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‘Dark Phoenix’ Was the Biggest Box Office Bomb of 2019, Losing $133 Million

The 2020 box office is currently paused, so let’s jump in the Wayback machine and look at the biggest failure of 2019, shall we? A new report reveals that the biggest box office bomb of 2019 was none other than X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the final nail in the coffin of Fox’s X-Men franchise. Yes, even Cats was a bigger “hit” than Dark Phoenix, and that’s saying something.  Deadline crunched the numbers, and it looks like Dark Phoenix is the biggest money loser of 2019. The publication took into acc...
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VFX Masters Look to Next Big Thing Beyond De-aging

De-aging has come a long way since “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” When visual-effects artists worked on that film more than 12 years ago, the processing power, camera techniques and software used for films such as “The Irishman” and “Gemini Man” were far, far off. Today, VFX supervisors can create the de-aging setup that […]
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The 9 Best (and 7 Worst) Movies of 2019

So many movies are just “fine.” Movies you sit down, watch, enjoy, and subsequently forget about. You don’t hate them, you don’t love them, they’re just OK. That’s the majority of movies. These are not those movies.Read more...
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How New Technology Encourages More Nuanced Visual Effects

The strongest contenders in the visual-effects awards race have made stunning use of new technologies that allow for next-level artistry on work that until recently was impossible: Modeling digital lions after the actors who voice them, re-imagining superheroes and villains as a CG fusion of human and animation, and de-aging actors to play characters at […]
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China Box Office: ‘Better Days’ Steps Out as World’s Top-Grossing Film

Edgy Chinese youth drama “Better Days” battled through two tangles with Chinese censors to come out on top this weekend as the highest grossing film in the world with a $81.5 million three-day debut, proving that local language melodrama and star power with a dash of grit can go a long way. Globally, it bested […]
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‘Gemini Man’ and the Fascinating Misfire of High Frame Rate Filmmaking

Gemini Man , in which Will Smith comes face to face with a de-aged clone of himself, was made from a ’90s script originally meant for Tony Scott. At some point, it was saddled with mid-2000s military politics and anxieties — a la the Bourne films — until eventually, Ang Lee got his hands on it, turning it into a futuristic visual experiment. Like Lee’s previous film, the contained war drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016), Gemini Man was shot at 120 frames per second, and was...
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The Morning Watch: ‘Disenchantment’ Easter Eggs, VFX Artists React to ‘Gemini Man’ & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, check out some Easter eggs and references you might have missed in the first season of Disenchantment on Netflix. Plus, visual effects artists take a look at the work done on movies like Gemini Man, the robo...
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‘Gemini Man’ is a Huge Bomb, Losing At Least $75 Million at the Box Office

Perhaps the world just wasn’t ready for two Will Smiths in the same movie. Ang Lee‘s Gemini Man, an action spectacle in which Smith has to fight a younger clone of himself, did paltry box office in America, but there was a hope that its weekend release in China could turn things around. But that didn’t happen. The end result is a box office bomb, with Gemini Man suffering a loss of at least $75 million. Ouch. Will Smith is a superstar. Ang Lee is an award-winning director. Yet these elements...
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China Box Office: Hollywood Sweeps Up With ‘Maleficent’ and ‘Gemini Man’

The first Hollywood blockbusters to hit China after the country’s big National Day holiday have, as expected, swept away holdover patriotic titles that had previously ruled the box office. “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” edged out another new release, “Gemini Man,” to lead the pack with a $22.5 million opening weekend. While Disney’s “Maleficent” arrived in […]
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‘Gemini Man’ VFX Breakdown: See How Young Will Smith Was Meticulously Brought to Life

Though critics didn’t seem to care for Gemini Man much, one of the consistent compliments among many have been with regards to the visual effects used to create a young Will Smith that faces off with an older version of Will Smith. The team behind this amazing technological achievement in visual effects has consistently touted the fact that they didn’t simply de-age Will Smith’s face, but instead, they created a completely digital model of young Will Smith that was informed by a motion-capture ...
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‘The Addams Family,’ ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Top Studios’ TV Ad Spending

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company, MGM claims the top spot in spending with “The Addams Family.” Ads placed for the animated film had an estimated media value of $6.38 million through Sunday for 1,728 national ad airings on 40 […]
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Gemini Man uses de-aging technology to make a case against de-aging technology

Final numbers are still rolling in, but it seems safe to say that Gemini Man is not the hit anyone involved might have hoped it would be. Ang Lee’s science fiction action movie, starring Will Smith as both an aging assassin and his younger, stronger, faster clone, landed in third place at the box office this weekend…Read more...
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Weekend Box Office: No One Can Defeat ‘Joker’, Not Even ‘The Addams Family’ or ‘Gemini Man’ (But Hey, How About That ‘Parasite’!)

The weekend box office returns are in, and once again, Joker reigns supreme. The Todd Phillips movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as a crazy killer clown who loves to dance ended up at the top of the box office for the second week in a row. As far as new releases go, The Addams Family had a strong opening at second place. But Gemini Man, starring Will Smith and Will Smith, had trouble drawing a crowd. The real winner of the weekend, though, was Bong Joon Ho‘s Parasite, which only opened in three th...
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Korea Box Office: ‘Joker’ Remains on Top, ‘Gemini Man’ Lands in Fourth

Warner Bros.’ “Joker” remained on top of the South Korean box office in its second weekend. The American psychological thriller earned $5.71 million from 768,000 admissions between Friday and Sunday, for a total of $28.3 million from 3.85 million admissions after two weekends. It accounted for 46% of total weekend box office in the country. […]
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Faulty Projection: How Ang Lee Doubled Down on His High-Frame-Rate Obsession (Column)

Three years ago, when Ang Lee stood in front of an audience at the New York Film Festival to introduce the world-premiere showing of “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” the first words out of his mouth were “I’m not crazy.” He said it with a grin, but it struck me as an odd joke. Whoever […]
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‘Joker’ Dominates International Box Office With $124 Million

“Joker” is showing impressive traction internationally with a second weekend of $123.7 million on 24,149 screens in 79 markets — a holdover decline of just 29%. Joaquin Phoenix’s psychological thriller has totaled $351.2 million outside North America after only 12 days in release. And with $192 million in domestic grosses, “Joker” has now topped $543 […]
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‘Joker’ Remains Box Office Ruler With $55 Million

Joaquin Phoenix is king of the North American box office once again as “Joker” scores an easy victory in its second weekend with $55 million at 4,374 sites. “Joker” dominated a trio of new entries with animated comedy “The Addams Family” leading the rest of pack with $30.3 million at 4,007 venues, topping forecasts. Will […]
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Box Office: ‘Joker’ Conquering Newcomers With $60 Million

It’s still all smiles for “Joker,” which grossed another $17 million on its second Friday at the domestic box office. If estimates hold, the Warner Bros. villain flick could score another $60 million come Sunday, down just 37% from its $96 million box office debut. That’s above earlier predictions, which saw the film landing somewhere […]
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8 More Stories About People Battling Their Own Clones

Will Smith’s new film Gemini Man may not be wowing critics, but it’s based on a storytelling conundrum that’s as old as time: What would you do if you had to fight your own clone? We’re looking at some of our favorite examples of duplicates who’ve had to duke it out.Read more...
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‘Joker’ Dominating Box Office Again With $50 Million as Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ Flops

Joaquin Phoenix remains the ruler of the North American box office as the second weekend of “Joker” heads for an easy victory with as much as $50 million at 4,374 sites, early estimates showed Friday. That’s far above a trio of new entries, led by MGM’s animated comedy “The Addams Family” with about $30 million […]
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How Gemini Man’s visual effects kept Will Smith out of the uncanny valley

In Gemini Man, Will Smith battles a clone of himself who's 30 years younger. We talked to the film's visual effects team to learn how they turned back the clock on one of Hollywood's most familiar faces.
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How the ‘Gemini Man’ VFX Team Digitally Created a Younger Version of Will Smith

More human than human — yes, that’s a “Blade Runner” reference — yet it sounds like an unattainable standard when it comes to creating believable, photorealistic, digital human characters. But the visual effects team on Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man” set its sights on something even more difficult: creating a digital version of young Will Smith […]
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‘Gemini Man’ Director Ang Lee on 120 Frames Per Second and Staying Edgy [Interview]

Gemini Man is a globetrotting 3D action movie with assassins, motorcycle chases, and that emphasizes the value of life, so it’s no surprise that it’s directed by Ang Lee. The visionary director behind Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain once again pushes the envelope with his high-frame-rate and Will Smith-headlined cinematic experiment. Similar to many Ang Lee movies, Gemini Man has an identity crisis, repression, and father issues to go along with the popcorn entertainment, which, like his Bill...
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Box Office: ‘Gemini Man’ Tops ‘Addams Family’ on Thursday Night

Will Smith’s “Gemini Man” topped the animated comedy “The Addams Family” with $1.6 million at 3,000 North American sites on Thursday night. Paramount’s sci-fi thriller launched similarly to Brad Pitt’s “Ad Astra,” which earned $1.5 million from Thursday previews before opening with $19 million. “The Addams Family” brought in $1.3 million at about 3,000 sites […]
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Hear an Exclusive From the ‘Gemini Man’ Soundtrack

Lorne Balfe, the composer responsible for the pulse-pounding score to Mission: Impossible – Fallout, is back with Gemini Man. Bafle’s Gemini Man score features the same type of propulsive, churning, tension-building sound so prevalent in Fallout, lending weight to Ang Lee‘s action thriller. We have an exclusive track from Loren Balfe’s Gemini Man soundtrack below. Gemini Man Soundtrack – Last Shot One of my favorite elements of Gemini Man was Lorne Balfe’s adrenaline-infused score. Ther...
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'Gemini Man' was made in such a technically advanced way that zero movie theaters in the US can show it as intended

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's "Gemini Man" was made in such an advanced way no theater in the US can play it in the form he intended. Lee shot the movie in 120 frames per second, which gives the movie an incredibly sharp look. Ideally, Lee wants the movie shown in theaters at that frame rate, on a 4K projector, and in 3D. Theaters in the US can't do all those elements at the same time. The closest is 120 fps, on a 2K projector, in 3D, which is available at 14 theaters. "At the end of the da...
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Box Office Tracking: ‘Joker’ Likely to Beat Both ‘Gemini Man’ and ‘The Addams Family’

Two new wide-release movies are headed to theaters this weekend: Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, and the rather terrible-looking animated Addams Family movie. But it looks like the Clown Prince of Crime will continue to reign, as box office tracking indicates that Joker is expected to remain in first place. Not even two Will Smiths and cartoon Oscar Issac are enough to stop Joaquin Phoenix and his weird dance moves. Can anyone stop the dark and twisted Joker? Apparently not – at least not at the box o...
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‘Gemini Man’ Review: Ang Lee’s Odd Action Experiment is More Video Game Than Movie

“I’m having trouble looking in the mirror lately,” says Henry Brogan (Will Smith), one of the world’s best assassins. He’s spent a large chunk of his career bumping off bad guys for the government, but now he wants to hang up his guns and retire at the ripe old age of 51. He’s tired of killing people, and for the first time in his deadly career, he’s actually starting to grow what might be considered a conscience. But if Henry thought looking in the mirror was hard, just wait until he comes fac...
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No Movie Theater In the U.S. Will Be Screening ‘Gemini Man’ As Director Ang Lee Intended

If you were pumped to see Ang Lee‘s Gemini Man in the 120 frames-per-second high frame rate 4K 3D format that director Ang Lee intended, you might want to sit down for some bad news. Not a single movie theater in America will be screening Lee’s film in that desired format. On top of that, only 14 theaters in the country will be able to screen something close to what Lee wanted – 3D with 120fps high frame rate, but no 4K. I’m not too wild about the concept of High Frame Rate films – like Pete...
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CGI Will Smith Has More Life in Him Than Gemini Man

Will Smith is a huge movie star in part because of his infectious charisma. He’s a great actor, too, but it was his charm and personality that aided him in becoming one of the biggest stars on the planet. Gemini Man, the latest film from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, has not one but two Wills and neither has any of…Read more...
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