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13 Made-to-Last Pieces by a North Carolina Furniture Company You Should Know

Here on the Remodelista team, we’re often lamenting the rise of disposable furniture. In a time of mass production and throwaway culture, it’s hard to know how furniture is made, and whether a sofa will hold up over decades of sitting or whether it’ll start to sag—or, worse, collapse—after just a few years. Fortunately there are companies like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams making furniture with a focus on superior craftsmanship and quality. Founded in the US in 1989 and based on 70 acres in Taylo...
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DIY plywood chair with book storage

Laura Kampf made this cool looking plywood chair with a storage space for books. She says she'll upload plans for making one of your own soon. If you like videos of people making things, I highly recommend Laura's YouTube channel. She makes a new thing every week, such as a cargo bike, a bike trailer for her dog, and a solar food dehydrator. I don't know how she does it! Image: YouTube
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Phillipe Starck’s Broom – A sustainable chair that swept away industrial waste like magic

Here is some food for thought – what if our leftovers could be turned to functional furniture that looked food? I mean good, that looked good! Phillipe Starck is a French designer which means he eats really good food and has managed to turn the leftovers into some really good chairs called the Broom for Emeco. Global food waste (aka leftovers) is twice as high as predicted reports CNN but leftovers don’t necessarily mean just food – it is any waste that ends up in the trash and the solution to...
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Sweden’s first cat psychologist helped create this perfect cat home!

Anyone who has a pet knows that we only work hard to give them the life they deserve, and just like us the folks at 24 Storage understand that you must pamper your children especially the furry ones! So they came up with this ingenious Cat Flat that looks like a modern piece of furniture on the outside and keeps your cats happy on the inside. It is essentially a penthouse for your cat that matches your living room.The Cat Flat has been carefully designed based on the advice of Sweden’s first c...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A profile of a successful education system, international art news, paramedical tattooing and more The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in …
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This sustainable crib was made without using a single drop of fossil fuel

The challenge with designing the Fossil Free Crib wasn’t so much in the design, but was in researching the materials the crib would require. Almost every material available to designers today involves a fraction of fossil fuel… whether it’s crude oil used to make plastic or something as basic as the gasoline used in chainsaws that cut down trees. Ultimately, materials are transported from source to factory to consumer using petrol. Designing a crib is easy… designing a crib without using a sin...
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2Merge Table by Prismatique

Prismatique’s stunning 2Merge table is named for the familiar traffic sign that suggests we play nice when driving on the highway. The table’s base is the reason for the name, as the angled Y of the legs recalls the trajectory described by the merge iconography. 2Merge’s stainless steel base is indeed unorthodox. It has a slightly off-kilter aesthetic that works wonders for stability. It’s also offset nicely by Prismatique’s line of ultra-thin tabletops. Top options in...
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Student-friendly furniture designs that make your room insta worthy!

When you’re living alone, you tend to choose home spaces that are compact and tiny, befitting the needs of one. Hence, it becomes extremely important to fill up your living space with space-saving and efficient designs that help you make the most of your living situation. Designers have been coming up with cool and innovative designs that not only meet all your solo household needs but also manage to look pretty aesthetic! Check out our collection of bachelor-friendly designs that will take you ...
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This maki roll-inspired chair is as fancy as the sushi you crave!

Nothing beats a plate of sushi, dipped in some soy with a pop of wasabi, according to me. It’s my all-time favorite food, and it’s quite exciting to see designers drawing inspiration from it! Jin Kuramoto’s modular chair Maki, has derived its name and inspiration from the Maki roll. I wonder what a furniture design inspired by Nigiri would look like!The Maki easy chair is a simple and minimal piece with a rather interesting curved backrest. Not to mention the backrest is hollow! Though the hollo...
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The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0

An untouched architectural gem from 1971 transformed into a showcase for contemporary design A walk up the pathway to LA’s new Casa Perfect—an architecturally stunning showroom for art and design gallery The Future Perfect—hints at what will be inside. Lush foliage, with both California and Japanese influences, leads to a massive ’70s-style front door, crafted from elegant dark wood. Push one of the large vertical …
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Ammar Kalo’s PVC Bench uses a composite material made from crushed, recycled drain-pipes

With an appearance that almost mimics the fragmented beauty of terrazzo, the PVC Bench by UAE-based designer Ammar Kalo relies on a new type of composite material developed by recycling old PVC drainpipes. Designed as a two-person bench, the seating design comes with Kalo’s signature organic aesthetic featuring legs and a base-support made from walnut wood, and its crown jewel, the seating platform, made from multiple PVC parts suspended in a tinted resin. The transparent resin reveals the multi...
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Elegantly French, this minimal hideaway desk is worthy of your home!

French designs always have a sense of sophistication and elegance to them. And Bastien Chapelle’s Elmer Desk is no exception. French Design Incubator helped pair up designer Bastien Chapelle with furniture manufacturer iRESISTUB, and they collaborated to create Elmer. At first glance, Elmer looks like a simple storage cabinet, and though it is one, it also doubles up as a desk!The multifunctional piece primarily showcases a lot of iRESISTUB’s metalwork, with a sturdy black metal frame and two lo...
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Assembly-Free “Origami” Furniture

Degrees of Freedom carefully designs and produces assembly-free furniture and decor. Helmed by former Space X engineer Brian Ignaut, the ingenious brand’s pieces unfold into legs, and then require a mere rotation before they can be used. Right now, Ignaut builds the prototypes himself, which drives prices up for consumers. But, his goal is to get the final cost to something more affordable. Considering the …
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LucidiPevere Rho Ottomans for Davis Furniture

Picture a collection of timeworn stones scattered about the Italian countryside and you have a pretty good idea of the Rho Ottomans, by Davis Furniture. Designed by LucidiPevere, Rho is a collection of different-sized ottomans, from single-seats to loungers and low coffee-table heights. Lucidi Pevere created Rho with soft, fluid forms in mind, so the look is playful and casual: “We wanted to empower designers and users to play with the different shapes, colors and sizes.” ...
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Highlights From 2020’s Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

From sustainable materials to cheerful colorways, uplifting standouts from this year's event If this year’s installment of Stockholm Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair are anything to go by, 2020 will be a memorable one. After a few years of pretty austere shapes, colors and offerings (no doubt tied to our collective feelings about the state of the Western world), it now …
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Factory Visit: Italy’s Beloved Flexform Furniture

A glimpse at how the multi-generational, family-owned brand makes their sophisticated, strong yet supple pieces Flexform‘s furniture is angled but flexile, strong but supple, robust but comfortable, tenacious but delicate. These seemingly opposing traits work in perfect harmony through the Italian brand’s many creations. In fact, their philosophy—to combine comfort with sophisticated aesthetics—is within the name Flexform itself: a portmanteau of “flexible” and “form.” Founded …
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When is selling a furnished home in your clients’ best interest?

There’s an undeniable appeal to walking into a home that is staged and styled to a high standard — especially when that home is on the market. For many buyers, the perfect home can be augmented by beautiful furnishings. And for sellers, having a fully furnished home on the market can be a best-case scenario for achieving a faster sale.
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This pill-shaped wardrobe comes with an mirror to give you instant escapism!

When you tell a child to draw a wardrobe, he will always make it in the shape of a rectangle. Even as an adult when I go out shopping for room furniture, I can say about 99% of the closets I see are rectangular. Orior made a simple switch to the shape and it’s got everyone thinking “Wow! I never imagined a pill-shaped wardrobe” which just goes to show how conditioned we are to live within the walls (or doors) or what we know. But Orior decided to shatter the notions of regular expectations by ad...
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This no-screws Dougong Table assembles like Lego and looks like art

Alright, who is ready for a table that looks like art and does not come with a frustrating IKEA assembly guide? Because Boston-based designer Mian Wei has created this beautiful piece of furniture that marries minimal aesthetic with cultural heritage. The Dougong blocks from ancient Chinese architecture play a central role in the build and concept of the grid table – think of it as an advanced Lego challenge! Mian Wei won the Silver A’Design Award for this grid table in the homeware and furnitur...
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10 of our favorite Furniture Design Projects from the A’ Design Awards 2019

Here are a few of our favorite winners from the Furniture Design category at last year’s A’ Design Award and Competition. Now the purpose of this roundup is twofold. If you’re a fan of furniture design (either as a design lover, or as a furniture designer yourself), go ahead and bookmark this page for inspiration, or add these images to your Pinterest by clicking the Pin button at the top left of any image. The second purpose is to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing so ...
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Stockholm Design Week: The Archive Exhibition

Gloriously subtle and sophisticated objects made by Japanese and Danish designers At this year’s Stockholm Design Week, Japanese studios Ariake and 2016/Arita collaborated with Danish design houses LE KLINT and Friends and Founders to present the standout The Archive exhibition—a reflection of just how well their respective design aesthetics complement each other. The exhibition, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice and styled by Annaleena Leino, was …
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Ponto by Lammhults

Opposites attract with Ponto, a line of tables by Swedish furniture brand Lammhults that brings together modern technology with trusted craftsmanship. Crafted using techniques that have stood the test of time, Ponto, which means “bridge” in Esperanto, is made of carefully selected solid wood, including walnut and ash. Workers mill each piece individually to accommodate the aluminum profiles that support each table. Ponto is available in a number of sizes and each table is equ...
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Winter upholstery.

Temperature: 9°. Feels like: 9°! The sun is up. Time to bask in the cushiony backyard. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The Display Away Cabinet lets you showcase your belongings, with a sense of mystery

Designed to look like furniture meets Hollywood Squares, the Display Away cabinet is a reinterpretation of the traditional glass-faced cabinets often seen in homes, used to store trophies or chinaware. Designed by Stine Aas, the Display Away cabinet comes with a frosted glass front and individually backlit cabinet compartments that provide new aesthetic value to your belongings by showcasing them yet obscuring them from view. The silhouette art helps you appreciate your belongings literally from...
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Chair Designs that prove why they are the king of modern furniture!

A good chair design is extremely crucial. Whether it’s one for our work desk, dining table, or simply to lounge about in our living room, there should be no compromise when it comes to selecting a chair for any space. Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics should all be taken into consideration, not to mention an ergonomic form! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative chair designs to help you spruce up your seating habits!Designed to be a part of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomade collection...
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A Grown-Up Bed That Will Last for Years

The right frame, mattress, and bedding can promote better rest and pull together the look of your entire room with a lot less effort and money than you might think.
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A Grown-Up Bed That Will Last for Years

The right frame, mattress, and bedding can promote better rest and pull together the look of your entire room with a lot less effort and money than you might think.
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The Lullaby Armchair will Lull you into Comfort

The lovely Lullaby Armchair, by Nicola Galizia for Porro, will rock your world in the gentlest of ways. Not that rocking oneself to sleep is always the best strategy for the workplace, but as ongoing research shows that contentment and relaxation enhance performance, an occasional Lullaby can’t hurt. And if true relaxation is what you’re after, Lullaby’s refined and streamlined design will inhabit any domestic space with elegance and aplomb. Featuring a solid Ash struc...
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Furniture designed to satisfy the art lover in you

Having functional pieces with high utility in our homes is very important. However, sometimes we need a couple of designs around us purely for vain reasons…because they’re super aesthetic and attractive! So, we’ve curated a collection of artistic designs, that separate themselves from the usual products, standing tall as artistic masterpieces that could add a certain magical touch to your living space.Neil Aronowitz utilized and manipulated the material Concrete Canvas which is basically “concre...
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OZ tables bois et miroir par Nikita Bukoros

Repartons ce matin à la découverte de la richesse ukrainienne en matière de design ! Comme je le répète depuis maintenant plus de 2 ans, les pays de l’est et plus particulièrement l’Ukraine se distingue par un dynamisme créatif portant leurs projets bien au delà de leurs frontières. Coup de projeteur sur le jeune designer Nikita Bukoros, déja largement représenté sur le compte pinterest EspritDesign comme source d’inspiration, il revient avec le projet baptisé OZ, une collection de tables mêlan...
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