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#56 - Turner on Rules for Robots

In this episode I talk to Jacob Turner. Jacob is a barrister and author. We chat about his new book, Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), which discusses how to address legal responsibility, rights and ethics for AI. You can download here [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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What we learned this week

It’s been quite a week for climate activists in Britain, with Extinction Rebellion on the streets in London and the BBC broadcasting Climate Change: The facts on Thursday. Not sure if it’s available internationally, but it’s very good. On Wednesday I said that The Times editorial, titled ‘Green Growth’, provided a good summary of conservative […]
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Jacques Testart transhumaniste?

Petite tribune sur les récents propos “étonnamment transhumanistes” de Jacques Testart. Et sur la triste stratégie de l’”épouvantail transhumaniste”, largement pratiquée en France. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]

Scientists create a "lifelike" material that has metabolism and can self-reproduce

Scientists at Cornell University devise a material with 3 key traits of life.The goal for the researchers is not to create life but lifelike machines.The researchers were able to program metabolism into the material's DNA. None Cornell University engineers have created an artificial material that has three key traits of life — metabolism, self-assembly and organization. The engineers were able to pull off such a feat by using DNA in order to make machines from biomaterials that would have charac...
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Cornell engineers create artificial material with 3 key traits of life

Scientists at Cornell University devise a material with 3 key traits of life.The goal for the researchers is not to create life but lifelike machines.The researchers were able to program metabolism into the material's DNA. None Cornell University engineers have created an artificial material that has three key traits of life - metabolism, self-assembly and organization.The engineers were able to pull off such a feat by using DNA in order to make machines from biomaterials that would have charact...
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Reflections on James Hughes’ Problems of Transhumanism (Part 4)

Part 4: Moral Universalism vs. Relativism James Hughes’ essays on the problems of transhumanism continue with a discussion on conflicts, borrowed from the Enlightenment, between universalism and relativism within transhumanism. The Enlightenment event (European and global), in addition to its attack and severance of the roots of traditional European culture in the sacred, magic, kingship, and hierarchy, thereby secularizing all institutions and ideas, also (intellectually and to some extent in ...
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The Times, climate complacency and the need for protest

This week Extinction Rebellion have capitalised on a pause in the Brexit drama to seize some news headlines. (My family inadvertently featured in some) It’s been interesting to see how various news outlets have reported on the blockades in London and elsewhere. They tended to divide along fairly predictable lines, but the one that caught […]
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Long Now Lessons From Notre Dame

East facade of Notre Dame in the 1860s. In the hours after news broke that the Cathedral of Notre Dame suffered extensive fire damage, many found hope in a story that circulated on social media about a centuries-old protocol the fire department in Paris followed when battling the fire. The story originated with Twitter user Michael Slavitch, who claimed that firefighters prioritized saving the people and relics over preserving the wooden roof structure of Notre Dame because they knew th...
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CFP Delphi: Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies

Delphi is a pioneering interdisciplinary review of emerging technologies as seen through the perspectives of experts from the fields of science and technology, ethics, economics, business and law. Inspired by the idea to encourage inclusive, thoughtful – and sometimes unsettling – debates on the many opportunities and challenges created by technological progress, the international quarterly review brings together authors with different professional backgrounds as well as opposing views. Contribu...
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This is How The Universe Ends

A still from Melodysheep’s Timelapse of the Future. T his much is certain: The sun, like all stars, will one day die. Its demise will begin five billion years from now, when it starts running out of fuel. It will slowly bloat into a red giant, becoming over two hundred times larger than it is today and thousands of times more luminous. As it expands, it will consume nearby planets—including, most probably, our own. After devouring the planets it helped sustain, it too will die. This cosm...
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The shrinking carbon budgets of future generations

Carbon budgets are a useful way of thinking about climate change action. A monetary budget represents a sum of money that’s available for spending. A carbon budget is the amount of carbon that can be safely emitted without overshooting a particular target. The budget for 1.5 degrees is much tighter than 2 degrees. We can […]
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Dubai to build the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

A new concentrated solar plant is under construction in Dubai.When it opens next year, it will be the largest plant of its kind on Earth. Concentrated solar power solves the problem of how to store electricity in ways that solar pannels cannot. A Saudi power company will soon begin construction on the world's largest concentrated solar plant. Situated in the United Arab Emirates, the plant will have an estimated capacity of 700 megawatts and a power storage system that will keep the lights of D...
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Economic Impact of Self-driving Trucks

Trucks are the backbone of the supply-chain delivery system. 70% of goods are delivered by truck. The U.S. trucking industry generated $700.3 billion in economic activity in 2017. Self-driving trucks... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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There is no planet B, by Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is a climate change researcher and author of the excellent How bad are bananas?,  an attempt to quantify ‘the carbon footprint of everything’. Almost a decade on from that, There is no planet B is just as informative and entertaining, but broader in scope and more urgent in tone. Intended as a ‘handbook […]
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#55 - Baum on the Long-Term Future of Human Civilisation

In this episode I talk to Seth Baum. Seth is an interdisciplinary researcher working across a wide range of fields in natural and social science, engineering, philosophy, and policy. His primary research focus is global catastrophic risk. He also works in astrobiology. He is the Co-Founder (with Tony Barrett) and Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. He is also a Research Affiliate of the University of Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. We talk about the ...
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IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello Publishes new paper on Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) have becomes the subject of continuous debate both at national and international levels. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello Publishes New Paper on Technology Design

Safe-by-design (SBD) frameworks for the development of emerging technologies have become an ever more popular means by which scholars argue that transformative emerging technologies can safely incorporate human values. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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IEET fellow Riccardo Campa Co-Authors new Paper on Space Mining

IEET fellow Riccardo Campa co-authors paper on space colonization with Konrad Szocik and Martin Braddock. The team envisions the prospect of asteroid mining and argue that fully automated space colonization (FASC) could be a solution to prevent unwanted side effects of the Singularity, such as competition for resources between humankind and a hostile Artificial Intelligence. The article appeared in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, on April 8th, 2019. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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What we learned this week

Monday April 15th is Extinction Rebellion’s next ‘rebellion day’. There are events happening in various places around the world. We’ll be on Waterloo Bridge as a family, if anyone wants to join us. The plan is to bring pot plants and turn it into a pop-up garden for the day. A mass switch to electric […]
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Building of the week: The Hoover Building

Opened in 1933, the Hoover Building is one of Britain’s most striking examples of art deco architecture.  As the name suggests, it was the headquarters of the Hoover company, and some 1,600 people worked there on the manufacture and repair of vacuum cleaners. The manufacturing itself was moved in the 1980s, and Tesco bought the […]
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Reflections on James Hughes’ Problems of Transhumanism (Part 3)

“Transhumanists, like Enlightenment partisans in general, believe that human nature can be improved but are conflicted about whether liberal democracy is the best path to betterment. The liberal tradition within the Enlightenment has argued that individuals are best at finding their own interests and should be left to improve themselves in self-determined ways. But many people are mistaken about their own best interests, and more rational elites may have a better understanding of the general goo...
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“Transparent Presence And Ambiguous Words”: The World Of Acrylic Artist Yuna Kimura

Yuna Kimura is a multi-talented creator whose acrylic plate artworks and accessories have been getting noticed, of late. A graduate student at Kobe University who also has experience in handcrafting and laser cutting, she’s active in the Kansai area but has also exhibited and sold her works on consignment in Osaka and Tokyo. Transparent and often in unusual shapes and containing pieces of... Source
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Norway leaves it in the ground

Fossil fuels are destabilising the climate, and there is more than enough of them left in the world’s oil, coal and gas reserves to change the atmosphere beyond recognition. The safest place for them then, is in the ground. Since they have such a high value, that’s a big ask for anyone with reserves on […]
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SEArch+ Imagines the Future of Life on Mars

Just as NASA announced plans to send astronauts to Mars by 2033, they released the Phase 3 winners of NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, a multi-part challenge imagining what architecture might look like on the Red Planet that launched back in 2015. SEArch+ was awarded first place for their proposed Mars X House, created in collaboration with robotics company Apis Cor, the first company to develop specialized equipment for 3D-printing entire buildings directly on site. Led by SEArch+ co-fou...
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Alison Gopnik on the Long-term Future of AI

 Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology and philosophy at UC-Berkeley, believes that the changes AI will bring to humanity will be profound, but that we won’t notice them. From John Brockman’s Long Now Seminar “Possible Minds.”
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Allying with nature to prevent climate change

Last week a new campaign launched to promote and encourage natural solutions to climate change. We have left it so late on greenhouse gas emissions that preventing them is no longer enough. We need to start drawing them out of the atmosphere as well, and nature can do this for us through reforestation, or the […]
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UN partnership backs "floating city" research

Floating communities aren't just for libertarian billionaires looking for places to do things they might not otherwise get away with. A UN partnership is looking into whether they could be part of a sustainable urban development program, for when the floods roll over the lowlands and don't go away. Oceanix City, or the world's first sustainable floating city, would essentially be groups of hexagonal platforms - anchored to the seabed - that could each house around 300 people, effectively creatin...
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These Are The Biggest Innovation Challenges We Must Solve Over The Next Decade

Every era is defined by the problems it tackles. At the beginning of the 20th century, harnessing the power of internal combustion and electricity shaped society. In the 1960s there was the space race. Since the turn of this century, we’ve learned how to decode the human genome and make machines intelligent. None of these ...
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White Privilege: the myth of a post-racial society by Kalwant Bhopal

“In a neoliberal context, policy making has contributed to maintaining the status quo in which a post racial society remains a myth, and covert and overt forms of racism and exclusion continue to operate at all levels in society; in short, white identities are privileged and remain protected at all times.” That’s the key message […]
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What we learned this week

Labour has announced plans to create a national bank based around the post office, something that I wrote about on the blog ten years ago. 2020 is a nice round numbered year, and as such there are all sorts of targets of things to achieve by 2020, from a zero landfill San Francisco to a […]
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