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Exclusive: My Dead Dad Teaser Trailer Starring Pedro Correa

ComingSoon is excited to debut the exclusive teaser trailer for the upcoming drama My Dead Dad, starring Pedro Correa (Little Fires Everywhere). The film will have its World Premiere at the 2021 Woodstock Film Festival later this month. RELATED: Exclusive: The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Clip Starring Frankie Faison “In this charming coming-of-age drama, young burnout Lucas (Correa) is notified that his estranged father has passed away,” reads the official synopsis. “Relieved to never have to...
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Jockey Kyle Frey liking Southern California and might stay awhile

Suddenly, since marrying his wife Miya, jockey Kyle Frey has a new perspective on life. Welcoming a daughter into the world will do that to a guy. Ten-month-old Skylar has caused the 29-year-old Frey to settle down in one spot. No more traveling around the country to Parx Racing, Monmouth Park, Atlantic City, Penn National, Delaware and other tracks. “I’ve moved around a lot,” Frey said this week during a respite from what so far has been a successful Del Mar meet. “I wasn’t too committed to one...
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‘Short Circuit’ Animators Liza Rhia, Jacob Frey and Ryan Green on Making the Leap to Directing Shorts for Disney+ [Interview]

Disney+ just dropped a new season of Short Circuit, a short film series that lets animators step into the director’s chair and experiment with new ideas. The newest season features five shorts from staff members who’ve been with the studio for years, working behind the scenes on some of their most beloved titles like Frozen, Moana, and even the upcoming Encanto. This new crop of shorts includes Jacob Frey‘s bittersweet trek Going Home, which captures the complex emotions that come from seeing y...
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Del Mar CEO Joe Harper: Track will ‘have a kind of a scaled-down opening’

DEL MAR — Longtime Del Mar CEO Joe Harper is happy to see fans return to the seaside track for its 82nd summer meet that begins Friday, but he’s perhaps even more pleased to see Trevor Denman back in the announcer’s booth. Harper told the Southern California News Group this week that he understood Denman’s decision to remain on his rural Minnesota farm with his wife Robin during the pandemic, telling the 68-year-old Denman to stay home as long as needed and that his job would be waiting for him ...
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What the Eagles’ “Hotel California” Really Means

During the Satanic panic of the 1980s, a new breed of witchfinder cast a dragnet through pop culture, scooping up songs, artists, and albums that were allegedly part of a demonic conspiracy to corrupt America’s youth. One song routinely appearing on such lists — “Hotel California” by the Eagles. Really? The Eagles? Biggest-selling rock band in the U.S.? Soft-rock superstars who paved the cocaine-colored way for even softer yacht rock superstars? They were hardly Black Sabbath, but ...
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Deadly chase prompts Frey to announce another Minneapolis police pursuit review

In making the announcement, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said the policy was made "far more restrictive" after a 2019 review.
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Minneapolis City Council members say Mayor Jacob Frey bypassed them to award $300K security contract

Frey called criticism over Agape's contract to provide security at George Floyd Square "political theater."
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Minneapolis DFL fails to endorse in mayor's race, but challenger Nezhad finishes ahead of Frey

Sheila Nezhad, a community organizer came in first in the final ballot, but failed to garner enough votes to win the party's backing.
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These 2 charts show how rumors of pandemic mass migration are probably overhyped

Despite news stories of mass migration during the pandemic, census data show rather typical trendlines. Jordan Siemens/Getty Images Recently released Census estimates show the pandemic didn't really change population growth. Most metro areas that saw population growth from 2018 to 2019 also grew between 2019 and 2020. Insider looked at four major metro areas to see just how much their populations changed in 2020. See more stories on Insider's business page. Despite stories about a ...
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Scientists have solved the mystery behind India's devastating flood that killed 200 people in February

The destroyed Tapovan Vishnugad hydroelectric plant after a devastating flood on February 7, 2021. Irfan Rashid/Department of Geoinformatics, University of Kashmir A massive slab of ice and rock broke off a glacier in the mountains of northern India in February. New research suggests the slab fell a mile down, resulting in a rare flood that killed 200 people. A warming climate is linked to more glacier-related landslides, so experts expect to see more of such floods. See more stories on In...
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Havana syndrome: How a “directed-energy” weapon may be injuring American intelligence operatives

In recent history, the first reports of a potential directed-energy attack on U.S. personnel came in 2016 from American diplomats working in Cuba.There's no "smoking gun" evidence of who's behind the attacks, but some U.S. officials suspect the Russians.Supporting that claim is the history of the so-called Moscow Signal, an event in which the Soviets blasted microwaves at the U.S. embassy in Moscow from 1953 to 1976.Since 2016, more than 130 U.S. government personnel have suffered symptoms linke...
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Rift between Mayor Frey and Council President Bender widens at key moment for police reform

Minneapolis is torn on best path to reform
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April Is Full of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Spring Reading List

This month we’ve got teenage telekinetics, magical twins, shapeshifters, supernatural detectives, space adventures, palace intrigue, fantasy epics, monsters, and more—plus the first-ever YA fantasy novel by io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders. Read on!Read more...
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Minneapolis police ordered to leave on bodycams during incidents

Police in Minneapolis will no longer be allowed to turn off their bodycams when responding to incidents, reports CNN. "Strengthening accountability and increasing transparency have been cornerstones of our community safety work," Mayor Frey said in the joint statement. "This update helps leadership provide a more complete and accurate picture during and after incidents, and puts officers in a better position to hold each other accountable." — Read the rest
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John Frey, ‘Cabaret Maxime’ Actor and Screenwriter, Dies at 62

John Frey, an actor, screenwriter, director and teacher known for the 2018 film “Cabaret Maxime,” died on Jan. 23 of heart failure. He was 62. Born in the Bronx, Frey graduated from the prestigious William Esper Studio for actors and had a 25-year international career in film, theater and television. Frey’s early theater acting and […]
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Google updates Play Store policies on gamified loyalty programs following confusion in India

Google has updated and broadened its Play Store policy on gaming loyalty programs to help developers better understand the practices that are permitted, months after confusion about the guidance prompted some backlash in India, the biggest Android market by users. The company said on Thursday that it now specifies guidance on gamified loyalty programs that are based on a qualified monetary transaction in an app and offer prizes of cash or other real-world cash equivalent perks. Scores of apps ru...
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The great migration of 2020: People from New York and California moved in droves this year - here are the states that benefited from the mass exodus, from Idaho to Texas

Idaho's population increased by 2.1% over the past year - the highest increase in the country. Gypsy Picture Show/Getty Images The US Census Bureau released data this week that showed the US population grew by just 0.35% between 2019 and 2020 — the smallest rate in the last 120 years. Still, there were significant shifts. Idaho — plus other western and southern states — saw the country's largest increases in population, while New York and California recorded the largest decreases. One ...
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Suburbia is an ever-changing 'microcosm of America' that could dominate the upcoming election

The home of Kimberly Fasking, 48, in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. Kimberly Fasking Suburban voters constitute approximately half of the US electorate.  They also represent a key middle ground of American voters between largely blue cities and red rural areas. Due to years of changing demographics and political fallout from the 2016 presidential election, the suburbs are no longer monolithic. Voting experts and suburban residents told Business Insider how much the suburbs have change...
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Bolshevik Brilliance On Police via Minneapolis ~ VIDEO

Opinion Ft Collins, CO –-( “I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” ~ William F Buckley Jr. From a friend and student in Minneapolis, MN: “Yesterday afternoon, Minneapolis Commissar Frey and his ‘Gang of Aging Bolsheviks’ held a press conference to report on their progress to ‘reform’ police use of force. As with Sleepy Joe, we citizens quiver at the depth of Commissar Frey’s knowledge of armed self-defense, and eagerly awaited...
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Frey asks Black community for help after Floyd unrest

Aides pushed for him to have a more visible presence out in the community, and the mayor has vowed to expand his connections.
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What Happens If the 2020 Census Fails?

A botched decennial census — a possibility that is looking more likely with the Trump administration’s push to rush the count — will create a nightmare next year and beyond. In the event the 2020 survey is unusable, there are simply no easy, or even realistic, ways to fix the problem for the aspects of government, and of society, that depend on the census.   “This is going to be a constitutional crisis. It will be a demographic disaster,” William Frey, a census expert at the Brookings In...
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A Redhead Fights for Her Life in Lady Knight Frey ~Bound & Sullied~

Lady Knight Frey ~Bound and Sullied~ is an erotic RPG where players aid the formidable female knight Frey escape a prison, slaying enemy soldiers and stealthily ducking between them as necessary whilst occasionally getting captured and violated. Frey is a revered knight of the Runelight Kingdom and one day she was asked to investigate some […]
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On policing, more Minneapolis voters trust City Council than Frey

Minneapolis residents view Mayor Jacob Frey more favorably than the City Council, but a larger share trust the council to make decisions about the police department, according to a Star Tribune/MPR News/KARE 11 Minnesota Poll.
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Call Kurtis Update: Mom Goes Four Months Without Working Fridge

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Mom who went four months without a working fridge will have to wait even longer for her replacement. With five mouths to feed, Kristy Frey had enough of Sears’ failed attempts to fix her Kenmore Elite refrigerator that is under warranty. CBS13 contacted Sears on her behalf, and the company then invited her to pick out a new refrigerator. READ MORE: Family Of Five Goes Four Months Without Working Refrigerator During Pandemic But on Wednesday, Frey said the store told her th...
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Family Of Five Goes Four Months Without Working Refrigerator During Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A mom who feeds five people says she’s gone four months during the pandemic without a working refrigerator. Sick of waiting through several failed repairs, Kristy Frey posted an amusing social media rant and called Kurtis. “In case you haven’t noticed, I wrote ‘Sears sucks’ on my fridge. It’s because it’s broken. It’s been broken for four months. Since April 3rd. April 3rd. Yeah. May, June, July. August. What? Four months without a fridge, and during a pandemic, feeding a fa...
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Mayor Frey: Gov. Walz hestitated to deploy National Guard during Minneapolis riots

State officials said the city did not give them the detailed information they needed to deploy the Guard until the next day. By then, dozens of buildings had been looted and torched.
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Mayor Frey: Gov. Walz was hesitant to deploy National Guard during Minneapolis riots

State officials said the city did not give them the detailed information they needed to deploy the Guard until the next day. By then, dozens of buildings had been looted and torched.
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Mayor Frey orders new restrictions to reduce crowding at Minneapolis bars

Bars can remain open, but indoors, only table service will be allowed. The regulation applies to taprooms, distilleries and nightclubs as well.
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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says filling $156 million budget hole may require up to 40 layoffs

The proposal is far from final and must ultimately be approved by City Council. Frey said he would seek to minimize cuts for firefighters, police officers and 911 dispatchers.
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Minneapolis Mayor Frey says filling $156M budget hole may require up to 40 layoffs

The proposal is far from final and must ultimately be approved by City Council. Frey said he would seek to minimize cuts for firefighters, police officers and 911 dispatchers.
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