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Kathryn Hunter on Her Haunting and Scene-Stealing Witches Role in ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’

Joel Coen’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is, among other things, visually gripping, a stark, haunting dreamscape that often seems to exist outside of time. While the film is carried by Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, much has been made — justifiably — of Kathryn Hunter’s eerily limber witch: you can’t look away as she bends […]
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A Love Song Review: Dale Dickey Grounds A Mesmerizing Tale Of Hushed Heartache [Sundance 2022]

We meet Faye (Dale Dickey) at the edge of the world, not literally but in all the ways that matter. She settles her camper by a lakeside, against a backdrop painted in broad, loving strokes. Her world is quiet but rarely still, so wondrously full of life that you may forget she's alone. The sweeping landscapes will hitch your breath, the streaming water may catch your eye, but it's Faye that will hold your attention as she settles into a mundane rhythm. This is how "A Love Song" starts: with qui...
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The Best Movies Streaming Right Now: The Last Duel, Eternals, And More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a weekly column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)As another week draws to a close, it's time to stream some movies. And I gotta say, this is the best Now Stream This in a while. No, I don't mean because it features more brilliant, unparalleled writing from me, your humble author. I mean the line-up is pretty damn solid, folks! Some great stuff awaits you on various streaming services this we...
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Denzel Washington stars in the 'The Tragedy of Macbeth,' a new retelling of Shakespeare's masterpiece — here's how to stream it

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand in "The Tragedy of Macbeth," an adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play.A24 A24's "The Tragedy of Macbeth,'' starring Denzel Washington, hit Apple TV Plus on January 14. Joel Coen wrote and directed the new film adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous play. Apple TV Plus costs $5/month and new membe...
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The French Dispatch Review – Anderson… Finally

Wes Anderson films, love them or hate them, all but demand that you question why you’re watching them. Sure, spending an evening with Steve Zissou, or listening to a recounting of the glory days of a bellboy is entertaining, but what’s it all about? Why am I here? That curious nagging at the edge of your mind, forcing the audience to wonder what the point is, or if there is one, is perhaps the defining feature of Anderson’s yarns. The French Dispatch raises the bar on this experience by telli...
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Denzel Washington's brilliant work helps make 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' a remarkable film

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand are great in Joel Coen's 'The Tragedy of Macbeth.' Movie is in theaters and streaming on Apple TV+ on Jan. 14.        [Author: Arizona Republic]
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The Tragedy Of Macbeth Trailer: Denzel Washington And Frances McDormand Scheme Their Way Through A Shakespeare Classic

The ire of superstitious theatre kids and the sworn enemy of high school English classes everywhere, William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" has been interpreted in every way imaginable, including a fan-favorite episode of "The Simpsons." Now, Academy Award-winning director Joel Coen has tackled the tragic behemoth with "The Tragedy of Macbeth." In his second feature directorial effort without the assistance of his brother Ethan, the highly stylized thriller tells a tale of "murder, madness, ambition, a...
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Final Official Trailer for 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' on Apple TV+ Soon

"Does thou not hear noise?" Finally! After four other teaser trailers over the last few months, Apple TV has revealed the final full-length official trailer for The Tragedy of Macbeth, Joel Coen's stylish new black & white Shakespeare adaptation. Watch the initial three teasers for even more footage, as well as the fourth one here. This already premiered at the New York and London Film Festivals, and it lands on Apple TV+ in just a few more weeks. Bruno Delbonnel's cinematography is utterly ...
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Apple TV+: The Tragedy of Macbeth — Official Trailer

Something wicked this way comes… An official trailer for The Tragedy of Macbeth was released on Thursday. The Joel Coen-directed picture landed in theatres on Christmas Day and will be available on Apple TV+ from January 14. It stars Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Tags: Apple TV+
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'The Tragedy of Macbeth,' with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, is among the new movies opening in Milwaukee this weekend

Although New Year's Day is becoming another big moviegoing day, there's not much new at the movies this weekend. But what is new is a big deal.        [Author: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
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Corey Hawkins and Moses Ingram on ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’s’ Diversity, Working With Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand

In Joel Coen’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, the concept of time — and feeling like you’re running out of it — is central to the narrative. Corey Hawkins and Moses Ingram play Lord and Lady Macduff, the fertile young couple who represent all that has eluded the Macbeths — […]
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Trippingly On The Tongue: Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, And Why Americanized Shakespeare Works

Though not especially common, we've seen it done before: an unassuming man steps up to the spotlight of a celluloid Shakespeare adaptation and, instead of the heightened English affectation we've come to expect, we're greeted with an American dialect that isn't fussy and gets straight to the point. There's something really intriguing about it, and the fact that it isn't a regular occurrence makes it all the more melodic to the ears. Denzel Washington's turn as Macbeth in Joel Coen's "The Tragedy...
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I Really Wish Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness Looked More Like A Sam Raimi Movie

When it was announced that Sam Raimi would be directing the next "Doctor Strange" movie, my excitement was through the roof. Raimi has a uniquely kinetic visual style that could take the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a decidedly weirder direction. So why does the teaser trailer for "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" look like almost every other Marvel movie or TV show, with just a sprinkling of Raimi's filmmaker flavor on top? Sure, it's only a teaser trailer, and the marketing folks ...
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'O, Full of Scorpions is My Mind' Teaser for 'The Tragedy of Macbeth'

"O, full of scorpions is my mind…" O Macbeth, you are so doomed. Apple + A24 has revealed a fourth teaser trailer for the film The Tragedy of Macbeth, Joel Coen's stylish black & white Shakespeare adaptation arriving in theaters soon - starting on Christmas Day, December 25th this year. Watch the first two teasers for more footage. This already premiered at the New York and London Film Festivals, and lands on Apple TV+ in January in just a few more weeks. Bruno Delbonnel's cinematography is ...
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Apple TV+: New ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ Teaser

A new teaser clip for the forthcoming Joel Coen feature The Tragedy of Macbeth was released on Tuesday. It shows the “O, full of scorpions is my mind” scene. The film stars Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. It will be in theaters from  December 25. Streaming and on Apple TV+ from January 14. Tags: Apple TV+
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‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ Premiere Takes Place in Los Angeles

Apple Original Films hosted a premiere of The Tragedy of Macbeth on Thursday. The event in Los Angeles was attended by stars Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand and writer/director Joel along. Also in attendance were Apple executives Eddy Cue, Zack Van Amburg (all pictured above). The Tragedy of Macbeth Heading to Theaters and Apple TV+ Start Corey Hawkins and Moses Ingram (both pictured below), who also star in the film, were at the event at the DGA Theater. Also there were cast members A...
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Joel Coen Helped Edit This Classic 1980s Horror Movie

Before Joel Coen made waves during the recent festival circuit for going sans Ethan for his 2021 directorial effort "The Tragedy of Macbeth," it was not completely unheard of for him to work without his brother. Especially during the early days of the fraternal filmmakers' collegiate education, it appeared that their prospective fields of interests were not totally aligned. While Ethan was off pursuing a bachelor's in philosophy at Princeton in New Jersey, Joel was enrolled at the prestigious un...
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‘A post-menopausal Macbeth’: Joel Coen on tackling Shakespeare with Frances McDormand

The writer-director talks about his new film, co-starring Denzel Washington, and reveals how it felt to work without his brother, Ethan, for the first time in nearly 40 yearsIt might be the unlucky play for British theatre rep types. But for movie directors, Macbeth has been a talisman, a fascinating and liberating challenge – for Akira Kurosawa, with his version, Throne of Blood; for Roman Polanski; and for Justin Kurzel. Even Orson Welles’s once-scorned movie version from 1948, with its quaint...
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Apple Original Films and A24 Announce ‘Tragedy of Macbeth’ IMAX Screening – Film News in Brief

Apple Original Films and A24 Announce ‘Tragedy of Macbeth’ IMAX Screening Apple Original Films and A24 announced a special free screening event of “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” followed by a live Q&A with Joel Coen and Frances McDormand on Dec. 5 in IMAX. Shot in black-and-white, Coen’s take on the Scottish Play stars Denzel Washington […]
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The Tragedy Of Macbeth Will Unleash Sound And Fury In IMAX

You've heard of Shakespeare in the Park? That's old news. Shakespeare at the Cinema — and specifically, Shakespeare in IMAX — is where it's at these days.We knew Joel Coen's "The Tragedy of Macbeth" would have a limited theatrical release starting on Christmas Day, but what we didn't know and what has my eyes widening even as I type this is that Coen and company are taking the "see it on the biggest screen possible" mantra of cinephiles to heart with a special IMAX event this Sunday, December 5,...
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The Coen Brothers Consider This Their Worst Movie

Starting with their feature film debut in 1984, Joel and Ethan Coen have been power players in the world of American indie cinema. Throughout the late '80s and the whole of the '90s, the filmmakers put out a ling string of critically revered and Award-winning films. Their 1996 film "Fargo" still tops lists of the best films of its decade, "Barton Fink" has been called one of the best films ever made about screenwriting, and both 1986's "Raising Arizona" and 1998's "The Big Lebowski" are still on...
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Upcoming Denzel Washington Movies To Keep On Your Radar

(Welcome to On Your Radar, a series where we take a look at what's next for the biggest actors and filmmakers, and why you should be excited...or not.)Twenty years after "Training Day" hit theaters, King Kong's still got nothing on Denzel Washington. In an era where IPs are the new A-listers, the two-time Oscar-winner remains one of the rare actors who can draw a crowd on their basis of their name alone. And much like Liam Neeson, Washington has enjoyed a second wind as a member of the 60 and ov...
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Every Sam Raimi Film Ranked

Perhaps one of the most interesting established directors working in Hollywood today, Sam Raimi has always bridged the gap between niche genres and the mainstream, with one foot in studio filmmaking and the other in independent cinema. His career was jumpstarted with the "Evil Dead" franchise, a series of low-budget supernatural horror films that would go on to become cult classics with legions of devoted fans around the world. But although he started in Hollywood with scary movies, Raimi has si...
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Frances McDormand in One More 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' Teaser

"That summons thee to heaven or to hell." A24 has revealed a third teaser trailer for the film The Tragedy of Macbeth, Joel Coen's stylish black & white Shakespeare adaptation arriving in theaters soon. Watch the first two teasers for more footage. This already premiered at the New York and London Film Festivals, and lands on Apple TV+ in January right when it should be getting some Oscar nominations. Bruno Delbonnel's cinematography is dazzling. Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand co-st...
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The Carefully Controlled Carrot: Two Notes on The French Dispatch

1) I waited a long time to see The French Dispatch on a smaller screen in the local Regal cineplex. I pre-read and enjoyed the accompanying book of New Yorker essays entitled An Editor's Burial assembled by Wes Anderson. I thought the movie would never arrive at my small town in South Carolina, but it did . . . and I went away feeling a bit let down. Next to Greta Gerwig and Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson is one of my favorite of the younger directors out there, and I teach Rushmore (1998) regul...
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Frances McDormand Could Be the First Person Nominated for Best Picture and Acting Oscars Consecutively

A24 and Apple Original Films play double duty on the William Shakespeare adaptation of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” from Joel Coen. With A24’s awards website launching, their entire roster is listed for industry guilds and voters to consider this awards season. The studio that brought Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” to a best picture win and made […]
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Movies Like No Country For Old Men That You Really Need To Watch

There's an argument to be made that Joel and Ethan Coen are not only the most consistently interesting filmmakers of the past several decades, but have transcended any generational comparisons to rank among the greatest filmmakers of all time. Across 18 films, the Coens have created countless memorable characters, reinvigorated old genres, experimented with musical selections, and invented dialogue that is still quoted by film buffs.The Coens began their career with the low budget neo-noir thril...
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The Coen Brothers Movies Ranked Worst To Best

There's no one working in cinema today with both the range and skill level of Joel and Ethan Coen. To find any good point of comparison, one would have to look back as far as the Hollywood studio era, far before the concept of an "auteur" assigned any kind of traceable artistry to the director's chair. No two movies they have ever made are the same, even when they contain similar genre trappings or share a general disposition toward the world. Across comedies, dramas, westerns, thrillers, myster...
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The Best Characters In The French Dispatch Ranked

A year and a half after its initial scheduled date of the release, "The French Dispatch" finally hit theaters in late October 2021. The latest film from quirky director Wes Anderson, "The French Dispatch" is an anthology, telling stories in the form of potential magazine articles sent from Ennui, France to a town in Kansas. Its main function is to give American readers of taste in life in small-town France, but the articles sometimes take on a life of their own.There's two things that Wes Anders...
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Crowds Throng U.K.-Wide BFI London Film Festival – Global Bulletin

FESTIVAL The 65th BFI London Film Festival, which concluded Oct. 17, attracted crowds for in-person events and virtually. The festival unspooled over 12 days across London venues, 10 partner cinema venues around the U.K. and online. There were more than 139,000 physical attendances at screenings and events and over 152,000 virtual attendances. The festival closed […]
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