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Peaceful Distraction

A torn leaf holds the remains of last night’s thunderstorm  an insect approaches for a sip walking by I am drawn to the vibrant color  Mesmerized - my thoughts drift - leading my steps in a different direction. Literally. A few kilometers later I sense the scenery is not the same I have gone off course. I keep walking thinking romantically all roads lead to Rome, confident that I will find my way home.  A few kilometers later Rome is nowhere in sight... not worried I grabbed my phone to see ...
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Never too Old

  When you fall in love with the brocante it stays with you The older woman leaned out her window, it could be me one day.  What will you still enjoy no matter what?                       [Author: French la Vie]
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There is time for Peace

                  [Author: French la Vie]
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Finding Home

Our friends Rodger and Arnelle have generously offered their home away from home to us for a holiday shortly after we arrived we took an impromptu nap that lasted two hours! The warm breeze passing through the wisteria, the lullaby’s silence, the sturdy stone walls gave haven and we took advantage of its gift.                   [Author: French la Vie]
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Open Heart

   Open and ready may it be,  to hold to give and receive.                         [Author: French la Vie]
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Blackberry Kiss

Funny how something so small and unknown of its impact seems to sip into our consciousness, taking hold in the depths of our being becoming a symbol or a sign of something significant. On a path deep in the forest where the morning light barely penetrated, where I deliberately watched the placement of my steps as not to trip a blackberry appeared not as juicy nor a plentiful bramble but holy and pure a kiss from nature. As if it were a winning ticket I laughed out loud and knew I had found my w...
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Gabriel and his Blue Wooden Sail Boat

When Yann went to Normandy last week he brought back a blue wooden sail boat for Gabriel.   A large zinc basin served as a pond for Gabriel to sail his sailboat with sound effects he vocalized of a motorized boat vroom vroom.                   [Author: French la Vie]
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Every Step

  My daily walks continue. During the last several weeks I’ve been waking up earlier than I usually do around six so that I can have a lead beating the heat. I am not a morning person I literally have to push myself out of bed and dress with my eyes close. You might be thinking that since I go to the flea markets I must be a morning person. Yeah no. The flea markets are once a week that I can do especially since I don’t have to leave here until seven. There is an ocean of difference between 6 A...
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Sitting on my Desk

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If only I could have taken a photo this evening of the little boy (who was between three and four years old,) galloping around the village fountain in only bright yellow underwear and a homemade cape attached with a red ribbon tied around his neck. His smile was megawatt, his eyes glowing with glee as he raised both arms in the air leaping towards outer planets and fighting off evil! When we walked by he posed with his arms on his hips as his cape folded around his feet and exclaimed in a triump...
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Brocante Diet

  Months have gone by with my brocante diet fasting. I put something I had online and helped a friend sell some pieces, and well fasting no more.  As far as diets go- Green salad is healthy.     Green beans with ginger.       Apples, meet the need for the crunch. But not when someone else is eating them.       Melon softens the sweet tooth.         Home grown tomatoes stand miles apart from store-bought in flavor. Toast with homegrown tomato and salt. Best lunch.         Strawberries, ...
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So Worth Listening To...

                      [Author: French la Vie]
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Readjusting Slowly

Thank you to High Anxiety’s Instagram account for the above images and quotes.   Returning to France this time has not been as smooth as the times before. After spending months self isolating with my mother barely seen anyone, rarely going out, and amongst other self isolating habits I did not even hug my family goodbye. The first shock of returning was simply getting on the plane, then a taxi, and then on to a very packed train. I wore my mask without taking it off over 24 hours straight....
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In the everyday

     In the stillness. In the darkness. In the forgotten places. In the daily steps. While washing the dishes and taking out the trash. In the emptiness and the fullness and especially at the end of the day, find beauty.                         [Author: French la Vie]
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Undeniably FRENCH

                    [Author: French la Vie]
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Opening the Book on the Shelf

  Voltaire's Theater Volume two. Pink paperback. Worn, though I do not believe this book was ever read. Most likely it sat on a shelf, eventually, it was put into a box and stuffed in an attic. Years later an antique dealer bought the belongings of the house. Discovering the book(s) he found them interesting, decorative, valuable enough to sell. I bought three. I haven't read them, they sit as decorative objects on my shelf. Stories, dreams, hopes... Are they sitting on a shelf? Or are they in ...
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Some of Life's Pleasures

Being so close to someone you hear their heartbeat. Planting a seed and watching it bear fruit. The subtle change of one season to the next. Hearing silence. Birth. Witnessing courage. Hearing your own inner voice soothe yourself. Hugging. Stories like Annie's ... the watermelon juice. Being forgiven. Having faith without reason. Beginner's luck. Having taste for life where we can drink it in gulps. Falling stars. Memories that hold us together. Not fearing change. Human touch. Longing. Ice cold...
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Go Ahead You First

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Walking as a Prayer

                                                                    The morning walk that I have done every day since I heard about my brother's illness. Walking has become a prayer, and also time to reflect. To be thankful for what I have to be mindful, and to plant peace with each step.  The photos above are all within a mile radius of my house. I know each of these spots well; The river, the center of the village, along the cemetery wall, doors that I like, facades th...
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A Half Open Door Where is it Leading?

  "When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." Alexander Graham Bell    But what if the door only opens half-way?   Lately, life seems to be pulling out all sorts of tricks, the world's "door" seems to be half-opened like the photo above. Concerns, questions, more questions, answers that take time to unveil, unrest surfacing yet the root begging us to look deeper. Do I see the...
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    Chelsea calls him "Love Love" and he is and we do. Chelsea was washing the dishes, I was preparing something and Gabriel sat at the kitchen counter angle between us. When I saw the light, and those silk ribbon tied rolls I grabbed my cell phone to take a photo of him. It is times like that I wish my camera was as near as my phone. We are deeply in love with this little person.                          [Author: French la Vie]
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What a Collection!

                  [Author: French la Vie]
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A Bit of Brocante

  Antique paper love drool But I cannot get attached that is the downside to being a buyer. Desire.Hoarding.Sentimental. are not qualities to have if you are a buyer to resale. (Wait a sec is hoarding a quality? Insert laughing face.)        Taking the steps to reopen my online business. Though all I want to do is hold the baby. Plus the idea of going to a brocante makes me anxious given the situation we are facing. How does one social distance when one wants to dive in and dig? Will my passi...
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I Promise I Won’t Post Baby Photos Everyday...

  I promise I won't (though I that is all I want to do) post baby photos every day. Chelsea and her little family stayed with us for a few days. I am amazed I didn't gobble Gabriel up in one bite. He is a healing balm, an adorable joy, a cautious little boyboy and almost as big as me. My brother Marty asked that I send a photo of Gabriel and me, which was sweet. He said he wanted to see us together. Chelsea took this photo.     It takes every muscle in my body to lift this chunk a lunk. What...
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This Little Life

                  [Author: French la Vie]
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119 Flowers

Back in early March when I started to feel the delicate balance of our world as we know it and COVID 19  gaining ground I began to post a flower photo a day to my Facebook account to offer a sign of hope, cheer, serenity... As of today, there are 119 photos here a few of them for a Sunday Bouquet.     Flowers from my sister in law.         During a walk in my village Flowers for peace of heart                           In a shop window in Paris.   On a walk while in Paris       ...
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Mother and Child

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Mother and Child

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The Sacred Forest Where I Live: Saint Baume

  The healing grace of living and walking in the countryside.     These photos are from my village which sits at the base of the Saint Baume Mountain. The ancient stone bridges are at the Source du Nans natural park about a mile from our home. Chelsea and I strolled Gabriel there to put his feet in the ice-cold natural spring which is said to be the tears of Mary Magdelena (read more below).      My form of physical exercise is walking. I started walking several years ago but when I went to C...
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Blackberries What is it Lately

On the trail, I spotted a small blackberry patch its pink petals waved me over, the blackberries are weeks away from ripeness. As I walked on I thought, "What is it with blackberries this year?" It is as if it is my symbolic message guide or something. Thinking that struck me funny as Covid 19 has changed me... Today a large black beetle was crossing the road I assumed it would be flattened before it could cross safely. Before Covid 19 I would have been too afraid to pick it up but not today...
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