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Fan Group Revived PlayStation Home 6 Years After Closure

Destination Home, a fan group dedicated to restoring PlayStation Home, a social game that came free to play on every PlayStation 3 system and was arguably ahead of its time, has succeeded in its goal, a momentous effort that should excite every fan who held out hope for an official revival. PS Home began development […]
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Koei Tecmo to Host Monster Rancher Tournament

To celebrate bringing back two retro titles to modern hardware, Monster Rancher 1 and 2 in the form of Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, Koei Tecmo will be hosting a tournament, similar to ones they held before called “Monster Koushien World Battle“. This turn of events will surely have diehard fans hoping this will […]
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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Seizes 1.3 Million Sales in Japan

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes for the original DS games, seems to be off to a good start in terms of sales for the Japan region as the games have reached 1.3 million units within their first three days, consumers might be fruitlessly hoping this will motivate the developer toward ironing out more […]
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Pirate Eroge Artemis Pearl Enjoys Plundering & Raping

Top piracy RPG Artemis Pearl ~Pirate Princess Luvina and the Mystical Treasure~ has been translated into English for eroge enthusiasts in the West to finally enjoy, the title following the exploits of the daughter of a renowned pirate and ensuring moments both sexy and thrilling. A legendary pirate finally meets their end after a fateful […]
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VenusBlood HOLLOW International Breeds & Battles Equally Hard

VenusBlood HOLLOW International has finally been made available on JAST, a title rife with strategic combat, rich story, and hardcore sex scenes, content that may have players forgetting the game is still technically considered an eroge. The game is set in a world where demons conquered humankind and now fight amongst themselves for total control: […]
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NEO: The World Ends With You Underperforms “Welcome to Capitalism, Square Enix!”

NEO: The World Ends with You (Subarashiki Kono Sekai), the first new entry in the series in about 13 years, has reportedly “underperformed”, in the words of developer Square Enix, with some critics attributing this loss as a consequence of their poor Western translation. Square Enix took part in a financial briefing for the the […]
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The 20 best gadgets of 2021

From smartphones to folding skis, the year’s top gizmos selected by tech experts from the Guardian, iNews, TechRadar and WiredCutting-edge tech is often super-expensive, difficult to use and less than slick. Not so for Samsung’s latest folding screen phones. The Z Fold 3 tablet-phone hybrid and Z Flip 3 flip-phone reinventions are smooth, slick and even water-resistant, packing big screens in compact bodies. The Fold might be super-expensive still, but the Flip 3 costs about the same as a regula...
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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remakes Remove “Lovey-Dovey Couple” Translation

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, remakes of their respective titles from the Nintendo DS, like other Pokemon titles, have once again suffered an alteration to their translation in the Western release, as “lovey-dovey couple” has been ousted in favor of something else. The top two images are from the original games on the […]
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Clockwork Aquario Set to Release 30 Years After Being Announced

ININ Games has gone through great effort to restore and complete Japanese arcade platformer Clockwork Aquario, which was first announced in 1992, a move certain to garner the attention of retro and platforming fans. ININ Games details the history behind Clockwork Aquario and how it came to be completed 30 years later on their website: […]
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Former BioWare Lead Writer Believes a Live-Action Mass Effect Will Be Terrible

David Gaider, a former lead writer at Bioware, has expressed concerns about a potential live-action Mass Effect or Dragon Age series, perhaps cooling expectations fans might have about further live-action adaptations. While David has not worked on Mass Effect, he did help with Dragon Age and his insight into both series might be deemed as […]
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IdolMaster Million Live Theater Days Online Special Animation Exuding a Yuri Aura

IdolMaster Million Live Theater Days, a years-old smartphone game for the IdolMaster franchise, has released the fourth entry in its special online animation that uses the in-game models, the latest episode boasting as dominant of a yuri aura as the last. The animated series, Sei Million Jogakuen Kamisama no Okurimono, has the game’s idols serving […]
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A Budding Romance With an Osananajimi Forms in Aikagi

Emphasis on entering into adulthood on various aspects serves as the central focus of the newly released Aikagi, a visual novel that will surely prove entertaining to those who adore sweet love stories and not hardcore fetishes like rape or netorare. Developed by Azarashi Software and published by Frontwing USA, the English-translated title has no […]
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Chrono Trigger Jazz Album Open for Pre-order in Japan

As part of an ongoing Square Enix jazz album series, the legendary Chrono Trigger had its music remixed with a jazz twist, which is certain to intrigue fans of jazz and Chrono Trigger both. The Square Enix Store made the announcement, which also announced a pre-order bonus song: The tracks announced for the album: “Peaceful […]
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The Sisters Star in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters

The Neptunia franchise is releasing a new RPG in the form of Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters as the “sisters” get the focus, a spinoff from the main titles that will have many concerned about the fanservice as the title is still restricted to PlayStation consoles. A summary of the story that has the world […]
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Game Has Lots of Sexy Art

Information regarding the limited edition of the Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Sakuretsu!! Chorogon Breath game has revealed additional goods for those willing to empty their wallets, with there being a special guidebook containing lots of unique artwork. The limited edition contains a box decorated with game original illustrations, a Weiss Schwarz PR card, and […]
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Robolife-Days With Aino Has Sex With a Robot That Fires Clitoris Beams

Robolife-Days with Aino follows the life of a student who needs to program and train an android to function in society to graduate, leading to him being in charge of the pretty Aino as he slowly falls in love with the unique mechanical being. Rescuing Aino from the dump, the protagonist tries to fix her […]
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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review – a gripping interactive detective drama

PC, Xbox One/Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5; FrogwaresThe detective returns to his childhood island home to solve an elegant series of cases in this lively open-world story Developer Frogwares has been making games about the world’s most famous detective for a long time now, but Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the most personal. A 21-year-old Sherlock has returned to the fictional island of Cordona, where he spent his childhood, kicking off a chain of events that leads him to uncover a missing elem...
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‘I am not gonna die on the internet for you!’: how game streaming went from dream job to a burnout nightmare

Gamers are making millions by playing in front of audiences on platforms like Twitch. But when fame and money counts on you always being on, can you ever switch off?It is June 2018, and I am sitting at a table in a needlessly fancy restaurant in LA with a bunch of teenagers. Well, some of them must be over 21 as they are able to order alcohol, but most are sticking to Coke or sparkling water with their overpriced steaks. These are some of the up-and-coming stars of Twitch, the livestreaming plat...
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Microsoft Creates 3D Interactive Xbox Museum for 20th Anniversary

As part of Microsoft’s celebration of the Xbox’s 20th anniversary, the company created a 3D museum players can log into and explore with a virtual avatar, an event that is certain to delight fans of the console and its iconic titles. The Xbox Museum has different areas to explore, provides a guided tour from each […]
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King of Fighters XV’s Angel as Naughty & Buxom as Ever

King of Fighters XV has a buxom female fighter making a return as the heavenly Angel has descended, offering players a healthy mixture of cockiness and sex appeal, elements that some may label as crucial when it comes to making a memorable female character. Angel’s trailer is naturally rife with combat as she shows off […]
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Syndra of League of Legends the Object of Desire for Artist Kumiko Shiba

League of Legends, or at least one of the girls from the online multiplayer title, seems to be quite the fascination for the artist Kumiko Shiba, as they often draw erotic artwork of spellcaster Syndra being outnumbered and overpowered by males who then use her sexually, such dominance sure to be highly praised by men […]
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Long-Tongued Honoka Tsujii Rides a Man as Fate’s Rider in TMA VR AV

The Fate/stay night series has obtained yet another adult tribute courtesy of TMA as the sexy Rider features in another parody, one that is compatible with virtual reality and will surely only worsen the condition of AV addicts. The scandalous AV (which stars actress Honoka Tsujii and her long tongue) will allow observers to witness […]
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Mario Movie Producer Says There’s a Reason Why Pratt’s Accent Will Be Different

Website TooFab had a short conversation with the producer of the upcoming Mario movie, Christopher Meledandri, who revealed more about how Chris Pratt will portray Mario in the film and that there will be a reason why Pratt doesn’t speak with the same Italian accent, which fans are hoping isn’t because his accent is “offensive”. […]
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Holoearth Sandbox Game Footage Rife With Promise

Holoearth, which is part of the Hololive Alternative multimedia project, teased some of its very early footage courtesy of virtual YouTubers Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and A-chan, who served as guides, the sandbox-type game bound to perform well amongst VTuber fans and YouTube uploaders alike. The Hololive Alternative multimedia project saw to the release of […]
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Chrono Cross Remake Rumored

A so-called “big PlayStation remake” said to be in development has many suspecting the game in question might be Chrono Cross (1999), the unique sequel to cult classic Chrono Trigger, and the rumor will surely have some upset that Chrono Trigger isn’t being remade first. Chrono Cross was amongst several other games found listed in […]
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How does the Plus System work in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 makes it easy to switch up your gear on the fly with the new Plus System. Here's everything you need to know about the useful new mechanic.
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How does the Call-In System work in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 uses a new Call-In System to quickly deliver vehicles to your location. Here's everything you need to know about Battlefield's new system.
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Battlefield 2042 review – war in the eye of the storm

PC, Xbox One/Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5; Dice/EAIn a series known for its scale and spectacle, climate change and technical issues are the new enemiesThey say war is hell, don’t they, and also that hell is other people. So perhaps we should all have seen the chaos coming, when Electronic Arts proudly announced that 128-player matches were coming to Battlefield. We should have learned from trying to board the tube at rush hour what 128 people all vying simultaneously to complete an objective fee...
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Romance Saucy Succubi & Gamble in Succubus Slot

Those who have ever yearned for the combination of romance simulator and slot machines will find Succubus Slot perhaps capable of satiating this lust, as the title contains a great deal of both and has the player romancing various succubus women. The eroge will hopefully keep individuals more preoccupied in comparison to other titles as […]
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Kantai Collection’s Suzuya Polishes Multiple Guns at Once in Sex Animation

Kantai Collection, one of the first titles to popularize the whole “collect tons of girls through gacha” premise, is still holding strong as a dedicated fan has made use of MikuMikuDance to produce an erotic creation starring Suzuya, the ship girl being assaulted by multiple “guns” at once and sure to intrigue those who enjoy […]
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