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Buffett gives $4.1B to charity, steps down from Gates Foundation's board

Warren Buffett on Wednesday reached the halfway mark in giving away all of his Berkshire Hathaway stock, more than 99% of his net worth, to charity and resigned from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s board.
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Stock futures flat after Powell soothes inflation fears

U.S. stock futures were little changed Wednesday as investors continued to assess the Federal Reserve’s views on inflation.
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Microsoft joins Apple in $2T market value club

Microsoft's rising stock price pushed the software giant to $2 trillion in market value.
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Amazon Prime Day powers biggest day for online spending

Online spending in the U.S. hit a one-day record high for the year on Monday, the first of Amazon's two-day Prime Day sale event, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index.
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Nasdaq hits record as Powell reiterates inflation is transitory

The Nasdaq Composite marched to record highs Tuesday as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated his belief that the recent surge in inflation was temporary.
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Krispy Kreme unveils plans to raise up to $640M in IPO

Krispy Kreme Inc. seeks to raise up to $640 million in an initial public offering later this year, according to regulatory filings released Tuesday.
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Mark Cuban says bitcoin is 'better than gold'

Billionaire Mark Cuban rode to bitcoin’s defense for being digital gold while the cryptocurrency’s price plunged to its lowest levels of the year.
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GameStop jumps after raising over $1B in share sale

GameStop has raised $1.13 billion in fresh capital after completing an at-the-market offering that sold five million shares.
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How Starbucks will capitalize on the post-pandemic coffee break

Starbucks has an opportunity to caffeinate its coffee sales as workers head back to the office post-pandemic, according to Wells Fargo.
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Stock futures little changed ahead of Powell testimony on Fed's pandemic response

U.S. stock futures hovered just below record highs as investors awaited Capitol Hill testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.
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Microsoft stock hits record as Windows reveal approaches

Microsoft is set to deliver a Windows update on Thursday exciting investors and users.
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Dow jumps 586 points, snapping five-day losing streak

U.S. equity markets soared Monday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average snapping its five-day losing streak and bouncing back from its worst week since October.
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Oil could hit $100 a barrel next year: Bank of America

Brent crude oil could top $100 a barrel next year as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Bank of America.
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GameStop eyes Russell add as CEO joins board

GameStop’s new CEO Matt Furlong has been added to the video game retailer’s board of directors ahead of a possible add to the Russell 1000 to be decided on June 25.
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Stock futures pop with Fed’s Powell, Amazon in focus

Stock futures rise as investors plow back into equities ahead of Powell, Yellen testimony as well as Nike, FedEx earnings later in the week.
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Amazon to surpass Walmart as largest US retailer

Amazon "should surpass" Walmart as the largest U.S retailer as soon as next year, JP Morgan analysts projected in a research note.
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Georgia crypto investor claims he woke up a trillionaire -- after investing $20

The cryptocurrency craze has minted a new generation of wealthy investors - some overnight.
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Ammo shortage shows no sign of improving: Smith & Wesson

Ammunition inventories that were depleted during the pandemic are showing no sign of improving, according to Smith & Wesson Brands CEO Mark Smith.
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Stock futures slide as Dow heads for fifth day of losses

U.S. stock futures were lower Friday morning as tech stocks pulled back a day after the Nasdaq just missed record highs.
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Big Tech critic Lina Khan signals no-nonsense approach as she assumes top regulatory role

President Biden’s choice to head the Federal Trade Commission Lina Khan signaled her willingness to take on big tech in a Twitter post following her confirmation.
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