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Europe lays out plan for risk-based AI rules to boost trust and uptake

European Union lawmakers have presented their risk-based proposal for regulating high risk applications of artificial intelligence within the bloc’s single market. The plan includes prohibitions on a small number of use-cases that are considered too dangerous to people’s safety or EU citizens’ fundamental rights, such as a China-style social credit scoring system or certain types of AI-enabled mass surveillance. Most uses of AI won’t face any regulation (let alone a ban) under the proposal but a...
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Facebook faces ‘mass action’ lawsuit in Europe over 2019 breach

Facebook is to be sued in Europe over the major leak of user data that dates back to 2019 but which only came to light recently after information on 533M+ accounts was found posted for free download on a hacker forum. Today Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) announced it’s commencing a “mass action” to sue Facebook, citing the right to monetary compensation for breaches of personal data that’s set out in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Article 82 of the GDPR provides fo...
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How startups can ensure CCPA and GDPR compliance in 2021

Beth Winters Contributor Beth Winters, JD/MBA, is the solutions marketing manager of Aparavi, a data intelligence and automation software and services company that helps companies find and unlock the value of data. Data is the most valuable asset for any business in 2021. If your business is online and collecting customer personal information, your business is dealing in data, which means data privacy compliance regulations will apply to everyone — no matter the...
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European Union: The Fine Line In GDPR And Its Impact On Businesses' Risk Analyses - William Fry

The European Supervisory Authorities imposed more than €158m in fines under the General Data Protection Regulation during 2020; close to a 40% increase on the previous 20-month period.
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Uber hit with default ‘robo-firing’ ruling after another EU labor rights GDPR challenge

Labor activists challenging Uber over what they allege are ‘robo-firings’ of drivers in Europe have trumpeted winning a default judgement in the Netherlands — where the Court of Amsterdam ordered the ride-hailing giant to reinstate six drivers who the litigants claim were unfairly terminated “by algorithmic means.” The court also ordered Uber to pay the fired drivers compensation. The challenge references Article 22 of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — which provid...
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Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

In the aftermath of bombshell reports of a massive data breach that may have compromised the personal information of as many as 533 million users, Facebook has committed absolutely to trying to spin the leak as old news, no big deal, definitely nothing to see here, no need to even think about this too much at all,…Read more...
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Answers being sought from Facebook over latest data breach

Facebook’s lead data protection regulator in the European Union is seeking answers from the tech giant over a major data breach reported on over the weekend. The breach was reported on by Business Insider on Saturday which said personal data (including email addresses and mobile phone numbers) of more than 500M Facebook accounts had been posted to a low level hacking forum — making the personal information on hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ accounts freely available. “The exposed data in...
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French startup lobby targets Apple with ‘privacy hypocrisy’ complaint

Apple is facing another privacy complaint in Europe: A startup lobby group, France Digitale, has asked the country’s data protection watchdog to investigate alleged breaches of EU rules. The complaint, reported earlier by Politico, follows two similar complaints lodged in Germany and Spain by EU privacy campaign group noyb last year. All these complaints are (directly and indirectly) targeting Apple’s IDFA — aka its mobile device Identifier for Advisers — with noyb arguing Apple should be gather...
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How to Choose Small Business Invoice Software

If you’re in the market for a small business invoice generating software, then you’ll want to make sure that you carefully evaluate the options. After all, a good invoicing tool can streamline the process of billing your clients—saving you time and effort, and helping you get paid on time. What are some things to look for in such a tool and which providers do we recommend? Read on to find out. What to Look for in a Small Business Invoice Software When sizing up what small business invoice soft...
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It's time for Europe to take private data from the hands of powerful tech monopolies and give it back to the people

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE. Getty Images/Kay Nietfeld/DPA Big tech companies shouldn't own the private data of citizens. Before Europe heads too far down the wrong path, we should give data back to who it belongs to: the people. Mathias Döpfner is the CEO of Axel Springer, a German media conglomerate which owns Business Insider. This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Dear Madam President o...
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Inadequate federal privacy regulations leave US startups lagging behind Europe

Cillian Kieran Contributor Share on Twitter Cillian Kieran is CEO and co-founder of Ethyca, a New York-based privacy company. “A new law to follow” seems unlikely to have featured on many business wishlists this holiday season, particularly if that law concerned data privacy. Digital privacy management is an area that takes considerable resources to whip into shape, and most SMBs just aren’t equipped for it. But for 2021, I be...
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Wildcard SSL Vs. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate: Why Picking The Wrong One Can Be Fatal For Your Business

Choosing an SSL certificate for your website solely based on the price tag could turn out to be the biggest blunder you have ever made. It could lead to business losses and even litigation in some regions like the European Union. All citizens of the member countries’ data privacy are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation passes the burden of implementing security measures onto the website owners under its integrity and confidentiality principle, one of t...
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One CMO’s journey with risk management and compliance

Gina Hortatsos Contributor Share on Twitter Gina is Chief Marketing Officer at LogicGate, a leading provider of cloud software solutions for automating governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes through its Risk Cloud platform. Marketers don’t grow up daydreaming about risk management and compliance. Personally, I never gave governance, risk or compliance (GRC) a second thought outside of making sure my team completed req...
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European Union: GDPR Processor Obligations - Taylor Wessing

While former data protection laws, such as the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, mostly addressed data controllers, the General Data Protection Regulation imposes several obligations upon data processors.
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The FTC is ordering Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and 6 other tech firms to share how they collect, track, and use online consumer data

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Washington DC on Oct. 23, 2019. Andrew Harnik/AP The US Federal Trade Commission is ordering Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Discord, ByteDance, Reddit, Snap, and Twitter to show the agency how they collect and use people's personal information online. The order is inquiring into how the firms track data and target online ads to consumers, whether they use algorithms to handle personal information, and how their online practices affect kids and teens. T...
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Microsoft launches Azure Purview, its new data governance service

As businesses gather, store and analyze an ever-increasing amount of data, tools for helping them discover, catalog, track and manage how that data is shared are also becoming increasingly important. With Azure Purview, Microsoft is launching a new data governance service into public preview today that brings together all of these capabilities in a new data catalog with discovery and data governance features. As Rohan Kumar, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Azure Data told me, this has become a m...
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Objectionable images of rape victims on social media: Orissa HC makes a case for the right to be forgotten

The Orissa High Court on Monday the need to recognise the right to be forgotten, noting that the presence of objectionable images and videos of rape victims on social media is a violation of their right to privacy. The High Court was hearing the bail application of a man accused of raping a woman, capturing her intimate pictures, and later uploading those on Facebook. LiveLaw first reported this. The court said that currently, there is no mechanism for a victim to be able to get their objectio...
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Europe sets out the rules of the road for its data reuse plan

European Union lawmakers have laid out a major legislative proposal today to encourage the reuse of industrial data across the Single Market by creating a standardized framework of trusted tools and techniques to ensure what they describe as “secure and privacy-compliant conditions” for sharing data. Enabling a network of trusted and neutral data intermediaries, and an oversight regime comprised of national monitoring authorities and a pan-EU coordinating body, are core components of the plan. T...
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Brexit’s data compliance burden could cost UK firms up to £1.6BN, says think tank

An of the total cost to UK businesses if the country fails to gain an adequacy agreement from the European Commission once it leaves the bloc at the end of the year — creating barriers to inbound data flows from the EU — suggests the price in pure compliance terms could be between £1BN and £1.6BN. The assessment of the economic impacts if the UK is deemed a third country under EU data rules has been carried out by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) think tank and UCL’s European Institute resea...
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Canada: Repackaging PIPEDA For A GDPR World - Cassels

Since 2018 the European Union has set the global standard for privacy regulation through the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation and since then it has been Canadas turn to play catch-up.
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Ireland: Data Protection Commission Finds Prison Security System In Breach Of GDPR - William Fry

The Data Protection Commission has found a security system used in Irish prisons to be in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation after investigating a complaint by a prison officer.
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Who regulates social media?

Social media platforms have repeatedly found themselves in the United States government’s crosshairs over the last few years, as it has been progressively revealed just how much power they really wield, and to what purposes they’ve chosen to wield it. But unlike, say, a firearm or drug manufacturer, there is no designated authority who says what these platforms can and can’t do. So who regulates them? You might say everyone and no one. Now, it must be made clear at the outset that these companie...
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If the ad industry is serious about transparency, let’s open-source our SDKs

Erick Fang Contributor Share on Twitter Erick Fang is the chief executive officer of Mintegral, where he oversees management, customer relationships and product development for this global mobile advertising platform. Year after year, a lack of transparency in how ad traffic is sourced, sold and measured is cited by advertisers as a source of frustration and a barrier to entry in working with various providers. But despite pro...
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Now you can enforce your privacy rights with a single browser tick (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Global Privacy Control) Anyone who remembers Do Not Track—the initiative that was supposed to allow browser users to reclaim their privacy on the Web—knows it was a failure. Not only did websites ignore it, using it arguably made people less private because it made them stick out. Now, privacy advocates are back with a new specification, and this time they’ve brought the lawyers. Under the hood, the specification, known as Global Privacy Control, works pretty much the same way...
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How Ad Tech Might Work in a Post-Cookie World

Key Insights How Google's Dovekey proposals may work, and how they have political meaning Despite the chaotic mess that has been 2020, Google announcing plans to withdraw support for cookies in Chrome is still ad tech's biggest story. The move reflects how laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Protection...
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H&M has been fined $41 million for violating its workers' privacy. The company's service center in Germany recorded private information about 'several hundred employees,' an investigation found.

REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo H&M has been fined 35 million euros ($41.1 million) by a German watchdog after monitoring "several hundred employees" at its service center in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the second-largest fine levied against a single company over data breaches after the EU introduced new General Data Protection Regulation laws in 2018. Since at least 2014, supervisors and managers have been storing information from meetings and workplace conversations, such as medical sympt...
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Privacy data management innovations reduce risk, create new revenue channels

Mark Settle Contributor Mark Settle is a seven-time CIO, three-time CIO 100 award winner and two-time book author. His most recent book is "Truth from the Valley: A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade." Tomer Y. Avni Contributor Tomer Y. Avni is an MBA/MS student at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Privacy data mismanagement is a lurking li...
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Oracle to Shutter Third-Party Data Services in Europe

Oracle will stop offering third-party data targeting services across Europe beginning next week, as the software giant continues its first-party data strategy and faces a multibillion-dollar class-action lawsuit alleging General Data Protection Regulation violations. Oracle Data Cloud representatives began contacting partners this week informing them its data marketplace will no longer offer third-party audience segments...
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If you want to counter China's digital crackdown, regulate Big Tech at home and abroad

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress. Getty American tech CEOs have fended off scrutiny of their business practices by portraying China as a bigger threat to US interests. The way to counter China's digital agenda is not through a lack of regulation but rather through sensible regulations on the tech sector that balance between free and open discourse online and protecting privacy and democratic institutions, writes Coby Goldberg of the Center for a New American Security. Visit Busine...
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Facebook trails expanding portability tools ahead of FTC hearing

Facebook is considering expanding the types of data its users are able to port directly to alternative platforms. In  ahead of an FTC hearing on the topic next month, Facebook says it intends to expand the scope of its data portability offerings “in the coming months”. It also offers some “possible examples” of how it could build on the photo portability tool it began rolling out last year — suggesting it could in future allow users to transfer media they’ve produced or shared on Facebook to...
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