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The Beginning of a Weekend with Friends

A Happy reunion after such a long wait. more to come…                   [Author: French la Vie]
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Thank you for your messages, your thoughtfulness, the steady encouragement. I appreciate you deeply.   My friend Pam wrote a simple line that had a good punch of truth to it:   "Not every day is going to be a 10."   It made me think how confusing it is when others say live every day as if it is your last. As if it has to be superbly perfect, overabundant, celebrated to the fullest with god knows what. I like the fact that every day might not be a 10, and that letting that truth be told and heari...
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Let it Pour Out

  The path that feels so strong, so secure under my feet, I do not take for granted. I know how life can change, as quickly as the crack of thunder, or the breaking of a wave. Nobody knows the future. Though those who have the amazing fortune of health, and well-being on their side, seem to have an easier time balancing the thunder and waves that do come.       It takes courage to face the unknown. Some have faith on their side. Some have grace. Some have family and friends. Some have it a...
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Happiness is….

  Happiness is... Gabriel.   (IF you haven't read yesterday's comments, go do so now. )                   [Author: French la Vie]
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My Legs Want to Move

  My mother would say that hours sitting in a car made her feel exhausted. Though gardening in the 100-degree heat did not. I never understood her logic until recently.    Chelsea and Martin had a wedding to attend this weekend near Lyon a three-hour drive. They asked me  if I would tag along to babysit they did not need to ask twice I was happy to help out.       After spending nearly thirteen hours  traveling due to vacation traffic over two days I can honestly say: I get it, mom! (I look as ...
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Putting Baby to Sleep

Reassured him over and over that his mommy and daddy were coming home after the wedding~ and that he would see them after his sleep. Sang “Row row row your boat…” countless times- as he has a thing for boats. Whispered the story of Goldilocks more time than Row row row your boat… I changed the storyline a bit as I couldn’t remember the ending so I simply said that when baby bear found Goldilocks in his bed he giggled and climbed in bed with his mommy and went to sleep. How does it end? I left...
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Do You Speak Another Language?

  When I arrived in France I was thirty years old and did not speak more than three words of French. Some of you have asked me what was that like and how long did it take me to learn to speak French.   1) It was hard. Language isn't one of my natural gifts. I also do not like to study.           It took me a very  l.............o.......................n.......................g   time to learn French. I am still learning. I have a very thick accent that doesn't bother me in the least because I ...
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My Cousin Julie

  Ah, my cousin Christine, Julie’s sister sent me this photo today. When Yann and I were newlyweds living in Paris, Julie came to visit. She would come visit us many many times as the years came and went.   Julie and I were 30 years old.    In this trip visiting us we went through Paris’ famous underground illegally, climbing on telephone wires with rubber boats we bought in Bon Marche for 150 Francs. It was probably the most daring, outrageous, thrilling experience I had ever had. An eye open...
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Lavender Experience

                          [Author: French la Vie]
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Did you Know

                [Author: French la Vie]
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P is for Provence

  P    is for Provence.    P   is for parking.       P   is for pastis.     P   is for parking in Provence with a parking sign transformed to say Pastis.   ________________   Thank you for your comments regarding my selfies on my blog. Susan suggested "Selfie on Saturday" I kinda like that. Saturday comes quickly like every day of the week. I will try.  Since many of you asked about my shoes- I am notorious for not spending a lot on clothes. I tend to be a replacement shopper. My shoes are...
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Photo Challenge

Photo challenge  posting a photo of myself. Dare me how often? This will be a challenge that I might not meet but I am going to do my best to post more photos of myself,                     [Author: French la Vie]
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The Artist

  Sacha's Italian Girlfriend is doing an internship in Barcelona at an art gallery. Amongst learning how to run an art gallery and sell art (every artist can relate to that) the owner of the art gallery is encouraging Elena to create as well by providing the art supplies and paper she needs to create as much art as she wants. At the same time, the gallerist will show her art and takes a small commission. It is a win-win situation, generous and supportive. Elena, on her Instagram account, post...
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True Beauty

  Thank you Leigh for sharing this x                   [Author: French la Vie]
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Worn Smooth

Certainly, a person wore this since their baptism Because the medal has been worn  smooth on both sides.   Imagine the prayers that brought confidence because who would wear a religious medal all their life if they didn’t have a knowing in faith?   Blog  reader Ellen has this psalm on her FB « … why would I fear the future for I am being  pursued only by your goodness  and unfailing love. » psalm 23:6  ---- The newer translation sparks the psalm anew. Maybe if I mediate that I am being pursu...
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Gathering Lavender

  Gathering lavender either early in the morning or after sunset otherwise, be prepared to be in competition with bees. The day before I planned to harvest our two thick beautiful lavender plants it rained steadily the day long. The lavender blossoms browned a bit but not too badly.       I found this old long narrow wicker basket I believe it is for collecting flowers which was the perfect place for some of the lavender I cut.         The long narrow stick holds the lid secure. A friend ...
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Monique Alphand Textile Collector

                      [Author: French la Vie]
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Imperfection Perfection

  A year ago today I was leaving California after being there for over five months. I went to  California because my brother was seriously ill. Meanwhile, Covid was creating a new passage for everyone. My time at home was an extended gift, not perfect but perfect. A year since I have seen my family it feels so odd yet familiar. So much more happened this year than I ever dared imagine.   This shattered pitcher I bought the other day at the brocante. It is from the 1700s and many many moons ago ...
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The Fourth of July

America This land was made for you and Me.                           [Author: French la Vie]
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Art at the Brocante

  For you a bouquet   At the seaside     Flowers in a vase   Rows of lavender and wheat Two boats in Cassis   Walking the trails in Saint Baume     Provencal countryside   A bridge over the Seine.   Which one do you like best?                 [Author: French la Vie]
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Dinner with Mo & Mo

Last night we went to dinner at our friend's home. We hadn't seen Mo and Mo since last year -you know how Covid makes us recalculate dates since that whole year seems to have vanished? Mo (my friend who makes pottery and lives ten minutes away) had covid she was in bed for months and only recently has started to feel better but her sense of smell and taste have not come back. Though that doesn't stop her from pumping out delicious dishes. Everything she served was homegrown, homemade, and to...
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Thank You

The drive home. Safe and sound and a soft bed to fall into.   Yann thanks you all very much for your thoughtful messages.   If anything this year so far has taught me to love big and bigger and not to stop.                       [Author: French la Vie]
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Ever Changing Light

Five hours drive  through magnificent countryside to an area I had never seen Aix les Bain. We went for one night while there we walked by the lake Yann told me that during WWII a German plane crashed into it two people drown and the other two were rescued.  Germany in turn released four French prisoners. Random conversation. We came to attend Yann’s cousin’s funeral  who died of covid… healthy, no underline conditions, loved enormously, a generous figure in the community. Tragic. He had his fi...
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Love Thyself

                      [Author: French la Vie]
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Breakfast at Ching’s

Breakfast at Ching's (my friend who I met on my blog ten or is it twelve years ago) in Cassis with her beautiful collection of dishes from our friend Mo.       The sweetest melon from the market in Cassis, croissants, pain au chocolate, fresh soft cheese, and jams.     Yes, they were buttery, flakey, fresh from the baker's oven which is directly downstairs from Ching's apartment. Cassis market is every Tuesday and Friday mornings early until noonish. The cheese stand a favorite and ha...
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Eternal June

  "I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June." —L.M. Montgomery   " If it could only be like this always – always summer, the fruit always ripe…" —Evelyn Waugh      "It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside." —Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib                     [Author: French la Vie]
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When We Were Young

  What we do when we are young and in love. Sacha flew to visit his girlfriend in Spain he was with her for ten days after working literally non-stop for several weeks. Tired and jetlag seem not to have the same hold on a person at that age, nor when you miss the person you love. His flight details, crazy itinerary to have the best price ticket. Plus he did not fly home but to Bozeman for a wedding. He arrived Friday after midnight and the wedding was today. Changing planes that many times addi...
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Drinking From a Tall Glass

  Anticipation. Seven-hour drive due to stops to play, when we arrived in Barcelona we needed a drink and Gabriel was for it. He wanted to sit in a big chair, so here we were waiting for our drinks to come.     These days his favorite foods are pasta, yogurt, and breastmilk- - a drink in a Tall Glass was coming watching him discover is delightful.   A happy little smile of wonder and awe. Apple juice in a tumbler.       Gabriel took hold of his apple juice in the tall glass and went for ...
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Barcelona in Bloom

    Red Asoka-Trees were blooming in Barcelona, which I had never seen before, the ground was covered with blooms.           Along with red blossoms above us and at our feet the Tipu trees were in bloom as well.       Red, yellow and purple against striking colorful backdrops. My neck was sore from looking up all day.             This lovely is a Brazilian Rosewood. Now, don't think I am clever knowing the names of these blooming trees I know flowers such as roses, tulips, lavend...
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One Day

                [Author: French la Vie]
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