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Marketing to Gen Z: What Not to Do

As Generation Z grows to be a large part of consumers, it’s important to understand what kinds of marketing they are receptive to. It’s much easier to simplify them down to a generation of people who are always on their phones than it is to put the effort in to learn their behaviors. What to know how not to market to Generation Z? We’ve got you covered. Want help with your marketing efforts? Let us know. Who is Generation Z? As it happens, the categorization of Gen Z varies depending on who y...
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Where is Gen Z Spending Time on Social Media?

Many marketers are now looking beyond millennials and at the next generation of up and coming buyers. There has been a lot of coverage about how younger generations are leaving Facebook and spending time elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at who these Gen Zers are and how brands can reach them on social media.   Who are Gen Zers and What do they Care about? Gen Z is defined by those in their late teens and early 20’s (born between 1998-early 2000’s). Studies show that this generation is more ...
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