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Industrial Designer Michael DiTullo's Thoughts on Sketching

While the folks at Freethink had the cameras rolling for that video on Jonathan Ward and Icon, they captured participating designer Michael DiTullo talking about sketching. Not all of that footage was relevant to the Icon video, so they spliced it together into this short-'n-sweet video capturing DiTullo's thoughts on sketching: Says DiTullo: "[Sketching] isn't a talent anymore than learning to speak French is a talent. It is a skill that is cultivated overtime through discipline and practice."...
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Design vs. Disposability: The Icon Approach

The folks over at Freethink have put together a killer video on Jonathan Ward's Icon. This one isn't just drooling over the cars and Ward's legendary attention to design detail; instead they ask the larger question, what if this level of thought, design, future-proofing and craftsmanship were applied to all products? What would that do to our perceptions of disposability and long-term use?"They're taking a 40 year old car," says a familiar voice in the video, "and essentially preparing it for it...
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