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Steve Grand wants you to feel Key West pride when you wear your Speedo

The awesome singer/songwriter Steve Grand will make a special guest appearance as a part of Key West Pride, when he appears at the Key West Theater on Friday, June 7.
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‘Aladdin’ star Telly Leung shares his incredible Atlantis cruise diary with you

Take a look at what Telly had to say about squid balls, boys in Speedos, and how friendly everybody was on the ship.
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The many ways to enjoy New York in shorts this celebratory pride season

Parties, rooftops, pools, and of course, Fire Island!
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You can now stay overnight on the Spice Bus, but don’t even think about partying on it!

If you know what the words scary, posh, baby, sporty, and ginger all have in common, please take a deep breath.
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PICS: Celebrate marriage equality by meeting the men of Asia’s gay capital – Taipei, Taiwan

The photos for this article were shot in Asia’s gay capital – Taipei, Taiwan, which just became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.
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These sexy beach photos will make you hop the next flight to Chicago

Here are some great photos of Kathy Osterman Beach that show how Chicago knows how to have fun in the sun after the long winter...
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11 reasons to jump on the next flight to sunny, beautiful Key West

11 reasons to jump on the next flight to sunny, beautiful Key West
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Pop-Twink sensation Joey Suarez on how small-town prides are fighting oppression

GayCities kiki'ed with the cutie-pie about his upcoming Pride performances, the best gay-friendly offerings of San Antonio, and the importance of provincial prides.
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Ten reasons to hop the next flight to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is so much more than the White Party. Here are ten reasons in pictures to head to the desert oasis this spring.
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10 reasons to hop the next flight to Palm Springs

Here are some of our favorite shots that capture the spirit of the desert in the spring and summer.
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You’ll never guess the party where this hot Italian couple just got hitched

We can only assume that their reception took place during the following day’s afternoon Circus T-Dance where they were joined by Shangela, Deborah Cox, and thousands of well-wishers.
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These clubs are known for the hottest go-go boys, and we have photographic evidence

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for gyrating boys that flash their assets in barely-there attire, here’s our list of the best places to find go-gos.
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PHOTOS: Meet the sextabulous men of Los Angeles up close & personal

The photos for this article were shot in sunny Los Angeles, California.
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PICS: The homoerotic cosplay cuties of Japanese comic book culture

For those uninitiated in Japanese comic book culture, Yaoi is a sub-genre that deals exclusively with May/December same-sex relationships. (Think cartoon versions of Brian and Justin from Queer as Folk.)
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The 15th annual poz cruise of the Caribbean allows men to be free of judgement

For many of the cruisers, the voyage isn’t a simple vacation. It’s a chance to present as they truly are, without shame or judgment.
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This stylish, queer hotel houses art worth more than the building itself

Purported to be worth more than the building itself, the collection contains original works from Sol Lewitt, Frank Gehry, Ed Ruscha, and many more. It’s no wonder that this hotel has appeared on so many “best of” lists.
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Seattle’s sexy ‘boylesque’ scene needs to be seen to be believed

Here are some of the faces–and bodies–that grace the stages of Seattle’s boylesque scene…
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PHOTOS: Meet the sexy, happy-go-lucky guys of sunny Perth, Australia

Liam Campbell exclusively shares with GayCities a selection of photos along with a bit of behind the scenes commentary about each guy.
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These sexy photos will make you hop the next flight to Singapore

Although same-sex relations between men are illegal, that law has not been enforced since the early 2000s, thanks to pleas from business executives who bring international talent to work in Singapore.
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5 places to soak in natural beauty–and a cocktail or three

It can get wet in Seattle--and so can the bars!
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If you think the circuit scene is dead, check out the photos from Black Party Rites XL

The Black Party is back and bigger and better than ever before...
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This Gay Men’s Chorus bought a building for 9.6 mil. How it raised the $$ will warm your heart.

When the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus announced their purchase of a building in San Francisco’s Mission District at 170 Valencia Street, the organization took their first step towards establishing an LGBTQ arts center, the first of its kind in America.
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Let Randy tell you all about his stay at the sexiest hotel in Seattle

For our “hotel of the week” feature, we chatted with Wanderlust reader Randy Kaufman, after he took a trip to lovely Seattle.
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These incredible adventures at sea give new meaning to “cruising”

If you still aren’t sure where to go this summer, here are four cruises you might want to consider...
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These pics will make you feel like you were at Miami Beach Pride but without the sunburn

The sun was hot and so were the people strutting the beach with that Miami swagger, glistening with sunblock and glitter.
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5 places to go-go for the best dancers in Los Angeles

So if you find yourself in Southern California with a fistful of singles that need spending, check out these five bars/nightclubs that showcase the best talent in the business...
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Beyond Pride: 5 sexy events that should be in your travel calendar

The Pride season is on the way, with the Miami Beach Pride this weekend as one of the first big events to get the parties started. But there are lots of travel-worthy events that celebrate all that is great about being gay, or trans, or however it is people want to be identified, without being [...]
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Twist bartender Nathan Paul Smith on where to hang out at Miami Beach pride

GayCities chatted with Nathan about his favorite places to go in Miami, as well as the upcoming Miami Beach Pride weekend, April 5-7.
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PICS: The hot homoerotic heroes of Wonder Con 2019

As always, this event explored nerd culture through exhibitions, panels, and some eye-popping comic book cosplay. So, for all you geeks who missed it in person, here’s a collection of this year’s hottest queer cosplay.
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Now’s the time to plan the perfect sexy SoCal road trip

After an unusually cold, wet winter, spring seems to have finally sprung in Southern California. Warm weather, sunny skies, and lots of social opportunities mean this is a great time to get behind the wheel and spend 24 hours in each of four Golden State cities that welcome gay travelers with open arms.
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