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10 Best Flipkart Mobile Phones Under 10000

Check out the best Flipkart mobile phones under 10,000 INR. Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India. They have... The post 10 Best Flipkart Mobile Phones Under 10000 appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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Best Camera Phone Under 20000 [2021]

Which is the best camera phone under 20000 in 2021. The smartphone has become the most important thing for many... The post Best Camera Phone Under 20000 [2021] appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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Man attempts to start vacuum cleaner, to no avail

People mock this guy like they never had a 2-stroke vacuum cleaner.
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Jio Phone 2 Review (2021)

Here is a full review of the Jio Phone 2 in 2021 and a comparison with the Jio Phone. When... The post Jio Phone 2 Review (2021) appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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Upgrade your adorable little thermal printer with an internet link is a how-to guide and online community for people who upgrade tiny thermal printers (such as the Paperang [Amazon]) to become Little Printers, an internet-connected model that is no longer sold. The idea is that the printer becomes the node of a more tangible kind of social/art network. — Read the rest
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Leo Moracchioli's take on the 'Inspector Gadget' theme

I always loved Inspector Gadget. The gadgets, Brain, and Penny were the best.
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Museum of old computer mice

Come to, the museum of old computer mice, for a good time. In the belief that every mouse has a tale, intends to track the evolution of the computer mouse and its kin along its zig-zag trail of human ingenuity. — Read the rest
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Check out the Digital Varityper's fantastic keyboard

The original Varityper was an elaborate and portable-ish typewriter that allowed printed documents to be carefully typeset without enormous linotype machines, the horrors of molten lead, and so forth. Though now gone, the company made a go of it in the digital age and developed some custom computers that accomplished the same feat. — Read the rest
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The 20 most outrageous and fantastic James Bond gadgets of all time

To celebrate the release of James Bond 25, No Time to Die, we've rounded up the 20 most wonderfully ridiculous Bond gadgets of all time from the franchise.
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Best Camera Phone Under 15000 [2021]

Which is the best camera phone under 15000 rupees? There are a lot of camera phone models in this price... The post Best Camera Phone Under 15000 [2021] appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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The 5 best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021 - and Dyson didn't make the cut

Connie Chen/Insider Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Cordless vacuums are convenient, but they shouldn't sacrifice cleaning power or comfort. The Shark Vertex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum picks up all kinds of particles on a variety of surfaces. It reaches low and deep under furniture and has a cleaning path light. It's also reasonably priced. Compared to a clunky corded vacuum, a sleek cordless stick vacuum is a lot more convenient. Cordless vacuums tend to be lighter and more com...
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10 Reasons to Buy Jio Phone

We all know the Reliance Jio phone was launched in the year 2017, which changed the dynamics of the phone... The post 10 Reasons to Buy Jio Phone appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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Jio Phone: 10 Reasons to Buy in 2021

We all know the Reliance Jio phone was launched in the year 2017, which changed the dynamics of the phone... The post Jio Phone: 10 Reasons to Buy in 2021 appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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Wood keycaps

When I posted about a wooden keyboard, reader Glaurung rightly complained that "If I am going to pay over $150 for a keyboard, I see absolutely no sane reason why it should use crappy laptop switches instead of durable mechanical switches". — Read the rest
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Truck has secret mechanized compartment to hide tools

WARLORD: Conan, what is best in life? CONAN: To spend thousands of dollars turning the rear bedside panel of my truck into a secret tool compartment, filling it with old paintbrushes— WARLORD: Conan. CONAN: —and then telling everyone about it with a viral video. — Read the rest
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5 Best Table Lamps on Ikea India Online

Everyone needs a good table lamp for study and IKEA India online store can deliver amazing table lamps to enhance... The post 5 Best Table Lamps on Ikea India Online appeared first on QuickOnlineTips.
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"Unbreakable" glass developed, say researchers

McGill University researchers say they've developed an "unbreakable" glass inspired by the inner layer of mollusk shells. As resilent as plastic yet as hard as nacre, it could "improve cell phone screens in the future, among other applications." The scientists took the architecture of nacre and replicated it with layers of glass flakes and acrylic, yielding an exceptionally strong yet opaque material that can be produced easily and inexpensively. — Read the rest
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A bat detector made with a Raspberry Pi

If you've run out of bat detectors but the bat detector store has already closed for the day, fret not! Here is kryptonaut's report about constructing a bat detector with a Raspberry Pi and other inexpensive components. The code isn't made available, but if you have some experience coding bare-metal on the Pi it shouldn't drive you too batty figuring it out. — Read the rest
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Apple iPhone 13 review: cheaper, longer lasting and better camera

Small upgrades on last year’s best iPhone, now with twice the starting storageThe iPhone 13 is a minor upgrade to last year’s brilliant iPhone 12, with an improved camera, larger storage longer battery life and a small price cut.Apple’s latest regular-sized smartphone costs £779 ($799 or A$1,349), which is £20 cheaper than its predecessor, and sits between the smaller £679 iPhone 13 mini and the £949 iPhone 13 Pro.Screen: 6.1in Super Retina XDR (OLED) (460ppi)Processor: Apple A15 BionicRAM: 4GBS...
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How to Set Up a Home Studio

Set up a home recording studio to be your own boss. Maybe you’re a musician looking to record when you want. Or, you might be looking to start a podcast. It doesn’t matter. This blog will help you understand everything you need. From the recording studio design to the right computer and other control room equipment. Read on to find out what you’ll need for a successful home studio setup. What is a Home Studio? A home studio makes quality music and podcasts. Build one right to match profession...
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Atari ST in daily use since 1985 to run campground

Here's an Atari ST that's been in daily use since 1985 as a general-purpose business machine at a campground, complete with software written by its single careful owner, Frans Bos. Victor Bart interviews him about his decades of happy computing. This Atari 1040ST is still in use after 36 years! — Read the rest
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EU moves to make USB-C mandatory

The European Commission published its proposal to make USB-C chargers mandatory for electronic devices, standardizing the various legacy and proprietary connectors. The biggest impact will be on Apple, still using Lightning connectors on various products, including its just-announced flagship iPhone 13 range. — Read the rest
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Great mods for Casio's classic F-91W wristwatch, AKA the Terrorist Watch

Casio's F-91W is surely the most popular wristwatch of all time, so reliable and ubiquitous that it has never been out of production. At the height of the so-called war on terror, its use in IEDs led to it being described as a "terrorist" signifier by hysterical U.S. — Read the rest
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The Open Book Project: open source e-reader you can make yourself from parts

The Open Book Project is a set of instructions to make an open-source e-book reader, complete with code and manifesto. It's not a hack or alternative software for an existing commercial device, but a ground-up howto that starts with a $15 PCB and requires a soldering iron. — Read the rest
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Raspberry Pi gets $45M to meet demand for low-cost PCs and IoT

Turns out COVID-19 lockdowns have been good for the indoor hobby of hardware hacking: The U.K.-based foundation behind the low-price microprocessor Raspberry Pi announced close of a $45 million funding round yesterday. The cash injection into the trading arm of the (nonprofit) Raspberry Pi Foundation values it at $500 million (pre-money), founder Eben Upton confirmed. The funding round was led by London-based Lansdowne Partners and The Ezrah Charitable Trust, a private charitable foundation base...
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iOS 15 adds all the little features that were missing

The release of iOS 15 should be a major event for mobile operating systems. And yet, this year, there’s no breakthrough feature or overarching theme that makes this release stand out. Apple has focused on quality-of-life updates as well as new features for its own apps. The result is a solid update that is not going to be controversial. Some people are going to take advantage of the new Focus feature. They’ll spend a lot of time customizing their phone to make it as personal as possible. Other p...
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iOS 15 is now available to download

Apple has just released the final version of iOS 15, the next major version of the operating system for the iPhone. It is a free download and it works with the iPhone 6s or later, both generations of iPhone SE and the most recent iPod touch model. iPad users will also be able to update to iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 today. The biggest change of iOS 15 is a new Focus mode. In addition to “Do not disturb,” you can configure various modes — you can choose apps and people you want notifications from and...
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Ikea to sell undermounted chargers that turn desks and shelves into wireless Qi points

The Sjömärke [Ikea] wireless charger turns your desk or shelf into a Qi wireless charging spot, so long as it's less than 22mm thick. Do a magic trick and charge your phone directly on the tabletop or shelf. The secret is this wireless charger mounted hidden on the furniture – easy charging with technology that blends into your decor! — Read the rest
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Roku debuts new Streaming Stick 4K bundles, software update with voice and mobile features

Weeks after Amazon introduced an updated Fire TV lineup that included, for the first time, its own TVs, Roku today is announcing its own competitive products in a race to capture consumers’ attention before the holiday shopping season. Its updates include a new Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ — the latter which ships with Roku’s newer hands-free voice remote. The company is also refreshing the Roku Ultra LT, a Walmart-exclusive version of its high-end player. And it announce...
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GoPro debuts the HERO10 Black action camera

GoPro today announced a new flagship action camera for its lineup, the HERO10 Black. The main update for the camera is a brand new processor inside, called the GP2, which enables big improvements to image quality and video captures, including recording at 5.3K revolution at up to 60 frames per second, 4K video capture bumped to a max of 120 FPS, and 2.7K video at 240 FPS which enables awesome slow-mo capabilities. The new HERO10 Black also offers better still images, with 23.6 megapixel captures...
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