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Collector shows off his complete set of 1,244 Game Boy games

Twitter user @marumi_1985 recently completed his collection of all 1,244 games published for the Nintendo Game Boy. Here's a Google translation of his announcement tweet: Completed all 1244 titles of Game Boy software on the market (excluding not for sale and hardware handling)! — Read the rest
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7 Game Boy games that should come to Nintendo Switch Online

Game Boy games could be coming to Switch Online soon. Here's seven that need to make the cut.
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Getting a Custom Game Boy and Ceremony Game as a Wedding Gift Is the Best Reason to Get Hitched

A Reddit user who goes by NiliusJulius just raised the bar on wedding gifts impossibly high with a personalized gift so wonderful that everyone is going to want to invite them to their nuptials in hopes of also getting a customized Game Boy with a matching game that plays an actual wedding ceremony simulator.Read more...
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Your Battery-Hungry Game Boy Pocket Will Never Run Out of Power With This Solar Panel Hack

Over 30 years after its debut, there are hundreds of ways to modify and upgrade the Nintendo Game Boy, as well as the subsequent versions of the handheld console, to improve everything from the screen to the quality of the built-in speakers. But one hacker, finally fed up with stressing over battery life, has upgraded…Read more...
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I Desperately Wanted to Love This Game Boy Micro Clone

Instead of just letting you play the retro games of your youth, what if a handheld emulator also recreated the look and feel of the consoles you remember? On paper the new Anbernic Retro Game 300X seems like it takes everything that made the Game Boy Micro great and upgrades it.Read more...
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This Tetris-Playing Game Boy Knockoff Runs on a Tiny Nuclear Generator

Although the Sega Game Gear seemed perpetually starved for fresh batteries, even the Game Boy had a strong appetite for Duracells and Energizers. Modern portables like the Switch simply need an overnight charge, but to ensure he can continue playing Tetris in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Ian Charnas created a …Read more...
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Meet the developer who’s still making physical Game Boy games

Dana Puch runs a one-man studio called Greenboy Games, which only produces physical Game Boy releases.
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This $50 Emulator Box Might Be the Easiest Way to Play Game Boy Cartridges on Your Computer

While Nintendo continues to drag its feet when it comes to making an official Game Boy Classic, smaller outlets like Epilogue are trying to come up with the next best thing with its new GB Operator looking like a cheap and easy way to play original Game Boy games on your PC. Read more...
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The Game Boy Camera is a fantastic low-res art tool

Last year, I found a retro Game Boy Camera and printer attachment. These products debuted in 1998, and I love to use them to take and print photos. The Game Boy Camera (GBC) plugs into the top of the handheld Game Boy console. — Read the rest
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My Eyes Hate Me for Loving This Impossibly Tiny Game Boy Clone

If someone dared Nintendo to make the smallest handheld console imaginable, the results would be the FunKey S, a keychain-sized retro gaming machine that can emulate more than 10 different classic consoles. Only this console wasn’t made by Nintendo—instead, this pint-sized device was created by a group of retro…Read more...
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How to use a Game Boy to mine bitcoin

Of all the silly ways to mine bitcoin, this is my favorite. [stacksmashing] used an old Game Boy connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero. In the video, he gives a good high-level overview of how bitcoin mining works. From Hackaday: [stacksmashing] does a great job of explaining the project, covering everything from the Game Boy's link port protocol to the finer points of the Bitcoin algorithm in explicit detail. — Read the rest
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Analogue Pocket Shipments Pushed Back To October

Analogue just announced its Analogue Pocket handheld console will miss its original May 2021 shipment date and will slip to October instead.Read more...
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The Super Nintendo-Inspired PocketGo S30 Is One of the Easiest Ways to Get Into Handheld Retro Gaming

The PocketGo handhelds were some of the first portable emulators out of China that delivered a reliable retro gaming experience, but just a year later the consoles are really starting to show their age. The PocketGo S30 is a welcome upgrade, and while its performance still feels a little dated, its design, price, and…Read more...
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You'll Need a Microscope to Play This Inch-Tall Game Boy Clone

When the original Game Boy arrived, so did hundreds of accessories designed to improve its gameplay experience, including oversized lenses to help magnify its small screen. For the Arduboy Nano, however, you’ll have a better chance at getting the next high score if you stick it under a microscope.Read more...
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Pre-orders for the Analogue Pocket retro portable game console start August 3, ships May 2021

Analogue has repeatedly proven that it’s the gold standard when it comes to retro gaming, delivering extremely faithful, but modern hardware to play original NES, SNES, Sega cartridges and more. The company revealed its forthcoming Analogue Pocket last October, and now it’s about to kick off pre-orders for the portable classic console, which can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games out of the box, and works with even more classic handheld game systems via adapters. The Ana...
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You're Going to Have to Wait Until Next Year to Get Your Hands on This Perfect Game Boy Clone

As if 2020 hasn’t already delivered enough gut punches, today Analogue announced that its highly anticipated upcoming handheld console, the Analogue Pocket, won’t ship until May 2021 at the earliest. That’s disappointing, but the company is opening pre-orders on August 3, and has also revealed some welcome updates to…Read more...
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The Best Games For The Game Boy Advance

If you played games in the early 2000s, you probably did so on a Game Boy Advance. First introduced in 2001 as a purple, vaguely hexagonal brick, the hardware boost alone over the Game Boy Color’s archaic tech ushered in an era of lush pixelated gameplay. Then came the ultra-stylish Game Boy Advance SP. Complete with…Read more...
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Controlling an Air Conditioner Might Be the Least Exciting Game Boy Game Ever Created

Aside from a color screen and an option to boost the processor’s speed, the Game Boy Color included an infrared port that was mostly used for sharing data, like high scores or unlockable characters. One tinkerer found a better use for it, turning a gifted GBC into a remote control for his air conditioner.Read more...
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The best Game Boy games of all time

The Game Boy showed us gaming on the go could be great. Here are the 30 best games for the original handheld.
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The best Game Boy Color games of all time

These Game Boy Color games are timeless classics and are still worth checking out more than 20 years later.
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You Can Connect Your Game Boy Camera to Modern Printers Using This $20 Adapter

Despite its utterly awful image quality (maxing out at a resolution of just 160x144 pixels), the Game Boy Camera was still a popular add-on, thanks in part to a cheap accessory that could print out tiny photos. But finding paper stock for the Game Boy Printer is no easy task these days, so Vaclav Mach created a $20…Read more...
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Nintendo Cracked Open Its Secret Game Boy Stash to Help a 95-Year-Old Fan

Nintendo is known for its excellent customer service, but now and then the company will go above and beyond the call of duty for special cases. When technicians couldn’t fix a 95-year-old Japan woman’s dead Game Boy, the company replaced it with a brand new one, leading us to wonder just how many original Game Boys…Read more...
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The 25 Best Gaming Handhelds, Ranked

I recently got a Nintendo Switch Lite, and I love it. I wanted to write about the joys of that dying breed of device, the dedicated portable gaming machine. And I thought to myself, how can I write this in a way that would make the largest number of people hate me? And I realized: a ranked list!Read more...
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The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

Now that ThinkGeek is no more, Hyperkin will be carrying the “April Fool’s Day prank turned real” torch and turning the RetroN Jr.—a gag product it originally introduced on April 1, 2017—into a legitimate way to enjoy classic Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles on a big screen TV.Read more...
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The Analogue Pocket is a Game Boy from an alternate universe that plays games and creates music

It looks like a Game Boy. It plays Game Boy titles, along with Game Boy Color, GBA, Sega’s Game Gear, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari’s Lynx, giving you an absolute buffet of nostalgia. It also has its own DAW or Digital Audio Workstation called Nanoloop that lets you create your own electro 8-bit soundtracks. It’s called the Analogue Pocket and it is everything a retro gamer dreams about.With a shape, size, and form that gamers have fallen love with for decades, the Analogue Pocket could ...
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Analogue Announces its Game Boy-like Device, Pocket

Made as a tribute to portable gaming, Analogue’s just-announced Pocket is, as Wired says, “not-a-Game-Boy-but-kind-of-a-Game-Boy.” The company’s first-ever handheld device, the Pocket works with all Game Boy cartridges (including those made for the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance), which is a good 2,700+ games. Of course, this contemporary device offers plenty of updates including a high-definition screen, longer battery life and stereo speakers. …
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The Ultimate Game Boy Clone Perfectly Plays Every Classic Handheld Game You Ever Loved

It’s become painfully clear that Nintendo has no plans to release a throwback console to celebrate the Game Boy’s 30th birthday this year. But you won’t lament the Game Boy Classic Edition not happening now that the Analogue Pocket has been revealed. It’s a portable console that flawlessly plays cartridges from almost…Read more...
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Watching Someone Restore a Filthy Game Boy to Its Original Pristine Condition Is Soothing For the Soul

It was a tragic day when, after being dropped on the floor, my original Game Boy was left with a bunch of dead lines on its screen. But it lived a good life, and has the scars, knicks, and scratches to prove it. However, it wasn’t quite as abused as this Game Boy that YouTube’s Odd Tinkering purchased and managed to …Read more...
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This guy managed to squeeze an entire game console into a Game Boy cartridge

Popular YouTuber 3DSage has managed to compress an entire mobile games console inside a single original Game Boy cartridge. Check it out in all in its impressively miniaturized glory. The post This guy managed to squeeze an entire game console into a Game Boy cartridge appeared first on Digital Trends.
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When Will We Get the Game Boy Classic Edition?

Tomorrow, April 21, 2019, the Game Boy turns 30 years old. The handheld console that paved the way for the Switch is still beloved by almost anyone who’s ever laid hands on it, and for all its shortcomings, it’s still one of the most memorable gaming devices of all time. So why is there no sign of Nintendo releasing a…Read more...
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