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Hasbro announces 7 new D&D games starting with Baldur’s Gate 3

It appears the 20-year-long wait for a follow up to the critically acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series is finally coming to an end this year. Hasbro this weekend revealed seven new video games are currently in development for its Dungeons and Dragons property. Kicking things off will be Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3, which is slated for an early-access launch on Steam sometime in 2020. The news comes from Dark Side of Gaming, whose staff reports: In 2020, Hasbro aims to release Baldur’s Gate 3 and ...
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In Fortnite’s new spy-themed season, more is more

The new season of Fortnite’s second chapter finally landed last week, shaking up a reimagined map that burst dramatically out of a black hole in the game last year. Over the weekend, we scoped out what’s changed in a game now sprinkled with secret agents, laser beams and all manner of things dipped in gold. Happily, we can report that Epic returns the game to its true colors in season 2, with some innovative ideas that deepen the game for casual players. The black hole event and subsequent total...
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Microsoft finally shows us the Xbox Series X’s guts

Microsoft today gave us a look at the Xbox Series X’s specs, meaning we’re finally seeing what the next-gen consoles will have under the hood. And I can’t lie: it’s looking pretty good. Power + speed + compatibility = Xbox Series X 12 teraflops and so much more. Discover what the next generation of gaming means to Xbox: — Xbox (@Xbox) February 24, 2020 According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, the XSX will have an impressive 12 terafl...
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Microsoft Sheds More Light on Xbox Series X Performance and Features

While Microsoft is still keeping some info under wraps, just ahead of its expected full reveal at E3 in June, Microsoft has released some more details about its upcoming flagship console: the Xbox Series X. Read more...
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Microsoft offers a closer look at the next Xbox

It’s been a few months since Microsoft announced the impending arrival of the Xbox Series X. The somewhat redundantly named console made cameo during the Game Awards, getting a late 2020 date in the process. We got at glimpse at the big, boxy design and peek into a handful of features, including the new wireless controllers and backward game compatibility. It didn’t, however, really get into the nitty gritty of what’s going to set the next-gen console apart. Thankfully, MS’s head of Xbox Phil...
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Xbox Series X vs. PS5

Microsoft and Sony's next consoles are coming. When it comes to the Xbox Series X vs. PS5, which is better?
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Bethesda Pulls its Games from GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service

It looks like NVIDIA's GeForce NOW game streaming service is taking another hit as another publisher is pulling its game catalog from the service. This time it is Bethesda, who is known for the DOOM, Fallout, Wolfenstein, and The Elder Scrolls series. The post Bethesda Pulls its Games from GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service appeared first on
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Larian Studios confirms Baldur’s Gate 3 early access launch this year

Footage of the highly anticipated RPG will be shown at PAX East on February 27.
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Activision seeks identity of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale leaker

Activision filed a DMCA subpoena over a leaked image of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale mode.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to enable cross-platform parties for consoles

Un upcoming update will allow players on different consoles to join parties together
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Nvidia GeForce Now in-depth review: Great cloud gaming on a budget

Cloud gaming with low prices and plenty of games is a recipe for success.
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Nvidia GeForce Now hits 1 million players, but Bethesda games also taken down

Will GeForce Now maintain its 1 million members after another major studio withdraws?
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PlayStation, Facebook Gaming, Oculus VR to skip GDC 2020 due to coronavirus risk

The gaming companies have made the 'difficult decision' to cancel their participation in next month's event.
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Apex Legends brings back original Kings Canyon map for limited time

The original version of Kings Canyon, the map before World's Edge, returns to Apex Legends for the weekend.
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Destiny 2: Where to find Xur for the weekend of February 21

The vendor has some of the toughest loot to find in the game. Here's everything you need to know to find Xur.
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How to unlock the Galaxy skin in Fortnite

Here's all the info owners of the Samsung Note 9 and Tab S4 need to unlock the exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin.
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Fortnite season 2 map guide: Shark, Grotto, Agency, Rig

The Fortnite season 2 map changes are here, including the new locations Agency, Shark, Rig, Grotto and Yacht.
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Fortnite season 2 challenge guide: Visit lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay

Fortnite season 2 challenges have begun. Here’s where to find Lockie’s Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay.
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We need more colorful consoles like this pink Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo announced this week a new color for the Nintendo Switch Lite, the first since the handheld launched, and it’s a lovely shade of coral-pink. While I had no intention of getting a new Switch that I don’t need, I admit this one color is making me question my own color preferences, but also why we don’t have more brightly colored consoles out there. A new splash of color joins the #NintendoSwitchLite lineup! The vibrant and playful coral Nintendo Switch Lite system arrives on 4/3! pic.twitt...
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Cyberpunk 2077 is Coming to GeForce NOW Streaming Service

The collaboration between CD Projekt RED (the makers of Cyberpunk 2077) and NVIDIA does not end there, NVIDIA has just announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on their GeForce NOW streaming service the day it is released. The post Cyberpunk 2077 is Coming to GeForce NOW Streaming Service appeared first on
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Valve will sell ‘far fewer’ Index VR headsets due to coronavirus outbreak

There will be some Valve Index headsets available to buy before the release of Half-Life: Alyx, but not many.
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Eli Roth now set to direct Borderlands movie for Lionsgate

Adaptation will feature a screenplay by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin.
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The best cheap gaming laptop deals for February 2020

These are the best cheap gaming laptop deals you can score, including picks that ring in at less than $500.
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Coronavirus Fears Prompt Facebook Gaming, Oculus to Pull Out of GDC 2020

Facebook will not be participating in this year's Game Developers Conference, March 16 through 20 in San Francisco, due to concerns over Covid-19, more commonly known as coronavirus. The company said it is removing the Facebook Gaming and Oculus booth footprints from the Moscone Center floor and advising against its employees traveling during the event....
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Hideo Kojima is either teasing new Death Stranding content or goofing around

The bizarre, 45-second trailer is edited to look exactly like the film 1917
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Pokémon Home’s success is a good omen for the series’ future

Pokémon Home was installed 1.3 million times in its first week, raking in nearly $2 million in revenue.
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The best PlayStation 4 exclusives

The PlayStation 4's library has incredible exclusives. Here's our list of the greatest PS4 exclusives.
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Our biggest takeaways from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct

Nintendo's latest Direct, focused on Animal Crossing, brought back familiar faces to entice fans.
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How to unlock Deadpool in Fortnite

The Fortnite Deadpool skin is out now as part of season 2 in battle royale. Here’s how to unlock the skin.
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Twitch to top 40 million US viewers next year, forecast says

Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming service for gamers, is poised to surpass 40 million monthly active viewers in the U.S. as of next year, according to a new forecast from eMarketer out on Thursday. By 2023, it will reach 47 million viewers. Currently, the analyst firm estimates Twitch has 37.5 million viewers in the U.S. who tune in to watch at least once per month. Officially, Twitch reports it has more than 3 million active monthly creators and over 15 million average daily streamers, per its...
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