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Brentford boss Frank signs new deal until 2025

London (AFP) – Brentford boss Thomas Frank has signed a new contract running until 2025, the Premier League club announced on Monday. The 48-year-old Dane, who was previously assistant head coach under Dean Smith, took... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Video: Brentford boss Frank sent off after heated post-match exchange with Wolves pair Moutinho & Neves

 A post-match altercation involving a pair of Wolves stars ultimately culminated in Brentford boss Thomas Frank being shown a red card on Saturday.Frank guided his side back into action a short time ago, welcoming Bruno Lage’s Wolves to London for a Premier League showdown.A somewhat bizarre 90 minutes – which at one point saw proceedings halted owing to an unofficial drone hovering above the stadium – eventually saw the Bees put to the sword by two goals to one.After Ivan Toney cancelled out Jo...
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5 Best Meat Loaf Roles And Where You Can Watch Them

The rock 'n' roll singer Meat Loaf, born Marvin Lee Aday, had an impressive career that not only spanned his numerous musical hits, but also included a range of movie roles. Meat Loaf the actor was just as dynamic as Meat Loaf the stage performer and singer, and he worked with directors ranging from David Fincher to Uwe Boll. I first discovered his theatricality in his music videos, though many fans were introduced to his charisma, singing talents, and presence as Eddie the delivery boy in "The ...
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Living Legends: Tim Curry Is The Master Of Frights, Funnies, And Fishnets

(Welcome to Living Legends, a series were we honor the titans, the geniuses, and icons who are still very much with us.)The term "living legend" is thrown around a lot. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's an overused term because we are living in a pretty exceptional time with so many talented actors, storytellers, athletes, and activists, but I will say that if we're going to be looking at Hollywood's living legends candidates then Tim Curry has to be somewhere near the top of that list.Curry i...
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12 Movies Like Step Brothers That Will Surely Make You Laugh

"Step Brothers" is one of the funniest movies of the 21st Century, and it's a true testament to writer-director Adam McKay's outlandish sense of humor. McKay is now established as one of the most important political filmmakers in the industry, spotlighting notorious scandals in his biopics "The Big Short" and "Vice." McKay recently tackled corrupt administrations and the failure to listen to scientists with the satirical comedy "Don't Look Up."Early in his career, McKay was known primarily as a ...
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Thomas Frank opens up regarding Brentford links with Christian Eriksen

Frank opens the lid surrounding Eriksen links Brentford boss Thomas Frank spoke out surrounding the recent links between the Bees and a potential move for Danish superstar Christian Eriksen. Brentford head coach Thomas Frank says Christian Eriksen deserves to play at the highest level amid rumours the Danish midfielder could join the club! 👇 — Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews) January 18, 2022 It was previously reported that Eriksen was in line for a shock return to th...
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25 Great Films About The Civil Rights Movement

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis.  Congress passed the Martin Luther King Day holiday to make sure that we remember the man and the movement. Both have been depicted in documentary films, but this list focuses on fictional movies about the civil rights movement and the Black experience, including some that describe people and events prior to the 1954 Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education ruling and the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, which are o...
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Anne Frank Documentary, Book Reveal New Suspect in Betrayal That Sent Teenager to Death Camp

A forthcoming “cold case” documentary investigating who betrayed Anne Frank’s hiding place has uncovered a new suspect. Investigators, including a former FBI agent, believe Arnold van den Bergh, a one-time member of Amsterdam’s Jewish Council, may have been responsible for revealing Frank’s hiding place in the secret attic above her father’s office. The documentary’s investigators […]
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Anne Frank Documentary, Book Name New Suspect in Betrayal That Sent Teenager to Death Camp

A forthcoming “cold case” documentary investigating who betrayed Anne Frank’s hiding place has uncovered a new suspect. Investigators, including a former FBI agent, believe Arnold van den Bergh, a one-time member of Amsterdam’s Jewish Council, may have been responsible for revealing Frank’s hiding place in the secret attic above her father’s office. The documentary’s investigators […]
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Station Eleven Spoiler Review: Finding Hope Among Harsh Times Through Creativity And Serendipity

HBO Max's "Station Eleven" has been structured in such a way that the shape of the narrative was not immediately evident from its first three episodes, which premiered in mid-December and which we covered in our non-spoiler review. It was only as the weeks went on that it became fully clear what this sublime miniseries from showrunner Patrick Somerville was doing as it alternated between odd-numbered, character-centric flashback episodes and even-numbered ones rooted in the post-pandemic present...
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James Gunn Says Vigilante Is Much More Of A Sociopath Than Peacemaker

In "The Suicide Squad," John Cena's Peacemaker is a pretty irredeemable jerk. After his third-act heel turn, it's hard to imagine rooting for him. So how does the "Peacemaker" HBO Max series make viewers not only cheer for Peacemaker, but feel empathetic towards him? James Gunn, who wrote the series and directed five of the eight episodes, uses a wide variety of storytelling techniques to make Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, more sympathetic. One that works surprisingly well is that the story...
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Does the heat from DO lid reduce oven spring?

Does the heat from DO lid reduce oven spring? Submitted by FrankB on January 12, 2022 - 11:41pm. Hi,My name is Frank and I am new here. This is my first post.I've baking sourdough bread for a year now, using a Lodge combo cooker. The Lodge DO is not very high, so I was thinking maybe the strong heat from the lid makes the crust form early and reduces oven spring. What are your thoughts on this? /Frank
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3 sisters and 9 children identified as victims of the Philadelphia row house fire, family says

Three women who were sisters and all but one of their children were identified as the victims in the fire at a Philadelphia row home that left 12 people dead, according to their cousins, Frank and Pamela McDonald.
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The 14 Best Michael Fassbender Movies Ranked

Michael Fassbender is one of the best actors working today, and though he's seemingly been off the radar since appearing in 2019's "X-Men: Dark Phoenix," the German-Irish star will be back in front of audiences soon with a series of exciting upcoming projects. Fassbender is set to headline David Fincher's assassin thriller "The Killer," Taika Waititi's inspirational sports comedy "Next Goal Wins," and the action comedy "Kung Fury 2" inspired by the viral internet short. None of these projects ar...
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Margaritaville's new cruise brand will still begin sailing out of Florida in April — see inside its first ship

The 5 o'Clock Somehwere Bar aboard the Margaritaville Paradise.The McBride Company Margaritaville has partnered with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to launch Margaritaville at Sea. The new cruise brand's first ship, Margaritaville Paradise, will begin sailing from Florida in April. The Margaritaville hospitality empire has been expanding throughout 2021. In December 2021, hospitality giant Margaritaville announced Margaritaville at Sea, the company's own cruise brand. The Margari...
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Christine Lampard shares glimpse inside 6th wedding anniversary celebrations with husband Frank

Christine Lampard and her husband Frank have celebrated six years of wedded bliss. The...
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The 20 Best Feel-Bad Movies You Need To Watch

Watching a film is always an emotional commitment. We empathize with the characters, good and bad, and we stay invested in what happens to them. With many movies, we're looking to feel something positive as the credits roll. A sense of victory, or relief, or, frequently, happiness depending on the type of film. But sometimes we're looking for a weirder catharsis. We're looking for the downer movie. We want to be haunted. The reasons why are complicated, but it comes down to being human.These are...
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Newcastle, Leeds United & more: One player each Premier League side should sign in January part 1

January window open The mid-season transfer window has just opened, meaning that clubs will once again be able to do business with each other and abroad until the end of January.Some clubs need a lot more work, and can afford to do much more than others, while others just need the odd player to ensure that they achieve their goals for the season.But what if you could only choose one player?In this piece, 101 take a look at one player each club from the bottom half of the Premier League table sho...
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 15 Ending Explained: The Gang Are America, Sweetheart

With 15 seasons under its belt, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is now the longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history. The season finale of the record-breaking fifteenth season aired in December, capping off the series' longest-running single arc following the gang on their vacation in Ireland for four full episodes. While there have been several two-parters in the series' history, they've never done something quite this ambitious, and it paid off in spades. "It...
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3 couples describe how long-haul trucking together changed their marriages and lifestyles: 'You've got to learn to fight fair'

"Our marriage is completely different today than when we first started," Robert Holmes said. "It's way better."Carla Holmes "Team truckers" are two people who take turns driving one truck. While one drives, the other sleeps.  This allows the drivers to travel double the distance as a solo trucker — and make double the pay.  Insider spoke to 3 married trucking teams about the job's impact on their relationships and lifestyles. Stephanie and Frank Rebelo have traveled to 40 countries to...
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Finale Defines The Past, Present, And Future Of The Gang

It's all been leading to this. The gang from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" have dropped the penultimate and final episodes of their record-breaking fifteenth season, and they are some doozies. "Always Sunny" season 15 has been all about interrogating the past and the gang's total inability to mature, and its final two episodes bring those themes to a head. In the first, "Dee Sinks in a Bog," Charlie's (Charlie Day) two dads fight for his love, while Dee (Kaitlin Olson) runs into an old foe...
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Frank believes Chelsea defeat will boost Brentford

London (AFP) – Brentford manager Thomas Frank is confident a League Cup defeat by Chelsea will benefit his side in the long run. The Bees’ bid to reach the last four foundered when they conceded... Visit for the rest of the story.
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The Punisher Is Seemingly Getting A New Logo, And The Timing Feels Right

The comic book-loving community was recently dealt a bit of a big surprise when Marvel Comics announced a new prestige-format "Punisher" series from Jason Aaron ("Avengers") coming our way next year. The book will evaluate Frank Castle's past, present, and future, and it looks like that future might (emphasis on might) involve a new logo, opting to move on from the classic skull that has been a part of the character from the very beginning. This has, understandably, been met with thoughts and op...
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Superhero Bits: Punisher Gets A New Logo, New Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Rumors & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Black Widow gets the "Old Man Logan" treatment in a new podcast.Andrew Garfield Spider-Man rumors abound.The Punisher gets a major shake-up.A new trailer for "The Batman" is ...
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Paleoborrows: tunnels left by giant sloths or armadillos

Paleoburrows are the vernacular architecture of extinct megafauna. With enough headroom for the average-height human, the giant sloth tunnels of Brazil speak to the industry of their creators. Once Professor Frank got a taste of one tunnel, he went looking for more and was shocked to see just how many were laying in plain sight. — Read the rest
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20 Underrated Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch

In these days of easy accessibility for all our media, many movies don't get the chance to make an impact. Perhaps they're lost among a glut of similar titles. Maybe they never got the marketing push they needed. Perhaps they had their momentum halted by being released at the wrong time. In any case, these unseen gems are mostly still out there, lurking in the darkest and remotest corners of streaming services, or as DVDs on some shelf somewhere.Ever since George Méliès released "Le Voyage dans ...
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Takes Its Special Brand Of Sunshine To The Emerald Isle

The gang from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" have made lots of jokes about the Irish over the years as the proud proprietors of an Irish Philly dive bar called "Paddy's Pub." Ronald "Mac" MacDonald (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) also have their fair share of Irish pride due to their heritage, so this season's promised trip to Ireland feels like it's been years in the making. Just like the past two weeks, "It's Always Sunny" dropped double episodes, so I'll be giving you tw...
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Movies Like National Treasure That Are Definitely Worth Watching

"National Treasure" is one of the most unique film franchises of the 21st Century. The throwback to classical adventure movies combined elements of treasure hunting, international espionage, mystery, buddy comedy, suspense, and familial drama into an entertaining thrill ride.The 2004 film followed Nicolas Cage as treasure hunter Benjamin Gates, who looks for a mysterious buried civilization that's left from the times of the Freemasons. Gates' entire family has been searching for this treasure fo...
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Can the Premier League continue as Leicester City vs Tottenham becomes the 4th postponed game?

Leicester Vs Tottenham postponed Despite rejections yesterday of calls to have Leicester City’s clash with Tottenham postponed, it has now been called off amid mounting COVID-19 cases in both camps. NEWS | Leicester vs Spurs postponed due to ongoing COVID-19 outbreak#THFC have already had their last two games delayed due to a COVID-19 outbreak.#LCFC have also been suffering from a significant outbreak. More from & @JackPittBrooke — The Athletic UK (@TheAthleticUK) D...
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Brentford boss Thomas Frank calls for all Premier League games to be postponed amid COVID-19 outbreaks

Omicron continues to spread like wildfire The Omicron varient of COVID-19 continues to spread at record pace, and Premier League clubs are not untouched by it either. COVID-19: British tourists to be banned from France amid rise in Omicron cases — Sky News (@SkyNews) December 16, 2021 So far, Brighton, Tottenham, Manchester United, Watford and Aston Villa and Leicester have all suffered outbreaks, and now, there has been another. Brentford latest to be hit Brentford ...
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