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House comes with vast, cursed warehouse

At first look, this house in Louisville, Kentucky, appears to be a normal if run-down and cluttered dwelling up for sale. The virtual listing, however, soon reveals unexpected charms. Pat Ashe writes that "my game of the year so far is the 3D walkthrough of this house" and he is asbolutely correct. — Read the rest
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Top Tier Chocobo Cosplay Pushing the Boundaries of the Art

Cosplayers are seemingly pushing the bar further and further with each passing day as one particular hobbyist has produced a rather compelling Chocobo outfit, one that has some rather astoundingly realistic movement and attention to detail that may have some labeling it as one of the best in existence. Created by MathieuOz, a fan uploaded […]
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Erotic Dungeon Survival’s Thieves Take Advantage of a Lone Girl

A magical girl and her lover have their companionship tested by foul rape-happy thieves in Erotic Dungeon Survival, the sensuous RPG containing droves of rape scenes for the girl, should players decide to subject her to such tragedy. Exploring a cave near a peaceful village, the boyfriend of heroine Ryumi is captured by thieves and […]
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SaDistic BlooD Gorily Humiliates Vampire Maidens

A vampire-centric tale of sex and cruelty has been properly presented through SaDistic BlooD, certain to prove popular amongst vampire fanatics or those who revel in immensely violent and gory sex scenes. The title was developed by the accomplished Black Cyc and written by Izumi Ban’ya, who might be well-known for their work on famous […]
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Sekiro Game of the Year Edition Slays Foes With a More Brutal Style

From Software has revealed the teaser trailer for the upcoming Game of the Year Edition of their hit action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice showcasing the new features added to the game. The free update to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will include new unlockable skins, challenge modes, and a player recording mode, allowing any player […]
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Gust Playfully Tease for Atelier Ryza 2 Pre-Orders

Gust has continued to exhibit that they know and care about what their consumers want, as a recent Twitter post encouraging fans to pre-order Atelier Ryza 2 made sure to include a little service of the titular heroine. The tweet was accompanied by a short video of the cute Ryza: It was also noted that […]
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Sekai Project Employee Bans Discord Member for Criticizing Company

An individual criticizing the business decisions of Sekai Project was banned from their Discord server for daring to speak their mind, despite the fact that they wrote these verboten comments whilst on the JASTUSA Discord server. Sekai Project is a Western publisher that licenses and subsequently translates Japanese visual novels into English, though it seems […]
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Eroge Mist Train Girls Really Ramming All the Cabooses

DMM Games has met the expectations of eroge aficionados as Mist Train Girls has been chugging along with its plethora of sultry sex scenes, the women varying to the extent that the title will surely have a fetish or attribute that will appeal to any sort of pervert. Mist Train Girls anthropomorphizes trains and transforms […]
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World of Warcraft Pelted With More Hatred Due to Another 6-Month Sub Transmog

World of Warcraft fans who won’t admit that the pointless grindfest hasn’t been entertaining in years and that Blizzard does not care about them have once again become enraged over a horrid developer decision, as Blizzard is offering a transmog set (items that merely alter a character’s appearance) to those who purchase a 6-month subscription […]
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Ryukishi07’s Visual Novel Iwaihime Brings a Cursed School to Life

Publisher ShiraVN has released a brand new supernatural visual novel by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni creator Ryukishi07 called Iwaihime, which tells the tale of a school afflicted by mysterious curses. Iwaihime’s story synopsis directly from the game’s Steam page as well as the haunting opening movie: I envy you the privilege of dying. Curse […]
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Super Sweet Chocola Ero-Figurine Will Induce Temptation

Nekopara‘s sweet and innocent Chocola can once again be seen seducing the figure-loving community as this upcoming good has the catgirl dressed in a “bunny girl outfit”, the usamimi being neglected of course as most would argue that the Nekopara girls’ ears are superior – Chocola can be heavily petted when she arrives in June […]
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Adorable Jiangshi Qiqi Freezes the World of Genshin Impact With Moe

The official YouTube channel for Genshin Impact has published yet another character introduction video for Qiqi, the tiny Chinese vampire girl with the power to freeze her opponents and mend her allies. The amnesiac undead loli brings a lot of utility to the player’s party with a significant damage output thanks to her sword and […]
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Arcade1Up 8 Game PartyCade Portable Home Arcade Machine PacMan, Galaxia, Asteroids, DigDug

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Oh boy! Does this bring back some memories? Any 80's kid would love to find this Arcade1Up 8 Game PartyCade Portable Home Arcade Machine under the tree.... [Author: Lana]
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A Brave Maiden Fends Off Vile Creatures in Warrior Girl

The longstanding KooooN Soft has pumped out another raunchy title that will appear familiar to those who have played the developer’s previous titles as the new Warrior Girl has players aiding a warrior woman on her quest to vanquish evil rape-hungry monsters. While the goal and main gameplay is the same as the developer’s past […]
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The Killer Kunai of Wraith From Apex Legends Perfectly Replicated

An individual versed in the ways of weaponsmithing has gone through the arduous process of producing the kunai wielded by Wraith from Apex Legends, the marvel bound to have diehard fans of the battle royale game feeling quite envious. The video goes through the strenuous manufacturing procedure that required various steps and a lot of […]
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Doom Eternal DLC’s Korone “Doog” Easter Egg Removed

For no reason whatsoever, id Software has removed the hidden easter egg dedicated to Hololive virtual YouTuber Inugami Korone in the Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One DLC, certain to inspire theories as to why the developer would remove such a harmless reference. The recent 3.1 update patch notes mentions that the easter egg […]
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Juicy Life-Sized Ringo Oppai Mouse Pad Overflowing With Health Benefits

Fruits Fulcute!, an erotic game full of anthropomorphic fruit girls, has become the next title to be given a life-sized oppai mouse pad based on one of its characters, this time with the well-grown Ringo gladly bearing fruit that observers would love to rest their wrists (or face) on when she is brought to the […]
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Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Unleashes Sexy Vampire Outfit for Halloween

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation has now also participated in the obligatory Halloween celebration for maximum revenue gain as a sultry new vampire-themed outfit can be accessed, one that can of course also be decimated to leave the wearer in a half-nude state. Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation has commenced its Halloween Commemoration […]
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Genshin Impact Trailer Puts Emphasis on the Mighty Jean

Genshin Impact has continued to release trailers and gameplay footage in an attempt to draw in potential gacha addicts as their newest release this time focuses on Jean, yet another female who might capture the attention of males who favor pretty anime girls. The lengthy 4-minute trailer discusses Jean’s backstory before going in-depth with her […]
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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light Coming to Switch in English

Nintendo has announced it will be translating Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light into English and porting it to the Nintendo Switch, with such a move likely to be deemed as pointless by Fire Emblem enthusiasts who have already enjoyed the fan translation or the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon remake for the […]
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Censors “Phallic” Win Screen for Minecraft’s Steve

Nintendo has once again responded to the deranged masses as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had its win screen for playable character Steve (of Minecraft) altered, taking away his precious meat as several individuals believed it looked like a misshapen penis. The change was said to have taken place in the recent 9.0.1 version update for […]
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Touhou Remilia Scarlet Cosplay by Alcololi Thirsting for More Prey

Dedicated Remilia Scarlet cosplayer Alcololi has once again transformed herself into the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion to put on an alluring show for her fanbase. The cosplay accurately captures all the best parts of the petite vampire, accentuated by a bare minimum amount of clothing coupled with fishnet stockings and other elements to […]
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8 creepy, spooky, and scary board games for Halloween. IF YOU DARE.

The truth is, I don’t need an excuse to play scary board games for Halloween with my. kids. We’re full-fledged board game geeks at my house, and all games are an option for us, any time at all. But with so many families looking for safe trick-or-treat alternatives this year, a fun new board game with […]
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New Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Trailer Highlights Rambo’s Gameplay

New Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Trailer Highlights Rambo’s Gameplay PlayStation has released a brand new Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate trailer for NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming expanded version of the video game, providing us with our first look at Rambo’s gameplay including the character’s intros, victories, fatal blows and fatalities. Check out the video in the player below along with the recently released Rain gameplay! Click here to pre-order Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate! P...
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Aged Down Vanilla Figure Emitting Aura of Preciousness

Alongside her cute sister Chocola, the more lax Vanilla has also reverted to a younger age for this figurine, with such a depiction of the adorable catgirl potentially motivating purchases from Nekopara’s many fans when the sweet angel becomes available in March 2021. Vanilla can be pre-ordered now.
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9 creepy, spooky, and scary board games for Halloween. IF YOU DARE.

The truth is, I don’t need an excuse to play scary board games for Halloween with my. kids. We’re full-fledged board game geeks at my house, and all games are an option for us, any time at all. But with so many families looking for safe trick-or-treat alternatives this year, a fun new board game with […]
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Sakura Kakumei Battles in Powerful Robotic Dresses

The official channel for the Sakura Wars spin-off mobile strategy title Sakura Kakumei has revealed a gameplay trailer going through all the important elements of the game. The newest trailer covers the turn-based tactical strategy gameplay as well as the downtime visual novel-like portions where the player gets to interact with and learn new things […]
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Goodbye Sister Brutally Converts a Nun to a New Religion

A religious girl is deftly made an outcast in Goodbye Sister as a sad fate befalls the abused maiden, forcing her into an adventure full of murderous soldiers, monsters, and evil, all of which seem to be standard staples for an eroge. The heroine was living peacefully in a small rural village, performing her usual […]
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Cagliostro Wears Some Standard Pantsu in Granblue Fantasy Versus

Much like several other Granblue Fantasy females, the deceptive Cagliostro was recently implemented into Granblue Fantasy Versus and has joined the tradition of having her pantsu be visible during compromising situations, inserting an extra bit of sophistication and class that elite otaku will savor like fine wine. Those residing on Twitter shared screenshots of Cagliostro […]
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Hololive Virtual YouTuber Inugami Korone Reference Featured in Doom Eternal DLC

One of Hololive‘s most popular Virtual YouTubers, doggirl Inugami Korone, has been referenced by way of a special easter egg in the recently released DLC for Doom Eternal called “The Ancient Gods – Part One”. Korone’s Doom 64 and subsequent Doom 2016 livestreams were highly lauded by her diehard fans, resulting in said fans producing […]
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