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Oregon Legislature Passes ‘Safe Storage’ Bill; Gun Group Declares ‘Sell-Out’

Oregon Legislature Passes ‘Safe Storage’ Bill; Gun Group Declares ‘Sell-Out’ U.S.A. –-( Lawmakers in Salem, Oregon have passed the first gun control bill in a long time, and the Oregon Firearms Federation is declaring in a message that six Republican state senators, led by Senate Minority Leader Fred Girod have engaged in a “sell out.” Yet all six voted “no” on the bill. They were joined by Democrat Sen. Betsy Johnson from Scappoose. A full voting history of the bill can be read...
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Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out & Anti-Gun Sympathizer Fred Girod

Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out Fred Girod Oregon – -( After months of watching Republican “leadership” roll over for the Democrat supermajority in the Oregon Legislature, some folks had enough. As you may have heard, a recall campaign has begun against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod. Under Girod, the Senate Republican Caucus has been fractured and two Senators have officially left it in disgust. Dangerous anti-gun legislation has passed the Senate because Girod refus...
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Oregon Democrats Take Radical Actions Against Gun Owners While Republicans Ca$h Out

Oregon Democrats Take Radical Actions Against Gun Owners While Republicans Ca$h Out Oregon – -( As Oregonians have watched their state descend into a hellhole of mindless lockdowns, business failures, skyrocketing suicide rates, and unchecked (and condoned) mob violence, many have wondered how this could happen. How could the “Republicans” who were elected to stand up to this madness roll over, again and again, and allow the left to ram through policies guaranteed to bankrupt sm...
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Senate GOP Leader Faces Recall Effort for Not Walking Out

Oregon state Senate Minority Leader Fred Girod faces a recall effort because he was among GOP lawmakers who allowed the chamber to reach a quorum last month while it debated whether to ban firearms in state buildings.
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It Was Oregon Democrat’s Blind Hatred For Gun Owners But GOP Planned This Train Wreck

This Train Wreck Was Planned Oregon Firearms Federation Oregon – -( As you know, this past Thursday, the Oregon Senate passed SB 554. SB 554 was a direct attack on persons with Oregon Concealed Handgun Licenses. This assault was based on nothing except the Democrat’s blind hatred for gun owners. Under this bill, persons with concealed handgun licenses will face 5 years in prison for being near a public building with a licensed firearm. (During the floor session, the proponents o...
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Oregon: 6 Sellout Republicans Help Pass Bill To Imprison Gun Owners ~ VIDEO

Oregon: 6 Sellout Republicans Help Pass Bill To Imprison Gun Owners Oregon – -( This past week the six Senate Republicans who aided passage of yesterday, went all the way and helped Democrats pass the bill on the floor. Republican Senator Bill Hansell, one of the “gang of six,” read the headline from our previous alert on the floor, and claimed that Senator Courtney was talking about a “sports team” when he said on a hot mic “they’re gonna get crushed.” He called OFF “despicab...
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Oregon Gun Storage Bill Endangers and Blames Victims

It’s never enough. Citizen disarmament cultists in Oregon now want to penalize gun owners who don’t want to give home invaders a tactical time advantage. (Senator Ginny Burdick/Facebook) U.S.A. – -( “A proposed bill that would require a lock and safe to be purchased when buying a firearm, could minimize the use of stolen firearms, an issue the Medford Police Department (MPD) says they see routinely,” CBS affiliate News 10 reported Friday. “[T]he Oregon House Health Care Committe...
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Here are the bills we’re tracking this legislative session

Capitol building in Salem. (Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) We’re about one month into Oregon’s 80th legislative session. And while no blockbuster bike-related bills have emerged yet, there are still a number of things we’re keeping our eyes on. Here’s our list and a few notes about all the bills we’re tracking this session… Senate Bills SB 7 – Lower BAC Level – Overview Senate President Peter Courtney wants to lower the legal level of alcohol a person can have in their blood while opera...
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