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Restrain Yourself! Home For Sale – Free Bondage Extras!

The Source: And the money shot…
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Excellent absurd video of Boston Dynamics SPOT robot wearing a horse head

Someone outfitted a Boston Dynamics SPOT mobile robot with a silly fake horse head and suddenly the future of robotics looks a lot less scary. As esteemed futurist Jim Dator once said, "Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous."
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Truth In Real Estate Advertising

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The original Star Trek crew visits Earth during COVID-19

"He's dead, Jim." (via Laughing Squid)
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How Many People Can You Spot in These MLS Photos?

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Every item scanned as "Mr Potato Head" in glitch at department stores

Yesterday, five large department stores in the towns of Lindsay and Whitby, Ontario, Canada had to temporarily stop ringing up customers because every item scanned at the register showed up as Mr. Potato Head. "A point of sale downloading error caused item names to appear incorrectly," said Cathy Kurzbock, manager of external communications for department store chain Canadian Tire. "It has since been corrected and the stores are operating normally." Apparently, they don't suspect this...
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Desperate Times or Desperate FSBO?

This could also be filed under ‘Truth in Advertising’…
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Real Estate Truth In Advertising :)

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FSBO Marketing At It’s Best… (Well At Least It’s Cheap!) :)

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones recut as a buddy cop film

From Imperator Cuts, The Nice Guys meets Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. No surprise, but I bet I'd prefer this to the original.
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Door, Lots of Doors, To Avoid :)

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The Single Best Offer In Real Estate?

Hmmmm. I wasn’t interested in buying the house, but now I know you are throwing in a tattoo that changes everything!   If you enjoyed this post you’ll certainly enjoy these other ‘Just For Fun’ posts!
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Chicken enjoys riding bicycle with human

This unusual chicken enjoys joining their human for a relaxing bike ride. Turns out that chicken is not the only chicken who enjoys a bit of cycling. Here's one in Denmark. They're a silkie chicken. Look at that cute blue helmet. Chicken on a bicycle!
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Watch this ridiculous and wonderful low-budget remake of Alien, by the Cardboard Movie Co.

It's been five years since the recycling auteurs at Cardboard Movie Co. released "Jurassic Park: Low-budget Remake." Now they are back with the xenomorphtastic "Alien: Low-budget Remake." Were you terrified by the #Xenomorph in our low budget #Alien remake? Take a look at our #creaturecreator Enrique Piñeros working his magic behind the scenes! #cardboardcreations #moviepropsreplica @donttrythis @testedcom @RidleyScottCG— Cardboard Movie Co (@cardboardmovies) Jun...
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Russian cake shop builds life-sized Putin cake bust for Russia Day with 'mystery filling'

Okay, so what's the mystery filling? The Moscow Times reports that a cake shop in Russia has “baked a mystery-filling cake carved in the shape of President Vladimir Putin’s bust ahead of Friday’s Russia Day national holiday.” The life-sized bust of Vladimir Putin will be displayed along with cakes in the likeness of his Russian government predecessors: Stalin, Gorbachev, and Tsar Nicholas II, all to be showcased in an “impromptu exhibition” in the Far Eastern city of Yakutsk. “Each leader’s ...
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Does Adding A Nude Real Estate Agent Improve The Listing Photo?

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10 jokes from philosopher Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek is a remarkably funny philosopher, who has a joke for every theory and can explain things in a fun way. His tendency to joke has helped endear him to the public, though it does sometimes irk curmudgeons. Not every joke he makes is suitable for republishing here. Join Slavoj Žižek live on Big Think today (June 11) at 1 pm ET! Join the live stream free via YouTube and Facebook, or via Big Think Edge (for subscribers only). Add event to your calendar Slavoj Žižek is a world famous ph...
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Stormtroopers wearing upside down helmets look silly and happy

Stormtroopers wearing upside down helmets are far less intimidating. Search Google for many more memetastic upside down Stormtrooper helmet gags. (And yes, I realize that the cap of the helmet is still right-side up.) These happy Stormtroopers would make great bad guys in the "Star Wars But With Tiny Lightsabers" feature film. (Thanks, Lux Sparks-Pescovitz!)
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Hilarious, Head-scratch and Inappropriate Marketing

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Grandpa gets a little too carried away with the VR headset

Dude is 81 and seriously into it. “I set up the vive at my grandfathers house for his 81st birthday and he got a little too immersed.” A funny video from 2016 that is again making the viral rounds this week on Reddit and IMGUR. Worth watching the original. [source]
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Watch this baby laugh while eating an ice cream cone for the first time

Pure happiness. I never get tired of "babies experiencing the weirdness of ice cream" videos. Pure happiness Here are more babies eating ice cream videos to wholesome up your day.
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25 Baffling Bathrooms, Kitchens and Real Estate Photos

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Smashed window in Memphis brilliantly labeled as artwork

"Lost a window to the riot, didn't lose an opportunity," writes Memphis resident Tagawat on r/Memphis. (Thanks, Jeff Cross!)
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Unusual Property From Around The World

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"In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab"

"In lieu of flowers, please pay someone's open bar tab." That's the request to those mourning the loss of one Randall Jacobs of Phoenix, Arizona, who died at age 65. According to his obituary, RJ, aka Uncle Bunky, "told his last joke, which cannot be printed here, on May 4th, 2020." He sounds like a real character and will be greatly missed by those who knew him. From When the end drew near, he left us with a final Bunkyism: "I'm ready for the dirt nap, but you can't leave...
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Could Anyone Say No To This Real Estate Agent? ;)

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MasterClass: Your dad teaches loading the dishwasher

Learn from the world's best. Written and directed by Kathleen Cameron; starring Jim Cameron; original music by
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Why People Delete Their Facebook Accounts

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And now, a coronavirus message from Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

What do we have here? Why, it's the 73rd Communique of the CPSUZOeD (May 2020), a rare video release from Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, with an important message about the coronavirus pandemic. Sent to Boing Boing by way of art-prankster Johannes Grenzfurthner, who informs us that the video was originally recorded for "Der Standard Corona-Stage." If you don't know about Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, there's a Wikipedia page about them here. [WATCH: DailyMotion, Vimeo]
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Austria like you’ve never seen it before

Austria has an almost-exclave, connected to the motherland via a single dot on a mountaintop.Habsburgs were so fancy, they were buried in three different locations across Vienna.These and other absurd and obscure facts about Austria are the subject of a highly entertaining Twitter account. Unless you're into skiing, double monarchies or "The Sound of Music," you probably don't give Austria much thought. Yet everybody's second-favorite Alpine republic is a locus of many weird and wonderful fact...
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