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You Can Now Buy a Pump for Your Jar of Peanut Butter

A dad of five created the most useful kitchen gadget and we can't wait to own one.
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Snow Has Fallen In Hawaii State Park ‘For The First Time Ever’

And it's not just a smattering of snowflakes. We are talking a thick, deep blanket of the white stuff.
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Asymmetrical Jeans Are 2019’s Most Bizarre Fashion Trend

Do you have to be in the 70s at 5 but the 90s at 8? Then asymmetric jeans are exactly what you didn't know you needed.
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Brad Pitt Turned up to Jennifer Aniston’s 50th Birthday Party

And her reaction was not what we expected it to be.
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People Are Really Confused By This Front Thong

And who could blame them? We'd get done for indecent exposure if we wore this on a girls' night out.
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College Student Finds Man In Her Closet Wearing Her Clothes

First she thought it was a ghost. Then a raccoon. But what was lurking in her closet was so much worse.
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Stunning Brides Who Altered and Wore Their Moms’ Wedding Dresses

There is no better way to get excited for your wedding. Well, maybe the bachelorette parties, but the dress is the showstopper.
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Vegans Are Seriously Angry With Hyundai’s Super Bowl Commercial

Hyundai have resorted to mocking vegans to sell cars. They best hope they don't bump into a 'hangry' one down a dark alley or they'll be hell to pay.
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Man Falls Asleep During Stream, Wakes Up To Find 200 People Watching Him

Sleeping is the new streaming. At least for this nap-happy guy it is.
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This Weird New York Times Recipe Inspired a Hilarious Chain of Viral Memes

We're not sure what these recipe comments are all about but the memes for this viral Twitter thread are hilarious.
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Woman Turns AirPods Into Earrings so She Doesn’t Lose Them

Worried about losing your beloved AirPods? No need to be. 'Airings' are the latest in smart jewellery. A hybrid of AirPods and earrings. Check them out here.
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Groom’s Mistress Turns up to His Wedding Day Dressed as a Bride

Have you seen anything worse than this happen at a wedding? Share and comment now!
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This New Mom Doesn’t Know Why Kids’ Menus Exist and the Internet Came for Her

Pretentious foodie mom think her kid will grow to not eat off the kids menu and experienced moms tell her how it's really going to be.
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