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The Robin’s Empty Nest

   We all deal with empty nests at some point in our lives. In the world of robins, that book opens as they create their nests in stages requiring hundreds of trips into our fields and gardens. Robins  define spring, new life. They build their nests inside out. They first haul thicker grasses and twigs to a site to rough them out, carefully work in some mud to seal them, then add finer pieces of grass, maybe even some twine or shreds of cloth. A nest requires about 350 separate pieces of constr...
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White Irises

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Books: Modern Miracle

It's not always easy to find modern gardens to visit, so if you're into contemporary design (or would like to be) ... then you simply must get a copy of Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons: LaGuardia Design Group 1990-2020 (Monacelli Press, 2021). In a foreword to the book, award-winning author... [Author: Jane Berger]
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How To Repot House Plants Like A Pro

If you want to repot house plants like a pro, this is the post for you! Replanting houseplants is one of the things that spring is associated with and an interesting way to spend a weekend. Let’s find out how replanting differs from repotting, how to choose the right pot, and what you need to know about drainage and soil for different plants. Determine If a Replant Is Needed  The traditional replant of houseplants is to carefully remove the old soil, spread the roots on a hill ...
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How to get started with herb gardening and how to keep cilantro from bolting

Q: I’m interested in growing parsley and rosemary as my first herbs, are they hard to maintain? A: Herb gardening is an excellent entry point into edible gardening. They don’t take up too much room, they are (generally) less fussy about growing conditions, and fresh herbs really add a lot to home cooking. Perennial herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, bay laurel, marjoram and oregano produce all year round, but their flavors will be strongest during the summer and early fall months. These herbs ...
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Building Habitat Nests – For Wildlife and For Me

Over the last two winters, I’ve been engaged in a curious pursuit which has baffled some visitors but thrilled others – precisely the way I love to garden.  I’m building habitat nests – and it’s one of the most satisfying and artistically fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in some time. The newest nest (still under construction) near the barn garden. Satisfying – as it utilizes the incredible amount of twigs and branches shed by an Eastern deciduous woodland onto lawns, beds, roofs and drivewa...
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Josie's Wednesday

Finally! Meema remembered to buy pumpkin so we could make pumpkin bread. I helped stir. It took almost an hour to cook which is like forever but at last Meema took it out and then we had to wait for it to cool a little. Meema said she used to help her grandmother make banana bread and they cooled it on these very same racks. Meema's grandmother was named Ruby and she is my great-great grandmother. I wanted to put chocolate chips in the batter but Meema was out of chocolate ch...
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Exploring Yellow Island

Yellow Island I am, floristically speaking, a sybarite.  Though I will attempt to enjoy the occasional long weekend at an Oberoi or Four Seasons, especially so as the guest of a wealthy friend, and will suffer through multi-course meals that are as unsettling to my wallet as the mucosa of my digestive tract, I am in my element under modest means.  In terms of my phytogeographical peregrinations, however, not so much. Of the numerous petty slings and arrows suffered during the pandemic, none wa...
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Ever rising for their roses, Huntington Botanical Gardens’ Grateful Deadheaders clip to conquer

Head Gardener John Villarreal speaks with volunteer Gloria Sierra as she deadheads roses in The Huntington Rose Garden on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Volunteers, who call themselves “Grateful Deadheaders,” are busy during the rose garden’s peak bloom. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Gloria Sierra walks through The Huntington Rose Garden on her way to a bed that needs pruning on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Sierra and the other volunteers, who cal...
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More Spring Beauties

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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I like thug plants and I cannot lie

When I saw this quote/paraphrase from Sir Mixalot’s 1992 hit in my local gardening group, I thought, “Finally. Somebody gets me.” My gardening life is punctuated by love/hate relationships with plants that have to be cut back and selectively pulled out on a regular basis. Trumpet vine, wisteria, anemone canadensis, sweet woodruff, lily of the valley, and ostrich fern are a few that can be oh-so-readily named. Vigorous climbers are needed to help screen the garden from a neighboring property and...
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Let’s talk tomatoes with our Garden Party newsletter and virtual event series

Spring is here; the birds are chirping; and it’s tomato time. Garden Party, our free newsletter, is packed full of tips for growing great tomatoes. Let Alex Groves guide you on this eight-week tomato journey that includes everything from how to eradicate common tomato pests to tasty recipes to show off that bountiful harvest. Visit for more information and to sign up. We’re also talking tomatoes on the next edition of the Garden Party Zoom series. Join Alex an...
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10 Steps to Growing Your Dream Garden This Year

Believe it or not, spring is here, which means the time is ripe to get our plans in order for this year’s garden. The savviest gardeners have probably already made their plans, but it’s not too late for the rest of us. With gardening, timing is almost everything, so start as soon as you can to take advantage of the…Read more...
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Giving Thanks

False Solomon's Seal I've been so cheered by the many positive ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and/or personal comments from folks who've read Crows.  It would be wiser, no doubt, simply never to look at reviews, as sometimes people can be ugly, but I can't resist and so far folks have been kind and even enthusiastic.  Writing a book takes a lot of effort--something like birthing a child--and one wants that child to do well and for people to appreciate it. And now,...
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Shared-space plantings don’t have to be boring

A guest rant by Kelly Baldry Our towns and cities are made up of thousands of individuals, many of whom will never pay to visit a garden, and perhaps have no garden to call their own.    The reality of everyday life is somewhat different to the designed spaces of historic buildings, legacy plantings around sporting venues, and private (usually well-funded) pay-to-view gardens.  It’s the view that greets the vast majority of us every day that is important, made up of the spaces that surround us,...
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Emphatic, Glorious spring

May arrives with armfuls of bouquets in her arms. Tulips, tulips, and more tulips. We love making color combinations for our gardens each year and testing out new varieties in the Idea Gardens for future use. Please enjoy this visual compendium of our tulips in bloom this week! Rose Garden tulips Tulips in the North Garden Tulip ‘Stunning Apricot’ Tulip ‘Lilac Perfection’ Tulip ‘Lilac Love’ Tulip ‘Copper Image’ Herb Garden tulips Tulip ‘Amazing Grace’ in th...
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Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, May 3-10

  Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center, also known as Rancho Sombra del Roble, is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument in West Hills. (Google Street View)   Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences. Here’s a sampling of  meetings in the San Fernando Valley.   Wings Over Wendy’s: Veterans of all services and their supporters meet online on Zoom. Meet and greet, 8:30 a.m., followed by meeting, 9:30 a.m. every Monday of the month. Guest sp...
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So Many Things

Sunrise Skink Chilling with a snack Rose Geranium   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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In White House Garden News, it’s Dandeliongate!

I’m blaming Twitter. My feed of pundits and reporters pointed me to this clip on Newsmax, a channel I’ve never dared look at. It shows a host mocking Joe Biden for picking a dandelion and giving it to his wife. Oh wait, “bizarrely” giving her the dandelion. So worthy of being mocked as a phony “gate.”  I’ll get a good laugh at this because if this is the level of controversy or “gate” we’ll have to endure during the Biden years, great! That would mean nothing really rant-worthy is going on. ...
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A Busy May Day

What a beautiful May Day it was!  REMINDER: Get wet in the first rain of May for good health all year. (It's my family tradition and I interpret it loosely--get some rain on your hand and you're good.) Josie and I made a start on Friday of moving stuff out of the greenhouse. There was a lot of potting soil on the floor and she helped by using a little trowel to scrape it up and put it in the bed. "This is the best day ever!" she said. She loves to help. And she loves being ou...
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Why lemon and citronella grasses may be just the mosquito-fighting balm you need

“About a month ago I read that lemon grass is a great deterrent for mosquitoes. Well, I have checked every big box store, called all the local nurseries and have not been able to find any. I would like to know if this plant really works against mosquitoes since we’ve had such a problem the last two years with these little ankle-biters. The thought of fragrant lemon scent is so appealing to me. Is there any chance of finding lemon grass to your knowledge or is it not in season right now? I sure h...
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Black or Turkey? Vulture, That Is

Vultures are such majestic critters, patrolling the skies and riding the currents.  We have both the Black and the Turkey Vultures around here. It's easy to see the difference up close--the TV's head is featherless and red--like a turkey.  But at this distance I can't see the red. Still, I think it's a Turkey Vulture rather than a Black --because of the shallow V of the wings, the 'fingers' at the wingtips, and the good- sized tail. What a beauty! More about these birds HER...
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Katie Couric and Drew Barrymore make money off gardening products. As gardening experts do.

Drew Barrymore Sells Lawn Care    Suddenly my social media feeds are showing me videos of Drew Barrymore ecstatically hugging bags of grass seed and telling us to Lawn Differently with “Choose Instead,”  Bag-hugging aside, I’m totally open to celebrities being hired to sell products if they’re good ones and the message to consumers is worthy.  And here, the message seems great: Our fertilizers improve your lawn over time with nutrients from natural ingredients, so your little slice of nature ...
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Tree Peonies--Be Still My Heart

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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The best plants for your first garden in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Gardening can be a satisfying, rewarding hobby resulting in beautiful flowers and tasty foods. For a successful garden, you have to choose the right plants for the climate, the season, and for your location. Kimberly Queen ferns, rainbow carrots, and hydrangeas are all hardy plants to get your green thumb going. Gardening is a rewarding challenge that can beautify your home and yield nutritious foods. Like with any new hobby, gardening has a learning curve an...
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How to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn

Now that spring is here, everyone is paying attention to their lawns again. Unfortunately, fescue is not the only thing that is growing in many lawns. Bermuda grass, crabgrass and poa annua are some of less desirable species of grass that can appear in an otherwise beautiful lawn. (Yes, I do realize that Southern California is not an ideal climate for large, lush green lawns, but some of us East Coast natives still appreciate a bit of green. I just wanted to put that out there.) If you are plant...
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Josie and Dell

Do you like the tower I made? It is amazing.  My dinosaurs and birds watched me build it. I gave Bobadog my princess crown. He liked it. And then I made a new friend. Her name is Dell and she is Meema's computer. We had a conversation and here it is. (Meema did the words I told her.) D) HELLO JOSIE, I AM DELL. HOW ARE YOU? DO YOU LIKE APPLES? J) YES, I DO! DELL, DO YOU LIKE APPLES? D)I AM A COMPUTER. I DON’T EAT ANYTHING. WHAT ELSE DO YOU LIKE? J) I LIKE MY MO...
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Traditional Wedding Flowers – Find the Perfect Arrangement for Your Big Day

The flowers you choose for your wedding have a huge impact on the look and feel of your big day. This is especially true for your bridal bouquet. After all, when else do you get to carry a huge, beautiful array of flowers designed just for you? In fact, you can plan your entire wedding around that specific arrangement of flowers. While ordering Bouqs Wedding Flowers is exciting for any bride, there are a few tips to keep in mind before finalizing the flowers you have selected. Choos...
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The First In-Person CROWS Event!

What joy! I spoke to the Marshall Library Book Club--outside and all of them masked-- about CROWS and they asked the best questions! They really seemed to understand what it was I was trying to accomplish. I've done some Zoom events but in the beginning my old computer was a bit wonky and the conditions just weren't ideal. What a pleasure to be in person! I even managed to ask them to post reviews. It seems so tacky to be doing that but it really helps the book to get more no...
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Relax, it’s just weather

Where would we be if we couldn’t complain incessantly about the weather? Such whining is harmless, as it has zero effect, and it’s fun. I do it all the time. I love the four seasons, but I don’t like being cold. I was taken aback recently, however, by the major weather-related freakouts that occurred when Western New York experienced an April snowfall. This is a regular occurrence. Indeed, May snowfalls are not unheard of. Well. Gardeners throughout the region took to social media, where they e...
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