer! + Giveaway

How to keep produce fresh longer… I’ve been trying to solve that puzzle for as long as I’ve been buying fresh produce, I think. And I might just have it all figured out based on the “long live produce” challenge I just completed and won! And when I say I won it, I mean my produce […] The post How To Keep Produce Fresh Longer – We’ve Got the Answer! + Giveaway appeared first on Eat Move Make. Copyright ® 2009-2016. All rights reserved.
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These Videos Show the Best Way to Wrap Cheese

Wrap your cheese properly and you can keep it fresh for much longer than if you just kept it in plastic wrap (which isn’t a good idea ). Cheese paper company Formaticum’s videos show us how to wrap cheeses of different shapes.Read more...
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