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America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions

Source: Statista Some professions have a better reputation for honesty than others. Mistrust is pretty common in everyday life, whether its questioning a doctor’s honesty or ethics regarding a diagnosis or blaming the salesperson when your “new” used car breaks down after one day and 30 miles on the road. So that raises the question: what professions do Americans regard as the most honest and ethical today? Gallup examined the issue and released an interesting poll showing that nurses are the mo...
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Barbara Corcoran Explains How To Ask For A Raise

At IGNITION, Business Insider asked real estate mogul and “Shark Tank” host Barbara Corcoran to share her advice on how to successfully ask your boss for a raise. Corcoran also talked about what you should do if you receive an offer from another company.
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When Is the Best Time to Buy a House?

When is the best time to buy a house? You might have asked yourself that question before, our chief economist Danielle Hale will use data from the housing market to show you when the best time to buy a house is. As well as when you could get a good deal on a house throughout the year. Check out the link below for location specifics. The following video is from the YouTube channel. You can also see the best time to buy based on where you live on
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Majority of Americans Support Facial Recognition

Source: Statista Facial recognition is making inroads into more aspects of our daily lives – and a majority of Americans seem to be okay with that. As a survey by the Center for Data Innovation shows, most Americans agree with the use of the technology in a security context. 54.3 percent agreed that airports should be free to use facial recognition for safety screenings. 54.8 percent of respondents said that facial recognition shouldn’t be limited if it added to public safety. Less people would ...
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I Quit Texting For A Week And It Sucked

What happens when you quit texting? Tech Insider’s Alyssa Pagano tried it out and here are her results. Could you go cold turkey on texting?
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Smart Speakers Make Inroads Into American Homes

Source: Statista When Amazon announced the Amazon Echo in 2014, many people laughed at the idea of voluntarily letting the world’s largest online retailer put a “listening device” in your home. And yet, the Echo, and Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa with it, became a major success, pioneering the smart speaker market in the United States and internationally. According to a recent statement, Amazon shipped more than 100 million Echo devices since 2014, making it the leader in the highly contested ...
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NAR Infographic: 2019 Federal Government Shutdown

Source: How is the partial Federal Government Shutdown affecting members and their clients? This infographic, from, presents highlights from the latest report.
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Tips & Tricks: Top 3 Tips For Listing Presentations

What are the top things real estate agents need to remember when going into a listing presentation? Mike Hogan, Founder and CEO of the Hogan Group, shares his top 3 pitch tips in this video from the For Pros YouTube channel.
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The Most Connected Web Pages in the World

Source: Statista Search engines pull results based on the relevance of a certain web page. A web pages relevance is tied directly to how many other reliable web pages include backlinks to their site. The crux of search engine optimization relies on strengthening these ties between the most sited and linked to pages, fortifying the bonds and making a certain page ever more connected and, as a result, more relevant. Google, Facebook, and YouTube are the behemoths of the internet, with the largest...
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The World’s First Foldable Phone Is Real

People have been talking about foldable smartphones for years, but it’s finally happening. Chinese company [Royole] was showing off the FlexPai at CES in Las Vegas, and TechCrunch got to play with it for a few minutes.
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Shutdown a Negative on Market, NAR Says

NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says the partial shutdown of the federal government is hurting real estate markets, mainly because of the uncertainty it’s causing. In addition, some homebuyers are seeing a delay in their transaction, especially among those using mortgage financing backed by the federal Rural Housing Service.
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How to Win Online Marketing with Memes

Memes are everywhere. Companies that know how to create unique viral memes can reach a whole lot more people. This infographic from takes a look at how you can win online marketing with memes:
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How Big Are the “Next Big Things” in Tech?

Source: Statista Thousands of tech enthusiasts and industry insiders are flocking to Las Vegas this week to find out about the latest developments in the world of consumer electronics at CES 2019. The convention has barely started and manufacturers are already trying to steal the show by showing off their (often literally) biggest or most outlandish innovations. LG made some waves on Monday by unveiling a rollable 65-inch OLED TV that appears out of a box when needed. Meanwhile others have shown...
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Grand Refined Estate in Sagaponack, NY – Sotheby’s International Realty

Presented by Sotheby’s International Realty, an elegant driveway gives to a gated compound comprised of the main house, pool house, carriage house and restored 250+ year old authentic barn. Offering unparalleled views over 7.5 acres with total privacy of a Mark Rothko like setting, for more information click here.
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Teens and Parents Both Struggle to Unplug

Source: Statista Teens and parents both struggle to get away from their phones. Pew research surveyed teens between the ages of 13 and 17, and the parents of those teens, who all reported having trouble unplugging. A little over half of the teens polled reported spending too much time on their phone, while about 36 percent of parents reported feeling the same. Notably, a little under three-quarters of teens say they check their phone for messages as soon as they wake up, while 57 percent of pare...
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NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun Discusses Existing-Home Sales Increasing for Second Consecutive Month

Sales of existing homes rose slightly in November, but fell sharply on a year-over-year basis. Inventory levels were up for the fourth month in a row. National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun discusses the data in this video.
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Choosing a Home – The Essentials (CAR Infographic)

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Half of the World Will be on the Worldwide Web

Source: Statista More than half of the world’s population will be online, according to new estimates released by the International Telecommunication Union. The U.N. estimates that about 3.9 billion users are set to go online as 2018 comes to a close. Accelerating growth across the many nations in Africa are responsible for this continued uptick. In 2005, only 2 percent of people in Africa used the internet. As of 2018, about a quarter of people in Africa used the internet. Between 2005 and 2018...
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The Stress of Surprise Repairs – CAR Infographic

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NAR Window to the Law: Working with Appraisers

On this month’s Window to the Law we learn from a discussion on the best practices for working with appraisers and the kind of communications that real estate professionals can have with appraisers.
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How the New Tax Bill will Impact Housing – Economic Insights from

When the GOP passed their tax plan in 2017 there was a lot of questions on how it will impact the housing market. It’s been a year, and with tax filings for 2018 starting soon people are starting to wonder if the tax bill will impact them and the housing market. In today’s video,’s chief economist Danielle Hale will break down what the tax bill changed and how it impacts housing and the economy. See more of the 2019 housing forecast on
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Amazon’s HQ2 Impact on NYC – NAR Infographic

Source: Amazon recently announced their new headquarter cities will be in Queens, N.Y. and Crystal City, Va. What will the impact of HQ2 be on the New York City metro area?
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Google Pixel 3 Is Better Than The iPhone XS

According to Tech Insider the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones are the best smartphones you can buy right now; they are even better than Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max. Google makes up for mediocre hardware with an amazing camera and a pure Android software experience. To learn more watch this video:
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