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Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms Release Date, Details Revealed

Warner Bros. revealed just last week that a new Mortal Kombat animated film was slated for sometime in the summer and today, the company cleared up exactly when that will be. The Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle for the Realms release date is August 31, 2021 for digital and physical storefronts (not theaters or HBO Max). Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray pre-orders will begin on June 28 while digital pre-orders start on July 8. RELATED: Josh Lawson Never Expected His Best Reviews to Come From Mortal...
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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Release Date Revealed for Late Summer

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is one of the bigger tentpoles in the recent wave of cooperative wave-based shooters and it’s just about to be one of the first to actually come out. Cold Iron Studios revealed that the Aliens: Fireteam Elite release date will be August 24, a more specific date that was previously just “summer.” The game will come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and have two versions: a standard $39.99 one and a deluxe $69.99 one. The standard edition is...
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Shin Megami Tensei V’s Mermaid Still as Flat & Nearly Nude as Always

As part of Atlus’s daily videos showcasing monsters coming to Shin Megami Tensei V, one of the entries into the series has covered the scantily clad Mermaid, the woman’s phenomenally minuscule attire bound to quickly turn heads and sure to have newcomers immediately interested in acquiring the monstrous female as soon as possible. The Mermaid’s […]
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The 15 greatest video games of the 1990s – ranked!

It was the decade Sonic the Hedgehog, the original PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 and so much more entered the world – here are the 15 best games of this golden age of gamingOf all LucasArts’ memorable, quip-fuelled point and click adventures – from dark afterlife comedy Grim Fandango to the surrealist Day of the Tentacle – it’s Monkey Island 2 that gets the most love nowadays, and justifiably so. The puzzles were just on the right side of deliberately obscure, the characters were strange and colo...
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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles PV Goes Through Proceedings & Investigation

Capcom has released a brand new preview of the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles compilation going through two of the major gameplay elements of the title, namely the courtroom proceedings as well as investigation. An overview of the latest gameplay preview directly from a Capcom press release: In the latest trailer, fans are given […]
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Shin Megami Tensei V Gameplay Trailer Scours a Demon-Infested Tokyo

Atlus has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei V RPG taking the player to a post-apocalyptic Tokyo torn apart by a war between deities and demons. The premise and further details for the title from the official press release along with the trailer going over the basics of gameplay as […]
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Yooka-Laylee Card Game Coming Next Week via Limited Run

Playtonic Games have confirmed that they’ve put the finishing touches on a new title in the Yooka-Laylee series. However, you’ll need to pull up a couple of chairs and throw everything off the coffee table to be able to play this one, as it’s a card game for two to four players. Forming part of Limited Run’s “Game Decks” series, the new deck will challenge players to use your quills to buy powerups to give yourself a boost over your opponents. Owners will also be able to combine the new game wi...
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Zombie Army 4 Adds Left 4 Dead DLC Characters

The Left 4 Dead cast is used to shooting zombies in a group of four so it makes that they jumped right over to Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Rebellion announced today that all four Left 4 Dead survivors — Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey — would be added to Zombie Army 4 for free. The free characters are out right now. MORE: PUBG Mockumentary Brings Back Beyond Belief’s Jonathan Frakes Keep in mind that this only includes the survivors from the original game as Left 4 Dead 2‘s four new characters are ...
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PUBG Mockumentary Brings Back Beyond Belief’s Jonathan Frakes

PUBG Corporation has spent some time trying to inject a narrative and world into PUBG and its latest fictional video has recruited some very real talent. Jonathan Frakes, known for his roles on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and Star Trek: The Next Generation, hosts a new video calling back to his time on the former television show as he dissects the world of PUBG and the events in the game’s universe. This is not the first time Frakes has contributed to PUBG‘s “Mysteries Unknown” series, but t...
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Riot Games Announces Sentinels of Light Event

Riot Games has officially announced Sentinels of Light, the next major multi-game event in the company’s long-running history. It officially begins on July 8 and will include a ton of new experiences in League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant as well. MORE: Minecraft Celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary With DLC Sentinels of Light will continue Riot’s first multi-month story arc that started at the beginning of the year with th...
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Marvel’s Avengers Update Accidentally Doxxes Streamers

The Marvel‘s Avengers 1.8.0 update patch notes feature a new Cosmic Cube-focused event as well as a few bug fixes, but it also includes one unexpected feature: players’ IP addresses. This bug seems to disclose the player’s IP address on their screen, which is inconvenient or annoying for many, but quite troublesome for those streaming the game (at least on PS5). Uhhh can confirm Avengers is showing people’s IP addresses ON SCREEN as of this patch, I can see my own — Pau...
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Marvel’s Avengers Update Accidentally Doxes Streamers

The Marvel‘s Avengers 1.8.0 update patch notes feature a new Cosmic Cube-focused event as well as a few bug fixes, but it also includes one unexpected feature: players’ IP addresses. This bug seems to disclose the player’s IP address on their screen, which is inconvenient or annoying for many, but quite troublesome for those streaming the game (at least on PS5). Uhhh can confirm Avengers is showing people’s IP addresses ON SCREEN as of this patch, I can see my own — Pau...
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Marvel's Villainous Adds Loki, New Skyrim Board Game Details, and More Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. I’m back at the wheel after several months of maternity leave, and I’m ready to dive back into the latest games and announcements. This time around, we’ve got an expansion for Marvel’s Villainous, more details about the…Read more...
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Minecraft Celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary With DLC

The world of Minecraft is about to get an injection of speed, as Sonic the Hedgehog and a couple of his friends are making their way into the game as DLC. And that pack is out right now for $7.99, just one day before the hedgehog’s actual 30th anniversary. MORE: Tekken X Street Fighter Hasn’t Been Canceled After All To celebrate that anniversary of the iconic Sega character, Minecraft is giving players the chance to experience the legendary game series in a way they never have. The trailer teas...
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Eli Roth’s Borderlands Movie Wraps Production With Full Look at Claptrap

Lionsgate has announced that production on Eli Roth’s live-action film adaptation of Gearbox Software’s popular video game series Borderlands has officially been completed after more than three months of filming in Hungary. In celebration of the filming wrap, the studio has also released a new behind-the-scenes photo which you can check out below, offering us our first full look at Claptrap, who is set to be voiced by Jack Black. The Borderlands movie is expected to exist in a different univers...
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Tekken X Street Fighter Hasn’t Been Canceled After All

Fighting game fans can exhale a little, as reports of Tekken X Street Fighter’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. During the latest episode of Tekken series lead Katsuhiro Harada’s video talk show Harada’s Bar, the English subtitles for the show stated that Harada had claimed that the project was dead in the water. However, this was not what was intended to be said. Whilst talking about concept art, Harada was subtitled as saying “We wanted to show it, but the project died.” In a ...
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Guilty Gear -Strive- Censors Mention of Taiwan, Uighur From In-Game Lore

Guilty Gear -Strive- has continued to court further controversy as it has been discovered the title’s in-game lore screen has been changed to remove various countries, no doubt done to appease China so the developer doesn’t lose out on the precious income from the communist nation. A Reddit user provided a before and after image […]
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Luigi Set to Join the LEGO Super Mario Lineup for Co-Op Action

Last year’s officially licensed LEGO Super Mario sets had Nintendo fans young and old reaching for their wallets and piggy banks, respectively. Today, the two companies have revealed that they’re joining forces once again to confirm exactly how they’re bringing the true hero of the franchise – Luigi – to plastic brick lovers everywhere. Previously, we knew that a Luigi Starter Course set was on the way, but not exactly what it would entail. A whole batch of new LEGO Super Mario sets are droppin...
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Quake is 25 years old

It's 25 years to the day that iD software released Quake, the classic first-person shooter featuring a fully 3D world (including characters!), mouselook (not enabled by default!), and an outstanding soundtrack by Trent Reznor. Until Quake, state-of-the-art first-person shooter games on PC generally used 2.5D graphics techniques to simulate height and depth while usually restricting player movement to a two-dimensional plane. — Read the rest
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Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Review – Gorgeous Facelift, Dated Design

Alex Kidd has become one of the more obscure gaming mascots (a step below TurboGrafx caveman Bonk, but above the likes of Philips’ Pac-Man ripoff K.C. Munchkin), but he was once the prize jewel in Sega’s Master System lineup. That’s why it’s a tad bit heartwarming that Merge Games is celebrating the goofy character’s 35th anniversary with a remaster of his first game called Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Living up to the name, this is indeed the definitive edition of Alex Kidd in Miracle World....
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Comical Uma Musume Race Sporting Over 17 Goldships

A rather comical Uma Musume video has garnered quite a bit of notoriety online due to it featuring a race where 17 Goldships are present along with one single McQueen, no doubt a humorous sight. The 2-minute video that makes it seem as if the lone McQueen is being chased down: The video accrued 37.3k […]
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Isekai Quartet Kadokawa Crossover Anime Gets a Cute Side-Scrolling Platformer

The official Twitter account for the Kadokawa crossover anime Isekai Quartet has announced Tsukuru Series Isekai Quartet Bouken! Action Game, a video adaptation of the series that involves mostly platforming elements. The side-scrolling action-adventure platformer will allow players to take control of five different female protagonists from Kadokawa’s major isekai series and challenge 18 stages in […]
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Final Fantasy IX Anime For 8-13 Year Olds Reportedly Coming

An announcement that likely no one was expecting has declared that an anime adaptation of Final Fantasy IX is set to arrive in the not so distant future courtesy of the Paris-based Cyber Group Studios, certain to have Final Fantasy purists wondering why that specific entry whilst others are surmising the faithfulness will be lacking […]
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Phantom Abyss Is Like if Spelunky Met Legends of the Hidden Temple

Even though roguelikes and roguelites have taken over in the past few years, Spelunky remains one of the most prevalent examples. And that’s not just because it’s one of the earlier entries as it’s also one of the best ones, too. Despite the odd name, Phantom Abyss feels a lot like a 3D Spelunky not only for its roguelike nature, but also its tone. It’s a treasure-hunting roguelite that borrows a bit of Spelunky’s charm while also mixing in some influences from the Indiana Jones movies as well ...
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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan Trailer Details the Start of Tanjirou’s Journey

The newly released second trailer for Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan has introduced the prospective player to the beginning of Tanjirou Kamado‘s story and how he came to become a member of the Demon Slaying Corps. The Story Mode of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan will follow Tanjirou’s training toward becoming a full-fledged Demon Slayer […]
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Demon Slayer Game Gets Sakonji, Sabito, and Makomo Trailers

Today, CyberConnect2 revealed a set of new videos featuring fighters from the Demon Slayer game, titled Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles. This time around, Sakonji, Sabito, and Makomo got the spotlight. While all of the presented fighters all use the Water Breathing technique, they each have their little quirks to set themselves apart. Tanjiro’s initial trainer Sakonji Urokodaki mixes his swordmanship with a number of traps including bamboo shoots that shoot upwards fr...
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Genshin Impact Ganyu Cow Bikini Cosplay by Byoru a Fantastic Source of Calcium

Cosplay lovers with a taste for nutritious beverages might find Byoru’s cosplay to be more irresistible than most observers as the woman willingly spills milk all over herself whilst taking on the appearance of Genshin Impact‘s Ganyu, surely a motivating sight that will have men wishing they could fire their own white liquids onto the […]
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Report: Dead Space Reveal Being Planned for July

Few things are truly ever dead, even if they have “dead” in the title. According to a few reports, EA is planning to show another Dead Space at its EA Play event on July 22. EA has not uttered any such hints on the matter so whether or not it a sequel, remaster, or a reboot is unclear (even it even exists at all). There are two reports that appear to corroborate each other. This all stemmed from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti on their Games Mess show on March 5. When they were asked wh...
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Bright Memory: Infinite Trailer Showcases Hardcore Gun-Fu

When the Xbox Series consoles launched late in 2020, one of the most intriguing launch titles available on day one was Bright Memory. Created by a single developer by the name of FYQD Studio, the game was a budget-priced, visually compelling hors d’oeuvre for a full game by the name of Bright Memory: Infinite. MORE: The Falconeer PS5 Preview – Smooth Flying in 4K While that initial taster didn’t necessarily set the world of review scores alight, it looks as though the final product is shaping u...
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