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The 15 Best Anthony Hopkins Roles Ranked

The 15 Best Anthony Hopkins Roles Ranked Sir Anthony Hopkins isn't a man that requires much introduction. He's one of the finest actors of his generation, breaking into the mainstream with his portrayal of the villainous Hannibal Lecter. However, his talent was noticed decades before "Silence of the Lambs," and he shined in roles like Richard the Lionheart and the paradoxical Captain Bligh. What makes Hopkins special isn't pretension or devotion to his craft, though. He's simply a consummate pro...
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Song I would have embedded in the previous post if a fear of insensitivity/cheesiness hadn't overwhelmed me.

  Minimal, memorable lyrics: "Find the cost of freedom/Buried in the ground/Mother Earth will swallow you/Lay your body down."  That's the whole song. It was the B-side of the single "Ohio." Actually that's a song I thought about the other day, when I was reading about the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Didn't the National Guard soldiers who shot Kent State students that day say they were under attack and shot in self-defense? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Arnold Schwarzenegger urges Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine: 'We all need a civics lesson'

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks at the Austrian World Summit in Vienna, Austria on July 1, 2021. Lisa Leutner/AP The former California governor wrote in The Atlantic urging Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Schwarzenegger went viral Thursday after saying "screw your freedom" during a virtual event. The former "Terminator" star also said he 'can't stand' when people compare public health orders to fascism. See more stories on Insider's business page. Arnold Schwarzenegger,...
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Stigmatizing Gun Owners Leads to ‘Cancellation’

Singling out and stigmatizing “morally tainted” gun owners is one strategy being used to publicly humiliate, ostracize and ultimately “cancel” them. (The Pillory at Charing Cross/1809/PD) U.S.A. – -( One of the sources I consult to find topics to help keep gun owners apprised of relevant information is, a website that hosts research papers. Included among those are many papers dealing with the gun issue, most (but in fairness, not all) attempting to justify citizen ...
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Your Freedom Is Worth Reclaiming

“You run like a duck.” I was ten years old on my school soccer field when a girl told me this. I don’t know if she meant the words to be mean, but my cheeks burned with heat.  The kid laughed as she said it, after she’d seen me run across the field trying to keep up in a game the other kids were playing. I can’t remember her name or her face, but I remember her words. Even then I was self-deprecating, laughing along with her, shrugging it off with something like, “That’s me. A duck.”  But ...
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How Do You Want to Move Forward, and What Do You Want to Leave Behind?

I’m sitting in a booth at a coffee shop with two friends, something that feels like a luxury since it hasn’t happened in so many months. We’re talking about what the future holds, where we’ll go from here, and what we want to leave behind. One friend pulls out a small cardboard box, and inside are blank notecards. “I’ve found new clarity about my purpose,” she tells us, “And I’m going to let certain things go.” She asks us to bear witness as she writes these distractions down, then tells us she’...
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"'Don’t Fauci My Florida,' read drink koozies and T-shirts that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign team rolled out just as his state sees some of the highest coronavirus hospitalizations..."

"... new infections and deaths per capita in the country. It’s the latest example of Republicans running on their opposition to virus-fueled shutdowns and mask mandates. A pandemic hero to some and villain to others, Fauci has become a high-profile target.... While discussing the Florida budget this summer, DeSantis said his state’s rosy financial outlook would not have been possible 'if we had followed Fauci.' 'Instead we followed freedom,' he said. His campaign’s 'Team DeSantis' Twitter accoun...
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"Younger artists in the dreary, austere Britain of the early 1950s began to reject the modernist disdain for the garish hucksterism of capitalist salesmanship."

"[In 1957, one theorist said Pop Art should be] popular, transient, expendable, gimmicky, glamorous, and—he used the term explicitly—big business. Such a frank alliance between avant-garde art and capitalism was made possible by the cold war. The rivalry with communism gave consumerism an appearance of depth. It was not, as elitist critics had long maintained, shallow and meretricious. Consumerism stood for what Harry Truman called, in the 1947 speech that inaugurated the cold war, a 'way of lif...
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Trump filing class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google – live

Ex-president claims he has been ‘censored’ by tech companiesBiden condemns ‘heinous’ assassination of Haiti president Jovenel MoïsePresident meets with US officials on response to ransomware attackHackers last week infiltrated Florida-based tech firm 5.16pm BST Trump was thrown off Facebook and Twitter, of course, because of what happened at the US Capitol on 6 January. He has announced his lawsuits. You can read the following by Sam Levine:Hours after the US Capitol was secured against a vi...
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Litigation lust not the only way to resolve disputes

Courts do have a crucial role in political cases but alternative dispute resolution mechanisms should be considered The post Litigation lust not the only way to resolve disputes appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why we shouldn’t take July 4 for granted ever again

This year, as you gather for July Fourth or prepare for long-delayed vacations, take a moment to revel in the feeling of freedom we can all enjoy this summer.
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The Juneteenth flag.

Are you flying the Juneteenth flag? Is it this flag?   I had a real-life conversation yesterday about flying flags other than the American flag.  If you fly an American flag in front of your house — as we do — do you think that you must always fly that flag and no other flag, that you're interfering with your usual message —or even unpatriotic — if you swap in a different flag some days?In my neighborhood, which gets parked up on game days — we could get a $20 bill for letting somebody park the...
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Happy Juneteenth Day – The New Federal Holiday

If you’re calling the federal courts today (Friday), odds are you may not get someone.  Yesterday, President Biden signed a bill making it law that Juneteenth (which is a Saturday) is now a federal holiday.  The day commemorates the end of slavery in the United States when Union general Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston and issued General Order Number 3 which read and declared that “all slaves are free”. As Vice President Harris said: “Throughout history, Juneteenth has been known by many nam...
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Living Freely Does Come At a Price

When it comes to freedom, I think about what Inio Asano was trying to point out when Solanin was released in America. There was a quote about freedom being a demon and it stuck to me since then.... More after the jump!
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Freedom Day reminds us of the importance of safeguarding our democracy

Laws to combat Covid-19 have allowed some governments to crack down on human rights. The local elections are a chance to honour our legacy of freedom The post Freedom Day reminds us of the importance of safeguarding our democracy appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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COVID Vaccine: Where does freedom end and civic duty begin?

Now that the vaccine is becoming widely available, why do so many insist on not taking it? As different episodes in history have illustrated — including the building of an atomic bomb in the U.S. – true freedom is to choose to place the well-being of your family, community, and country above your own personal values. We shouldn't confuse the privilege of choice with a threat to personal freedom. In threatening times, our best defense is to act together to the benefit of all.Pandemic fatigue is b...
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"I don’t like struggle sessions; I think critical race theory as it developed in the academy is intellectually rich, but some of the ways it’s been adapted by workplace diversity trainers..."

"... and education consultants seem risible.... The right-wing caricature of progressive public schools as pampered re-education camps is extremely far from my own family’s experience, but if any kids are being bullied and shamed for refusing to espouse social justice principles, even principles I agree with, that’s wrong. However, the claim that the right’s war on critical race theory doesn’t threaten academic freedom is also wrong. Consider what just happened in Idaho, where last week Boise St...
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Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention with Erin Meyer

Back in 2009, Netflix Talent Officer Patty McCord and CEO Reed Hastings published a presentation called the “Netflix Culture Deck”. This 125 page deck, now has over 20 Million views and created quite a buzz in the HR and tech world for its radical ideas that countered typical corporate culture such as vacation policy that equated to “take some”, a “do what you think is best for the company” expense policy, and mindset that “adequate performance will get a generous severance.” And that’s where it...
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Takabatake Satoshi Precision Background Art Book Review

Just what exactly are “Precision Background” art ? Also referred to in the Japanese animation industry as “Haikei Genzu” (背景原図), which roughly translates as “background/scenery original drawings”, precision background art are if you will, the base/foundation drawings that are the prerequisite before actual painting and/or creation of complex background art pieces can be done. This particular discipline is often overshadowed by the work of background artists, but is absolutely crucial in the a...
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"The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty," said Justice Samuel Alito...

... in the keynote address at the national convention of the Federalist Society. The convention took place on line, which means we get video of something that ordinarily would not be recorded:   I found a transcript of the speech at Reason. Excerpt: The pandemic has obviously taken a heavy human toll... The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty.... [W]e have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experience...
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"Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse" — tweeted Elon Musk...

... quoted in "Elon Musk, with cold symptoms, says his covid-19 tests are inconclusive" (WaPo). When one follower asked if false tests could be driving the national surge in cases, Musk replied, “If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others.”  When another follower suggested that “revenues from tests are likely not bogus & very consistent,” Musk replied, “Exactly.”... WaPo goes on to say that Musk has been a coronavirus "skeptic" since last March, when he tweeted "the coronavirus panic is...
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A sea lion named ‘Freedom’ released from San Pedro into the wild

The gill net that was removed from the sea lion’s neck a the Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro. “Freedom” was treated at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro for a gill net injury and was released back into the wild on Wednesday, Nov. 3, Election Day. Sound The gallery will resume in seconds “Freedom,” a sea lion found on Redondo Beach in August with a severe gill net injury, is taken in to the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro where he underwent treatment and reha...
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"'Freedom' belongs almost wholly to the right. They talk about it incessantly and insist on a link between economic freedom and political freedom..."

"... positing that the latter is impossible without the former.... [T]he broad left in America has let all this go unchallenged for decades, to the point that today’s right wing — and it is important to call it that and not conservative, which it is not — can defend spreading disease, potentially killing other people, as freedom. It is madness. One thing Democrats in general aren’t very good at is defending their positions on the level of philosophical principle. This has happened because they’v...
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"She talks about life and how we should live. That’s the way in America. In Britain, people look at that and go, 'Who do you think you are?'"

Said a former senior courtier, talking about Meghan Markle and quoted in "The British Monarchy Is a Game. Harry and Meghan Didn’t Want to Play" (NYT). The article is by British reporter Tanya Gold, who says:The royal family is a sacrifice at the center of Britain’s national life, fuel for the creation of a national soul because we can’t think of anything better. Sometimes it works. Often — and increasingly — it doesn’t. We dress them up in coronets. We play with them like toys. It has nothing to...
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Jailed journalist a symbol of a disillusioned Zimbabwe

Hopewell Chin’ono backed President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he succeeded Robert Mugabe. Now he’s in jail The post Jailed journalist a symbol of a disillusioned Zimbabwe appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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A Record Number of Environmentalists Were Murdered in 2019

These are dangerous times to be an environmental defender. In 2019, a record number of environmental advocates were murdered.Read more...
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"The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. While we have come to expect this on the radical right..."

Ugh. Sorry. I have come to expect this from the radical left.Not the right. I appreciate this effort, this "Letter on Justice and Open Debate," signed by a bunch of writers, scholars, and journalists, but I'm irritated by the gratuitous shot at right-wingers. The censorship and cancel culture they are talking about is very much a thing of the left. Take some damned responsibility for the attack on freedom of speech that has been nurtured among elite thinkers for the last 40 years. I experienced...
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Not yet independence, freedom or justice for all in America on this July 4th

Often, too often, we use independence and freedom interchangeably. Even dictionaries and thesauruses say the words each mean to some degree the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint (freedom) or the state of being free from the control or power of another (independence). On this July 4, 2020, we are reevaluating what those definitions mean to us, our families, friends and neighbors, to people we don't know personally and to the United States as a who...
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Why are college students ever trusted to run their own lives?

I'm reading "Expecting Students to Play It Safe if Colleges Reopen Is a Fantasy/Safety plans border on delusional and could lead to outbreaks of Covid-19 among students, faculty and staff" by Laurence Steinberg (a psychology professor who wrote a book called "Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence').Most types of risky behavior — reckless driving, criminal activity, fighting, unsafe sex and binge drinking, to name just a few — peak during the late teens and early 20s.......
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What does a bird symbolize?

Sunrise, captured at its predictable time — it was 5:19 — with the sudden appearance of a bird. Seeing it only now, as I process this morning's photographs, I wonder what does a bird symbolize?The internet answers most simplistically: Freedom! Which cues "Ballad in Plain D"...Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me“How good, how good does it feel to be free?”And I answer them most mysteriously“Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?ADDED: I have made a study of the birds of the ...
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