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PHOTOS: Get to know beautiful local gay men of Lisbon

Here's a selection of photos of Lisbon queer locals along with a bit of behind the scenes commentary about how each shoot came to be.
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These hot Winter Party photos will have you booking a ticket to Miami

This annual, week-long event attracts thousands of the hottest partygoers from around the globe to help raise money for the National LGBTQ Task Force, a group that helps take action, build power, and create change.
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Want to get inside the Versace mansion? Eat at this new sushi restaurant

So satisfy those Versace dreams, and dine while surrounded by the glitz and glamour of glitterati days gone by, and pay homage to one of the greatest artists of our time.
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This San Francisco drag queen has 5 tips to celebrating being single on Valentine’s Day

Single this year? Don't mope. Make it the best day of your year. Juanita MORE! has all the answers...
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Want to get inside the Versace mansion? Eat at this new sushi restaurant

Plus Sushi by Bou is upstairs, in Versace's former bedroom suite. Eating there involves walking through much of the actual mansion...
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Warm up in a seaside city with a gay scene as vibrant as its sandy beaches

First stop on our tour of southern Florida: St. Petersburg, in the fantastic Tampa Bay area.
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These awesome photos will make you hop the next flight to Fort Lauderdale

Sun, swimming, and sand: These are the Three S’s that are the secret to a successful seaside holiday, and Greater Fort Lauderdale has them all.
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Here’s your Valentine’s getaway guide, no matter your relationship status

Not all relationships are created equal. Therefore, what makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day retreat for one type of emotional entanglement may not be suitable for another. And then there is the majority of us who are single.
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5 off-season queer hotspots to enjoy on the cheap right now

Here are some of our favorite places that feature great gay communities where you can take a trip without breaking the bank.
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Sexy ski week photos to ward off the winter chill

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pics from recent events in the U.S. and Europe, where thousands of snow-worshipers gather to ski, snowboard, and shimmy the night away.
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3 happenings you will want to add to your travel calendar

For anyone who is a fan of the arts, the next few months should not disappoint. From a one-night-only concert experience to a musical immortalizing an icon to an exhibition of queer history prominently on display, here are three cultural events you will not want to miss...
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PHOTOS: Cher kicks off her tour with wings, sequins and male dancers

Check out more photos from her opening night below, and soak in the eleganza of the wigs and the sequins.
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5 great places in Vienna to enjoy a stiff drink (and maybe even a cute local)

The streets and architecture of Vienna are so beautiful that you may never want to go inside again. But since you will inevitably want a drink and a chat with a handsome local, there are plenty of incredible options.
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Food, flags and fun: Top reasons to visit Portland, Oregon

It’s safe to say that Portland may have the highest concentration of rainbow flags per capita.
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PHOTOS: Sexy South Korean gay guys emerge from the shadows

On a recent trip to Seoul, a city of ten million, the talented photographer captured a bunch of regular gay guys hanging out in the coolest ‘hoods, showing off their best street styles.
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5 fabulous Mexico destinations to enjoy ASAP

Here are five destinations in Mexican travel right now, where visitors can lay on the beach, stroll down historic cobblestone streets, eat delicious food, and enjoy the best of what makes the country so special.
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10 thirst trap photos from Elevation Ski Weeks Utah, Mammoth and Tremblant

Join Queerty at Elevation Tremblant, Elevation Utah or Elevation Mammoth to meet guys like these, and thousands of others who can be found hitting slopes, leaning on the bar with a cocktail, snuggling by the fire, and, well, so much more!
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PHOTOS: Bears emerge from hibernation for a Puerto Vallarta ‘Dip’

The hunky bears are back, taking over Puerto Vallarta for a weekend of beer, beef and beach.
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The 7 incredible, trending places to fit into your travel calendar

Mark your calendars. 2019 is going to be a banner year for queer travel.
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Elevation and 10 great ski weeks to consider in 2019

Pack up your skis, snowboards, snowshoes, hiking boots, cashmere undies, and your cute snow outfits, because 2019 will have more gay ski weeks than ever before.
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PHOTOS: See why Bangkok’s White Party now rivals the hottest parties in the world

The largest White Party in the world brought down the house again this year.
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Madonna makes a surprise visit to Stonewall Inn to celebrate 50th anniversary of the riots

Every few years the New Year's Eve we end up having somehow magically lives up to the hype. Patrons of New York's Stonewall Inn were treated to a surprise performance by none other than Madonna, which beats a kiss anytime. 
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From Vegas to Miami, 3 ways to become an authentic Lady Gaga super fan

Only a select few can really call themselves “superfans,” the fans that rise above simply enjoying her music. Superfans adopt the Gaga philosophy as a kind of lifestyle, eager to pay homage to her artistry in all its forms.
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Elevation ski weeks: 17 reasons Snomo should be the new Bromo

Join Queerty at Elevation Tremblant, Elevation Utah or Elevation Mammoth to meet guys like these, and thousands of other snomos!
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PHOTOS: Queer Jews and the “bagel chasers who loves them” party in NYC

Hebro held its annual Jewbilee Party, sponsored by Queerty, and more than 1000 celebrants showed up.
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PICS: These sexy Santa Speedos will have you race to the North Pole in next to nothing

Santa Speedo Runs, the annual event held all over the US, somehow manage to prompt men to don Santa hats, Speedos and nothing else to take a holiday jog through town, all for charitable causes.
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Juanita MORE! reflects on surviving the holigays

It can be hard to enjoy the holidays. But trust me – it can be done!
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‘The Cher Show’ writer and director on bringing the ultimate diva’s story to Broadway

After The Cher Show’s glittering Broadway premiere earlier this month, we chatted with Elice and Moore about bringing the ultimate diva’s story to the stage, making a jukebox musical that works, and the controversial way they chose to handle Chaz Bono’s presence in the show.
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