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French la Vie This Week

    The first of the season, French la Vie's latest group started out yesterday for a week, to be followed by a second group. Gloria, Barbara, Jennifer and I had such fun! Easter week is full of brocantes in villages throughout Provence, this first group wanted to focus on textiles as they are crafters and artists who teach classes on different techniques using textiles. Luck would have it that we have met the mother lode of textiles at every brocante we have encountered. So much so that my eye...
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Notre Dame love, faith and the promise of Joy!

  Yesterday I wanted to share about Yann's marathon which was on Sunday but the fire at Notre Dame consumed my every thought, and the marathon trailed far behind in what I wanted to post on my blog. Though today I saw a connection that seemed to bring a moment of stillness in the sadness of what has happened. Chelsea (seven months pregnant) and I followed Yann while he ran the marathon in Paris by mapping out his course, calculating where and at what time he would be along the 42 km trail so th...
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Notre Dame

  Utter sadness, beyond scope, a tragic loss.  Notre Dame survived hundreds of year, touched millions, was a beckon of faith. More than any other monument Notre Dame is the one I had visited the most. Countless Masses and prayers, visits with nearly everyone I ever knew who came to Paris with me.  I wish words were magic, and that this would simply be a bad dream. Words seem shallow in the depths of this moment.   I took the above photo on a rare evening where I waited to be the last person to ...
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Marathon Man

He did it! 24 miles 42 KM. He said it felt great until it didn't, the last four miles he could not feel his legs. But he is ready to do it again. I posted videos of the day on my Instagram stories and on Facebook.  Such a highly charged day! I will tell more, but we left the marathon and took a train back home as I have a Group coming for a French la Vie Journey. Life is never dull. xxx        Related Stories Running the Marathon in ParisApril First Joke that Still Makes me Laugh and Yann Not...
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Running the Marathon in Paris

                Yann is running the marathon in Paris tomorrow (Sunday). If you would like to cheer him, on and follow his progress you can do so by downloading the app Schneider, then you will need to look up his name Yann Rolland-Benis . He starts at 9:00 in the morning (Midnight in California), Chelsea and I will go to different parts of the course to cheer him on. Last year Chelsea ran the marathon this year she is doing a marathon due in June.         Things to ...
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Photo Messages From Sacha

  Should he shave his mustache? His beard? I said no so loud I am sure he heard me in Seattle.         [Author: French la Vie]
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In Memory of My Dad on his Birthday

  Today was the day my dad was born. Repost from 2008   ------------       My dad's shop was a milking barn but when I was fourteen he stopped dairy farming and went into motorcycles. He kept farming rice, and went riding on the weekends. My dad had many different motorcycles, his Harley was his favorite. Later the shop became a hang out for those who loved to eat, breath and sleep motorcycles. My brothers, cousins, and friends still gather there to shoot the bull, drink beer and occasionally w...
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Dogs Doing the Brocante

  On top of the table at the brocante two dogs, not one, but two dogs sat on top of boxes of old postcards. The brocante dealer tried to reassure me, "They're not mean, just playful." "Lucky for me," I tried to smile, "I do not need any more postcards."       Brocante with dogs. Is someone, somewhere trying to tell me something?  What would I have done if those little critters were hopping about on a brocante table that had everything I ever had hoped to find? Good question, and so happy I did...
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Off the Beaten Path in France, Where is it?

    I am often asked about France, it makes sense given that I live here and write a blog about it. When I travel to a new place I like to have a few facts about the place in my pocket too. A good restaurant, a must see or do sort of thing, where to stay... a few starting bits so that I have a foot on the ground when I arrive. The main question I am asked (outside of brocantes and where to stay) is about the secret spots, the hidden places, the off the beaten track... the real "France". I have ...
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Mini Tarte Tatins

  Tarte Tatin is one of my favorite French desserts, it is a classic down to earth recipe when it comes to the array of French desserts, it is not the Marie Antoinette of pastries, instead, it is a French Country type that I can imagine having at a long farm table by an open fire. The other day I had every intention to make a Tarte Tatin, but time was not on my side and guests where around the corner. So I had to improvise that is what I do since I usually have too many grand ideas and little t...
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Arriving to Marseille by Train

    The TGV (high-speed train) from Marseille to Paris and visa versa takes three hours it is significantly faster than driving by car or by flying. I returned home tonight after spending a few days in Paris visiting my dear friend Laura from Colorado and then this weekend with Chelsea.  Delightful. Happy. Even if too short.     "The train station in Marseille opened on 8 January 1848, on the land of the Saint Charles Cemetery. The station is perched on top of a small hill and is linked to the ...
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Peeks into Beautiful Paris

    Paris is a wonderland this Spring as the pink blooming trees are wearing nature's crown jewel.  Against the greyish white buildings, the pink is intensified.          The light in Paris, mixed with the stark stone facades and the blooming trees is striking.            Where to See The Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Paris Notre Dame Cherry Blossom Trees. Rue Monge Cherry Blossoms in Bloom. Eiffel tower covered in Cherry Blossoms. Parc Monceau in Bloom. Jardin des Plantes in Bloom. Jardin ...
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Sweetness of Friendship

  “A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” George Elliot       Yesterday evening I came to Paris to see my friend Laura who was in Paris from Colorado with her daughter Lily, Ryan her son in law and granddaughter Camille. We met for dinner.  The last time I saw Laura I was pregnant with Chels...
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Heading Towards Paris

        Love as you know has no limits, and where takes us is on a journey to wholeness.   I am on the train to Paris... it is such a beautiful day, and as the train whizzes through the countryside spring is there waving its hands.             [Author: French la Vie]
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The Holy No

Tomorrow I am going to Paris to see a friend I have not seen since I was pregnant with Chelsea. Laura was one of my closest friends in the monastery. Laura left around the time that I did- she married, had children, a career, a beautiful life... and tomorrow we will remember and share our stories of then, in between and now. I can hardly wait to see her.  Here is a story I posted about Laura last year:     When I lived in a monastery, the Abbot asked who knew how to cut hair? I raised my hand, I...
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April First Joke that Still Makes me Laugh and Yann Not so Much

    On April 1st the French give each other chocolate fish called: "Friture." The tradition has it that on the 1st of April children try to stick a homemade paper fish onto people’s backs without the person knowing it, then run away yelling, ‘Poisson d’Avril’ (April's Fish), which is like saying, "April Fools'!". The tagged person is meant to give the trickster fritures, small chocolate fishes. Since Easter is usually around April 1st, the chocolate fish "fritures" are also given at Easter...
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Portrait Memories of Carpentras 1914

          Glued on the stone columns along the arcade in Carpentras was the reproduction portraits from Louis Rama who earlier in the year had an exposition of portraits he created of WWI. Louis Rama called the exposition "Our Faces 1914" their memories.     The exhibition was of portraits of soldiers curated from old photographs entrusted by families from Carpentras and the surrounding area. The families,  inhabitants of Carpentras, had fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, who ha...
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All one Needs

  All one needs is love, well actually to love and be loved. Thank you, Mom and Dad (even though you are not here physically) for the love, you showed me and for the love, I saw you share so freely with others. Love what a difference it makes. x         [Author: French la Vie]
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Questions You have Asked Me?

  I look forward to checking in with u every day because life in France has the appearance of something more. I still can figure out if this is true. So my question is a request to have you add small ideas of change that you have learned in France and from your mom.   France has a long rich deep history which weaves itself within time as it goes throughout the ages. Carried on with respect and sometimes upheaval the culture and history of France are present in everyday life. From the architectu...
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Questions / Answers about my Life in France

    Where do you store everything you buy at the brocantes  to be sold later? In my house, in our place in Paris, in my studio, under my bed, in my closets, in the garage, between the sheets, under pillows, stacked on the bookshelves, on the chairs who needs to sit? Stacked in the corner, on the top on my head.       Do you have someone who packs it up and ships it out? Do you do your own bookkeeping? All of which are time-consuming  chores.   30 percent of what I do regarding ...
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Q/A Second Part of What Some of You Have Asked Me

  Do you like to garden? Or to design gardens? I like to pick flowers in the gardens. I like to sit in beautiful gardens. I admire my mom's garden. I do not mind gardening but it is not something I think to do instead I do it out of necessity. I like to take photos of gardens. Do I like to design gardens? Not as much as I like buying garden elements.         What is Yann’s occupation? Private long term real estate investor.     Other than family and friends what do you miss m...
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Responding to Yesterdays Comments

  Do the French have a specific retirement age? Will you and Yann ever formally "retire"? "In France, the general rule is that you must retire at age 67 and you can retire from age 62, as long as you have worked 41 years. According to a 2008-law, which was strongly opposed by the Left, you are now permitted to retire later (until age 70), but only if you wish." Via Understanding France.  Regarding whether Yann and I will ever formally retire... at first I thought we would retire early, an...
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Do You Have Any Questions for Me

  It has been nearly 14 years that I have been blogging, sometimes with gusto, sometimes with a peek, usually with a photo. Do you have any questions for me? I will answer them in tomorrow's post.           [Author: French la Vie]
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Faded Tulip Romance

  I love when tulips end like this. Reminds me that every stage is beautiful, has something to offer.             [Author: French la Vie]
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The Work Day: Preparing the Nest

  Chelsea and Martin (who live and work in Paris) came "home" for a long weekend. Their first stop was a local second-hand store where they bought a few pieces for the new apartment. Nothing puts a fire under one to get a move on like an upcoming baby. Nesting is a real thing, and it was in full gear this weekend.  Luckily we live fifteen minutes or so from Martin's parents, so it tumbled into place, each us of picking up a task to cleaning up the pieces Chelsea and Martin bought, a work day an...
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Scrap Jars Just Another Way of Saying Scrapbook

    The little things I have collected that have no real value on their own, due to a chip, crack or a tear instead of throwing the defaulted bits and pieces away, or disregarding them to a chest of drawers never to be seen again instead I have collected these fragments in apothecary jars. Creating, "scrapbooks or "scrap jars". No need to turn the page to see what is next in the scrapbook instead all I need to do is turn the jars around.   Do you have scrapbooks? Of junk drawers as my...
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Violets the Bravest Flower

  Violets. The bravest little flower dares to bloom before spring announces itself Receives a white winter coat and a heavy tiara of raindrop diamonds,  Blooming purple with a note of glee. Here I am, such a tender little flower reminding me of faithfulness against the odds, courage with grace. What is your favorite flower?         [Author: French la Vie]
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Are Sandals Worn in the Louvre

  Heavenly soles at the Louvre.   After all these years of living in France, the Louvre never ceases to amaze me. If I lived in the Louvre I would feel the same way it is a feast for the eyes.         Whenever I go to the Lourve I like to focus on one thing and take photos of just that one thing for example; One time I took photos of frames, another time signatures, yet another time people taking photos of the Mona Lisa. This time I took photos of feet in sandals: Heavenly Soles.           Yo...
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Everything has a Story to Tell

        1800s Spode DemiTasse Found at the Avignon International Fair over twenty years ago. A setting for eight. Plates, saucers, demitasses, teacups, creamer and sugar bowl to match. While carrying them back to the cupboard I tripped. Five demitasses danced to dust. ... We hold people, places, things which in time became part of who we are. They tell us our story, hold our memories, feelings, they gather our history as we love and live with them. They become intertwined with...
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Friendships Through Blogging

  Singing the song of my memories, it is a beautiful gift to have. Petal after petal Sharing memories especially with those who need to hear how their lives have touched mine. Thank you for reading my blog, for your ever generous response, for the many gifts you have given me by your words, friendship, prayer, and good thoughts. I am lucky to know you, and my life is fuller because of it.         [Author: French la Vie]
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