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Strike a Pose with This Instagram App

Instagram may not be a font of endless creativity, but it is a place you can go see some pretty amazing pictures. And it seems like every app caters to it these days. Heck, people even get plastic surgery to “look better” on Instagram. Image via Genaro Servin from The elegantly named SOVS2 – SomeOne Very Special according to PetaPixel – wants to help you pose better in your Instagram pictures. No more clunky and awkward body movements allowed in this app. Using a white overlay, SOV...
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20 Road Cycling Safety Tips

I don’t know if any of you have been in a road cycling accident. I have. It was back in the days before bike helmets were even a thing. I was biking to St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto where I worked as a dietitian. Because of the traffic, I cycled very close to the curb, so close in fact that my front tire got caught in a sewer grate and threw me head first onto the sidewalk. What stands out after 30 plus years is the feel of my head smashing into unforgiving pavement. A black eye (th...
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