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Pennsylvania accuses financial firms of bond price-fixing

Pennsylvania's treasury department is accusing about a dozen large financial firms of inflating the price of bonds issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over seven years.
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Democrats unveil plan for a public health insurance option

A coalition of Connecticut Democrats, including Gov. Ned Lamont and top legislative leaders, announced Thursday they have reached consensus on legislation that could lead to a public health insurance option for people and small businesses by 2022.
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China has more weapons in US tariff war _ but do they work?

Looking for ways to hit back at Washington as a tariff fight escalates, President Xi Jinping and his economy czar visited a Chinese factory that processes rare earths — exotic minerals used in electric cars, mobile phones and other technology.
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Mandatory overtime for nurses at center of hospital strike

A hospital strike now in its third week is putting a spotlight on staffing shortages at the same time Ohio lawmakers are debating legislation that would allow nurses to refuse mandatory overtime.
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British Steel collapses, threatening thousands of jobs

Britain's Insolvency Service says British Steel has been ordered into compulsory liquidation after talks with the government failed to secure a bailout.
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Colorado won't halt drilling as it refocuses rules on safety

Colorado officials said Tuesday that they had no plans to stop energy companies from drilling for oil and gas while regulators overhaul state rules to make health, safety and the environment their top priority.
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California Senate OKs bill creating special pot banks

Shut out of the traditional banking system by federal laws, the country's largest legal marijuana market in California could benefit if the state approves a measure creating a special class of banks to handle pot money.
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Tesla reduces prices on Models S and X amid stock slump

Faced with a slumping stock price and questions about demand for its vehicles, Tesla has lowered the U.S. base prices of its two most expensive models.
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Legislature approves bill banning undetectable firearms

Making, selling, transporting or possessing 3D-printed guns and other undetectable firearms would be banned in New York under legislation approved by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature.
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Millennial Money: If 'budget' bums you out, try renaming it

Webster's New World dictionary defines budget as: "a plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period."
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Tariffs have complicated fallout in trade-heavy Washington

President Donald Trump's trade war with China is having some complicated effects in Washington, one of the nation's most trade-dependent states.
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Top Senate Republican would raise minimum smoking age to 21

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose home state of Kentucky was long one of the nation's leading tobacco producers, said Monday he was introducing legislation to raise the minimum smoking age from 18 to 21.
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Oil spikes as OPEC signals ongoing cuts amid rising Iran-US tensions

OPEC and non-OPEC members, such as Russia, met over the weekend to cut output by 1.2 million barrels per day for six months.
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Trump says he didn't need to borrow from banks

President Donald Trump is insisting he didn't borrow from many banks because he "didn't need the money," not because they wouldn't do business with him.
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AP FACT CHECK: Trump cries 'treason' over campaign scrutiny

President Donald Trump is using "treason" rather lightly as he assails unidentified U.S. officials for investigating operatives of his campaign in 2016.
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Trump administration rejects subpoena for tax returns

The Trump administration is missing another deadline to produce President Donald Trump's tax returns.
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Test of 'cannabis cafes' gets state OK, but obstacles remain

Massachusetts marijuana regulators have approved of a plan to slowly roll out "cannabis cafes" where adults could use pot in a social setting.
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Countertops and rubber bands: US pursues obscure trade cases

President Donald Trump's high-profile trade offensives have grabbed headlines and rattled financial markets around the world.
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