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My Addiction Starts with a B

  I am in full baby mode now that Chelsea is four months pregnant. My train was an hour wait. Instead of reading, or having lunch I found myself walking towards the baby boutique to indulge in the inevitable baby clothes. Oh my it could be worse than my addiction to the brocante. I for one never thought that could happen but here I am in full baby mode, little clothes are really sweet! February seventh Chelsea and Martin will find out the gender. Certainly, that will open the closet to a fuller...
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Provence. Paris. Poland. Italy

  The morning sun could not penetrate the coldness that was left behind from the hours of darkness, this morning it was 26 Fahrenheit.  It has been colder. In Paris, a blanket of white greeted Yann who had a meeting there. Though he missed Chelsea as she flew to Poland for her work, I am sure it was colder than Paris. Sacha is in Italy, his heart is warm so nothing else matters. What is the weather like in your part of the world?        Related Stories Covering France from Head to Toe with A...
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The Cassis Home Renovation: The Stairwell

    The Cassis Home is in a building from the 1900s in the center of Cassis, but the stone walls date further back, possibly the building was two dwellings that merged into one. Part of the interesting discoveries made when renovating an old place comes from underneath the layers of previous renovations. Point in question is when we started to renovate the stairwell. The two upper staircases, the top staircase leads to a terrace with a panoramic view of Cassis and the second staircase leads to...
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The Unknown Road Ahead

  Late in the afternoon, I said goodbye to Chelsea to catch the TGV back to Provence. As the train traveled through the countryside with the scenery flashing by accentuated with the setting sun my memories of Chelsea as a baby came to mind. Sweet Chelsea. My first born. My ten-pound baby. My little girl now becoming a mother. Time is going by bringing different scenery and another stage to play upon. Life is mysteriously wonderful, as someone said regarding being a parent, "Days go by slowly ...
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The Baby Bump

The Baby Bump. Chelsea is four months along. Nearly at the halfway mark.   She never has felt sick, a bit sleepy, but other than that she feels good. Next month they will know the gender. The baby is due around June 15th. Of course, I am going to have a guessing game later on. Chelsea dreamed that she was having a boy, four dreams to be exact, and once the baby had a beard. Chelsea felt the baby move and so did I. Oh the joy of life.           [Author: French la Vie]
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Covering France from Head to Toe with Antique Quilts

  If I took every quilt I have ever seen from the French brocantes and laid them out  they would cover France from head to toe. Can you imagine how beautiful that would look from up above? The women and maybe a few men who over the hundreds of years have created  a national treasure with their handiwork, stitches, their creative force, choice of color and pattern. Needless to say, if I laid out the monogrammed laced sheets, pillowcases and why not throw in the dishtowels the entire planet wou...
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Becoming French

(Photo French Flag found on Pinterest no link was available)   I did it!   Nearly, eighteen months ago I applied for my French citizenship. Yesterday, in Nice, I had an interview with the immigration authorities. I was anxious that I might not answer something correctly and be told I wasn't accepted. To be safe I read everything I could online and went over hundreds of questions that they could ask me. Questions such as: "Why I wanted French citizenship? Name five French philosophers? What is la...
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Blogging Detail

Hi! Some of you have mentioned that you are having problems seeing my blog, or having trouble leaving a comment can you please respond to the follow: For the readers still having commenting issues, could you have them contact us at [email protected] and mention Ticket ID 6DPMOZQFLA2G?  That way we can work with them directly.   Thank you, Corey         [Author: French la Vie]
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An Encouraging Note From My Niece

Guess what I got?           [Author: French la Vie]
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What I Found at the Brocante

  Usually, after going around a brocante several tours I start to look at smalls. They never disappoint with their purpose, meaning and evident stories worn proudly for everyone to see. Honor medals are easy to find, usually given by an organization, the city or country. This one with a young girl playing music to a dear was from the 1950s. The round glass frame, is easy to find as well usually they have photos of loved ones, this one had one on both sides. Sometimes there are messages inside, ...
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Baby Boy Buggy Dreams

  Chelsea is four months pregnant. Not showing just thick around the waist. Chelsea feels great and has not been ill a single day, lucky Pup. They hope to find out the sex of the baby next month. Shortly after she was pregnant, and when I say shortly after, I mean probably the day she was pregnant though they did not know that they were and certainly I did not know that, I had a dream that she had a boy. I called her and asked if she was pregnant and she laughed, "No, I don' t think so." I drea...
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One Thousand and One Nights

  At the brocante where objects have a way of finding me an early 18OOs collection of, One Thousand and One Nights ,' seduced me by the royal blue book-jackets with gilded lettering. Gently opening them perfectly intact engravings, and words that evoke mystery. "Prince of True Believers, what-so thou want-est, Hundred golden pieces, exceeding wonder, pomegranate grains, magnetic mountain, wend the way, young man burst, cast thy net, honey fritters, kissed the earth, ebony horse, shaved be...
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Cassis Home Renovation Project

    If I did not have such a great team to work with I would never agree to step in and project manage such an undertaken of Cassis Home. Plus if Ching and Gary were not good friends of mine and if they weren't one hundred percent behind every decision I make I would never be doing this. But since the "Team" is behind me and creativity is free rein this is one of the best projects, that am lucky and happy to be part of it.  What I mean is that this apartment was good enough, it was livable but ...
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Paying Attention to the Little Things that Speak Loudly

                              The small details of how we live our lives measure large. Isn't it true that we can have a feeling about a person in how they shake your hand or look into your eye? Wouldn't you agree that generosity of spirit can be seen in how someone smiles? I want not to count the cost but being the cost, to give because it is the loving way. Not measured and calculating.                            It is in such details that speak of who we are. Live life large by living fully ...
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The Language of Love

  Recently, I found several French postcards in souvenir booklet from the 1900s. What caught my eye was that the cards were in series, extra charming, depicting the language of love in unusual ways such as the language of love in stamps. Depending on how one would stamp an envelope for example if the stamp was upside down it meant, "Believe in me" if the stamp was sideways it meant I like you.         If a stamp was put on like an upside down diamond it meant, "I am dying for your love".     ...
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  Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose.   Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently,                     until the song that is your life falls   into your own cupped hands and   you recognize and greet it.     Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of rescue.       -Martha Postlewaite         [Author: French la Vie]
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Words I find Beautiful

  Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose.   Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently,                     until the song that is your life falls   into your own cupped hands and   you recognize and greet it.     Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of rescue.       -Martha Postlewaite         [Author: French la Vie]
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You Never Know When a Moment Can Make up for Another Moment

  A glorious winter morning, crisp clear, sunny we did not need a coat while sitting at an outdoor cafe along the port with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a croissant. A Wannabe Friend came along with soulful eyes that spoke gently without saying a word. I smirked, not in a mean way, but as to say, "Out of all the people in the cafe you came by me?". My friend that understands dogs whispered, "He wants a bite of your croissant, he is an old dog you needn't be afraid." The Wannabe...
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Molly the Mermaid Turns Sixteen

                        Wet seaweed full of sand I gathered up, admiring the texture and subtle colors, remembering as a child how I could hardly stand to look at it, let alone touch it. With seaweed in hand, I walked back to my brother's campsite, Molly (my five-year-old niece) ran up to me. When she saw the seaweed she asked what I was going to do with it. "I am going to make a seaweed crown do you want to wear it?"  I was certain she would shake her head no, then run and hide. Instead she sa...
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Baby Brocante is my Goal

        I bought a baby basket bed for the baby who is loved beyond measure. Years ago I sold a napkin ring with bebe engraved on it which means "Baby" in English, yeah now I want to find one of those, plus a charm like the one I sold above as well. I guess you could say I have baby brocante on my mind which suits me well considering I have no more room in our home for anything... well except baby brocante stuff.  Baby sheets, baby blankets, baby clothes, a highchair, a stroller... oh my a s...
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First Steps to Renovating the Apartment in Cassis

    At the beginning of renovating this apartment, we were faced with the same issues that we had when we renovated ours in Cassis. The apartment is on a few levels, There isn't a yard or garage to store or work on things, The apartment needed to be gutted which makes the renovation more like creating a new home within existing walls. Since the walls are made of stone, we would have to plaster most of them instead of using sheetrock, because we did not want to lose space. The walls that had bee...
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Cassis Renovation Project

  My friends Ching and Gary bought a place in Cassis and asked me if I would help them design it into a place of their own. I have worked on a few renovations for Yann and I but never for someone else. As much as I love creating spaces, design and the challenges of renovating an old place I was afraid of mixing work with friendship. After talking with Gary, Ching, and Rene who would be doing the hard work and giving us the expertise they reassured me that our friendship came first and they trus...
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Renovating a Place in Cassis

Just in case you are wondering what I have been up to ... My friend Ching and Gary bought an apartment in Cassis they hired Golden Hands Rene to do the renovations and asked me if I would guide them with the numerous decisions they need to make. The first part of renovating is removing that which is not needed or wanted. When renovating an old place you never know what you will find when you take off the old flooring, walls, and ceilings luckily for us the surprising have been positive. Underne...
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Your Theme Words

Words to set our sails, to help us find our way to aim for in our day to day lives.         "Intentional is my word for this year. I want to live my life intentionally instead of fumbling through it from one crisis to the next. I want to live, love and be loved intentionally s o that I can live my life to the fullest. " Ana   P O E T R Y   Mom of Five's word   Chances from Ed   "R eaching my goal weight, reaching out to family & friends more, Reaching out to my Neighbour to learn mor...
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The Word to Define the New Year Ahead

    Happiest New Year! A few years back Chelsea asked us to pick a word that would be our theme word for the new year. Last year I picked the word "celebrate" as it was going to be a year of many happy moments, Yann and I celebrated thirty years of marriage, I turned sixty, we went on a family cruise with Yann's family, my nieces came to visit, Chelsea and Martin married, my family came to France, Yann went on an adventure to India, friends came and stayed with us and a baby begun. The word cel...
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New Year's Eve

  The first day of the new year, what will it hold? Where will it take us, lead us? Where will our hearts be next year? As the day unfolds reflection finds me, asking me what, where, who, why, does it do the same to you?   New Year what will you ask of me? Where will my path take me? And a grandbaby! What are your hopes for this New Year?               [Author: French la Vie]
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The Honeymooners in Belize

                                  [Author: French la Vie]
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This is Exactly the Life I want to Live

    A friend has a tattoo on her forearm that reads: "This is exactly the poem I want to write." Which translated to me as, "This is exactly the life I want to live." Though I think it comes from a poem from Mary Oliver "White Heron Rises Over Blackwater" which stirred my thoughts. Lucky to even think about how I want to live my life. Lucky not to worry about basic needs, and live in peace. If truth be told the only thing I would change (other than world peace, illness, hatred...) would be th...
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Tha Boy Who Wore Pink Polish

      I found a locket at the brocante with a photo of two children sitting next to each other. The little boy has a ruffled collared shirt and cuffs, his vest and shorts are in velvet.  When Sacha was little I use to dress him like that, ruffles, velvet, in sweet antique baby things. Many people would say to me:  "Sacha is a boy you know?"     "Yes, I know."        "If you keep dressing him like a girl he is going to become a girl." "Oh, I don't believe that he will be who he will be."   I wo...
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The Fear of Dogs and Fear Itself

Just when I was making progress to be around dogs, I nearly was attacked by a Great Dane yesterday while taking out the garbage.  Our neighbor, an elderly man, was out walking his dog (which is as big as a pony) he had a chain type of leash. I greeted him by saying, "Hi George, I am not going to cross the street to give you a kiss (We give a kiss on both cheeks when we greet someone we know in France) because I am afraid of dogs, especially yours because he is so big." I smiled and added, "How w...
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