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Meliá Hotels International: Annual General Meeting 2021

Gabriel Escarrer Julià: "I can assure you that we have been through very difficult crises and situations over more than six decades in business, but never has their impact been so great as to force us to close practically 100% of our hotels simultaneously." Gabriel Escarrer Jaume: "We are on the verge of a global recovery which Meliá intends to leverage to grow, recover value and then multiply that value in the future for our shareholders, partners, employees, customers, suppliers, and so...
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Meliá Hotels International Reveals Its 2020 Vision At Fitur And Its 100% Tech Room

The Meliá Executive Vice President, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, presented the focus on the company's 2020 vision at FITUR today, describing the three major areas where it will be focusing its efforts up to the end of the decade.
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Annual Results 2015 - Meliá Hotels International Earned €101.6 Million before Tax, an Increase of 79 Per Cent

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, Vice Chairman and CEO of Meliá Hotels International: "As we begin 2016, which marks MHI's 60th Anniversary, we start the year in a stronger position than ever before, both in terms of the business and our financial position. The Company has also seen a significant improvement in our reputation and international recognition following the European Hospitality Awards naming the Company 'Best European Hotel Chain in 2015'. MHI's Strategic Plan to be presented during 20...
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