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Chen & Kai Romance Stone Into Elegant Furnishings at New York's Casa Perfect

Set inside Casa Perfect, a historic West Village townhouse spiraling into lavish rooms filled with furniture from contemporary design gallery The Future Perfect, Brooklyn-based designers Chen Chen & Kai Williams present their latest exhibition Romancing the Stone. Calling on the beauty of the ordinary stone, the designers transformed the ordinary material into unexpected forms, such as flowers, mirrors and plant stands. Like a lover, the hardened object becomes soft and vulnerable in the eyes of...
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Reader Submitted: Block : A modular wireless tabletop electronic device set

Block is a set of modular electronic devices and wireless chargers that helps manage charging personal electronic devices and organizes your desk top. View the full project here
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TORTUGA and Home Studios Team Up on The Curved Wave Shelf

Last time we covered TORTUGA, the now one year old design brand was launching their first product, colorful bookends designed by Ciszak Dalmas. To celebrate their one year anniversary the design brand, who is becoming known for their strategic partnerships with designers, has launched the Wave Shelf, a curved shelf designed by Oliver Haslegrave, founder of Home Studios. Home Studios is best known for the unexpected material combinations and custom furnishings found in their high-end custom hos...
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Reader Submitted: Dancing into Design: Vancouver Product Designers Release 3D Printed Light Inspired by Ballet

Figure turns heads and shifts narratives with its ingenious modular design. When placed upright, Figure’s light is elegantly focused downward, toward your work surface. Unscrew the weighted cap and attach it to the other side, and light soars upward to dramatize ambient or spacial moods—all with no moving parts. Figure was inspired by William Forsythe’s “Enemy In The Figure,” a ballet that explores the boundaries of dance via the simple relationship between a single light and shadow. Through it...
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Finn Juhl's Iconic Grasshopper Chair is Put in Production After More Than 80 Years 

Danish designer Finn Juhl created the Grasshopper chair in 1938 and made two editions for that year's Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. He exhibited them alongside a mobile bar cabinet with illustrations of cocktails hanging on the walls, a setup that was evidently too racy for the more traditional crowd in attendance. Juhl's chairs received no interest during the fair and by the end of it, Juhl decided to buy them from Niels Vodder, the master cabinetmaker who had produced them, to...
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Konstantin Grcic on Designing Furniture for Non-Territorial Office Environments

In a sea of tricked-out office chairs at Milan Design Week, the Rookie chair designed by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra stood out as a more pared back version. The chair's clean silhouette boasts just the necessities and nothing more, offering only a few simple adjustments and basic cushion shapes. Grcic, known for designing more minimal products, didn't reduce the office chair for no reason, though. The Rookie Chair's simplicity actually stems from Grcic and Vitra's research on modern working style...
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Reader Submitted: MONO

MONO is a brand new furniture project that approaches the use and sharing of space by both humans and pets. View the full project here
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Bae Se Hwa's Bentwood Furniture Continues to Inspire

We've been following the work of artist and designer Bae Se Hwa since we first discovered his steam bent series back in 2010 (and soon after realized he has an entire body of non-bentwood work that's just as compelling). We got our first chance to appreciate Se Hwa's rigorous work in person while visiting his current exhibition at R & Company in New York, and the pieces were every bit as extraordinary as we expected them to be. The installation is kept minimal, letting the sculptural designs spe...
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This Ornate 3D-Printed Chair Made Using Generative Design Can Fold Down Flat

Industrial designer Patrick Jouin has been using 3D printing in his designs for years but his latest prototype, which launched during Milan Design Week, pushes the material process to new limits. Inspired by origami and nature, the TAMU chair was developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes and despite the avant-garde look of the lacy web patterns, the real innovation comes from its ability to fold down almost entirely flat. Early models of the chair deployed a hinged panel structure that wou...
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Reader Submitted: Ohm - A pressed porcelain lights collection

Ohm Porcelain Lights Collection Neither wind, water nor strong sunlight will change the glazed surface of Ohm porcelain lights collection, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for company Ifö Electric. Ohm is a family of light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables. The first grand collection in more than ten years, by Scandinavia's only press porcelain producer. Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes references the company's l...
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IKEA Introduces Two Limited-Edition Designer Collections to Stores in May

This past summer, IKEA announced several internal efforts to pair IKEA designers with designers around the world. They unveiled exciting projects such as ÖVERALLT, a collection of furniture and home accessories designed in collaboration with designers from Africa, as well as Art Event, a limited-run rug collection designed by Virgil Abloh, Brooklyn-based studio CHIAOZZA, and artist Misaki Kawai, and more. "Keep Off" Rug by Virgil AblohAfter months of waiting, both collections will finally drop i...
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Elegant Modern Chair Design Inspirations

One of these elegant modern seating system designs were produced for those who love with something extraordinary and different from other seating system application for their home. Looking down into the main design of this seating furniture, we will see the uncommon design of a chair application. Unique and modern look of these furniture were show up other inspiring design of a house appliance furnish. These purple backside chair plans were completed with portable cushion with similar color sche...
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Designer Sophie Rowley creates marbled furniture from denim scraps

The clothing industry sucks up copious quantities of water and leaves behind environmental waste, like chemicals and dyes, in the process. So it’s not surprising that product designers continue to seek out useful and creative ways to repurpose waste from clothing production. One such designer, Sophie Rowley, has targeted denim and found a way to turn it into furniture. Not only is this furniture credited by taking denim scraps off the manufacturing room floor and out of the waste stream, but it...
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These Tables Look Like Marble, but They're Made from Denim

As a student at Central Saint Martins in London, Sophie Rowley began experimenting with common everyday materials to create the illusion of natural forms. She combined compressed newspaper and resin to mimic silverwood, melted and sanded blue modeling foam to look like coral, and fused reclaimed glass pieces in a kiln to create a new material reminiscent of the texture of glaciers. Years later, in 2016, she quit her job sourcing textiles for Faye Toogood's fashion line to work at Godrej & Boyce,...
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Milan Design Week 2019 Recap: Day 1

Today marks the first day of 2019 Milan Design Week, and you better believe we're on the ground finding the best shows the city has to offer. Today we focused on some of the smaller shows around town, but just because they're smaller than the fair doesn't mean they're anything to scoff at. Brands like nendo, Flos, Lexus and more takeover historic venues and even their own showrooms around the city, transforming them into magical installations and exhibitions. COS x Mamou-Mani Enter the 16t...
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nendo and Wonderglass Bring Icy Glass Furniture to Milan Design Week

nendo has collaborated with WonderGlass to present Shape of Gravity, a glass furniture exhibition during Milan Design Week. The exhibition features Melt, a standout collection comprised of cast glass furniture and tabletop accessories. Melt has already been unveiled as a collection, but for this exhibition, the two brands launched a gravity formed cast glass chandelier to complete the grouping. The pieces exude icy simplicity and looked nothing short of majestic in the rather dark exhibition spa...
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Artek Launches a New Collection Fusing Finnish and Japanese Craft

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan, Artek is bringing the two cultures together in a creative dialogue for their new collection launching at Milan Design Week, the FIN/JPN Friendship Collection. In partnership with leading Japanese and Finnish designers, architects, and craftsmen, the collection highlights the similarities between the two countries and their approach to design: an affinity and reverence for nature, craftsmanship, and a visual ...
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The Joys and Despairs of Visiting MoMA's "The Value of Good Design" Exhibit

Since its inception, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) claims to have asked "What is good design and how can it enhance everyday life?" Made from a variety of materials—textiles, wood, plastics, leather, metals, glass, etc.—using then-innovative technology, 100-plus featured objects within MoMA's 2019 "The Value of Good Design" exhibit highlight the guiding design principles which shaped the tastes of worldwide consumers across generations.Showcasing a global perspective, from a Brazilian bowl cha...
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A Step-by-Step Look at Cody Hoyt's Inlaid Ceramic Technique 

Trained as a painter and printmaker and entirely self-taught in ceramics, Brooklyn-based artist Cody Hoyt lets his experience with the two-dimensional inform his sculptural work. "When it comes to my process, I still feel like I'm living in a two-dimensional world," he says. "I'm finding a voice in three-dimensional form." Best known for his faceted ceramic vessels made of intricately patterned clay slabs, his latest body of work, currently on view at Patrick Parrish Gallery, includes his first ...
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This Children's Wardrobe Ignites a Sense of Wonder Through a Series of Hidden Tunnels and Doors 

HAO Design's website opens with a quote from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty:"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life." Their latest project—a massive wardrobe with pastel tunnels—allows all of that and then some:Two children might further their training in the art of precociousness via this interactive wall. To the left, a bookshelf towers with hidden knowledge. At the center, a chest of drawers...
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An Ode to Public Transportation Seat Covers: How Are They Ugly and Beautiful at the Same Time?

CityLab recently put out a call for people's favorite public transportation seat covers, and the results couldn't be more, um, colorful? We all know the feeling of turning the corner entering one of those large tour busses, speculating which pattern will damage your eyesight for the duration of your trip. Or the feeling of visiting a new city and wondering if the public transit system will feature plastic or fabric seats. If glistening plastic seats pull up, you breathe a sigh of relief. If wor...
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Move by LAYER and Airbus Aims to Improve the Horrible Economy Class Flight Experience

Benjamin Hubert of LAYER recently collaborated with Airbus to redesign economy class airline seating, and after flying from NYC to Portland on a very uncomfortable Alaska Airlines flight (at least Delta loads you up on cookies to numb the pain), all I have to say is: finally. Move is an app and seating prototype that gives passengers more control of their flight experience and encourages them to move throughout the flight. So in true traveling fashion, let's unpack the details.    The seating...
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Ford (Yes, the Car Company) Invents a Conveyor-Belt-Based Bed for Couples

As every couple that shares a bed knows, there is an imaginary 50-yard-line down the middle of that bed, and both parties can get a good night's sleep if there are no advances or losses in territory. When one partner crosses that DMZ, unconsciously thrashing about in the throes of a spicy-Thai-food-driven nightmare, they're literally in for a rude awakening.Admittedly it's not the world's most pressing problem. But Ford's designers and engineers had a bit of fun with the phenomenon by devising t...
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Practical Home Furniture Design with Multifunctional Ideas

The appealing chair lamp combinations between chair furniture and the lighting fixtures of this home furniture series were looking so smart and practical. We can make by our self or come to the carpenter to make this home appliance. The simple idea of this home furniture was come from the thought that this furniture will be single not in couple or a sofa set application. It such a chair school when we were in college or in a senior high school. There were the spacious tables close the arm side a...
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A DIY Desk With Hidden Laptop Storage

While I'm not a fan of working with pallet wood, I understand the appeal of free raw materials. Here Brad from the Make It Youtube channel harnesses the stuff to create a desk. He not only manages to avoid the typical rustic pallet wood look, but also adds a nifty compartment in which to stow a laptop away: Here's the full build video:
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After Living in Tiny NYC Apartment, Australian Industrial Designer Invents Folding Stairs (and Furniture)

As a furniture design student living in New York City, Zev Bianchi found the space constraints rather different than what he was used to in his native Australia. This "living in high priced and confined conditions," Bianchi writes, "was where I developed my passion, partly out of necessity, to design furniture and products to help create the best living environment in the least space."After returning to Australia and gaining a degree in Industrial Design, Bianchi set up shop as BCompact Design. ...
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A Variety of Marble-Topped Baker's Tables: Ugly, Attractive and Mysterious

I've been looking at marble-topped baking tables out of general curiosity, and am surprised at how dowdy the aesthetics are: This one went for a modern look and came out rather awful: I did, however, find these handsome Lostine Marble Prep Tables, carried by American Street Showroom: Lacking storage drawers, they're not as functional as the others, but look a damn sight better. If they could incorporate storage without ruining the aesthetic I'd call these perfect.Spe...
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IKEA Will Begin Testing a Furniture Subscription Model

Remember Kamarq from last year's NYCxDesign? If not, here's a dramatic refresher. Besides all the sneaky copying, Kamarq was onto something with their furniture subscription service geared towards city-dwelling millennials...Now, less than a year later, IKEA will be adopting a similar furniture leasing program as they aim to move towards a circular business model that reuses and prolongs the lifespan of their furniture. Eventually, the company hopes to offer scalable subscription services, meani...
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Modern Multi-purpose Furniture Design

This modern home furniture design was presented for those who have small or spacious living space. It can be their home, flat, apartment or their loft. The main concept of this application was combine more than one furniture in one set. The complement application of this application was the bed set and home chair or desk layouts. These layouts were show the combination of home chair and sofa set in bedding set decorations. This multi-purpose furniture can be place for our living room or our fami...
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Our Favorite Pieces from Jamie Wolfond Studio's First Collection

Last month we announced the end of Good Thing's reign as an independent company—Good Thing products will now exclusively be sold by West Elm. The good news is that this transition opens up the creative floodgates for Good Thing founder and designer, Jamie Wolfond, allowing him to focus on his namesake design studio, Jamie Wolfond Studio, while still playing a large role in Good Thing's design process.As part of Stockholm Furniture Fair, Wolfond will be debuting his first collection under Jamie W...
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