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DC Horror's The Conjuring Comic Expands Another Chapter in the Spooky Universe

If you’ve seen The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It—now in theaters and on HBO Max—you’ll recall the sequence where Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) investigate the brutal murder of a woman named Katie (Andrea Andrade). It seems to echo the movie’s main case in which a man claims demonic…Read more...
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‘The Conjuring: The Lover’ Comic From DC Horror Label Will Set Up ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’

Excited about The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and want more Conjuring goodness? You’re in luck! DC is launching a new label called DC Horror, and they’re kicking things off with a limited series prequel called The Conjuring: The Lover. Written by The Devil Made Me Do It screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick along with Rex Ogle, and featuring art by Garry Brown, the five-issue limited series is described as a “prelude” to the new Conjuring movie. I’m not a big comics guy – I dab...
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Businesses join environmentalists to warn Trump’s oil drilling plan might hurt California tourism

Seeking to expand opposition to new offshore oil drilling beyond those concerned about the environment, activists are increasingly emphasizing the economic blowback they say will result if the Trump administration succeeds in its plan to open up new leases in U.S. waters — including those running the length of the West Coast. The potential impact on local businesses and tourism was emphasized by most of the panelists at a Wednesday forum at the Newport Beach Civic Center, one of four town halls ...
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Should the San Onofre nuclear cooling pipes remain under the ocean forever?

Should the owners of the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station dig up and remove all the infrastructure snaking along the ocean floor? Or should they leave some structures beneath the waves, to perhaps bloom into an artificial reef for sea life? Should everyone acknowledge that the spent fuel entombed near the beach might, indeed, remain there far beyond 2049 – perhaps into perpetuity – and that an entirely new temporary storage system might eventually need to be built elsewhere on sit...
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AT&T and Verizon's Wireline and Wireless Cross-Subsidies Harm Competition and Every Communications Service You Use.

PART I: The Wireline-Wireless Broadband and Internet Bait and Switch PART II: Let me explain why all of your communications rates keep going up or why there are 'data caps' imposed, and why many customers have overcharges on wireless. And let me explain why there is no serious competition in America to lower rates, and why high-speed broadband in America is mostly slow and expensive and not available to over 50% of Verizon or AT&T's wired territories, regardless of the hype. And let me explain...
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Verizon NY Paid Virtually No Taxes Since 2003; Averaged $2.5+ Billion in Losses a Year for Five Years*

*(NOTE: This five-year period is based on 2010-2014; Verizon NY's 2015 financial information is not available yet.) Yes, it is tax season yet again and you probably paid more taxes than Verizon NY. (NOTE: Verizon's other incumbent phone companies are using the same 'questionable' financial book keeping, but their accounting is not public.) Based on the Verizon NY annual reports, the losses are staggering, and there has been no public outcry, even though these losses were used to raise rates ...
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Traveltek appoints former Amadeus cruise manager Garry Brown

Former Amadeus cruise manager Garry Brown has joined Glasgow-based travel systems developer Traveltek as regional sales manager.
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9 Things You Should Know About Verizon NY & the NY State Commission.

PART II: Summary Report as PDF PART I: Letter to the State Commission This week, the NY State Public Service Commission (NYPSC) is holding a technical conference with the purpose of discussing their 2015 report "Staff Assessment of Telecommunications Services", and to address the mostly ignored Connect NY Coalition Petition, which was filed in July 2014 and called for a series of investigations. Click to see New Networks Institute's new reports from "Fixing Telecom" and our previous reports, wh...
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BOTNS #333: What the heck is cli-fi?

In this episode, we look at a new-ish book genre called cli-fi, and revisit two of our favorite backlist titles, A Stranger in the Kingdom and A Handmaid’s Tale   , and since Memorial Day has passed in the US, it is officially Bingo time! Michael is waiting to start a that he just received. I briefly talk about a newish sitcom that is set in the world of publishing, Younger. I have some mixed feelings about it, but it’s kind of fun in a non-realistic, mindless-tv kind of way.   Audiobook of...
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