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The spirits of Christmas: drinkable homemade gifts – recipes

Festive tipples for family and friends with whom, in better times, you’d usually share a Christmas drinkThis will keep for three weeks in the fridge, so it’s not one to leave under the tree in the run-up to Christmas. Continue reading...
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Watch this expert apple sculptor create juicy delights

Check out his Instagram for lots of other fruit sculptures. View this post on Instagram A post shared by J.Pereira Art Carving (@j.pereira_artcarving) Image: YouTube / J. Pereira – Art Carving
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Juicy Life-Sized Ringo Oppai Mouse Pad Overflowing With Health Benefits

Fruits Fulcute!, an erotic game full of anthropomorphic fruit girls, has become the next title to be given a life-sized oppai mouse pad based on one of its characters, this time with the well-grown Ringo gladly bearing fruit that observers would love to rest their wrists (or face) on when she is brought to the […]
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Ice, ice, flavour: 17 ways with frozen fruit and veg, from bhindi masala to cherry clafoutis

Freezer staples such as peas, spinach and blueberries aren’t just for kids and sports injuries – they are nutritious, convenient and ever so versatileFrozen fruit and vegetables get a bad rap. Bags of frozen peas suffer from their association with sports injuries, while frozen “mixed veg” brings to mind watery TV dinners. Don’t get me started on frozen bananas, which, I think we can all agree, taste nothing like ice-cream.But, in terms of nutrients, fresh is not always best. According to a recen...
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Mystery disease killing Italy's kiwi fruit trees baffles scientists

Government taskforce to study sickness devastating kiwi orchards across countryThe leaves wither and face down as if to escape the sun; the roots darken and rot. Then the leaves fall: within 10 days, all of them are gone, leaving the fruit under the sun. Within one or two years, the plant dries up and dies. There is no cure.In Italy, kiwi trees are dying en masse, and no one knows why. Last month, the Italian government announced a taskforce to study a mysterious sickness that is devastating kiw...
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Fruit Helmet / Combien ont-ils casqué pour cette vieille idée?

THE ORIGINAL? L’assurance Maladie / Health Insurance –  2001 “You eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, you strongly protect your health” Source : French Art Directors Club Agency : Young & Rubicam (France) LESS ORIGINAL Indian River Select fruit juice – 2020 “Get ready to fight” (Click image to enlarge) Source : Agency : El Autobus, Miami (USA) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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How to Choose, Store, and Eat Grapes

For a large portion of the country, it is grape season, a vastly underrated fruit season. Most of us have access to grapes all year, but fall is when they really show off. And whether you’re partaking of the season’s more unusual grape offerings or simply enjoying a standard green table grape, you should pick, wash,…Read more...
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X-ray checked avocados: 'It benefits us all if people will stop squeezing them'

In an Australian first, a farm in Western Australia is using infrared technology to scan for unbruised avocadosWhether it’s a gentle pinch of the tip, or a full-handed feel of the base, touching an avocado before you buy it is a commonplace grocery store habit. But Suzie Delroy, a second-generation farmer based just outside of Pemberton in southern Western Australia, dreams of the day avocado shopping becomes contactless. “We always do the best we can to control the avocado, but by far the bigge...
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Easy as pie: 17 mouth-watering apple recipes – from tarte tatin to roast pork belly

Baked apples are your starting point as the autumn evenings close in, but there are many more delicious ways of using the fruit, including savoury and salad dishes, and an unusual cocktailThe British apple season is a long one – spanning the earliest and latest ripening varieties, it runs from August to November – so there is no need to panic or speak of gluts. Stored under optimal conditions, apples also last a really long time, which is why we’re never without them. For the grower, apple seaso...
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Oven-Roasted Plums

I made a statement recently on social media that plums were my favorite fruit. I guess I said the same thing about cherries, at some point, which I was reminded of. But I’ll confess that I may have also said the same thing about nectarines, figs, mangoes, and litchis at some point in my life. However plums really are my favorite fruit, and I’m happy that they stick around from summer all the way through the beginning of fall. There are a lot of plums out there. In Northern California we had big...
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Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies

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5 Breakfast Ideas for Your Family

This year might not look like it usually does for our kids and school, but many of us still need to prepare for the coming school year. With that, we still need some “back to school” morning routines for our new beginnings. Try one of our 5 favorite breakfast ideas for your family to help keep up routines for your kids this school year! The beginning of the school year can be rough for children and parents. It’s just hard getting into a new schedule. The sound of the early morning alarm is never...
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Using Glucose to Fuel Your Presentation Performance

Have you ever delivered a presentation while feeling like your brain just wasn’t at its peak? It feels like your wheels aren’t spinning or your thought process has to trudge through mud to get anywhere. Some call it brain fog. It could be that you are tired or stressed. But it could also be that a lack of glucose is affecting your ability to perform at your best. You see, your brain needs sugar to function properly. In the article “Sugar and the Brain,” Harvard Medical School says, “Because the ...
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Just Use Frozen Fruit in Your Sangria

There is a lot of fruit in season at the moment, but you will not find it in my sangria. Peak-season produce can be a little pricey, but mostly it just feels disrespectful to obscure the flavor of a perfectly ripe, sun-kissed and (possibly) freshly picked blackberry or peach with a “bold” red wine. That is a job for…Read more...
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9 NOW Fresh Strawberry Summer Recipes

As strawberries are right at their peak this summer, I thought I’d share 9 NOW Ideas for yummy recipes we’ve been making over the years. Because aren’t strawberries everyone’s favorite fruit? 9 NOW Fresh Strawberry Summer Recipes 1. Strawberry Lemonade: there’s one thing I know for sure: a summer barbecue just wouldn’t be complete without a cold glass of strawberry lemonade. 2. Pop Up Pancakes Topped with Strawberry: top your pop up pancakes with fresh strawberries! 3. Strawberry Fruit Leat...
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The Scramble to Pluck 24 Billion Cherries in Eight Weeks

Every single one needs to be picked by hand — even in a pandemic. Seasonal workers say they may be essential, but they feel disposable.
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How a Fruit in Your Garden Gets Its Shiny Blue Color

Slabs of fat help give Viburnum tinus its gleam.
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Raspberry Lemonade

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In Season: Summer Fresh Peach Ice Cream

Peach season is here and we love to make fresh peach ice cream. I love late summer for this very reason, fresh fruit and ice cream go hand in hand. Our favorite fruit stand opened a few weeks ago and we’ve been eating them as fast as we can. Summer Fresh Peach Ice Cream We freeze some of our peaches, make pies, cake with peach toppings, and also make jam. Our family’s favorite way to enjoy fresh peaches is in homemade ice cream.  And I think after numerous attempts to get it just right, I thi...
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Key Lime Pie Bars

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Moelleux of Summer Fruits

This may or may not happen to you, but sometimes when I’m a guest in someone’s home, where everyone pitches in to make dinner, all eyes (or just the host’s eyes) fall on me to make dessert. Gulp. I happy to pitch in with the cooking or bringing along a few baked goodies for the weekend, but I’m not always prepared to bake on the spot. Continue Reading Moelleux of Summer Fruits...
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You Can 'Grill' Peaches With Your Waffle Maker

Grilling a piece of fresh fruit adds char, dimension, and flavor. The heat gets those juices flowing while the grates caramelize and scorch the sugars—something that’s particularly welcome if you’re dealing with a subpar peach or a not-quite-ripe nectarine. Read more...
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Greetings from Plumland

Named for the dense woodlands of tall and mighty oak trees in the 19th century, come summertime, I sometimes wonder if Oakland should be called Plumland instead. Most of those original oaks are long gone, cut down to make space for the growing city, as pavement invaded the landscape like a thicket of unrelenting weeds. Now it seems like the dominant flora comes in the form of plum trees. Sprouting along sidewalks and leaning over backyard fences, as if peeking out to say hello to passersby, they...
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How You Get Your Berries: Migrant Workers Who Fear Virus, but Toil On

Many laborers in New Jersey follow the ripening of crops up the East Coast. Each influx of new workers brings the risk of a fresh outbreak.
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This Is the Secret to the Crunchiest Fruit Crumble

Double-baking the crumb topping keeps it wonderfully crisp over its jammy fruit filling.
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Juicy fruits: 17 ways to cook with cherries – from sorbet to vodka to black forest gateau

Paired with chocolate for dessert or pickled and served over mackerel, there’s so much you can do with cherries this season – just invest in a stoner first As cherry season gets into full swing, allow me to recommend a small, but judicious, purchase – buy yourself a cherry stoner.You may already have one in a drawer somewhere – a tool you’ve inherited without ever knowing what it is: little sprung jaws featuring a spoon with a hole in it on one side and a corresponding protrusion on the other. Y...
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Stop calling durian stinky

The first time I tried durian, I was 13, sitting in the back of my maternal grandfather’s van as we drove around Manila. He had moved there with his wife, a Filipina woman, and their young son, and this was my second time visiting. Someone might have vaguely mentioned the smell of durian might be off-putting, but what I recall the most is hearing that durian is the most delicious fruit in the world — that what I was about to taste would change my life forever. So when a relative handed me spl...
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Post office evacuated and workers treated for durian exposure

Police and emergency services evacuated a post office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt after employees reported a horrible smell emanating from a suspect package. Turns out it was a small shipment of durian, the horrifically pungent fruit popular in southeast Asia. From CNN: "A total of twelve postal workers who complained of nausea had to be taken care of on site," police in Schweinfurt said, adding that six were taken to the hospital as a precaution. Six ambulances, five first-res...
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Smelly durian fruit forces evacuation of Bavarian post office

Six workers taken ill after suspicious package emitting pungent odour causes panicAn overwhelming smell emitting from a suspicious package at a Bavarian post office caused six workers to be taken ill and many more evacuated – only for police to discover that durian fruit, and not a dangerous gas, was the cause of the panic.Police and firefighters rushed to the scene on Saturday over fears that a parcel was releasing a harmful substance. Postal workers had reported feeling sick, and 12 received t...
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Eating Thai Fruit Demands Serious Effort but Delivers Sublime Reward

Many delicious species in Thailand, “the Great Power nation of fruit,” require laborious peeling and careful chewing. Then there’s the sticky fingers, stench of death and occasional disappointment.
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