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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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Yes. Muji is designing self-driving buses now!

The self-driving landscape seems perfect for a company like Muji, known for its minimalistic appeal and function-first agenda. Muji’s products look minimalist and beautiful without looking bland, and perform wonderfully for years… and the Gacha, a shuttle bus co-designed with Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4, follows that direction too, not just being innately Muji-esque, but also echoing the aesthetic direction that most self-driving cars are taking, of putting information at the f...
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Pokemon Cosplay Only For Pussies

Japan has once again come up with a new way to annoy their household cats by putting them in Pokemon cosplay. Japanese cat hat manufacturer Kitan Club has been making hats for felines for several years now and only recently have they decided to officially add Pokemon to their line of products. As the company […]
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Fate/Grand Order Machine Opens All Gacha

A dedicated Fate/Grand Order enthusiast with money to burn but not enough time to tap has invented a genius device that does the tapping for him, certain to inspire jealousy over the machine or perhaps the creator’s absurd stockpile of spare income… A tweet showed off the rather suggestive-looking machine: 1. Buy a sausage and […]
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Dragalia Lost Nets $3 Million in 5 Days

Nintendo and Cygames’ latest smartphone gacha-rilled RPG Dragalia Lost has earned an estimated 3 million USD in the last five days since its release with over 800 thousand installations on both Android and iPhone devices. As reported by Sensor Tower the dragon-themed JRPG has, so far, performed significantly behind Nintendo’s other mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes, […]
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Magia Record Offers Limited Time Swimsuits

Smartphone title Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record has celebrated the scorching hot summer with a limited time mizugi offering, bound to have gacha addicts spending absurd amounts of money to get them. A few samples of what the swimsuits look like: Magia Record fanatics can work to achieve these revealing outfits now.
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She’s Probably Naked Under There: Yoko Taro Trolls With New SinoAlice Skin

Yoko Taro has once again trolled his fanbase with a sneak preview at an upcoming skin for SinoAlice character Dorothy, with the developer claiming that the skin came about due to the concept of “gacha games needing to show skin in order to be profitable”. The official SinoAlice tweet showing off Dorothy’s new skin (for […]
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SinoAlice Appeases Pettanko & Oppai Worshipers Simultaneously

Yoko Taro smartphone title SinoAlice has added more alternate forms of its maidens for players to collect, catering to lovers of flatness with Nemurihime and gargantuan bosom worshipers in the form of Ningyohime, which gambling fanatics will likely spend thousands of dollars to procure via the controversial gacha system. A short PV showcasing the precious […]
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Handwritten Love Letters “Now A Dime A Dozen”

Desperate otaku still seeking love (no matter how artificial) can sate their desires by way of these new “love letters” which can be purchased via gachapon, a prize that few have found odd considering the variety of strange novelties the…
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New Video: Vybz Kartel “Love It”

  After joining Sean Kingston in the official video for “Chance,” Vybz Kartel brings his Medz Music-produced cut “Love It” to life in a new animated clip. The visuals neon color palette compliment the A.Palmer and Gacha composed single perfectly, causing for a memorizing multi-media experience. Continue below…   Related: New Video: Sean Kingston Feat. Vybz Kartel “Chance”
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Gacha Catch ‘Em All

The “gacha” mechanic — a staple of popular mobile games in Japan — is getting more attention in the West these days, in part because of the release of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes, and here’s another blog post on Gamasutra to help you wrap your head around how it all works.
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