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Agoria feat. Blasé: You’re Not Alone

Accompanied by a stunning video treatment directed by Latin Grammy Award-winner Hernan Corera, Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) releases a new single titled “You’re Not Alone,” featuring French singer Blasé. It’s an entrancing tune about promises between two people—and the distances they’ll go for one another. In the otherworldly video, the song acts as an appropriate soundtrack for a cross-desert ride, intimate moments between lovers and crowded, …
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ECTO famille de table basse vitrine par Piks Design

Piks Design, studio design multidisciplinaires français nous dévoile ce matin ECTO, une collection de mobilier ludique pour salon. ECTO est une collection de tables basses vitrines originales, pour jouer, surprendre votre famille et vos invités. « Pour changer, chaque jour ou chaque semaine son intérieur, simplement et rapidement. Une table sur laquelle les objets entrent en lévitation. Une table sous laquelle se cache, se devine et s’anime votre petit monde. Joyeuse ou chic, sel...
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After Party

From kitsch to classy, François Prost‘s After Party is a 300-page exploration of French nightclub façades. The collection of photographs was shot during the daytime, offering a strangely alien element to the images—with their neon unlit, doors closed, and void of humans. In contrast, the cover boasts a holographic foil which will stand out on bookshelves or coffee tables. With a poster included, this book is available in an …
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Otonali, a Japanese-Inspired Restaurant in Brittany

New from French chef Bertrand Larcher, owner of the Breizh Café empire of Breton-style crêperies: Otonali, a restaurant in St.-Malo, Brittany, which combines traditional Japanese dishes with Breton ingredients and influences. Larcher opened his first crêpe restaurant in Tokyo back in 1996 and has since expanded to nine locations across Japan plus three in France: in Cancale, Paris, and St.-Malo. Though the crêperies are unabashedly in the Breton style—they use the traditional buckwheat batter an...
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Let’s put a Bluetooth speaker in concrete, said no one ever

Except someone actually did say that and then they made it and now you can own your very own concrete Bluetooth speaker AND it’s surprisingly pretty decent. It seems there’s a new Bluetooth speaker on the market every single day. You can get high quality speakers that could fill a stadium and cost over $2,000 or you can get a $15 stormtrooper head speaker that fits in the palm of your hand and can take selfies. It seems there’s no end to Bluetooth speaker manufacturing, but this concrete spe...
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Joyeux Noël: How to Throw a Holiday Party the French Way

Ever since we featured Paris-based tableware shop Madame de la Maison on Remodelista a few weeks ago (see: Vintage French Style You Can Rent), we’ve been smitten by Ajiri Aki, the style maven and collectress behind the shop, who scours the best flea markets in France for vintage Limoges and styles the most beautiful table we’ve seen in a long while. When we heard that Aki was hosting a holiday dinner party for a small circle of French and expat friends, we asked for a behind-the-scenes look—and ...
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La Vie en Rose: Inside a Costumier’s Dreamlike, DIY Maison in France

How would a French costumier style her own stately country house? With quiet, rosy hues, cinematic hints of silver, and linens she sews herself. For months we’ve been following French stylist and costumier Céline Sathal on Instagram as she slowly and with care restores a traditional hôtel particulier in a tiny village outside of Tolouse. Sathal, who works as a costume designer for the French theater, opera, and cinema, found the 1870s house on Le Bon Coin, the French equivalent of Craiglist (“wh...
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French Impressionist Wedding Inspiration with Sofia Coppola Style

Today’s Impressionist wedding inspiration is served up Sofia Coppola style, with pompom velvet heels, colorfully sweet treats and all the delicious pastel eye candy in between. Any French artist would clamor over the crowd for a chance to capture this European wedding scene, and my are we glad someone did! That someone is the inimitable Lisa Blume Photography, whose ethereal images bring us closer to Heaven every time. View full post
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The Paris Review: 5 New Design Destinations for Your Itinerary

This summer I spent six weeks in France. The initial plan was two weeks in Paris, but somehow we kept coming back: Paris, then the Riviera, Paris, then Morocco, then Paris again. We were calling Paris “home” by the third visit. Before this trip, the last time I was in Paris was five ago (longtime readers might recall those posts), and before that, I spent a year at school in the 7th arrondissement. One thing I’ve observed over these incremental visits is even though it’s a city of staunch tradit...
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French Vintage Style via the Bay Area: Elsie Green in Sebastapol

Bay Area-based Laurie Furber has been scouring the French countryside for the past few years, sourcing antique and vintage pieces for Elsie Green, her emporium featuring all things Gallic. Her wares, which include charming pieces like vintage grocer’s scales, copper cookware, and wire oyster baskets, are available both online and at her stores in Concord, in the East Bay, and now, in Sebastapol in wine country. N.B.: One of our favorite interiors bloggers, Victoria Smith of SF Girl, curates a co...
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Vintage French Style You Can Rent: Madame de la Maison in Paris

Here’s a novel idea: Instead of generic catering supply, you can now rent vintage Limoges porcelain and Longchamp serveware for your wedding, dinner party, or just because. It’s all through Madame de la Maison, a one-woman operation helmed by Ajiri Aki, based in Paris. Aki—who was born in Nigeria, raised in Texas, and worked in the fashion industry in New York (including at the Met’s Costume Institute) before going back to school to study decorative arts—lives now in France, and takes day trips ...
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Kitchen of the Week: At Home in the French Countryside with an Upstart Champagne Producer, Vipp Kitchen Included

Viticulturist Cédric Bouchard is a Champagne maker on the up; he’s only been making Roses de Jeanne, his signature label, for a few years, but he’s already selling in 30 countries and his limited-production biodynamic Champagne is served at of-the-moment restaurants like Noma in Copenhagen and Oaxen in Stockholm. Cédric and his wife, Émilie, a graphic designer, and their two small daughters live in Aube, a small town in the Champagne region of France, in a 300-year-old manor house they’ve painst...
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Fiction: Stephen King Reviews Tana French’s ‘Extraordinary’ New Novel

In “The Witch Elm,” squabbles and accusations rend an Irish family after kids find a human skull wedged in a tree on their property.
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Books of The Times: Tana French Is at Her Suspenseful Best in ‘The Witch Elm’

In French’s new novel, a young man struggles to make sense of his own memory and identity after barely surviving an attack.
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Animal of the month: 8 facts about rabbits

Popular as pets, considered lucky by some, and widely recognised as agricultural nuisances, rabbits are commonplace all over the world. Their cute, fluffy exterior hides the more ingenious characteristics of this burrowing herbivore, including specially-adapted hind legs, extra incisors, and prolific breeding capabilities. Whilst rabbits thrive in most areas, certain species face the common struggle of their specialist habitats being destroyed, and myxomatosis has devastated rabbit populations i...
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Crossing Minds would like to recommend a few entertainment options

Crossing Minds, which is launching in our Disrupt SF 2018 Battlefield today, is an AI startup that focuses on recommendations. The company’s app, Hai, provides you with a wide range of entertainment recommendations, including books, music, shows, video games and restaurants, based on the data it can gather about you from services like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and your Xbox. The company’s co-founders Alexandre Robicquet (CEO) and Emile Contral (CTO) tell me that they want Hai, which is available fo...
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The Blaze: Queens

“Queens” is the latest single—and movie-like music video—from French electronic duo The Blaze. Cousins Jonathan and Guillaume Alric comprise the band’s entire creative team—helming everything from lyrics to production to music video direction. The song is a bellowing, haunting combination of dark house music and electronic stadium anthem. And the accompanying video is a harrowing tale of human experience told through a candlelit memorial, tormented love …
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Langues de Chat Cookies

Langues de Chat are crisp, buttery cookies with an unusual look and name – but with a delicious flavor that is well worth trying. The name translates to “cat tongues” and is a reference to the fact that the long, thin cookies are roughly the same shape as the tongue of a cat. They are always pale in the center with a golden brown, caramelized edge that runs evenly around the outside of the cookie. While some specialty stores carry molds for making this type of cookie, you only need a regular ba...
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12 Design Lessons from Le Corbusier’s Maison La Roche in Paris

A few years ago, on a trip to Paris, a friend took me to the Maison La Roche, the villa by architects Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, located in the 16th Arrondissement and constructed from 1923 to 1925. Designed for Raoul La Roche, a banker and an art collector from Basel, Switzerland (and a friend and supporter of the two cousins), Maison La Roche is the project where Le Corbusier worked out many of the architectural theories that he would later put into practice and that would inform his s...
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Expert Advice: How to Set a Table like a Frenchwoman

A table, like a bed, is one of those things it’s easy to over-style, smoothing linens to perfection and setting flatware just so. But in long, languid summer evenings in particular, we much prefer the undone, imperfect look mastered by Frenchwomen, with perfectly imperfect tablecloths; unkempt, not-too-arranged flowers; and plenty of candles. But even tables that look unfussy follow a few guiding principles. For guidance, we consulted French florist Laetitia Mayor of @flóresie and ceramist Sarah...
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Steal This Look: Pastel Bright Bedroom in Paris, DIY Edition

The genius of the Hotel Henriette is in the details—done on a tight budget, no less. Designer Vanessa Scoffier of Les Nouveaux Decorateurs turned the 30-year-old hotel into a “vintage, bohème, and très DIY” sanctuary. In the 140 square feet of the Double Chambre, also known as the Glamour room, vintage-doors-as-headboard and a pastel palette offer serious inspiration for any guest bedroom or small space. Here are the resources to get the look. Above: The Double Chambre starts at an affordable...
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Travel Essentials for a French Vacation

A vacation in France rings a bell of excitement and wonder. After all, one is going to a country of liberty, equality, and fraternity. France is famous for its incredible history of art and architecture. Situated in Western Europe, it is indeed a world of sophistication, well famous for its fashion streets and of course, wine and cheese. If this is your first experience in France, then you are just at the right page. April and October are the best times of year to visit France. Your Passport...
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June linkfest

“The use of rainbows as logo design elements has fallen back almost to its pre-1970s level, while the use of rainbow colors in logos has taken off.” (Emblemetric) Image via Emblemetric   * Remember tronc, possibly the worst corporate name ever? You can forget it now. (The Verge) * After 27 years, Greece has finally agreed to the formal name of its northern neighbor, the Republic of North Macedonia. (BBC) * This ad for Texas Congressional candidate Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar sets ...
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Poppies in Provence

As we wound through backroads lined by vineyards, rolling fields and a sea of poppies in peak bloom I captured a mixture of drone and vineyard footage. Instead of doing the usual, I’ve decided to compile that footage for this video as a soothing and relaxing piece with much slower pacing. Hopefully, you enjoy the sensation of flying through France’s incredibly poppy fields and enjoy the exploration of colors, textures and patterns. The musical piece is an original recording by Maya Haven titl...
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Father And Son Team Up To Revive This Beautiful 356

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Steal This Look: A Petite Priced Guest Room in Brooklyn

In a recent remodel of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn, townhouse, owners Celia and Rudolphe were forced to go all-in before they were ready (read the story here). The petite top floor guest bedroom features the original floors (one of the few elements left behind) and budget-minded decor that doesn’t look budget. Here’s how they put it all together. Above: Photograph by Brian Ferry for Remodelista; styling by Alexa Hotz from Before & After: A French-Inflected Townhouse Renovation in Williamsbur...
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Steal This Look: An Idiosyncratic French Mod Bedroom in Bellport, NY

In the redesign of a colonial house in Bellport, New York, by French designer C. S. Valentin, the interiors have a distinct look balancing the colonial architecture with midcentury furniture, modern textiles, and nervy color. Case in point? The upstairs bedroom. Here we take a closer look at Valentin’s formula. Above: A full view of the bedroom shows Valentin’s unexpected color palette: shades of yellow, dark gray, pale purple, and a spot of red. Photograph by Jonathan Hokklo for Remodelista....
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LAZ – “Just To Get By” (Mixtape Review)

Up-and-coming Parisian-Belgian-American underground recording artist LAZ drops his new mixtape titled, ‘Just To Get By’. Backed by the popularity of his custom English/French rhymes over boom-bap productions, Laz style from storytelling of his everyday routine, to dreamy tales of a jaguar, to strong political views. ‘Just To Get By’ is a 7-track collective that presents an unpredictable new sound from the multi-cultural phenomenon. The tracklist contains breakout tracks, heavy drums, and speedy ...
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Word of the week: Gammon

Another week, another epithet. Last week we had a look at soy boy, although I’d considered shining a spotlight on incel instead. (For an analysis of this insult, a portmanteau of involuntary and celibate, see Ben Zimmer’s essay for Politico.) This week we have another way to dis (white) men, this one instigated by our cousins across the pond: gammon. Fooled you! Today’s gammon is unrelated to backgammon. In the UK, gammon refers to ham that’s been smoked like bacon; the word comes from F...
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ListenUp: Christine and the Queens feat. Dâm-Funk: Girlfriend

French pop singer/songwriter/producer Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Letissier) has teamed up with Pasadena-based funk master Dâm-Funk (aka Damon Garrett Riddick) for the new track "Girlfriend." Letissier says the song was born out of her fixation...... Continue Reading...
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