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Mobile reader version of Mueller Report

I tried using Send to Kindle but the browser kept spinning its wheels. I assuming the size is a problem. Is there a site that would provide a mobile reader version of the report? Or tips to convert? I don't want to read a PDF on my 6 in screen. I guess there's Caliber?
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Spanish censorship of literature

Our Spanish readers might find this article of interest. The Conversation Quote: Between 1936 and 1966, every single book published in Spain had to be submitted to a national board of censors for examination. To this day, translations of many world classics and works of Spanish literature are being reprinted using expurgated texts approved by the dictator’s censors – often without publishers even realizing it, let alone readers.
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"Pirating ebooks is an offence against moral justice" says... GoodEreader!?

Okay, so the article is in relation to Sir Philip Pullman. They are reporting on an ebook related issue and that is fine until you hit the end and Mikey editorializes with: Quote: I believe that ebook piracy is morally reprehensible. You would not walk into a bookstore or secondhand bookstore and steal a book, because you do not want to pay for it or cannot afford to buy it. The same goes with digital, stealing is stealing. You are fundamentally an amoral perso...
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Purefit Keto weight loss pills

Taking the time to research the safety and possible side effects of a diet pill is a Purefit Keto matter of knowledge. Although there are numerous good products on the market, you can't overlook this step. As with food or regular medications, diet pills aren't without their potential side effects. Make sure you understand any and all risk concerned.
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Convert KOLL eBook to Read on Other Devices

I searched and did not find this so once I figured it out I thought I would share. Amazon offers one free book per month to Prime Members who own one of their devices (Kindle or Fire Tablets) If you'd like to read the book elsewhere (nook, Adroid phone or table) you need to convert it. Calibre can do the conversion with the appropriate plug-in but you need a copy of the book in an acceptable format (azw for example)0pen the Amazon website and login go to your account and select "Your content ...
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Syncronize pdf and ebook reading from an USB pen using android and linux devices

Hi, I store my pdf and ebook files in an usb pen and I would like to be able to read them both from my android tablet and my linux pc keeping trace of last opened files and last read page for each file so that to be able to continue to read from where I left independently from the device I use. If possible I would like to do that without the need to connect to internet, but only moving the USB pen from one device to the other. Is there any software that can help me? Thank you, Xwang
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EU wants IA to take down entire Project Gutenberg archive

This is madness and shows a trend to increasing geoblocking. Quote: In the past week, Europol and the French government's L’Office Central de Lutte contre la Criminalité liée aux Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (OCLCTIC) have sent 500 "terrorism" takedown demands to the Internet Archive demanding the removal of tens of millions of works: the entire archive of Project Gutenberg; an arc...
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Endings: name the novels

Famous opening sentences or paragraphs we have seen before. But what of endings of famous(or at least best selling) books: 1: On the way downtown I stopped at a bar and had a couple of double Scotches. They didn’t do me any good. All they did was make me think of Silver-Wig, and I never saw her again. _________________ 2: My foot touched something on the grass beside the road, and I picked up the green hat. Sir Maurice said hoarsely: “Chose the only way to make it look like an accident to t...
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project gutenberg us formating style/method

Whenever I look at the html of an epub I've downloaded from the US Project Gutenberg I'm always rolling my eyes. Epubs from other free book sites aren't anywhere nearly as contorted and antediluvian. Even recent books are full of weird stuff (to me). Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone knows why they do what they do.
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Resources to determine if a book is standalone?

I don't mind novels in a series - where each book is mostly standalone with its own beginning and ending. Characters overlap with other books in the series, and occasional mentions of story lines from other books in the series. But what I hate, are books in so-called "series" where one book just ends with a ton of unresolved stuff and then you are expected to buy the next book to find out what happens. The cliffhanger right at the end. Are there any online resources that help identify such b...
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CSS Validate with W3C

I validated my CSS file (see attached file) with W3C and received errors on my font families. (see attached file) Will these errors create problems? Thanks, Brent Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files BookStyle-CSS.txt (1.8 KB)
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charging E-reader through mobile phone calibre app?

greetings community! Can someone please tell me if its possible if its possible to charge book on to my Kobo e-reader through Calibre Phone App like possible in the computer Calibre version? I've been feedling with it in my phone but cant get nothing donne :blink: Thanks for your help
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Do some publishers have any idea?

Or another way to re-phrase the title. Do publishers who overcharge for ebooks, have a clue? It doesn't seem they do to me, and they appear to be backing themselves into the niche corner. Ultimately time will tell of course. I've been reading and collecting books for many decades now, and even before ebooks came into my life, I was way behind with my reading, and once I started collecting ebooks (legally) that multiplied a hundred-fold, perhaps more. I am at the point, where unless a miracle ...
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Calibre help

I use Calibre to convert my ebooks from epub to mobi. I have a Kindle Oasis. In the past when I went to convert an ebook it would have at the top of the Calibre window....converting from epub to mobi. Now when I go into convert and ebook it has convert from epub to epub. How do I change this.
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David Weber, Out of the Dark, Disappointing

I’m a David Weber fan. Love the Honor Harrington and Safehold series. David is one of the best world builders, battle writers, and character builders out there. This book is a pale example of all three. It’s good writing, but nowhere near DW's normal quality. On top of that I have two HUGE objections for this book. The basic idea is a multi Alien universe uses one bad type of Alien to take on earth because neither humans nor the bad Aliens are desired. I couldn’t get John Ringo's Poslee...
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Which tablets/ereaders/netbooks/devices similar to Kobo Forma size(160x177.7x8.5mm)?

What tablets/devices (discontinued models or current ones) have dimensions similar to the Kobo Forma (160 x 177.7 x 8.5 mm)? I'm looking into getting a sleeve for my Kobo Forma, and since sleeves don't have to be a perfect fit, I'm open to getting a sleeve that isn't marketed for the Forma but fits just as well. This means that the following are not important:Brand of device/tablet Whether current model or discontinued Whether tablet or some other device Thanks.
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PMI Program Management Professional PgMP Authentic Dumps

About Best PMI Program Management Professional Exam Practice Material High passing rate of Program Management Professional Certification Exam Program Management Professional With IT ace group, Dumps HQ everything test practice material are done with high caliber. Dumps HQ Program Management Professional exam questions genuine tests are intended for IT examinees, including understudies, affirmed ace, IT work people and the sky is the limit from there. It's particularly for individuals who need ...
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Perma Free Kindle Books (Add yours below)

Free on Amazon Kindle (PermaFree) About the Book : The £20 Note tells the story of an ordinary Bank Note on an extraordinary journey. We follow The Note as it passes from one person to the next, connecting their daily lives to one another, unbeknownst to themselves. The £20 Note continues on with its journey through the streets of London with life changing consequences for those it encounters on its way, Its fate carried on the winds of change. Thus showing us that we are all connected to each...
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Youtube mates with epub

I'm a born again youtube addict. Woodworking and photo editing are two of my favorite hobbies. I learn new skills almost on a daily basis. At youtube. There are other video sites too but youtube is, for better or for worse, the most skills-instruction oriented. I'm 70. After retina surgery I can only read with a tablet now, or on my big 32" inch desktop monitor. So I spend a lot of time there. In the instructional world what is missing most is a hybrid sexual cross between youtube and ki...
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How to Import directories of ebooks

Hi, I messed up my directory of ebooks and have cleaned it and want to do a fresh import. I have the Calibre Library followed by authors and multiple subdiretories of books. Is there a way to highlight the whole tree and have all imported or do I have to go folder by folder (Yuck). Thanks
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James Purdy?

I just read an article about the American Writer James Purdy. Frankly, an author I had never heard of. He sounds like an interesting guy. Can anyone recommend "The One Book" of his that will be a good introduction to his stuff?
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Recommend online book discussion sites or apps

Q: Can anyone recommend some online book club/book discussion sites you are aware of, which ones you prefer, and why? Background In addition to the forums we have here on MR, I am looking to join an online book discussion group that is heavily moderated, allows for special-interest book discussion groups to form, and maybe one that has more advanced features (vs merely threaded BB discussions) to collaboratively comment and discuss ebooks. I might be willing to pay for a subscription-type s...
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Cover grid of Caliber

Hello on my desktop all the covers of my books are displayed correctly on the cover grid of Caliber. On my laptop on the cover rack there are blankets that do not display. Do you have a solution for this problem? Thank you!
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Saw the trailer yesterday. I'm looking forward to it, although I'll probably skip it at the theaters.
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20BooksTo50K. What is it?

Anybody know of an unbiased article that can explain to me what 20BooksTo50K is? I'd heard about it being a Facebook group. And I just read an article in The Federalist. But it's so full of opinion and jargon that if you don't already know what's going on (and I don't) you are left no more enlightened than you were before reading the article. And the fact that they mention Frank Herbert and Robert Heinlein as authors who understood that what readers want out of sci-fi is escapism and fun makes ...
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Age of Abundance: the inversion of media power

Long, detailed read documenting the explosion of content availability across most media types--music, video, books--and the shift of power/control from middlemen distributors towards consumers. Plus a (hopeful) speculation that a new breed of gatekeeper/influencer will come to power. Quote: If you read a list of mankind’s most important or influential inventions, there’s not far you could go without coming ac...
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Windowtext error in Calibre

All, After some discussion on an html file and epub comparability in this forum (thanks for the input to date), I switched back to Calibre as recommended and am working on the html code in that software on my book's html code. One issue that Calibre/EditBook/Check Book is the term 'windowtext' label used by Word. The general error message is 'CSS: Property: Invalid value for "CSS Level 2.1" property: windowtext [82.5 colour] [stylesheet.css]' dependig on the line and column location. I would l...
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A conversation on the joys/benefits of e-reading :)

Dear fellow readers, I'm about to embark on what I believe to be a life-transforming, joy-enhancing, mind-expanding, digital-detoxing journey. I'm about to buy my very first ereader. (I'm still doing my research on which to buy). I'd like to ask those who read a lot on their dedicated ereaders: Did you find that you read more after you got an ereader than before? What was your reading frequency/volume like before you got an erader (when you're reading just paper-based books) and after you got a...
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E-Readers and Visual Fatigue, compared with iPad

I was exploring topic of visual fatigue and digital eye strain and found few quite interesting studies. How would you describe your personal experience with prolonged over five hours per day on daily basis reading on iPads vs ereader? My primary concern is inability to visualize in colour for ereader devices. And my primary concern for reading on iPads is visual fatigue. Although with proper brightness adjustment it seems to be greatly ameliorated. Please share your experience. Here is the...
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Where did all the free books go?

I'm having some trouble with an epub from project Gutenberg on my Kobo reader. But since I also have a Kindle I thought: I'll just look if this particular Gutenberg book is available as a free Kindle book and download it there (and then convert it). And this confronts me with a phenomenon that's been nagging me for a while: the quasi disappearance of a lot of free ebooks from Amazon. The book I was having trouble with is On Goodreads I see that it has bee...
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